What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? A Step-by-Step Guide

Started a new business? Confused how to utilize the online marketing facilities and build up smart strategies?  

According to the statistics available, it is said that only 53% of the companies that have started to use the online marketing and are active. Out of these 53% companies, only 45% of companies work on SEO and make proper use of it. Rest of the people claim that they do not get the proper time or they lack the strategies.

What does SEO exactly means?

SEO is described as the technique to increase the rank of your website on a particular webpage search engine.

There is no big rocket science hidden that you need to know to promote your business online. Promoting your business on social media is a simple, Quick and easy process

First and the foremost thing any company should understand is, you do not need to connect tons of people and have a great following; you just need to connect with right people in right areas. Make the cover pictures of your social media accounts or the logo of your company look adorable and perfectly matching with the work you or your company is going to do.

Social media is known as the world of relationships. Whenever you build up a profile on any social media it takes time to connect with the people who are experienced and have the proper skill sets and also business-minded people.

Now the question arises that a small start-up owner like you, how will you spend so much of time on social media because there are many other things also to be done. You just need to sit one day and prepare the content for a week or two and schedule you posting on the social media. You just need 5-10 minutes in the morning or afternoon to post up your content on the social media. Do not forget to reply to the queries asked by the people. That’s where you can tackle them and increase your business with help of them. And just spend another 10-15 minutes to just answer their query.

Time management is very important for all the companies. We get on social media to post and then you come across a meme and then spend an hour in just scrolling the news feed and then realize that shit I have wasted an hour. This is not how you need to work. If you go on social media to post something then focus on that issue. Try to maintain a focus on your work and complete the task given to you first.

Now if you have started your business on Facebook then you can opt for Facebook ads as well to increase the reach of your business. Facebook Ads is a great, budget-friendly way to promote your start-up. You just need to select the right geo-tags on your Facebook business page and engage your potential clients rather than just anyone. There is one more advantage of these geotags. Whenever a person check in like if you check in or visit a particular page, your friends can also see that you have visited a page and even they might show you an interest. So this is how you can connect with a small bunch of a crowd. On an average, if one user check-ins your Facebook page then more 100 will also check in through one single connection.

As a small start-up owner try to target your local market first before hitting out a global market. Choosing right tools is essential as they will help you to increase your business, save a huge amount of money and efforts.

Keywords are very important to rank a particular website in a good position and to attract viewers.  Keywords are very important as they help the readers to find their right choice of blogs in a very small span of time. Keywords are not only beneficial for the readers but as a writer or the owner of the blog or website, you can make more money and divert a heavy traffic to your blog using these special words. Especially long tail keywords have proven effective in increasing the traffic and diverting the traffic to your website or blog.

Stop keyword Stuffing

Using the same keywords, again and again, will not generate more traffic to your blog or website. So stop practicing that. That’s one of the dumbest SEO mistakes you will make to get penalized by Google.

Google love the blogs where there are the new set of unique keywords and great content. Instead of stuffing the same keyword, again and again, find some long tail keywords.

Never sell or buy any kind of Backlink

This is very common practice done by the bloggers that they sell their Backlink to the poker sites and casino sites to make MORE money.

This will badly affect your SERP rankings and will also lower your search results. Google may also penalize such things and may get your website down.

SEO is very important for any kind of website. SEO increases the amount of traffic data toward your website. Few SEO tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Yoast Premium etc that can help you bring a ton of traffic and sales without wasting your time.

Optimize your posts for the search engines

You won’t get that enough traffic when you just apply SEO alone. You need to also optimize your posts for better results.

Always perform the keyword research

Keyword research is the painful and tedious process, not even one blogger likes to do keyword research on their blog posts. But the bloggers do not understand that it is the most important step of SEO. You are letting a huge chunk of traffic go away by avoiding the just small thing.

Whenever you are going to post a new post make sure you have enough of targeted keywords with you so that you can apply the SEO and get the traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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