10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers

Let’s say you want to build your first blog or affiliate marketing site.

You’ve decided what’s the niche you’re going to write on, you’ve purchased the domain, and you’ve decided to use WordPress because it’s a simple and effective way to build a site even if you’re not a tech guy.

Then, all of a sudden you’re presented with thousands of possible design options and themes for your website, and your enthusiasm for building your first site comes to a screeching halt.

How can you possibly decide which one is good for you?

I hope this list of 10 WordPress themes for bloggers and affiliate marketers is gonna help you make the right call!

Best WordPress Themes for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

1. GeoDeo


It  is a WordPress theme which is built specifically for deals and affiliate marketing websites. It includes a complete system to manage all the  deals and coupons. It is also fully compatible with the WooCommerce, MyCred, and many other popular plugins commonly used by affiliate marketers.

It comes with a drag and drop page builder plugin. It can be used to create the multilingual websites using the WPML and also includes all the support for right-to-left languages. The Theme setup is easy, and it has its own theme options panel to setup everything.

GeoDeo is the minimal, modern and clean WordPress theme for coupons, deals and affiliate Websites. GeoDeo comes with  a lot of customization options that lets you modify the pages without touching the files and code. Geodeo has got complete system for managing deals and coupons. It is compatible with the MyCryd Reward system plugin.

GeoDeo is a clean and responsive wordpress theme which  comes with Frontend Coupons submission option, Woocommerce store and Custom Stores and more.The theme comes with the option of contact form  too to allow users to contact you.

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2. Clipper

10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 1

It  is a WordPress coupons theme for the affiliate marketers. It has a very powerful built-in system to manage your coupons and deals. It also includes the link cloaking and tracking,the unlimited coupons store,coupon submission form, and very useful features.

Clipper comes in all the five color schemes and have all  translations which are also available in several languages. It is very easy to setup and most features work out of the box, so you can just start by adding coupons and deals.

Clipper is a premium theme that will transform your WordPress installation into a full-featured coupon codes website so you can easily share coupons and make money from the affiliate programs. Clipper is developed so that you can easily add, edit and manage all your coupons via the WordPress admin panel. It also comes with virtually everything that you need for a great coupon site and is sure to become one of  the most popular coupon WordPress themes out there.

Clipper also makes use of custom post types and taxonomies for your coupons. This way all your coupons are just kept completely separate from your blog posts and pages so that they are easier to manage. Plus, the theme also comes with it’s own coupon management section on the coupon posts (meta fields) so you can easily view stats, insert the coupon code, set an expiration date…etc. Editing coupons is super easy!

The Clipper theme also  comes with multi-language support using the “de-facto” WordPress GNU gettext localization framework. This means that you can easily drop in a new language into your theme and not have to touch any code.

Clipper do  comes with facebook and twitter integration making it easier for your visitors to “like” or “retweet” your site and share your coupons with their friends. This can help you grow your fan base and increase your referral earnings from coupon codes.

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3. Binder Pro


It  is a stylish WordPress theme that comes with a magazine layout. It is suitable for the content rich websites that utilize affiliate marketing for monetization. It uses a modular approach to design which also allows you to simply drag and drop different modules to create your own layouts.

You get a demo content installer and 7 ready made websites along with it  that you can use as a starting point for your website. It is WooCommerce ready and can be used on multilingual websites as well.

Binder PRO is a smart publishing WordPress theme designed to let you build beautiful magazines, blogs and editorial sites. Take advantage of our modular building system to put your content in the center of the scene. Beautifully, and effortless

  • Modules Functionality Inside
    Build your site with modules. Little bits of function & design that let you build complex layouts in minutes. No coding skills needed!
  • Works With Your Plugin
    Binder PRO is coded with WordPress best practices in mind. Enjoy compatibility within your WordPress ecosystem, always.
  • Build Any Kind Of Site
    Our themes are smart toolboxes. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner user, everything you need to build the greatest site is thought inside this theme.
  • Extremely Easy To Use
    And we mean it. Everything’s where you expect to find it. You’ve never seen so much power in a theme this easy to work with.
  • Mobile Optimzed
    Let all your visitors get the best experience on your site, on every device they browse it in.

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4. Schema

schema wordpress theme

t is The “fastest SEO theme for WordPress” that  does live up to its name.

It’s an ultra-fast, SEO-friendly theme which is designed for high performance.

It has the rich snippet support, custom CSS support, built-in review and comment system and, of course,the  ad management.

In addition, it’s structured in such a way that tells the search engine exactly which part of your blog is which, hence improving indexing of your page and, by extent, netting you a higher ranking in the SERPs.

This incredible performance  also comes with a cost, though: Schema has the fairly modest visualization options, and its simplistic design might be a turnoff for some.

This theme is just  built around getting the best experience for your audience, but it’s designed for the tech-savvy marketers who can effectively leverage all the options it offers.

The potential benefits of this template are simply  very amazing.

Schema is one of the fastest loading, ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. Featuring the  MyThemeShop features, including the custom options panel, all our shortcodes and widgets, and a pixel perfect design, Schema also includes rich snippets in order to help the  search engines and your site to rank higher.

Schema is ultra-fast and extra-friendly WordPress theme that contains support for the SEO enhancement tool. It is very easy to use, approachable and accessible to all the users and also put the necessary skills for quickly multiplying page views and also  ranks higher in the webmaster of those who chooses to use the 1-click installer.

The schema contains very simple designs and content layouts which you can select depending on whether your content is best suitable for the  large image-based headers or a more text-based approach to keep things simple. Schema has various SEO optimization features and hence, is extremely capable of organizing your entire website. It is easily crawled by the algorithms in a way that allows them to index your content in a relevant way. This means your website’s presence can be seen in search result within a short span of time.

Aren’t these themes wonderful?

You can select any one of these to create your affiliate website attention-grabbing and generate sales from them. Almost all these themes allow the customization as per your choice so as to put your content, images, and designs in your way.

Now, when you have got an idea to start your affiliate business through your own website, you will get started soon.

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5. Jevelin

10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 2

Jevelin is a multi-purpose, mobile-ready, WordPress premium theme.The $59 pack also  includes the theme, future updates, and 6-month support from Shufflehound (Jevelein’s developer).

You  can have multiple pagination options and you can create different logos for your mobile and desktop sites.

Customization and UI are also  fairly clear and simple to use and you can access almost all of the options from an admin panel.

One of the biggest selling points of this particular theme is the WooCommerce integration.

It basically allows you to create a marketplace-type site where you can sell pretty much everything.

Besides WooCommerce, it has also got a built-in slider revolution plugin for slideshows and a Contact Form 7 plugin for various types of forms, which makes it a very ideal theme for designing various landers and pre-landers.

You can never go wrong with enjoying the benefits of some extra Jevelin theme examples before you fully commit. While the theme itself is already very loaded with numerous demos and even more content, looking at other uses is an entirely different thing altogether. Before we go and see the websites, let’s first also  remind ourselves of how amazing the theme actually is.

Jevelin is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with the  unique features and limitless options regarding the web design. You can create the most complex website with the  Jevelin or you can go as minimal as you want; just about whatever you can think of!

What’s more, when it comes to the  Jevelin, you need just zero prior website building knowledge. It is a very  flexible tool ideal for both newbies and advanced users.

This theme is extremely flexible.

It’s no wonder that it’s used by a great deal of corporates and business websites, as well as the various online stores.

This really is one of the best WordPress themes for the affiliate marketers.

Furthermore, what you get is a very flexible workspace with just  more than 40 elements with different styles, 9 different headers (including parallax), all with the top, left, and right layouts.

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6. Genesis Framework

10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 3

For anyone who is into blogging, new or pro, it is a much-accepted fact that your blog is your house and office.

People visit you at your own blog and talk to you there.

What if your house was a dirty or a very messy place?

In blogging, choosing a theme is the primary factor of the blog setting-up process. And for the WordPress, we have got millions of themes to choose from. But, here again, our choices and our needs are varied.

Different bloggers need the  themes of different types in order to serve their purpose.

Genesis is the brain product of  the Copyblogger Media, the people behind Copyblogger, the religious blog for all bloggers and writers.

Genesis is also the  most secure and SEO optimized WordPress theme framework and this does not imply it is nerdy or not beautiful.

Themes on the Genesis look  very elegant and optimized for conversions, may it email leads or AdSense CTR.

The best and the most elegant responsive themes are the household norms which are  amongst the genesis developers. All of their themes are with lifetime support, which means free update to every new change.

Want more about Genesis, and why not? I have a detailed review of Genesis that  where you’ll learn why you should use Genesis theme for your WordPress blog.

As the title suggests, this is a WordPress framework, rather than a theme.

The functionality also remains the same – it just means the themes have to be created or downloaded from the Genesis marketplace.

The one-time fee will get  you unlimited support, tutorials and the framework itself.

However,Additional themes have to be purchased separately, though.Adding Genesis Framework to your WP site requires little skill set.

For your effort, you’re  also rewarded with a wide range of tools and options to tailor the look and feel as you see fit.

By including the Genesis, you will get access to a ton of theme options, in-built SEO tools, and also options to present your content in more than one column, and the fully customizable sidebars that can be placed both left and right.

The cherry on top of the New York Cheesecake?

The built-in features!

These include the  multimedia support, tabbed pages, responsive design, quick formatting options, and different comment section options.

All in all, Genesis is a very awesome tool for any prospective affiliate marketer.

If you can see past the initial investment, it can really make your life.

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7. SteadyIncome

10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 4

As the name suggests, SteadyIncome is also one of those affiliate WordPress themes which are just  built with a commercial use in mind.

It’s 100% responsive and it’s got so many  options and widgets which are designed to improve your online visibility and increase traffic to your site.

For your money, you get the theme, unlimited domain usage and one year of full support in return.

This whole concept is designed around all the  latest trends in online marketing.

Indeed, you’ll find some prominent share buttons, subscription boxes for both promotions, newsletters, featured products, and so on.

SteadyIncome is the ultimate WordPress theme built for online marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. It’s also packed with features such as a powerful subscription tool, ad optimization, featured products section, and a beautiful responsive design that will boost your online earnings.

SteadyIncome is also designed to scale to any screen size and includes optimized code that should minimize the loading times, which is a very important aspect for an enjoyable customer experience.

Ad revenue optimization is built into the theme,thus, making this a prototypical affiliate marketing WordPress theme.

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8. Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur is another very responsive, mobile-friendly theme, best used for various types of online publications and magazines.

That being said, it has got the  plethora of remarkably useful development and design options to offer.

It offers up to 3 columns for the content, in-built SEO, AdSense and speed (loading time) optimization, parallax scrolling, the social media toolbox, advanced typography… The list of features goes on and on.

Built with the online publications in mind, it’s also designed to handle a large volume of written content and multimedia files that accompany it, and it also  pays special attention to the visual representation and shareability of your site.

Entrepreneur comes with multiple layouts and features, several page templates, and features to help grow your site. Social media integration, speed and search optimization, and mega menu support that lets you build a large blog while not sacrificing any control or granularity.

It’s very powerful, flexible and it also bills itself as “the first theme for internet marketers/affiliate marketers.”

Believe it or not but the truth of the matter is that this theme does come with a chock-full of amazing tools to build your affiliate website the way you want it.

It’s  constantly updated, and it tries to implement as much of current marketing trends into its design part, all for the sake of maximizing the conversion rates and optimizing your sales funnel.

It just focuses on the warm color schemes, has a thin header that gives more space for content, got a bold blog heading that’s very easy to see, an integrated promote box on your homepage (if you choose to use it), and also various promotion and subscription options.

Obviously, it’s  very responsive, mobile friendly, fast, with prominent social buttons.

This is a marketer’s dream and it’ll cost you $59, with the same conditions as the other ThemeForest themes (Jevelin, for example).

Entrepreneurship is a very  responsive, mobile-friendly theme which is mainly used for various types of online publications and magazines.

It offers a wide range of useful development and also various design options including up to 3 columns for content, in-built SEO AdSense and Speed (load time) optimization, parallax scrolling, social media toolbox, advanced typography, etc.

Entrepreneurship is a theme  which are designed to handle a large volume of written content and multimedia files that accompany it and then it pays special attention to the visual representation and share-ability of your site

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9. Quadrum

10 Best WordPress Themes For Bloggers & Affiliate Marketers 5

Another theme which are built for newspaper and magazine websites, it also focuses on visual presentation and multimedia content.

While it might be built for a more specific use than  the other more flexible themes, one thing is for sure: it’s just beautiful!

It’s got an integrated visual composer that also  allows you to drag and drop elements and create content rich web pages without any coding knowledge, all the while keeping the design responsive.

It has got an  integrated slideshow presenter, a lightbox (pop-up style) photo gallery, and all the other cool things that you might need for your web publication.

Even though it’s geared towards the magazine-style sites, it shouldn’t be discarded by affiliate marketers.

It’s got the WooCommerce integration, bbPress and BuddyPress plugins, making it a well-rounded theme that can be used for pretty much anything.

Another interesting feature is that it’s multilingual-ready.

Want to  create a dope non-English magazine?

This is probably the theme that  you’d wanna go for!

As you may have guessed, the price is 59$.

I know: that  still no free WordPress themes for you to check!

Quadrum is a great  WordPress news and magazine multipurpose website theme which is highly impressive and resourceful, reliable theme. It is scalable, amazingly readable and user-friendly, high impact and very memorable theme available. Quadrum consists of bright, colorful, attention-grabbing and loud designs. It highly features rich, tech-savvy, flexible and versatile WordPress theme. It can be easily customized so that you can showcase a media-rich content and arrange lots of designs, posts, and pages in a creative and engaging way. You can control it through Visual Composer and LayerSlider plugins that make Quadrum a fantastic theme that can easily reach out to people in general and for making specific announcements. It includes bbPress and BuddyPress plugins that allow your clients to easily find information and contact you and each other even on social media platforms.

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10. Kupon


A theme with a bit of a twist, Kupon is just  built for daily deals and coupons websites.

It’s simple to use, with a very neat and clean interface, and all the necessary features needed to build a fully-functional coupon site are included – no need for any third-party plugins.

Kupon has got integrated WC vendors and WooComerce that deal with Backend, cart, checkout, and other market functions for your site.

In addition, it’s got integrated  the WooCommerce PDF vouchers – a tool that’s a must-have for any self-respecting voucher and coupon website.

Besides these obvious uses, Kupon is great for affiliate marketers who need a solid framework to present multiple and varied catalogs for all your affiliate partners, and the search and sort options available make it a breeze for your visitors to find what they’re looking for.

On the visual side, KUPON has got an array of options for customization, powered by the Visual Composer and Yellow Pencil Visual CSS Style Editor.

As an added benefit, it’s a bit more affordable than other themes.

In fact, for $49, you can get all the future updates and 6-month support.

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