Vyper Review: Is The Best Tool for Running Viral Contests and Giveaways?

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When we talk about digital marketing we usually see that lot more people react to it, just because I’m the past couple of years digital marketing has just become a crowded field. It is now the performer of various business strategies. We can see more & more people who are having small businesses as well struggling to get results than expected in digital marketing, it’s just because they used to compare their small scale businesses with the bigger companies and the companies having bigger marketing budgets.

If you’re the one who usually has attention towards Vyper.io then this review is made for you. Before we get started with VYPER review let’s talk more about business strategies.

Did you ever ask a question about why do smaller organizations struggle most? The only key is innovation. A few years ago many of the small scale business users manage their businesses using social media campaigns. If you are on small scale businessman you compete with the other organizations having sophisticated and also exciting campaigns.

How Does a Giveaway Work?

Like the name suggests, a giveaway is simply that; a giveaway. With a giveaway, you up with prizes that you’d like to give away to your audience. From there, you set up an online competition where the target customers can enter by completing a set of tasks such as:

  • Entering their email
  • Follow your social media accounts
  • Sharing the giveaway with their friends
  • And more

A giveaway not only allows you to generate targeted traffic to your store but also collect emails of potential customers that you can market to over and over again. Moreover, if you set up your giveaway campaign correctly, you can generate brand awareness of your store or product and get more social media followers.

Usually, whatever you provide to your customers they expect more than that one just because they wanted to get more value in exchange for whatever they give you. If you always choose your own friend as a winner in certain Giveaways then the business won’t grow exponentially as you need to understand your audience as well, so as to improve your conversation rate. And this is where Vyper.io helps you.

What is Vyper.io?

Vyper review

Vyper.io is a platform for building a viral marketing campaign for boosting up your businesses and to improve your online reach. Especially it is designed for online marketers who are not well familiar with any coding. It means that you will be able to increase your online reach via social media platforms and email lists as your competitors do. This whole job can get done without viewing any of the developers who would charge much amount, this whole thing can just be done with a single tool i.e Vyper.io.

You may be thinking of selling ice cream is pretty much easier than building a business as well but be sure that contests on social media aren’t much use for any of the businesses. We will also see in Vyper reviews that it also has a suite of tools that can also be helpful for b2b marketing. going your email list with allow you to grow your business and to maximize your marketing strategy in a great manner.

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VYPER.io Features

Now let’s have a look around the other features provided by Vyper.io As I already told you that it helps you for creating contests and promotions but have you think how? The most primary and efficient way is a built-in land editor. In the land editor page, you will get options for creating the webpage according to your promotions best around. you can select any one of the templates or you just customize and make your own way of the template by inputting your own text and images too. The uses which are very well familiar with HTML code they can customize it in a well-organized manner.

The most standard feature of Vyper.io is a selection of template which will suit your website. It makes special because its focus is on a specific goal. The selection of a proper template will help you to grow your audience on Facebook or on social media as well, it can also be great, and by selecting buzz around a product launch. This depends on the oriented result if you want results very quickly and easily.

Vyper.io also allows users to follow up on their initial tasks along with it. If you want you can also create a leader board through which you can reward your followers by referring your website to their friends. Obviously, this is very important for any successful viral marketing campaign.

On B2B front it is one of the best tool which automatically sends email according to your email list provided on the website. It has built-in platforms for sending follow-up or sending emails to the users you want, it does not require any of the separate tool for the selection of email list. And the best part about using Vyper.io is it supports MailChimp which is integrated manually according to the email list. Vyper.io is substituted in various different categories depending on the various email marketing strategies.

Pre-made Templates

Vyper Template

Vyper provides you 10 pre-installed templates that you can use it for setting up your own campaign. These templates have been designed for different types of campaigns. If you’re dealing with an online store my suggestion would just go through e-commerce giveaway However Vyper does not only applicable to online store owners. Apart from that, you can also use it in the type of businesses you own. You can also use online contest software for generating the least faster.

Rather than this Vyper also provides few of the other templates mentioned below:

  • Black Friday Template
  • Facebook Growth Contest
  • Course Launch Template
  • Blogger Template
  • Product Giveaway Template
  • YouTube Template

If you’re supposed to use other templates you can do so. If you’re having a couple of ideas of creating a custom template Vyper allows you for that, it’s just a great thing that attracts your customers.

Viral Marketing Training


Inside Vyper.io you can access several demo and courses which will help you for developing great email marketing strategies for your businesses. Some of the courses are of advanced level which is paid one but a couple of courses which are totally free.

If you’re about to know more about particular courses then I must suggest you visit the official website of Vyper.io

E-mail Integration

Whenever you set up your competitions to gather all the emails, have you ever think where do they go? Using Vyper your new leads can be imported to your favorite e-mail marketing software. Here we’ve taken out some of the platforms that natively supports Vyper.io

Follow Up Reminder Emails


One of the keys to getting an online contest go viral is keeping the users engaged. Sometimes, people will enter your contest and only complete a few steps. How do you get them to be more engaged and complete all the steps of your contest, and in the process encourage virility? Through gamification.

Vyper.io has in-built gamification and can automatically send emails to your contest entrants to remind them to complete any steps they haven’t. This “subtle nudge” can get more shares of your contest and make it go viral.

Vyper Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

Apart from what we have discussed earlier the most important things which everyone wants to know are pricing details. No doubt Vyper.io is one of the best tool for growing up your businesses but one must think about its pricing, at what price you’ll be able to use their services. Let’s see one by one it’s whole details according to the packages.

Vyper offers three-tier pricing with different features. The plans are Enterprise ($149/m), and Agency ($299/m).

Below is an overview of what is included in each tier plan:

Vyper Review: Is The Best Tool for Running Viral Contests and Giveaways? 1

Here is a direct link showing all the features available for each plan.

If you purchase an annual license, you will get free for 3 months. Honestly, the annual plan is a much better deal than the monthly plan. When you have an annual plan, you can set up as many campaigns as you want. This is especially helpful for e-commerce, entrepreneurs & bloggers.

For example, think of all the holidays in a year when you’d like to offer your customers a discount? You can set up viral campaigns to get even more leads to your list by offering something like an “Easter Giveaway”, “4th of July Giveaway”, “Christmas Giveaway”, etc.

The potential leads you can generate through viral campaigns are only limited to your imagination.

You can sign up for Vyper for free without putting your credit card information and play around with it to see its capabilities. The only time you will be required to put your credit card information is when you want to launch a campaign.

Conclusion – Vyper Review 2020

As mentioned above Vyper.io makes your businesses growth ambitious. As we’ve already seen that all the features regarding your email marketing tools and templates can be optimized on viper.io which makes it more valuable for those who are willing to develop a decent online business. The best part which I especially like about Vyper.io is that its interface is very user-friendly and reliable so you don’t have to worry more about it.

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