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New year brings new technology for eCommerce companies. And while that can mean exciting new growth opportunities, it can also present challenges for businesses that aren’t armed with the knowledge, the personnel, or the cash flow to maximize their results.  

One such product in the tech biz that we are going to talk about today is Audiencefy. This an easy to implement AI-driven analytics app that offers Shopify business intelligence to derive actionable from marketing and store data in a meaningful way.

Table of Contents

What is Audiencefy?

Audiencefy Review: Best eCommerce Analytics App 1

In a world of clouded data and platforms competing for conversion attribution, Audiencefy breaks down all your data so it can be easily interpreted and you can tell where sales are really coming from.

Audiencefy turns Shopify business intelligence into actionables. It uses customer data and performance analytics from the Shopify analytics app, to optimize your store and marketing efforts. Their eCommerce experts have hand-picked the most important metrics to make reports easy to understand. 

In simple words, Audiencefy is your eCommerce customer segmentation & analytics app on Shopify to optimize your marketing campaigns and exponentially grow your eCommerce revenue.

Why Audiencefy?

Audiencefy’s got the right tools you need for making a ravishing eCommerce revenue!

The software is an easy to use one-click installation for all the Shopify store owners who want robust and granular data insights for their business.
It will help you target the right audience and manage to purchase difficult and complicated data.

Audiencefy is the best eCommerce analytics app that requires no integration effort on your part — simply install the app and we build all reports and insights for you.

You can use the pre-defined segments for

  • Robust reporting to measure business health and customer conversion funnel
  • Actionable insights from your customers’ buying journey to increase the lifetime value (LTV)
  • Customer segmentation to personalize treatment and marketing campaigns

It provides you with easy ability to see where the online sales are generated from. The data that Audiencefy provides also allows you to send targeted emails out to customers based on what category they fall under. What I like most about Audiencefy is it has preloaded customer segmentation and LTV for each audience. You can rapidly pull segments of audiences and load them into 3rd party integration platforms with ease. 

How to use Audiencefy?

At Audiencefy the journey is never-ending. They’re always growing and improving  

  • Detailed Customer Analytics even for a Single Customer with Audiencefy Dashboard.
  • Predefined segments to segregate your customers on various parameters like Revenue, Average Order Value, etc
  • Detailed Order Analytics even for a Single Order with Audiencefy Dashboard.
  • Custom Segments according to your requirements.

It’s super easy to access these features in your dashboard:

Step 1: Login to with your integrated eCommerce store credentials.

Step 2: You can see two new features there, in the sidebar section.

1. Customers

In this section, you can see the data of customers such as customer’s name, email, First Order Date, Last Order Date, Status of the customer, How many orders a single customer have placed, how much revenue has been generated from a single customer, address of customers, etc.

There is one more sub-section in the Customer section labelled as “Segment”, once you enter the segment, you can see there are multiple predefined segments based on the customers’ behaviour, here you can add custom segment as well to target customers more effectively.

Here’s how it looks in the Dashboard:

Audiencefy Review: Best eCommerce Analytics App 2

2. Orders

In this page, you can see descriptions of customer orders such as customer address, Order Id, Order Date, Gross Revenue, Order Status, Individual Order Tax, Gross Profit, Gross Margin, Order Machine, Order Source, etc.

In simple words, this section has complete analytics for orders.

Here’s how it looks in the Dashboard:

Audiencefy Review: Best eCommerce Analytics App 3

3. Products

In this section, you can see details of products such as Products’ image, Product’s Title, Product’s Id, Product’s Type, Date of publishing, vendor, updated at, and handle, etc. for individual products respectively.

In simple words, this section has complete analytics for the Product.

Here’s how it looks in the Dashboard:

Audiencefy Review: Best eCommerce Analytics App 4

Audiencefy Tutorials

Audiencefy vs

There are other Verified products that have identified Audiencefy as a competitor and one such in the market is Revtap.

Audiencefy will help you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers, and optimize product strategy with advanced eCommerce analytics software and Revtap is an E-commerce Intelligence & AI-Powered Marketing Strategist for Shopify only.

Whereas, Audiencefy is about to expand to other platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, BigCommerce. Audiencefy, we notice is providing its customers with a stage-wise executive summary of every user that comes to your website right from the time they entered to the point they made a purchase that means you have access to the most granular insight of your customers’ journey. On the other hand, Revtap just gives you a growth overview of the sales done. 

Audiencefy gives you the complete order metrics and Revtap has no such option currently 

Audiencefy is also providing you with Individual Customer based analytics/timeline and Revtap is giving you Product segmentation which we hear is still in pipeline for Audiencefy. One more important differentiative is that Revtap has a Checkout Funnel and Audencefy does not. 

Audiencefy provides Facebook Ads Insights and Email Campaign Automation with all 3rd party integrations. But, we are not quite sure if Revtap has it.

What are some alternatives?

You can also consider the following Ecommerce Analytic app based on external reviews and ratings:

  1. ConversificConversific is a Business Intelligence platform designed to capture and analyze the data from your Shopify store. It includes built-in tips from eCommerce gurus and provides instant guidance. 
  2. Segment.tresl – Segment unifies your customer’s touchpoints across all platforms and channels.
  3. – RevTap is an AI-driven analytics app that offers Shopify business intelligence to derive actionables from marketing and store data.

Audiencefy Pros & Cons


  • Audiencefy really excels at a thing – putting easy to comprehend dashboards at your fingertips with actionable insights for managing your e-commerce business. 

  • Whether it’s daily reports for you to act on, or delving into the rich history of reports for trends forecasts, Audiencefy thrives in compiling all data from your connected platforms into an easy to understand and customize report.
  •  You can have a one-click access of conversion rate trends, channel marketing gains all coming in from analytics, marketing and CMS system playing together seamlessly.
  • What’s best, it’s great to share and show snippets to stakeholders with ease, but quickly make custom reports or facet down on the data for your day-to-day to find actionable insights to grow your business.


  • I think if you understand how the product is positioned in this market and you consider how much it costs, there really are no cons.


In my opinion, it is super easy to use one-click data analytics tool that you definitely need for your eCommerce brand.

Grab Audiencefy Lifetime Deal Today @ $49!

For questions, feedback, and suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’m looking forward to your input!

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