15 Real Ways To Make Money From Home

Who doesn’t like an extra income? Undoubtedly each one of you likes. 

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the working professionals want to escape from the 9-5 job accessibility. So if you are the one who belongs to the same category this post might help you a lot just to make money online sitting at your couch itself.

Even if you are a student and looking to earn some of the extra income by the side hustle the online money making strategies will be more beneficial for you that serve you an opportunity to maximize your earning source. If that interests you stick with the post till the end just because I’ll be sharing the top 15 ways that’ll help you to make money online from your home itself. 


Why You Should Go With The Online Money Making?


Well, most of the people might think of this question about why it is essential for you to choose the online money making attributes, the answer is super simple. 

It’s 2020, and we all know that the remote work is being trended all the way across, and that’s the reason why you should choose those ways. Along with that most of the businesses are heading off to the online medium just to make out more sales of their products and services, the social media is tremendously increasing and over a billion people remains active 24/7 on social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. 

The influencers rate has increased by 60% over the last couple of years, just due to growth in the internet facilities. So if you are the one who is about to start up their own business or willing to become a part of the online family, it’s way essential for you to start from the small and make it big. 

It does not require travelling expenses and specific time as you’re the boss of your own organization so you can work according to your schedule. All you need to capture is the skills which are way simple in 2020. 

If that clarifies you let’s begin with the ways that will help you to generate some sort of revenue just by working smartly for just a couple of hours (depending upon the work). 

How To Make Money From Home?

If you search on the internet, you’ll come across different money making ways and strategies, but in the end, your efforts mean a lot. To start an online business or to make an online income by side hustle it’s way important for you to know is that suits your passion and hobby or not. 

If you’re not having any interest or doing the work for the granted you’ll end up by losing it. So be sure about that and find what feels comfortable to you just because the opportunities are endless. 

Bullet you know shortlisted the top 15+ ways using which you can make money online sitting at your home itself, the good thing is even if you are beginning from scratch it will be beneficial for you to Grab them accordingly.

So let’s begin with the list is ways:

1. Blogging


I came across different entities and to so to be the best and legitimate way to make money online if you are about to completely rely upon it in the long term. Most of the people might think the blogging to be the boredom task just to share the stories and the information, but it’s way more than that if you stay for a long time doing so. 

I am sure that you will end up earning and learning but the thing is if you stabilize yourself by selecting the profitable niche it’ll be convenient for you to generate the recurring revenue. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have fluency in your language, overtime time you’ll get to know about that. 

Initially, you will just require a domain name along with the right hosting, and that’s it. You can design the website by watching some tutorials on YouTube that will guide you in that way. Why you create your website, all you need to do is post regular update by serving the quality articles. You can go through the competitor’s website so that to analyse how they are doing and implement those strategies in your work.

Once you serve a set of quality articles you can monetize your blog using the following terminologies:-

2. Virtual Skills Selling

So here comes the second way to make money online, i.e. virtual tutoring, which is considered to be an efficient way if you follow the path substantially. You might have been heard about online courses which are being sold out in huge amount from the last couple of due to high demand in the virtual learning. If you’ve some sort of expertise in any of the subjects you’re free to monetize it by serving the live knowledge to your students. 

To start with this, all you need to do is structure yourself and select the specific subject at which you have some sort of interest. Once you do so you can register yourself in the online tutoring websites and market yourself by creating the portfolio in an authentic manner. The more you serve the more clients will reach up to you. 

VIPKid, Education First & Chegg are the online mediums that help you to register yourself for free and start marketing yourself for the sake of clients and students. I have noticed that most of the virtual class Tuta used to charge up to $100/ hour, which is way more initially if you’re supposed to convert it into a full-time business. 

All you need to know is present at the real-time and start serving the class tutorials along with the problem-solving techniques. So if you create interest in the specific subject this could be the one that you should definitely opt for an instance. 

3. Freelancing


Over the years I came to know that freelancing is one of the authentic ways to make money online just by sitting at your home itself. All you need to do is select the legitimate platform like Upwork & Fiverr and start promoting your self by creating a valuable portfolio. 

The best thing is you can select the specific skills that you carry and create your portfolio in that way. To let you know I have short-listed few of the skills that are doing a pretty good job if you acquire them as a freelancer, so here are they:-

  • Content writing & copywriting 
  • Video editing
  • Graphics designing & logo designing
  • Photography
  • Website designing
  • Coding etc. 

If you are supposed to set up the freelancing as a primary business you can create a good profile on social media and promote yourself in that way. All you need to know is clients satisfaction is most important so that they will stick with you in long run and provides you with a good amount of project. 

I get to know that most of the freelancing writers used to charge up to $100/ article of around 2000 words, the potential is high in the freelancing world. So do check it out for the better commencement.

4. E-commerce business


If you are a manufacturer then E-commerce business could be the best option available out there to make money online. It doesn’t matter the evaluation of your product, but in the end, if you create the best possible customer base, it will be easier for you to market your product accordingly. 

All you need to do is create a successful website and market it accordingly so that more visitors will flow on your website to grab the products.

Amazon is considered to be one of the most efficient and legitimate E-commerce stores where you will get in touch with as many different products, and they used to generate revenue in millions on regular basis. The only reason is the right strategy they used to apply like they used to deliver the product 1 day before the promised date, which is kind of USP of it. 

So if you are about to maximize your brand value it’s essential for you to grab some sort of strategies that will help you to maximize your business. 

5. Surveys


Surveys us considered to be the great opportunity for those who are about to make money online instantly just because there are tons of web sites available in the market that used to serve the surveys that you need to do at the given amount of time. But make sure to avoid giving sensitive information to the company’s just because there are too many scams are happening which you need to be aware of. 

To give you a quick recap I have shortlisted few of the websites that allows you to do the surveys at a certain amount and surprisingly don’t have any amount withdraw requirement, you can do that anytime you need:-

  • Swagbucks.
  • ACOP.com
  • MySurvey.com
  • npdor.com
  • SurveySavvy.com
  • InboxDollars.com

So check them out.

6. Become A Virtual Assistant


The work of a virtual assistant is in high demand just because most of the tasks are being performed remotely. There are tons of different agencies that are about to hire the virtual assistant to get the job done just within a while. 

The word belongs to any category like project management, coding, accounting etc. If you require any of the skills related to the virtual assistant jobs you will get a huge opportunity from the client’s to work for their organization for the betterment of the services. 

Most of the professional vital assistant hard to charge around $75 to $200 per hour depending upon the task they perform. But I won’t recommend it you keep your piercing higher initially just because to reach out to more people you’ll have to keep the evaluation as low as you can. And once you start getting more attention, you can maximize the charges allowances accordingly. 

There are tons of websites available that allow you to begin your carrier as a virtual assistant. Few of them are virtualassistantjobs.com, teamdoubleclick.com etc. To register yourself to get started with. 

7. Data Entry


Most of the top companies don’t have time to do the data entry work, so if you are the one who belongs to the same category it is essential for you to do the data into work for them at substantially at a high instance. 

The SmartCrowd and ClickWorker are the couple of websites that serve you an opportunity to subscribe to the data entry jobs. There are a high amount of opportunists to get started with. So even if you don’t have any type of skills it is the best way to start with just because it does not require any kind of skills, as the normal computational skills are enough. 

8. Language Teaching


The languages like French, English, Spanish has huge demand in 2020, and that’s the reason why most of the professional tutors are heading off to the language teaching classes. This could be the best money-making opportunity for you if you have any of their expertise related to the language.

One of the biggest reason why you should grab the skills for making money online is you will learn by acquiring the money. So if you are the one who is about to fulfil the money-making strategy is right from scratch this probably the best option for you. 

Most of the language tutors use to charge over $500 per month. Is that found to be interesting you can create your own user base and set up your own profile by creating the business in the long term. Even you’re free to start an agency to teach people the basics of languages. 

9. YouTube 


Video content has a high demand just because one can consume the content at a meagre amount of time. Most of the people like to consume the data in an audiovisual format, and that’s the reason why most of the YouTubers are earning a decent amount of money by creating some sort of videos. 

It is super simple to start a YouTube channel as you don’t have to be expert at anything, even if you are beginning from describing it will be more convenient for you to create a great user base by serving the valuable content to your viewers. The basic skills like editing and shooting are more than enough to shoot.

By the time your subscribers will get increased, and you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel in all the way across like by using the Google AdSense. You will found as many categories of YouTube channel available out there, which are a time to serve their best.

Too many YouTubers found to be the quality content server of all time that you can go through for the better convenience to get started with. 

10. Domain Business

First Things First domain business is being trended nowadays just because most of the professional bloggers are heading off to the terminology of selling their own domains by purchasing it before. The working pattern of the domain business is very similar to the property deed just because it has huge demand and most of the domains are being served at a huge amount over $5000 depending upon the worth. 

All you need to do is just purchase a domain from Godaddy where you will find as many different types of the domain belonging to the several integrations, after a year or a couple of you can sell it out at a good amount. 

11. Dropshipping

Dropshipping should be included in the list of money making online just because most of the people all across the globe are using the Dropshipping business as their primary source of income. This is the best opportunity for those who don’t manufacture the products by themselves. 

All you need to do is drag the manufacturer and collab with them and promote their products are substantially by creating an e-commerce Store. Most of the digital marketers are amazed by the working pattern of dropshipping just because it is easier to promote the products using social media.

You don’t have to worry about the delivery of the product, everything is done by the dropshipping company like Shopify. Shopify is #1 dropshipping attributes which is being widely used on across the globe to create a successful business.

It only takes 45 minutes to set up your online dropshipping business, of definitely check it out for the better convenience. 

12. App Development


Most Professional Coders and digital marketers use to create the application for their clients just for the sake of marketing purpose. Even if you don’t have a single knowledge about coding, you can hire freelancers from Fiverr or Upwork at a very few amount. And they will design a good application for you.

Once you create an application, you can serve the services or products using that application and even monitor is it by running ads. The app development is one of the authentic ways to make money online where you don’t have to invest a lot amount of money. 

There are tons of online courses available that used to serve the knowledge regarding the coding of python, java etc. So definitely check them out to develop an application. 

13. Photos Selling


Here is a great opportunity for photographers to substantially capture more effective pictures and has some sort of photography skills. You might have been noticed that memories are the most valuable thing that most of the people likes to carry with them, and photographs are the best thing to capture to keep the memories stored. 

The good thing is there is no requirement of high-end DSLR or mirrorless cameras; instead, you can even start with the entry-level camera or phone itself. There are tons of platforms available that allow you to sell out as many pictures. 

Adobe Stock and Shutterstock are the couples of platforms that allow you to sell out as many pictures depending upon your expertise. You can leverage your business of photography by enhancing the quality of pictures and by photo editing skills that will impact a lot. Even though you can provide the photography services as well to the clients. You can earn a decent amount of money through that. 

14. Create And Sell Digital Products

You might have noticed that most of the digital products are doing well just because they are widely used all across the globe by most of the productivity enthusiast and digital marketers out. So if you arbit conscious about your business is essential for you to sell out the digital products like planners, templates, hosting, URL shortener etc. 

You can set up your own adventure by serving the best possible products, you might have been heard about Adobe that used to set the digital products like various video editing app photo editing software that belongs to the designing. 

Additionally, you can design the products in such a way that you can divide the whole services in various plans but make sure to include free plan too to improve the engagement of your services. Even it’s been noticed that most of the digital marketers are earning a decent amount of money by serving Digital products. 

15. Become An SEO Expert


Due to huge demand of bloggers and digital marketers, most of the people are hiring SEO experts to rank their website on the top of a search engine, and that’s the reason why they have a huge amount of demand. So if you are about to fulfil your need by serving the best possible SEO services to the client’s it would be a great option for you to make money online.

But initially, you will have to acquire the skills of Keyword Research, on-page SEO and off-page SEO too.  by having some of the basic information related to you can set up your own business my serving various services to your clients related to the SEO terminology. 

 You can even leverage your business by setting up your own website where you will serve as many services by creating a decent amount of team that will help you in the journey. Most of the digital marketers are heading off to the SEO experts, and due to high demand, most of the SEO experts are charging more than a $500  just for a single post SEO. So check it out for the better commencement.

Final Verdict

Due to COVID-19 situation, most of the people are heading off to the online money making strategies. But moreover, you will come across various different ways that allow you to make money online,  I would recommend you to acquire them all at initial stage instead you can focus on the one and make it big.

As a service to the list of top 15 best ways to make money online right from your country itself, if you have some sort of interest in any of the stream make sure to opt it accordingly and set up the business so that to gain more profit out of it. 

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