9 Best YouTube SEO Tools In 2021

Have you heard the phrase “content is king”? I’m sure you did.

Now, there is a new king in the market “video content”.

Videos are the strongest content type when it comes to performing on social media.

According to Hubspot, demand for video content is increasing, 54% of consumers want to see more videos from a brand they support.

And, it is also estimated that video content will drive more than 80% of all the internet traffic by 2021.

So, if you want to implement videos in your digital marketing strategy, you should also focus on YouTube.

YouTube is the second largest search engine just behind Google and the second most visited website with 1.9 billion active users and the number is still growing.

With the above facts & figures, YouTube marketing will be worth the efforts.

To maximize your YouTube marketing performance, you need to make sure that your videos must align with the search trends and are easy to find when someone is searching for the related content.

In other words, you have work on YouTube SEO for better results.

These tools will help you optimize your YouTube videos for the users.

Best YouTube SEO Tools In 2021

1. Find Your Next Topic With Google Trends

The best way to optimize your YouTube videos is to cover the topics that your target audience is interested in.

YouTube videos come in all shapes & sizes, you just have to find which one works best for you.

Now, to find the hottest topics start using Google Trends.

Type your focus topic in the search bar of Google trends, specify ‘YouTube search’, pick a category, select a geographical location and a time period to narrow down the results.

youtube seo google trends

You can also compare two or more topics against each other to have an idea of which have a higher search volume at what times.

Trends will also show you the related queries for each of the topic you’re searching which will ultimately help you to come up with more topic ideas for your videos.

You can also download the data if needed.

By the way, Google Trends is absolutely free.

2. Generate Keywords With Google Ads

Finding the right keyword is very crucial for all content types, be it videos or any other form of content.

Invest some time to find the keywords that will perform best with your YouTube marketing strategy.

To find your ideal keywords, you can use Google Ads’ Keyword Planner.

Now, that you’ve found your topic in the previous step, you can run keyword research to identify search terms with the highest potential.

keyword planner

The keyword planner generates thousands of keywords based on your focus keyword, search settings, and filters.

The keyword planner helps you to have a closer look at the average monthly searches to find out the keyword that best fits your content.

You can download the data with all the metrics in a single click.

Keyword Planner is completely free.

3. Level Up Your Keyword Research With Rank Tracker

To level up your keyword research game you can use YouTube auto-complete with Rank Tracker, a designated keyword research and analysis tool.

Rank Tracker helps you find keyword ideas from YouTube’s suggestions, it highlights important matrices like search volume, expected visits, competition, etc.

rank tracker

Rank Tracker can also be used to run a ranking check to find the keywords that will help you to get your videos in the featured snippets.

Keywords with the highest search volume will help you rank in the organic results.

Rank Tracker pricing starts at $124(Professional) and $229 (Enterprise). However free version and trial are also available.

4. Optimize Your Videos With TubeBuddy

Optimizing your videos is as important as optimizing your web pages, the only difference here is that you don’t have any time to waste.

Forty-eight hours, once your video goes live, is your information improvement point, if you miss that, the YouTube algorithm will mark your content less timely, which makes it harder to rank.

TubeBuddy is a browser extension that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube’s website.

It helps you maintain your channel easily. It also helps with descriptions, tags, annotations, etc.

tube buddy

Once implemented into YouTube, It will provide you vital insights on all the YouTube videos.

It can help you increase your organic reach by taking any videos’ tags and saves loads of time you spend searching for the simplest fit.

The tool gives you optimizing tips and suggestions to grow your channel.

TubeBuddy also gives you automated checks to make sure that your videos are meeting the YouTube recommendations or not.

TubeBuddy’s paid plans start at $9/mo (Pro), $19/mo (Star), $49/mo (Legend). However, a free version is also available.

5. Organize Your Channel With VidIQ

VidIQ is a YouTube channel management tool, it also has a browser extension that shows all the vital stats of every video you open.

It helps you with competitor research by providing you with advanced analytics for each and every video you want.

There is a ‘Most Viewed’ feature in VidIQ which helps you find YouTube’s best videos and you can compare them against each other.


In this tool, you can also add your competitors’ channel and compare them against yours.

VidIQ allows to set up email alerts to keep a track of trending topics in your field.

You can also use ‘Facebook Syndication’ feature to enhance your outreach by sharing your video instantly across the platform.

Its Pricing starts at $7.50/mo (Pro), $39/mo (Boost). a free version is also available.

6. Evaluate Your Channel With YouTube Analytics

The best analytics tool to identify your channel’s strength & weaknesses is YouTube Analytics.

Learning about your audience, what kind of content they want, what makes them stay on your channel, what videos they are more likely to share, gives you vital insights for maintaining your YouTube presence.

youtube analytics

It’s a fact that longer videos perform better.

And all the YouTube algorithms are focused on watch time.

Therefore, Watch Time and Real-time reports give you a detailed report on average duration, average percentage viewed as well as the retention rate.

Always try to encourage your viewers to subscribe, like & comment, because new subscribers give you an added advantage in YouTube search and it can instantly boost your rankings.

YouTube analytics is absolutely free.

7. Boost your channel traffic with Tubics

Tubics is a YouTube analytics tool, it claims to be the best YouTube SEO tool in the market, you can also call it MOZ of YouTube.

Tubics is designed to boost your organic traffic by optimizing your videos not only for YouTube but for Google also.


It allows you to improve your channel by increasing the viewership of the videos.

It has a very clean user interface, you can easily track your channel score, suggestions and ranking changes.

The Pro plan starts at $20/mo, Agency plan is $98/mo, but there is a free plan also.

8. Fire Up Your Engagement With Awario

The number one ranking factor on YouTube is user engagement.

Therefore, you should know what kind of buzz is there about your content, either on YouTube or somewhere else. Awario is a tool that helps you do that.

It helps you to gather info about the mentions of your videos, what you have to do is that just put your video’s link and see the magic of Awario.


It can collect linkless mentions about your videos, which is a very important ranking factor for Google.

It can also make keywords research easier because you can check what the audience is saying about your videos, with this information you can easily find some good keywords.

Comment, views, likes and subscribers count are all good ranking factors. But comments are actually the one that describes user engagement.

Awario allows you to directly comment from its dashboard to ensure that not a single user response goes unaddressed.

Awario’s paid plans start at $29/mo (Starter), $89/mo (Pro), and $299/mo (Enterprise); free trial also available.

9. Design stunning visuals with Canva

You might be wondering why Canva is in SEO tools for YouTube, well when there is an amazing tool to

create awesome visuals, why miss out on it.

Canva is a freemium tool, it helps you design a lot of things from logo to YouTube banners.

With all the SEO done right, you also need to show your artistic side.


Catchy channel art and thumbnails can drastically increase your click-through rates.

Canva helps you to design from scratch or alternatively, you can choose an existing template and can

customize it according to your need.

You can use its drag and drop features to edit the templates.

All the templates are fully customizable in Canva.

The best part about Canva is its mobile app which lets you edit your projects on the go, you can create

stunning visuals even with your mobile phone.

Canva pro is available at $12.95/Mo. Free plan is also available.

Conclusion – Best YouTube SEO Tools

With more than 1.9 billion users, YouTube has become a highly profitable line of work for many.

And the competition is more than ever. So if you want to survive on YouTube, you need to upgrade your video optimization skills.

YouTube SEO is not easy and it takes time, but once you master it, no one can stop you.

You don’t have to use all the above-mentioned tools, just use the ones that fit your needs and you’ll see your channel growing.

Happy YouTubing.

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