What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? A Step-by-Step Guide

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is widely used worldwide to maximize website traffic. When it comes to the digital marketing stream, Search Engine Optimisation plays a major role because most professional bloggers use this to make their website rank on the top of a search engine like Google. 

So if you are the one who is the best to build up your own brand, SEO is the best strategy that you could apply right there. When most people might think that it is rocket science, but if you follow some of the steps efficiently, it is not that tough to begin with. 

In this post, I will take you to the complete step-by-step guide of Search Engine Optimisation. If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post, and with that being said, let’s get started. 

But before that, you need to know about Search Engine Optimisation more deeply. So let’s begin with that first.

SEO Basics

If you’re supposed to wire the skills to SEO, you need to know about a few basics of SEO that’ll surely help you reach the top of search engine results.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?


If you are a digital marketer, your website’s visibility matters the most, which needs to be on the top of the specific keyword’s search results. The Search Engine Optimisation process will help you in that, as it signifies the total possibilities that make the true sense to maximize content potential. 

For maximizing the website’s evaluation, you should definitely opt the tools and software that help you in the process. There are tons of tools and software available on the internet that’ll help you in the SEO process from scratch.

On-Page SEO Vs. Off-Page SEO 

When it comes to SEO, you’ll get to know about the two major kinds of SEO that you come across. So if you’re supposed to maximize the blog authenticity, it’s way essential for you to know more about them.

On-Page SEO 


The on-page SEO is also known as the on-site SEO, which signifies your page’s ranking factor. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the specific page’s ranking, it’s way essential for you to come across several terminologies that matter the most. 

To improve the page authenticity, you’ll always need to come across some useful notations like meta descriptions, tags, header, images, description, etc. That one can manage subsequently so that to improve overall ranking on the search engine. 

So when any of the visitors search the specific keyword on Google, the results will be displayed as per the on-page SEO. To give you in-depth details, one shortlisted a few of the major terms you can improve to get better On-page SEO results. Here are they:

Meta Tags

The meta tags are an element of the HTML through which you can maximize the amount of traffic. So while writing the data tags, you should always use the targeted keywords that’ll help you rank your website.


To improve the headline, I’ll suggest you add the secondary or the primary keywords as possible. Try to make it short and simple that’ll hell you in the ranking.

URL Structure 

The URL structure is also known for the site structure. So the good site attracts the users to visit again and again, for the improvement you’re free to sue the better architectural designed structure where all of the stuff from design to the speed will be managed.

Image SEO 

The use of well-optimized images in the content is a must for making it look good. So I’ll recommend you to use standard-sized images that’ll help you in ranking the content. ImageKit is the best tool out there that you can use for the resizing of an image.


Content is the king of all the other on-page SEO terms. For that, you need to create high-quality content for better results; along with that, you can even use the tools like Grammarly that’ll make your content even more authentic and legitimate.

Structured Data

While writing content, structuring the amount of data is a kind of important process that you should not ignore at any instance. So for getting more results, you need to structure the content legitimately.

Website Size and Speed 

The speed of a website totally depends upon the hosting you use. So if you’re a bit conscious about the site’s growth, it’s essential to invest in a good amount of hosting services like dedicated and VPS. Also, make sure that it should be optimized as well.

Off-Page SEO 


Off-page SEO is also known for the off-site SEO widely used to better SEO do the website and rank it higher on the search results. It not only improves the SERPs but along with that, it improves the source of traffic. 

I must say both the on-page SEO as well the off-page SEO are interlinked with each other. So if you’re a bit conscious about the term of ranking, make sure to use the off-page SEO techniques, which are way important in high SERPs.

To give in-depth details about off-page SEO, I’ve shortlisted a few of the essential terminologies which will help you to maximize the true potency of the website, so here are they:

Email Outreach 

Email outreach is the #1 technique to reach out to as many audiences. So if you’re quite enthusiastic about email marketing, you’re free to grab the services of email outreach at any instance that’ll surely increase the no. of subscribers.

Guest Blogging 

Guest posting and blogging is the one term that helps you to maximize the amount of traffic. All you need to do is write the post for the other blogs related to your niche; by doing so, you can add the link somewhere in the post. And surely the amount of traffic visit on that one will get redirect to watch your blog.


Submission if another great term belongs to the off late SEO through which you can maximize the amount of traffic and multiply it substantially.

Social Media Efforts 

By maximizing the audience’s reach, it’s way essential for you to know about social media marketing, which we’ve already covered up in our recent posts.

Cooperation With Influencers 

Influencers belong to your industry will help you to maximize the amount of traffic, so if you’re the one who’s supposed to build a good network connection. It’s way essential for you to know about the cooperation with the influencers. 

Writing Valuable Content

Content plays a crucial role in off-page SEO. So if you’re a bit conscious to grab the legitimate traffic source, it’s essential to write effective content, which is a good thing.

White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Grey Hat SEO


In terms of ethical hackers, the white hat and the black hats are the best terms that are being widely used all across the globe. So if you are the one who is about to improve the SEO score of your website, it’s way essential for you to know about these terms. 

So let’s begin with one by one and find the best terms amongst these three.

White Hat SEO

The whitehead specifically defines it to be following the rules and regulations provided by the search engine. When it comes to ethical hacking, the white hat plays a crucial role in following the right paths. 

Although it’s a legal process, it might be harmful to your blog’s growth if you choose the wrong path to get instant success. So I’ll recommend reading all of the terms and conditions.

Black Hat SEO 

The black hat SEO below g to the risky usage of the SEO strategies that might affect your website at a higher instance. So if you’re the one who’s a bit conscious about the growth of the website, it’s necessary to choose the legitimate path. 

According to research, not following Google’s guidelines is not an issue, but if you only the shortcut success of the website, it’ll surely affect your growth. Be sure about that and don’t opt for the short oath, instead make sure to be aware of that. 

Grey Hat SEO

The grey hat SEO is the mixture of both white hat and black hat SEO. So if you’re supposed to maximize the sales and subscriber rate, I’ll recommend using the right strategy, which is way important. 

The algorithm of Google is building in such a way that it automatically detects the wrong attributes. And grey hat SEO helps you keep your website safe even if you’re choosing the black hat SEO techniques. It acts as a reagent that refills all of the voids which you’ve discovered through the black hat SEO. 

If you’re supposed to build the great hat links for the sake of the maximum amount of traffic rate, make sure to apply the right strategy that’ll surely help you to maximize the sales and traffic as well. 

The good thing is it’ll not affect your website growth at any instant.

Search Engines 


As we’ll know that Google is the #1 search engine globally used, I’m by the audiences. So the chances of getting success on running search engines are way more. If you’re a bit conscious to know about it, I’ve shortlisted a few of the essential terminologies that might help you eliminate the confusion that matters the most.

How Search Engines Work?

Although search engine work pattern is quite simple, so if you are the one who is a bit serious about maximizing brand authenticity, you need to know how it usually works. So following are a few of the terminologies that will let you know about the working pattern of search engines:


The search engine crawling is a crucial step of search engine where they shortlist the robots and let them find about the latest post and updates about a specific keyword. The amount of content might be any like videos, images, posts, etc. But the working pattern of crawling is similar in all of the cases. 

The crawler, which is being served by search engines, usually finds the latest link and crawls it by adding it to the index, i.e., caffeine. So it could be the best source for those who are using the keyword that is not there in the market and pretty new.


The search engine indexing is the entity where a huge amount of data is being discovered and stored. Regularly, many databases are taken in one place, which will help the bots identify the specific amount of data they are searching for.

For the first-time internet user, it becomes difficult to find the specific amount of data, but with the help of indexing, it becomes easier just because a bulk of data is being served through the post.

Picking Results

When any of the audience searches some of the keywords on a search engine, the result is a showcase by indexing, and that’s what they used to call picking the results from the databases. There are tons of data available out there, and while picking up the filters of the most valuable and informative content. 

So if you are a bit conscious about pranking higher on the search engine, you need to pick the results section that’s way important.

Ranking Factors 

Ranking factors matter the most because if you are supposed to make your content rank on the top of a search engine, it’s where you need to know about it. Along with that, if you are just when you be out there, it will be easier for you to start from scratch just because it is not rocket science at all. 

To let you know, I have short-listed a few of the essential ranking factors of Search Engine Optimisation that will give you an idea about it. So here are they:-

  • User experience.
  • Mobile-friendliness
  •  the accessibility and security of the website
  • The domain age, URL, and authority of the website.
  • The social signals real business information.
  •  Well, optimized content.
  • The technical SEO 
  • The links 
  • The speed of the page. 

On page and Technical SEO 


As earlier, we have discussed many more factors about on-page SEO and how it is useful in website authenticity.  Here, I will serve you deep knowledge about the on-page and Technical SEO by sharing the checklist. 

But before that, you need to know about meta descriptions and tags.

Meta Tags

If you are aware of meta tags, let me tell you that it is nothing but the snippets being served for the sake of brief info about the webpage. Most people might get confused amongst the terminologies, but meta tags help you identify the web page’s bit information. 

Meta tags please a crucial role when it comes to SEO, and ks you’re supposed to rank the website on the top of search engines, you cannot miss out on this term at any instance. 

For now, let’s delve deep into the checklist.

On-page SEO Checklist 

If you are a bit serious about on-page SEO, it’s where is essential for you to know about the checklist, which I have discovered by analyzing a lot more content available; let’s dive deep into it.

Find What People are Searching for Before you Start Writing 

You need to analyze the audience mindset. This can be done by going to the competitor’s research,  so you will create the content in a great manner that will help you in the ranking purpose. And along with that, if you create the content that being it’s the audience, the chances of getting the website ranked higher on the search engine increases.

Title Tags and Headline 

While writing an account, you should be aware of title tags and headlines just because they impact the SEO term.  I will highly recommend you to include at least a single primary keyword in the headline so that Google will automatically detect it. 

A similar pattern applies to the title tags as well.

Use SEO Friendly URLs

Optimizing the URL of your web page is a crucial aspect that you should not ignore if you are supposed to make your web page rank on the top of such results. You can go through several URL shorteners where you can rebrand the URL as per the convenience. So while sharing on social media, it will be easier to grab the maximum amount of traffic.


The multimedia terminology consists of images, videos, statistical data, etc. To maintain the workflow’s sustainability, you’re free to grab a good amount of images and videos to make it look good, and it’ll surely fill up the article with something better. 

Outbound and Internal Links 

While writing content, you can also take internal links, which is way more important in content writing. You can add the entities like ‘Click Here’ and add links in it to redirect to another web page whenever the user clicks on it. 

Even if you’re using the backlinks or guest posts, the internal kinks can be used substantially in a great manner, making true sense to maximize the website’s authenticity.

Technical SEO Checklist

Even if you don’t have the technical knowledge, you can begin with the technical on-page SEO strategies, which are very important and will surely help website growth and maximize your site’s traffic. 

So I have short-listed a few of the checklist of technical on-page SEO that will guide you in a great manner and more importantly, you can use them anywhere you need, so here are they:

Search Console 

The search engine’s search console is built to consist of bots that’ll surely help you in a great manner. So even if you’re just a beginner, it’ll help you maximize the website’s authenticity. 

Website Speed 

The speed of website metta most when it comes to the technical SEO just because if the speed is well maintained, getting higher traction increases. So I’ll suggest you choose a good amount of hosting that helps you maximize your site’s traffic along with the ranking.

Mobile Optimization 

Making the website mobile optimized is very important because mobile users are constantly increasing day by day. Also, it has been found that most people usually use their mobile devices to surf the internet. You can use several plugins for making the website mobile optimized.


The XML sitemap is basically a roadmap that tells the search engine about the webpage yours. And it’ll help you to redirect the audience to your website. The use of sitemap is consistently increasing day by day.


The Robots.txt is the protocol for the bots that signifies the search engine results more often. So if you’re a bit serious about the term, make sure to check it out once; that’ll surely help you in the technical SEO stuff. 

Content & SEO 


Content and SEO are interlinked with each other, or I would say both the terms are important for website creation. If the content is not up to the mark, no room remains for the SEO. Make sure to write effective content that’ll help you maximize the true potency of an SEO. 

If you go deeper into blogging, you’ll come across several different writing styles and patterns, so you need to know about the different types of content. I’ve shortlisted a few of them.

Types of Content


While writing content, blogs are most efficient and easy to start this because anyone can gather the other source’s information and create their own content in your own style, making true sense to rank higher on the search engine. You will come across tons of blogs available on the internet that’ll surely hell you from scratch to examine your own expertise.

Case Studies 

Case studies are the best option out there for those who are willing to share their skills expertise. It is an effective way of sharing your knowledge through the website, and the chances of getting it ranked are higher.


Most people use infographics in their content too afraid, but it essentially plays a big role in minimizing the time to understand the entity. So make sure to use it whoever necessary.

Guides, How-Tos, Tricks & Tips 

You might have come across various different blocks that are correlated with the guides. Along with that, the How-tos blogs are the evergreen option available for creating a good amount of websites.

Top Lists 

This type of content has a huge ranking facility, and the keywords are being used in a great manner. So if you are supposed to get instant success, you should definitely go with this type of content. Top 10 cheapest hosting, top 5 best SEO tools, etc., are a few examples.


You can write content by taking interviews of great personalities in the specific stream. If you are good at something, you can invite for specialties of there for the discussion purpose and through the content, you can serve the knowledge to the audience.


You could be the best option available out there for content writing because it allows you to sell out the product you are created by hustling. If you’re a bit serious about blogging, ebooks can be a good option.

Keyword Research 


Keyword research is one of the useful elements that you should not ignore if you want to succeed in digital marketing, especially when it comes to blogging. The more primary keywords you use, the more changes in ranking your website readily increases, which means a lot. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a beginner out there, but the keywords research would be the one you need to be aware of. 


How to Find Keywords? 

Finding authentic keywords is not a big deal if you opt for the right process with the right tool. Following are some of the process that you can practice to find the high volume keywords:

Google Suggestion 

Undoubtedly no one can beat Google, so you have a great opportunity to find the specific keywords using the Google suggestion. All you need to do is time the primary keyword in the search box, and it will automatically redirect to and showcase the high volume keyboards that can be used primarily in the content.

Keyword Tool 

Keywordtool.io is the other best tool out there that’ll help you to maximize the authenticity of keyword research. The good thing is it’s free to use, so even if you’re not having any knowledge about keyword finding, you can go through that.

Other Platforms 

Apart from the above couple of options, you’ll also come across tons of other tools that’ll surely help you find the high volume keywords. Semrush & Agrefs are the best tools available in the market that you can grab for finding the keywords, so definitely check them out.

Keyword Metrics 

This term includes the keywords that have the high PPC along with that they’re pretty easy to acquire, so even if you’re just a beginner out there, it’ll be way easier for you to find an authentic process.

Long-tail Keywords

The long-tail keywords are the best way to maximize your website’s ranking just because most people are still unaware of using long tail. Google itself recommends the highest volume and long-tail keywords. So make sure to use them.

Search Volumes 

Before you use any Keyword mixer to check the search volume of that specific word so that you will get to know whether it is sufficient to use it or not. For this, you can go through the competitor’s research.

Keyword Difficulty 

The complete Search Engine Optimisation belongs to the keyword, so if you have any difficulty finding the keyword, you can use straightforward tools like SEMRush & Ahrefs that’ll get your job done.

Link Building 


When it comes to digital marketing, most people out there use link building to drive traffic from other websites to their website. One of the most collected might be to enhance your SEO skills; well, let me tell you, it’s not rocket science at all. So all you need to do is approach other competitors so that they will help you to redirect their traffic to your website.

Why is Link Building Important? 

If you are supposed to rank your website on the top of the search engines, it’s essential to use link-building techniques. 

At an initial stage, you will always need to support top-ranking websites and approached them accordingly to built links on their website.  The backlink is a great concept that belongs to the link building, which one can use.m to maximize the traffic source.

Types of Backlinks 

I have shortlisted a couple of different types of backlinks that you need to know, so here are they:

Do-Follow Backlinks 

The do-follow backlinks are the links that are being built for the crawling purpose. So if you’re just a beginner, you’re free to take over the following idea that’ll help you drive traffic through other websites.

No-follow Backlinks

The no follows backlinks have the kind of codes that look like a normal word, but links are being hidden, which states the exact website details, and if someone clicks on it, they’ll get redirect to your website.

Quality Aspects of Backlink

Well, truly, it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you created, but the thing is how you have treated, so make sure to focus on quality and not on quantity, which will help you in the long-term process. 

After doing some research, I came across various terminologies. I noticed that most people focus on the quantity, and they try to promote their website by building as many backlinks. Still, it does not worth it, so make sure to be strategic and focus on the quality backlinks.

Link Building Strategies 

Link building is a crucial aspect, so you should not ignore it at any instance if you are supposed to Grab more traffic. So I have short-listed a few of the ideas that one can use to maintain their link-building process. So following are they:

Guest Posting 

The guest post is an authentic idea that you should proceed with, so I recommend you approach the top-ranked blog used to share the post on social media. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the amount of traffic, make sure to focus on the guest post. 

Competitors Backlinks 

The competitor’s research is one of the most crucial aspects that you should be aware of to succeed in creating backlinks. All you need to do is Focus upon the competitor’s backlinks and try to shortlist the backlinks they create them follow the same path.

Final Verdict 

The SEO is a wide concept, so if you are the one who is still doesn’t know about it, so it is very efficient for you to go through this guide, where I have discussed SEO in detail. When it is not rocket science at all so you can begin from scratch more efficiently. 

All the SEO could be beneficial for those who are supposed to grab the maximum amount of traffic source to their blog. It doesn’t matter whether you are a video creator or a blogger but driving traffic towards your personal brand is way more important, and that’s what SEO allows you. 

So make sure to use the above-mentioned strategies in the right manner to get results more quickly.

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