Top 20 Best Blogging Apps Every Blogger Should Use In 2021

Are you a blogger and looking for the best blogging mobile apps to manage your blogs, social media, and emails?

Mobile blogging is growing exponentially. Did you know that there are over 3.5 billion people worldwide using smartphones?


China, India, and the United States are the top 3 countries with the highest number of smartphone users in the world.

If you’re also a smartphone user and looking for the best mobile apps for blogging, this article is just for you.

Top 20 Best Blogging Apps In 2021

1. WordPress


WordPress is a powerful semantic publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant, and appealing as possible. We are proud to offer you a freely distributed, standards-compliant, fast, light, and free content management system, with sensible default settings and features, and an extremely customizable core.

At the core of WordPress is a simple interface similar to the desktop publishing software you use today. In fact, most users are able to pick up the basics without any training at all. Interfaces are polished and easy to use and are the result of years of refinement.

WordPress makes sharing content and attracting readers to your site a breeze. WordPress is not simply a website, but rather a content-publishing platform. With a single click, you have a powerful megaphone to broadcast your message to the world.

WordPress can be extended to MultiSite features on-demand base. You are able to develop and maintain multiple sites using a single WordPress installation. Multisite allows multiple virtual sites to share a single WordPress installation. When the multisite feature is activated, the original WordPress site can be converted to support a network of sites.

WordPress automatically saves your work as you type so you don’t have to worry if your computer crashes or you make a mistake. Want to go back to a previous version? Not a problem. Every time you hit save, WordPress creates a snapshot that you can restore with a single click.

Okay, not really, but it’s pretty close. WordPress lets you schedule posts for some time in the future or lets you backdate a post for some time in the past so that you can write when it’s convenient for you.

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2. Blogger


Blogger is only for online daily notes, but day by day, this platform became one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for publishing your website in minutes.

Blogger is one of the powerful web publishing platforms by Google. It’s easy, light, fast, stable, reliable, and totally free. You can use this platform to build your website for magazines, shopping, blogging, portfolio, CV, and more.

You have no experience with codes? Blogger is the right choice for you. This CMS has   visual and friendly admin dashboard user interface, so you can figure out where you need to click when you want to change a setting easily.

Blogger had also a built-in Advanced Editor to help you customize your website design in just a few seconds. With tons of background images, unlimited color, hundred Google fonts, flexible layout builder by clicking, drag&drop widgets, .etc… Sure, you will satisfy with this CMS.

Blogger supported a built-in mobile interface a long time ago. Just keep your important and rich visitors who use mobile devices to stay with your site. Mobile responsive must be the key feature for a future CMS, and really fortunately when our Blogger had that.

Don’t need to suspect this. When we talk about SEO, we are talking about a high position in the search results of Google. And please remember, Blogger is one of the important products of Google itself, so that’s why.

Blogger had also built-in Google Plus service and sharing buttons which will help you promote your content to Google+ and other social networks easily.

Creating a blog, publishing a post, upload an image or video, installing a template, adding widgets, changing settings can be done with a single click.

Blogger also comes with Google hosting, and we must admit that Google hosting is the best and fastest web server around the world. Do you want your visitor waiting for your website loading in minutes? Of course, NO.

Save the time for both of you and your visitors, save your money with a fast CMS like Blogger.

Blogger comes with Adsense and Google Affiliate Network inside its system. You can start to earn from that, but of course, you have also many other ways of making money with Blogger. Everything you need is cool content for your blog. Content is King, just remember that.

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3. Gmail


Let’s start up top with the newest addition: You can now schedule emails to be sent tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, or whenever you like, something Google says is intended to “be considerate of everyone’s downtime”—it’s not available in every user yet, but if you’ve got the update, you’ll see a drop-down menu next to the Send button.

An update that rolled out in February lets you do more with a right-click on a conversation thread (or Ctrl+click on a Mac)… as in, a lot more. Move emails across tabs, snooze emails, mute conversations, open emails in a new window, find messages from a specific sender and do just about everything you could want to do from the main Gmail view on the web.

If you’ve got Gmail on the web set up with separate tabs or categories on-screen (like Primary, Social, and Updates), did you know you can drag conversation threads between them to recategorize your messages? Even better, Gmail will then ask you if you want to treat all emails from the same sender in the same way in the future, saving you time.

Gmail rolled out Smart Compose back in 2018 and just recently upgraded it to appear on more devices and adapt itself more to the way you write. If you want to switch it on, go to Settings, General, and tick the Writing suggestions on the box on the web, or pick Settings then your email address then Smart Compose on Android (iOS support is coming soon).

You can send and request money in your Gmail messages on the web: Click the dollar symbol that appears at the bottom of the compose window, then enter the amount you want to get or you want to send. If you’re sending money and haven’t already set up a payment method through Google Pay, you’ll be prompted to do this to use as a source.

You don’t necessarily have to get buried under a mountain of notifications from the Gmail mobile apps: On iOS or Android, go into the Gmail app settings, select your email address, then choose Notifications. You can set alerts to appear for “high priority” emails only, and this works separately to the notification settings configured at the Android or iOS level.

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4. Google Analytics


Do you know which campaigns are sending you traffic? One of the tenets of marketing is relentless testing—but your efforts will only get you so far if you aren’t properly tracking your campaigns. Adding parameters to your URLs allows you to properly track campaigns and cuts out the guesswork.

The Google Analytics Goals feature tracks the most critical metric: conversions, (really, any activity or behavior you want your website visitors to do). It could be filling out a form, requesting a product demo, signing up for your email list, downloading an eBook, or completing a purchase.

Choose goals for specific pages of your website. Everything is tracked to the view level, and each time a user completes your desired goal, Google Analytics notes it as a conversion.

Audience reports offer a much more colorful picture of your customers, from demographics and geo-location to interests and key browsing behaviors. Audience reports give you more direct, actionable insights than you would be able to gather using your own server data.

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5. Evernote


Create a new Note in Evernote by clicking the “+ New Note button” at the top-center of the application window. The note will be created in the Evernote Notebook you are currently in. You can also click the drop-down to create a Note in another Notebook.

To delete a Note, highlight it in the Note List to select it, then hit the Delete key on your keyboard or click the trash can on the far right above your toolbar. The Note will be moved to your Trash, which is a Notebook.

All new Evernote Notes are saved to your Evernote default Notebook unless you are in a specific Notebook, then the created Note will be saved to the Notebook you are currently in.

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6. Quora


You can search for any questions, answers, or topics on Quora.

Monitoring questions is a great way to stay in the loop if you want to learn more about a specific topic. It’s also a great way to spy on the competition and see how they’re answering questions.

By managing a topic, you can add aliases, merge two topics that are the same, delete topics, and more.

Quora keeps a log of all changes to answers. Some users don’t like it, but it provides a lot of transparency and openness to the system. It can also help keep users from stealing other people’s ideas, or crowdsourcing responses, to make their answer appear the best or most comprehensive.

You can endorse other users on Quora, and they can endorse you. This rarely used feature can be a great way to get more exposure and add credibility to your Quora profile.

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7. MailChimp


Email marketing is the process of sending electronic mails to groups of people to promote one’s business.

It is vastly used by small companies and retailers because it can target specific markets and is more cost-effective than the usual marketing channels, like a radio spot or a TV commercial.

Through e-mail marketing, business owners can easily communicate with their present and potential customers and promote loyalty while increasing sales. To make email marketing easier, there is software that can help you – MailChimp.

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8. Canva


As you can see below, Canva really offers a variety of content types. From pre-sized social media image and header templates to marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations, and ads, you’ll find almost everything you need.

As most of these solutions, Canva offers drag-and-drop functionality. Combined with search, this feature makes it easy to discover image elements and to include the ones you like.

Whether you use a free or paid photo or even one you upload yourself, Canva provides an easy-to-use photo editor where you can change the look of your image using settings that include filters, tint, brightness, and more.

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9. Twitter


As a marketer, you probably work from a computer rather than your phone or tablet.  Twitter has a bunch of keyboard shortcuts to help you easily manage your account.

Each one could save you just a couple of seconds. But those seconds can add up to a significant amount of time if you use them often.

Twitter is a great marketing tool for any business, big or small. The good news is Twitter allows you to pin one tweet permanently on your profile.

The purpose of doing this is to highlight a particular tweet so that you can promote it more effectively.

Adding images to your tweets can drive engagement by more than 300% and it makes sense to put in relevant photos to go with your message. However, did you know that you can put as many as four images in a tweet? But that’s not all! You can also tag as many as 10 people for each photo, quadrupling your exposure without using up your 280-character count.

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10. Upwork


Upwork Messages is a chat function that enables companies and talent to communicate directly via the message center, voice, and video. You can save and organize discussion strings by project or person, plus share and sync files. If you send a message to people who aren’t online, they’ll receive an email notification and see your message the next time they log on.

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11. Buffer


Experimenting with custom schedules can help you increase your reach and drive more clicks on your content.

Use Buffer’s Calendar feature to plan content ahead of time and feel confident knowing your profiles are packed for the upcoming days.

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12. Whatsapp


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with more than one billion active users. New features are actively added to the app and every few weeks we come across an interesting edition. So, what are all the new WhatsApp changes that you should know about?

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13. Telegram


Have you ever needed to change the phone number you’re using on an app, and had to figure out a way to transfer all your contacts onto the new number? It can be a lot of work, but Telegram does it all for you. You can easily change the phone number attached to your account without losing any chats or contacts.

Speaking of multiples, Telegram allows you to upload multiple profile photos. In fact, you can upload as many pictures as you like. The latest photo is the profile picture your contacts will see, but they can swipe to see the rest of the photos.

To upload your profile pictures, open the settings, and tap on the Camera icon. The next time you upload a picture, it won’t remove any of your previous photos.

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14. Pocket


Displaying sponsored content is one way that Pocket can earn revenue and sustain ourselves while offering Pocket for free. By upgrading to Pocket Premium, you are helping Pocket’s efforts more directly, and therefore you won’t see any sponsored posts or ads in Pocket or Pocket Hits newsletters.

Pocket Premium subscribers gain access to Pocket’s powerful and extensive search that helps you find your saved content any way you like across your entire Pocket account. You can search by article text, topics, tags, authors, and more, making it easy to quickly find anything in your list.

Recent Searches, so you can quickly return to a previous search. Search for a single Tag, or multiple tags at once. Advanced search operators to help you craft and refine your search. Search All Items (both My List and Archive) simultaneously

Highlighting while reading has enormous benefits. It helps you engage more deeply in the text, comprehend dense subjects, and easily revisit to key passages in the future. While the free version limits users to 3 highlights per article, Premium removes this limit.

You can create highlights in Pocket for Android, iOS, and Web.

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15. Google Docs


For times when you’d rather use your voice than your fingertips to type, give Google Docs’ voice typing tool a try.

From the top of an open document, go to Tools > Voice typing. A small window with a large microphone icon pops up along the right edge of Chrome that you can click to toggle voice typing on and off. Voice typing is available only in the Chrome browser.

It’s an acquired taste, but you can also use voice typing to edit and format text in Google Docs.

When you paste a block of text into a Google Doc, its font and font size will likely differ from the rest of your document. To make it conform, highlight the text and do one of three things:

From the font pull-down menu at the top of your document, choose More fonts to add new fonts to this menu. There are hundreds you can choose from: To get a better sense of how the different fonts look, check out Google Fonts where you can view sample sentences of each font. You can also click into each sample sentence and change it to your own wording. When you find a font you like, just search for its name from the fonts pull-down menu in Google Docs and add it to your list.

Stop, collaborate, and listen: when you’re working on a shared document, you can change the edit mode so that Google Docs tracks changes like Microsoft Word. To show your edits and allow your collaborators to accept or reject them, select the pencil button in the upper-right corner of your document and click Suggesting. Now, as you edit the document, changes will show up as color-coded suggestions with a comment next to each to show who made the change. Each comment has an Accept and Reject button.

If you want to draw someone’s attention to a comment you added, you can tag them. When writing your comment, enter the @ or + sign and choose the person you want to tag. He or she will then get an email to alert them of your comment or question.

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16. Facebook Pages Manager


Write updates that instantly appear on your Page. Add photos and videos to your posts. Schedule your posts to save time. Reach more people by boosting your posts. Create offers or events. Translate your posts into different languages. Works on Android and iOS devices.

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17. LastPass Password Manager


At home and work, you have more online accounts that you can possibly remember. And since 81% of breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords, it’s essential that each account have a unique password. So how are you supposed to remember these strong, unique passwords? You can’t. But a password manager can.

A password manager is a tool that does the work of creating, remembering and filling in passwords. Simply log into an online account for the first time and LastPass will store your username and password so every time you go back your credentials will be filled in automatically.

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IFTTT derives its name from the programming conditional statement “if this, then that.” What the company provides is a software platform that connects apps, devices, and services from different developers in order to trigger one or more automation involving those apps, devices, and services.

If you make a call on your Android phone, then a log of that call is added to a Google spreadsheet. If you add a new task to your Amazon Alexa to-dos, then it will be added to your iOS Reminders app. If the International Space Station passes over your house, then you’ll get a smartphone notification about it. (Yes, this is an actual IFTTT applet.

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19. Youtube Studio App


This app helps you to manage your YouTube channel on the go with the YouTube Studio app. You can check out your latest stats, respond to comments, get customized notifications, and more.

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Keep track of your progress. Add smart reminders so you never forget a thing. With beautiful themes and turbo-charged features, you’re guaranteed to save time and achieve great things.

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