Hii everyone.

This is Ashfaq Ahmad, for the outside world I’m a blogger, affiliate marketer, and business strategist. I’m a 30 years old guy with the ambition of taking my online businesses on the top. Let me help you to grow your blog or small business too.

Who Am I? 

Basically, I’m a full-time blogger, affiliate marketer, and business strategist. I was born in a small city called Jaunpur in U.P., I was pretty ambitious and always looking out for various ways for getting started with online businesses. I completed my high school education in Jaunpur, later on, I shifted to Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) for pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications (BCA). Later when I again shifted to New Delhi (Capital Of India) I was doing my corporate job over there, then I was introduced to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At that time it seems to be interesting and I started working part-time to create my identity digitally.

Blogging has given me a chance to fulfill my dreams and to generate extra income source through it. Blogging had taught me a bit more things and helped me to unveil the true potential inside me. Let me take you through my journey of blogging.

How I Was Introduced To Blogging? 

Back in 2012 when I shifted to New Delhi I was introduced to blogging which allows me to create my personal blog. I remember, in 2012 I begin with the free blogging platform i.e. Blogspot by the name ashfaqguitarchords.blogspot.com where I used to teach guitar lessons but later on I coke to know about various top bloggers out there. Some of them were also full-time bloggers and generating a decent amount of revenue. I started following them and believe me without any guidance it took me 3 years to learn about blogging and it’s an ecosystem.

But nothing to worry, it won’t take much time of yours as I’m here to help you out through BloggeRoundup which I’m running since 2018. Since then through my personal experiences and the knowledge I gained through my entire journey I used to share it using the blog which you’re into. My mission is to help others to grow their blogs as well so that they would also be able to generate revenues through online businesses.

My Personal website (ashfaqahmed.me)

Through ashfaqahmed.me I used to share the personal experiences of creating own businesses. A lot of business ideas are out there which you can try out but let me aware you that not every idea makes the sense. In order to boom your business, you’ll need several resources and tools through which you can take your business on the top.

Closing Note

I would like to thank you for reading the disclosure and I hope you will be able to get started with the tips which I’m consistently sharing on BloggeRoundup.com. Apart from this let me know what you think about me and blogging. Thanks for connecting with me.


Thank you!

Ashfaq Ahmad

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