How To Get Traffic From Quora – Ultimate Guide 2021

More often people choose the famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn to increase their website traffic but did you know marketing strategy also requires some upgraded platforms which will work you exponentially? Many of the people used to focus on what is more popular but they also need to have look at the emerging one.

Well, I am not interested in wasting much time of yours. Here I am talking about Quora which is emerging as well as leading social media platform. Marketing can be done in a great way so that you can get connected with a huge amount of audience.

What is Quora?

Now let me introduce you to the Quora. Quora is a social media platform successfully running for the last eight years. People knew this as a marketing pace where users can do marketing of their businesses. Quora is a question & answer platform where you are allowed to get in touch with several people.

It allows for ask, answer and even edits the responses of the other on any topic of any industries. This is the best leading platform where you can access to knowledgeable content. Nowadays Quora is working similarly as a search engine, people used to search for their requirements in Quora instead of a search engine like Google, Bing, etc. So we can say it is an emerging platform.


You can also use it likely as other social media platforms in which you can follow another person, upvote, downvote & even comments. Let’s have a look toward the features of Quora.

  1. Follow & also get followed by other
  2. Ask questions & give answers if you are familiar (choose relevant industry and topic)
  3. Show your answer professional (add titles at the top)
  4. Get connected with people (create email list)
  5. Use your website’s link in the answer to getting traffic

Importance Of Quora For Generating Traffic

There are lots of benefits of generating traffic using Quora but we’ll focus on most legit ones.

Website’s Referral Traffic Improvement

The traffic which comes firstly on your website is by clicking the link from other websites which we named as referral traffic. As this is not the paid traffic you don’t even have to spend a single amount of bucks. As Quora also allows you for running ads for generating the maximum amount of traffic but of course this is the next level decision of any business owners.

1st Day Traffic

If you are well familiar with marketing strategies then I can say that you will not require much time to capture more traffic. From the first day, you’ll get to know about traffic and you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website. One of the best options is to create Quora advertisement campaign so that you can easily do the advertisement for the website/business by running ads on Quora.

Promotion Of Unique Content

Quora not only allows you to promote text answers but also images, videos, quotes, social media handles, etc. So that users can attract towards it and the chance for clicking on it will also get an increase.

Build Your Brand

If you’re not consistent with knowing detailed answers you’re posting of each question then you lower own value. Try not to do such thing, be consistent and be sure to post answers genuinely so as to convert the name into the brand. Once you get involved in building your own brand it will be easy for you to do marketing of your website or other businesses.

Never Ending Stream Of Ideas

If you’re a blogger then it becomes quite difficult to take out the topics genuinely. As a fresh topic is very important in order to grow your blog. In such a situation, Quora can help you a lot. Now what I mean to say is you can see various types of questions related to similar topics which you can use it for writing your posts. As these topics are genuine. You just need to put keywords in the search bar so as to get different questions so that you can use them as your next post.

So I hope you have learned a bit more about the importance of generating traffic on your website. As there can be other strategies too but these are the easiest one.

How To Start Driving Traffic From Quora Genuinely

Pick Up Your Interested Niche

Before you complete your profile Quora will ask you to fill the topics in which you’re interested. The best way to pick up the topics is to go with your talent as it will help you afterword when you’ll answer to various questions.

You’ll need to select a minimum of 10 topics to get started. Make it perfect and select wisely. As these will be the topic which will determine your knowledge whenever you answer each question.


Make A Perfect Profile

As we used to set a killer profile on social media so as to look attractive. We research a lot for making social media profile killer. Just like that, you need to make your Quora profile more creative and attractive as it determines how knowledgeable person are you. Quora gives you an option for selecting tagline, areas of interest and a short bio which determine your interest and field you belongs to.

A good chunk of your profile configuration involves basic steps like selecting profile picture (choose professional one) and filling up your name. But you need to focus on description genuinely as it plays an important role in profile which shows your interest and brief info.


Your tagline shows everything about you and what you want to convey so make it professional and more accurate as you can. A bad tagline can have a negative impact on users. There are various reasons why you need to make your tagline unique and eye catchy.

  • If you wrote a wrong tagline and in future when your answer will get viral it means a lot of visitors will visit your website then it will be a bad impact. You don’t have to waste that traffic.
  • Make it easy

Selection of topics is also important as if you’re having an interest in business then you should select entrepreneurship, start-ups, etc.

Select Right Questions To Answer

Once you set up your profile the Quora will show you the questions related to the categories which you’ve selected. Similar questions may appear several times. The feed also shows the answers from the viewers whom you’re following. You can also view the question by getting inside it. Look for the questions in depending on the area of interest so that you’ll be able to provide value.

If you’re clueless about any answer then just don’t go for that. As a bad answer can collapse your profile and ratings as well. It will give a negative impact to the viewers. You need to focus on ‘Asked to answer’s once you get the popularity you’ll find a lot many people will request you to ask for questions.

Quora Questions To Answer

If you see any of the answer relevant to your category then comment on it so to show your presence it will show that you’re an active user who is providing genuine content to the viewers.

Go For Interesting Answers

The human tendency is managed in such a way that he used to focus on interesting facts which will provide them happiness along with high high-quality. That’s what I mean to say, try to find out interesting answers to the questions so that you can act your presence and more users will get in touch with you.

You can go with the following guidelines for writing interesting answers.

Follow Experts

Quora gives you an opportunity to learn from the experts who are writing answers for a long time. There is various professional writer available on Quora which you can follow. Just like them, you can also figure out Their style of writing answers. Once you get to know how to write answers in a professional and readable manner, later on, you can create your own style.

Follow Experts

Follow Your Passion

When I was first introduced to Quora I started writing answers for those questions for which I was passionate about. I selected the category in which I was having an interest, because if you’re choosing just any category then it might not help yours for the long term. Use of bullet points can show how fluent you’re are, try to use it as you can. Using images, quotes, case studies etc can help you a lot just to make your online presence.

If you answer just for that sake of answer it might affect your profile and ratings. Follow your passion and write some informative. If you’re not sure about any question then don’t go for it, and if you want to try then research as much as you can then write professionally. There are lots of benefits for writing genuine answers like mostly I do i.e marketing of my own business and website. You can do so but you need to be a genuine writer and must have knowledge about the category you choose.

Promotion Of Website

If you’re a website owner, Quora gives you a great opportunity so as to promote your website. But many of the users promote their website badly. You just need to focus on what you’re writing in the answer section accordingly you need to share the link if there seems to be any relation. Just promoting any articles which are not related to the question is not the genuine way of promoting your website.

The only way which I used at my initial stage is by providing quality answers first. At the very beginning, you can’t hair share the link of website so easily it can appear to be spam by any users. Once it gets involved your profile will get lost for a lifetime and you’ll not able to access Quora account.

The best way is to provide genuine answers at the beginning stage. As soon as you’ll get more popularity you can share the link by writing sentences like:

I share similar views on my ‘website name’s

Get access to similar posts here ‘website name’

This is a genuine way to get user attraction. And if your answers are interesting then believe me 90% chances will be there that viewers will reach out your website through the link you shared. You can use the following methods to get maximum traffic:

  • Write answers based on research
  • Choose a knowledgeable topic to maximize your quality
  • Have a look at another expert for a better answer.
  • At the end of the answer give your website link (only if it is related to what is asked)

Once you reached out more popularity users will reach on your website through link you shared and chances for upvote also increases. You must remember not to self promote your website Quora hates this process of promotion. Use of different taglines on every answer can maximize your profile. Helping others should be your aim, once people get to know about you automatically ratings will boost up.

Remember Quora is an emerging platform as it is the future of marketing, it’s just beginning. If you want to get succeed in it research a lot as much as you can.

Conclusion: Get Massive Traffic From Quora

As I said earlier Quora is emerging social media platforms where you’re allowed to answer the questions. We’ve seen how it can be used for doing marketing of your website and businesses. More focus was on traffic because it’s known for traffic driving process, many of the Quora users are taking advantage of it. If you’re a business owner having a website it is a great opportunity for you to get in touch with various users. 80% of people will be genuine as it is a knowledgeable platform where sharing of knowledge means a lot. We’ve also seen the importance of driving traffic through Quora. There might be some extra cool ways but for now, this can just great one which can be implemented easily.

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