10 Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money (and How to Fix it)

Are you a blogger?

Well probably most of the newbies might look for the money-making strategies through the blog to live at their own pace, and that’s what blogging serves you. It has a huge potential that just with the help of a laptop you can travel throughout the world and make your Living more enthusiastic just by not working for anyone else. 

But let me tell you at the variation stage most people might raise the issue of not getting visitor’s out there on the website and not getting sell out their affiliate links. so if you are the one who belongs to the same category make sure to stick with the post till the end just because I am going to conclude the 10 reasons that you’re not able to make money, additionally I’ll be discussing the solutions for that. 

So with that being said let’s get started. 

Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Making Money

1. Not Getting Enough Traffic

So this is one of the biggest reasons why most people get afraid of making money via blog, though the creation of a blog is not a big deal until and unless you get visitors. 

So if you are a bit conscious about your blog and willing to make money online it’s always essential for you to know why your blog is not getting enough traffic that will generate some sort of revenue in terms of affiliate marketing and AdSense. Well, I am not talking about getting a thousand views just from the initial stage, it’s kind of a tough choice for you instead the tedious growth is well.

At the initial level what you can do is spreading the quality content that will connect users to you and the chances of getting stick with your website increase. You might have been heard about the phrase ‘content Is the king’ which is quite real. So make sure to create relevant content for your audience that will produce more results.

Along with that which we essential for you to get a more relevant audience between if you are promoting your content via social media you will not get organic traffic which makes no sense at any instance. So if you want that area growth it’s way Essential for you to target the organic traffic that’ll surely stick with you in long run. 

2. You Probably Not Investing Much In Your Blog

In each of the businesses, investment plays an essential role that you should be aware of in order to create a successful brand out of that. Most of the time I have observed that newbie expects the most but when it comes to the investment they are afraid of being so which makes no sense if you are supposed to create a successful online business.

At the very initial stage, I have gone through this and suffered a lot which took me almost 5 years to set up a successful blog. It always makes sense to invest at least 20% of the amount on each of the blog expenses that will give you much revenue.

But the question may appear in your mind that where should you invest?

Following are the answer:

Make sure to invest in decent hosting and domain

Domain and hosting are both essential components of website creation and that’s the reason why most of the professional bloggers used to invest in a self-hosted hosting plan instead of web hosting. So if you are the one who is supposed to create the professional website it’s essential for you to choose the right hosting from the right providers. BlueHost, SiteGround, DreamHost, and A2 hosting are the four major hosting providers that I personally recommend the most. 

Email marketing

Email is consistently upgrading your business opportunities and they the reason why most of the professional bloggers are reading off towards the email list to convey more leads out of that. So if you are the one who is supposed to create the more effective email list you should invest in the Indian marketing tool. 

There are few options available out there that serve you some of the cheap packages that truly serve you a great value. 

Subscribe to the effective courses related to your niche.

Getting subscribed to courses that are relevant to your niche I kind of important process that you should not ignore at any instance. So if you are the one amongst their who is not having any knowledge regarding the niche it’s way more essential for you to grab the premium courses that serve you as many effective skills that’ll surely rank your website on the high. 

You might have been heard about the phrase i.e. first learning than earning which is damn true when it comes to the execution. 

3. You Are Not Serving Unique Content And Services

Let me conclude that there are more than a million blogger or across the globe which are serving as similar products and services which makes them similar, so if you are the world we supposed to create own identity in the online medium is very essential for you to find your uniqueness.

If you are about to target the audience make sure to analyze their way of thought process and in that way produce the content that’ll make your content much more unique. 

There is much more interesting is that state your uniqueness like you can produce more unique content along with some unique picture that looks damn good. I’ve seen most of the new be used to serve those for which is essential if you want the instant boost to your blog, So definitely choose it accordingly. 

You can also serve them the downloadable content resource so that your audience will be able to get more output and the chances are more that they’ll stick with your blog for a long time. Initially, you can analyze the search engine to know about the competition that’ll surely help you to prepare the content that serves the worthy and effective info.

4. You Might Be Afraid Of Asking People

This is for the huge mistakes which most of the beginner or at the very initial stages with what they think asking to subscribe to the newsletter will not prominent idea, but it’s not like that as you’re free to ask them that whether they could subscribe for the regular updates. 

By creating popular products like ebooks and some of the digital products with making no sense if you are not getting enough CTAs. So if you’re supposed to give a boost to your business it’s way essential for you to ask them to have a purchase of to let them get subscribed to your newsletter. 

You can use several entities that will help you throughout for better user experience. Like ‘clicks here to get a free ebook’ could be the best option you can provide to your visitors which makes true sense. Along with that you can even serve them the funnels as well thekigh with the leads can get generated. 

Even if you are active on social media make sure to ask your followers personally for support, this will be more prominent for you to get comments from the audience. Let me convey to you that let’s say if you are about to serve some sort of digital products at an eligible amount it will be more prominent for you to ask out the visitors to purchase it, so once you get to know the way of asking the more results will flow in your way. 

5. You Might Lack The Strategy

You might have been heard about it that most of the professional bloggers used to make the strategy before they produce any kind of content and that’s the reason why they get succeed in their plan. Pre-planning is necessary and that’s what you need to do if you are supposed to get tedious results. 

Most of the newbie goes through the same issue which means even if are serving the content, but not on a regular basis which doesn’t allow you to be consistent at what you do. Your blog is a kind of business that needs planning to grow in a subsequent manner. And once you go through that it’ll be more prominent for you to get more results.

Make sure to plan the schedule on which day and which time you’re supposed to create the content and post it. Additionally, monetization is an important process that you should not ignore at any Instant just because it’s the only way that will serve you the revenue. There are several streams of monetizing your blog like through affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, physical & digital products, etc. Figure out which one suits your strategies.

One of the pro tips I should give you that to plan your schedule on weekly basis, and decide on which day and time you’ll post in a week. This will keep you on track and Google will get to know that you’re confident at your work. So follow the path and you’ll get enough results out of if. 

6. You’re Not Listening To The Audience Or Subscribers

This could be the biggest reason that your blog is not making enough money, if you’re supposed to get more results through the blog you own it’s always beneficial for you to listen to your audience. And once you go through that your blog will surely boost up in terms of revenue and traffic. 

Staying connected with the audience is important is because people will last with you in long run, not the revenue.  so if you are supposed to get most of it it’s always beneficial for you to listen to your audience and subscriber and one should do that show your website will grow in a tedious manner. Polls are the best source that allows you to keep your visitors connected with you and to know what they think of the content. 

If you’re supposed to get the most out of it, make sure to analyze what the audience needs are.  there are tons of different ways through which you will be able to analyze what your audience is looking for, amongst which the following are few ideas that you can apply: 

  • You can go through the stats which will help you to know which post is doing well and similarly follow the same core niche.
  • Join as many Facebook groups and Quora as to know what people are asking.
  • Using Google keyword planner you can search for the targeted keywords.
  • Do competitors research.

7. You’re Afraid Of Promoting Yourself

If you are creating the best possible content for your website but lacks the promotion of that specific content,  it will affect your growth a lot especially if you are a newbie.  I have noticed that most of the beginners afraid of promoting their own content which keeps their traffic pretty stable. But instead, if you’re following the right path for the promotion the traffic will surely boost up.

Also let me tell you that this information not only applied in your content but also it is applicable to the products and services you are selling to your blog digital products, ebook, etc.  it doesn’t matter how much effort you have applied for making that specific book but if no is accessing it, it’ll affect your growth a lot. 

There are tons of different ways to promote your content amongst which social media promotion is one of the biggest and most authentic ways to get an instant boost to your blog.  you don’t have to invest a lot until and unless you do the paid promotion,  simply just go through the Facebook pages and follow them accordingly.

Also, you’re free to acquire the contacts of several bloggers related to your industry for the shoutout. This is one of the most unique ways to promote your content along with that you build great contact with the blogger. Also, you’re free to go through the post where we’ve explained in detail how to promote your blog content for getting enough traffic and sales. So check it out subsequently.

8. You’re Following All Of The Niches

So this is something which you need to avoid initially if you or not having enough traffic.  what most people do is they used to create the content on random topics which makes no sense because there are tons of different bloggers on the search engines that are serving the authentic data and creating the best possible brand which makes their blog grow in a tedious manner.

Although genuine content is an important thing along with that you should follow your brand and the niche which allows you to stay on track. Once you follow the path it’ll be way efficient for you to grow your brand in a subsequent manner. 

A decade back  the situation was very different compared to now just because there was not enough data available on the search engine to the bloggers used to follow several topics at one place itself. but it’s 2020 and the game has totally changed just because there are more than a million active bloggers globally who are serving authentic and useful information through their blog.

So if you’re supposed to make your blog stands out, it’s way benjgival for you to follow one simple core niche, the chances of getting more results increase. Later onwards you’re free to maximize the blog topics just by sharing the random ones. But before that test, it out whether your visitors like to read those content or not.

9. You’re Doing All Stuff Altogether

Confusion is one of the biggest enemies that you could ever go through,  so if you are the one who is getting stabbed into the situation of not getting enough traffic tour attention towards the blog which way beneficial for you to focus on one thing rather than getting yourself Confused by involving in the multiple kinds of stuff.

I have noticed that most people go through several monetization processes just for the sake of making money which getting confused and the result they get is zero.  having multiple streams of income is the best possible way that you could start generating enough money but it is only applicable if you are earning a lot through one screen so that you could focus on the second one. 

Having a passive source of income is necessary that will help you a lot to go through the earning facilities but initially, I’ll recommend you follow the one specific path consistently, and once you are to set up your business you can ho through the other one. 

Let’s say if you’re writing website content on your own, writing the guest’s posts, managing the website by own, creating the courses for the visitors, creating the YouTube videos, etc. You’ll surely get confused a lot just because you are not able to focus on one place.  so if you are supposed to get most of it it’s always beneficial for you to get focus on one simple thing first and later on you’re free to spread it accordingly.

10. You’re Inactive On Social Media

In today’s world, social media is a complete game-changer just because it has a huge capacity that will boost your business and block in a subsequent manner.  so if you are the one who is not getting enough traffic or attention you probably not active on social media.

We all know that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the four major platforms that play a lead role if you are supposed to build your own identity and set up your own brand in the online medium. Additionally, I’ve been a huge fan of social media just because it has a huge capacity that’ll boost up your business. 

Along with that if you’re the one who wants the instant boost in terms of traffic and sales you’re free to stay in touch with the audience. The sales will get increases if you’re consistently providing an update to your audience via several polls and stories. 

You can start with one and later on, you can spread it by staying active on several social media platforms. 

Final Verdict

Most people might think that creating a blog is enough for making money online but let me convey to you that if you are looking for a long-term game it is prominent for you to follow the strategy.  In this post, I have explained why you are not making enough money through the blog so that you can get it sorted just within a while.

Regardless I have also shared some of the information that how you can sort it out for better results.  so if you are the one who is suffering through a similar issue make sure to check them out subsequently for maintaining the flow of your website. 

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