Keyword Research: A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide 2021

As keyword plays a vital role in blogging. Every blogger seems to be finding suitable and the keywords having higher CPC. We’ve earlier seen that why is the keywords are much important term in blogging. As every blogger wants to have highly searched keywords. If you are a beginner trust me this article could be very helpful for you. As we always try to give our best to the viewers.

Being a beginner everyone wants to get a rock in the blogging carrier but if you are the one who is hoping so, then you might learn About SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is an important term in order to rank your blog on the top page of the search engine. When you get started learning SEO you might have to know about keywords along with its significance. This whole article is made on the basis of keyword research and keyword benefits to grow your blog. I can make sure that after reading this article you won’t have to re-research a lot on the internet about keywords so let’s begin.

What are keywords?

Basically, a keyword is a phrase or a word that describes your blog/topic is all about. It is the way through which a search engine can identify the blog or topic. In the term of SEO, you may find that the people used to search on the topic they want and the search engine shows result related to that. For example, if you go to the search bar and search “How To Do Blogging?” (this is the keyword) and a search engine will show you all the results related to this topic, but on the topmost page of that, you’ll get highly SEO optimized content as they use most of the keyword in their posts.

Keywords are the best ways from you where you can find the required online data from the search engine. Every search engine’s algorithm is made in such a way that they automatically detect the keywords which you enter into the search bar and they show the top most searched result for that keyword. In other words, we can say that the search engine totally depends on keywords as keyboard plays a very important role in blogging as well as in YouTube for searching for any kind of data. Therefore the keywords are said to be the root of SEO.


Well, we’ve seen what means exactly the keyword means, let us understand deeply about it generally keywords are of two types which are given as:

Short Tail Keywords

Basically, Short Tail Keywords are very short (as shorter as 1-3 words), but they used to search the most effective results and it can be easily used anywhere to rank your blog.

Here are some examples of short Tail keywords: blogging tips, make money online, gain weight, men’s grooming, makeup tips etc the list goes on and on.

Long Tail Keywords

usually longer than the Short Tail keywords. It is generally used to find a specific result so as to get more information about the topic we used to a search on a search engine like Google. It consists of more than 3 words.

Here are some examples related to long tail keywords: how to do blogging?, How to gain weight naturally, how to look handsome naturally, what is mean by hosting, how to make money online and so on.

If you are the one who wanted to get more targeted traffic on your blog I would suggest you go for long tail keywords so as to increase traffic. If you are a beginner in blogging (any niche), using Google AdWords try to find out highly searched long tail keywords on the same topic which you can use it in your blog. Usually, long tail keywords are more profitable so as to get targeted traffic.


For now, let’s try to understand the following terms which will surely help you in your blogging carrier.

Basically, keyword research informs you the following things:

  1. Product or service development
  2. Focus topic for website copy
  3. you can design content easily and do formatting of it
  4. You can easily take online and technical SEO decision
  5. You can also do off page optimization and built a link
  6. You can search competitor analysis and do identification
  7. You can create a new page and existing page updates

Now let’s see more about keywords:

Searcher Intent

Searcher intent is becoming day by day popular as the keyword used is increasing day by day. Everyone wants to have high service to keywords so that they could increase their traffic which will indirectly be helpful to increase CPC.

Now you may have been questioned in mind that what does mean by searcher intent. Search content basically belongs to the reason why visitors to the blog visits. Basically, it is the ‘Why’ behind the person’s search query and what is their goal behind searching that keyword.

In terms of SEO you can find that searcher intent can be classified into 4 categories given below:

Informational: Generally it consists of informational queries having certain solution/answers.


  • You want answers to questions: “How do I write a blog post?
  • You want answers to questions: “What is keyword research?

Navigational: Basically it consists of the products, brands, service research on a certain topic which shows the result on that.

Example: Page on power keyword services


Commercial: Queries that involved purchasing decisions but aren’t directly tried to conversions and conversations.

Example: [best keyword research service]

Transactional: Queries that are directly associated with our basing any of the things which are necessary.


  • You want the Best, Latest, Fastest, Smallest:
    • Best DSLR camera under $500
  • You want to compare A vs B:
    • Canon T6 vs Nikon D3400
  • You want a Discount or Coupon:
    • Canon EOS discount codes

Understanding the search intent associated with the keyword which will help to determine all kind of traffic which potentially analyze to rank keywords on Google top page. Searcher engine also optimized keyword analyzing details on the basis of optimization and creation and you’ll surely need all keyword matches intent.

What is the importance of keywords in terms of SEO?

You’ve seen what keywords mean and what is the role of it let’s go a few deeper inside it. As in SEO terms if you are doing SEO optimization of a website they targeted keywords play a very important role as they are called as meta keywords in blogging.

In the past 2012 it was important to specify your meta keywords in terms of SEO which was one of the confusing parts but since 2017 it is not important because search engine algorithms have become much smarter so as they can directly auto-detect automatically.

Google already stated that they never consider meta keywords when the selection of keywords is there and literally it doesn’t make any sense to consider it as it is automatically detected (according to Google algorithm).

Let’s consider that I am writing these articles using keywords like ‘keywords tips’  or ‘importance of keywords’ and so on. One who will search this on a search engine about ‘keyword research’ then he could directly land on my page which may bounce it and there will be a loss of his time which is not good.

So if anyone who talks about meta-tags keyword makes sure to ignore it, it’ll be better for both.

How To Do Keyword Research?

It is an important term in order to increase blog traffic. Keywords are very important to your blog post which can ultimately grow up your blog. In order to make money through blogging this is an important term amongst all. if you are the one who is looking for the best keyword and high rated keywords through which you can get a high amount of traffic which will indirectly help you to make money through blogging then keyword research would be important for you.

Keyword Research doesn’t mean that finding any keyword. Word has its own significance there for finding high traffic keyword is very important. The keywords having high traffic increases your traffic rate as well as ranking rate. There are various tools from which you can find out high rated but very few are there who gives you genuinely high rated keywords. Here we are going to talk about the best SEO keyword research tools, from where you can get the best keywords having high traffic. These tools are totally free so you don’t have to worry about that.

Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

If you don’t want to invest in a paid keyword tool before familiarizing yourself with the keyword analysis process, there are a variety of keyword research tools that are free.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a tool that helps perform keyword research, give content ideas, give backlink data and many other services that are absolutely free to use. Ubersuggest is a tool that helps perform keyword research, give content ideas, give backlink data and many other services that are absolutely free to use.

2. is a free tool that provides relevant long-tail keyword suggestions for any seed keyword you enter. These keywords are pulled from the autocomplete functions of high-profile search engines and other platforms.

3. SERPs Keyword Research Database is an SEO software provider, and they offer a free keyword research tool in the form of their Keyword Research Database. You can enter a seed keyword and receive relevant keyword suggestions, including search volume, CPC, and “value” (volume x CPC).

Freemium SEO Keyword Research Tools

If you have a small budget for SEO and keyword research, you may want to look into “freemium” or partly-free keyword tool options.

1. Google Keyword Planner

Technically, Google’s Keyword Planner is “free”, but you won’t be able to access the valuable information it provides without running a paid search campaign through Google AdWords. Keyword Planner offers related keywords, and estimates for CPC and search volume. Because search volume numbers are estimates and grouped by keyword, it can be difficult to get precise data.

2. SERPWoo’s Keyword Finder

SERPWoo’s Keyword Finder will pull the top ten domains for any given keyword you enter into the tool. Keyword Finder will then also generate related terms, and allow you to create and export custom lists.

However, without a paid account, you’ll only be able to track three keywords.

3. Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery provides keyword data from a large database of over 200 search engines across the globe. The tool will provide related keywords, historical trends, search competitors, PPC bid values, and more.

A free subscription provides most of the same features as a paid plan but limits your number of projects to 20.

Paid SEO Keyword Research Tools

If you really want to invest in thorough keyword research — and you must, to be successful in search — you should purchase one of the numerous paid keyword tools.

1. SEMrush

Basically this an online tool that allows you to find the most effective keywords for your niche/topic which can surely increase your blog traffic rate. It will show you the keywords along with its search results.

The best way to find out the best keywords for your blog niche is to search other blogs related to your niche and add them to SEMRush where you’ll get the whole keywords that blog consists of. This will increase your traffic.

But this is available on a paid version which starts at $199, but you can go with trial one where you can just check out the keywords related to your niche.

Try SEMrush 7 days free trial | [Click here to read SEMrush detailed review]

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Ahrefs offers a helpful tool for keyword research called Keywords Explorer. Their tool lets you enter up to 10 seed keywords to generate thousands of related keyword ideas. The tool also provides important keyword metrics like search volume, difficulty, and traffic potential.

Keywords Explorer also offers advanced metrics such as return rate, clicks per search, and the percentage of paid clicks.

Perhaps most valuable is the fact you can conduct competitor keyword research in Ahrefs, which will help you better understand how your competition is succeeding in a search. You can also review which keywords you already rank for en masse, which will help you better understand your own site.

3. Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is part of Moz’s suite of SEO tools, and the tool offers a variety of ways to analyze SEO keywords. You can search by keyword, domain, subdomain, or page.

Keyword Explorer provides a wealth of information, including; monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, organic CTR, and keyword priority (based on all other metrics). Keyword Explorer even lets you assign your own score for each keyword. You can create custom keyword lists within Keyword Explorer and they are exportable via CSV.

The “keyword priority” function of the tool can be especially helpful as it can save you time manually by pointing out which keywords have the potential for the most impact. Starting with these high-potential keywords can be powerful as you’ll be able to show results quicker, proving the efficacy of your keyword research, and obtaining buy-in from important stakeholders.

Once you found the highly searched keywords for your niche your work is to is to write down an SEO optimized article that will attract your visitors. SEO articles are much more important which we’ll discuss in another post.

What is keyword placement and keyword density?

Targeting highly searched keywords are important but keyword stuffing is a harmful term. It can affect your blog rankings as well as your blogging carrier.

People mostly use targeted keywords but I suggest you to not to go for more than 2% keywords of your article, the most efficient way is just to go for 1 to 1.5% approx which is acceptable.

I would suggest you use 1 keyword maximum thrice and not more than that because if your article is of high quality then it will surely rank indirectly and come up on the search engine.


As we’ve seen how the keywords are so important for your blog and we’ve also seen some examples on how to use keywords in your blog. Long tail keywords are most useful in order to increase traffic of your blog. If you’re the one who has just entered into blogging carrier I must suggest you go for long tail keywords as they have huge value compared to short Tail keywords.

In terms of SEO, keywords play a very important role in order to rank a website/blog. You can use Google to find out highly searched keywords for your niche which is an amazing and free idea. In order to write a post, you can use Google Trends to find out trending topics along with the highly searched keywords.

Hope you enjoyed your time with BloggeRoundup. Must share your feedback in comments and share this with your friends.

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