5 Best Tools For Running Social Media Contests

Are you looking to run a social media contest for your website? It is one of the most reliable ways to engage the audience to your website, raise brand and also it becomes more helpful if are looking for building a brand. Running social media is a straight forward process, it does not require any of the specialized skills.

You just need to select the type of social media contest you want to run and after that, you can select the theme to base it around. For helping you to select the proper social contest we’ve taken out the list which will help you to find out which type is suitable for your post.

Types Of Social Media Contest

Photo Contest

You can use this method in any of the niches, you just need to run a photo contest and allow users to submit their photos which will be voted later and select the winner based on the criteria you decide to attract your visitors. The photo contest is one of the legit ways of getting feedback from your customers or employees about an upcoming campaign. The photo contest is very useful on the website having niches related to travel, tech, etc.

Caption Contest

Caption contest allows your visitors to write a comment using their favorite caption. These type of contest are very useful in order to get feedback from your fans which shows your product information in a very sure short way.

Voting Contests

This is the funniest way to interact with your viewers. You can provide them with the voting details on number basis through which they will give you a vote. This contest is also useful in order to get promoted by various brands.

Essay Contest

The essay contest is the most efficient way to get user-generated content around your customer experiences, memories and many more. By allowing users to write a comment and share it on social media will make your website more user-friendly and it will give a great experience to the users.

Video Contests

The feature of the Video contest is very similar to photo contest just with single exception i.e instead of photos here you need to upload video content. It is the most efficient way to reach out to your viewers.

Selection of a right contest is the first process but later you need to find out the best theme which will act as a friendly user with the viewers. Once you get creative you can run the contest almost on any topic.

Apart from this there several other ways of promoting the contests as I can say it has no ending at all. Almost in every part of the year, you can use it. Here are the top five tools to help you run a successful social contest:

Best Tool To Run Social Media Contests

As we’ve seen the use of social media contests let’s move to the main topic about which this article is all about. As I already told you that there are various other tools are also available on the internet but very few of them works genuinely. Following mentioned are the topmost tools which I’ve been using since the beginning.

1. Vyper.io

Vyper review

You’ve been heard about Vyper, some of the people may be using it for growing their businesses. As Vyper provides you some of the cool features which will help you for increasing the attraction. You can create a high converting contest landing page & the best thing you can use it on your own.

If you’re belonging to the business who usually create giveaways then Vyper would be the best tool as it allows you to create more giveaways which will help you for capturing users attraction along with the email list which you can use it for several things.

Vyper Pricing

Now let’s move on to the pricing, as it provides you a cool feature. To get started with Vyper you need to purchase a pro pack at $34/ month where you can get 10,000 visitors and some cool features. The next pack is an enterprise which is available at $104/ month consists of 30,000 visitors along with some upgraded features. The last pack which is for agencies and big brands available at $209/ month where you get 1,20,000 visitors. Click here to read In-depth Vyper Review.

Visit www.Vyper.io

2. Rafflecopter


Rafflecopter is one of the best, simplest and easiest tool for getting your contest running. Most of the solopreneurs use Rafflecopter because it is easy and consist of higher speed to get render, and most of the brand’s use it for their reputable campaigns. You can launch you even within 3-4 minutes and it becomes easy for integrating to your site. The only thing you need. To is copy and paste the code to the position where you want to display the widget.

It’s very easy for initializing your contest with one-click integration with all of the popular social media platforms. The best part is you can also add some of the extra features which can be weighted for performing an action. Let’s take an example of Instagram, if you wanted to grow your Instagram followers then you can add the weight of entries 3 instead of one for those who follow you on Instagram.

If you want to test a free demo they offer you a one month of free trial for every plan i.e Basic, Grow & Premium Plan through which you can check their services. And you can also, track the details which will show you whether it is useful for your Businesses or not.


As the free plan has very limited features but the paid one like basic plan includes some extra features along with the free plan. You can get access to price images on your form just at $13/ month. If you need one click email integration feature then you need to get access to the Grow plan which is available at $43/ month and the last plan which is Premium one available at $84/ month in which watermark gets remove.

Visit www.rafflecopter.com

3. ShortStack


If Facebook is your primary marketing strategy source then uses ShortStack which will be used for running social contests. Apart from Facebook ShortStack can also be used for the other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

ShortStack provides you 90 templates along with 30 themes which will help you to create a giveaway campaign, drag and drop functionality also the ability to use custom URL which suits your personality. ShortStack comes with detailed tracking about analytics, verified voting and also an option for the restriction of voting.

Depending on your goal you can also provide the engagement to the viewers who shares your post or refer it to the friends. You can provide the reward for doing this which will show a positive impact. And if your goals are to collect leads then you can have your entrants share information like their email addresses.

You also gain more attention by asking your visitors for an email address where you’ll give them daily updates when there will be offer or discount. While building your own campaign across a variety of media such as social media or a blog or email id then ShortStack is the easiest way for building your own brand and to get in touch with your audience.

Now let’s talk about its pricing and the features you get in each.


The plans specifically depend upon your social media goals. You can get access to the free trial where you’ll get 5000 views along with 25 entries and up to 25000 likes on Facebook. To can get start with the paid package where you get up to 10000 views along with 5000 entries and 25000 like on Facebook, the price of this plan is $29/month. Now the most Premium plan is a business plan, if your business is too big having a huge amount of followers and visitors then I can recommend you go with this plan where you will get up to 50,000 views along with 100,000 entries and 100,000 likes on Facebook. The price of the business plan is $99/ month.

Visit www.shortstack.com

4. Wishpond


If you are looking for more than a business tool then Wishpond can handle all of the marketing needs for your businesses. It is on with of the most popular tools used by many of the business owners. As Wishpond is the most powerful marketing automation tool it allows you for creating landing pages for your social media and promotions.

You can the option from the 10 different contest options available on the website. Wishpond helps you for creating Instagram hashtags or photo caption on Facebook. Like most of the other tools, it can also, allow you to create a reward entrant and daily entry voting along with customizable theme it is very easy to set up your giveaway within a few minutes. And if you’re owning a WordPress website you can access to their plugin.


Now let’s talk about the price. They provide you with one month of free trial so to decide which plan is perfect for your businesses. The basic plan includes features like marketing automation, landing pages and social promotions which will cost you $45/month. Another package which is pro one costs you around $78/month.

Visit www.wishpond.com

5. Kingsumo


Kingsumo is performing well nowadays as it is providing more features compared to the other tools as it helps you for generating more email list. As you can use that one for email marketing. You will be allowed for doing giveaway results, one can select the price along with the time duration which is necessary for finding out the results.


At the very beginning of Kingsumo you can get started with the free trial after that you’ll need to purchase the paid packages having certain prices. The most basic pack which is a business pack available at $40/month where you get access to 7 days of the run test along with unlimited answers and some more extra cool features. The next package which is an unlimited package available at $90/ month in which where you get some upgraded features.

Visit www.kingsumo.com

Social Media Contests Tools – Conclusion

As we’ve seen a lot more things about social media contests. The above listed 5 best tools are used by me & still using a few of them. As through the journey of businesses I’ve been researching a lot to capture more viewers and these tools helped me a lot for achieving my goal. The above-mentioned tools are user-friendly as they offer you value for money services and the most important thing which I personally like its customer support I would like to give 5/5 for providing 24/7 customer care service. If you’re a beginner or a pro blogger also, these tools can be used by you. I can recommend these tool to every beginner in order to get exponential growth in their businesses.

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