How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast & Easy In 2021

Are you a blogger or a digital marketer?

Then you might be suffering from not getting an AdSense approval or getting it too late. Well, there are tons of strategies available on the internet claiming to provide AdSense approval quickly. But very few of them have their promises.

Let me be aware that it’s 2021 and AdSense is updating its algorithms, so you’ll need to go through that. This is a complete guide that is all about setting up an all-new AdSense account for your all-new blog, YouTube channel, or WordPress.

But before that let me introduce you to Google AdSense.

What Is Google AdSense?

How To Get Google AdSense Approval Fast & Easy In 2021 1

Google AdSense is one of the best advertising platforms which allows you to make money online just with the help of ads. It’s kind of a genuine way to make money, although there might be more platforms out there AdSense owns the marketplace.

To make money out of Google AdSense you need to create a blog or a YouTube channel so that Google will place the ads out there and when the audience clicks on that you make money out of it. The more clicks will be, the revenue generated will be more. This is a kind of best and legit way to make money online.

But let me convey to you that getting an AdSense approval is not an easy task, you need to go through several processes and that’s the reason for creating this complete guide for the fresher out there. Here’s the twist that most of the people don’t get approval from AdSense instantly, sometimes they even lost the account due to uncertain activities that need to be controlled.

And that’s what we’re going to cover in this detailed article so that you won’t get affected by such things also we’ll let you know the points which you need to know before applying for an AdSense approval in 2021. So stick with this post.

What’s The Criteria To Apply For Google AdSense In 2021?

Let me convey you AdSense policies are very strict as you cannot cheat them. To maintain the sustainability with the Google AdSense make sure to follow the things mentioned below:-

  1.  While creating a website make sure to follow some of the basic structures of it. Create some of the mandatory pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, etc. so that visitors will be able to reach up to you if they want.
  2. For AdSense approval, you’ll need a platform based upon websites and videos, where you can create your own content of high quality. Writing high-quality content is a kind of useful task which you need to do, and also don’t copy from others which means plagiarized content.
  3. For AdSense approval, you need to be 18+ which is essential. AdSense will ask you for the age, address and other personal info so make sure to apply only if you’re 18+. And if you’re that then you can always use your parent’s details while AdSense approval. Once it gets approved the payment can be received on the behalf of your parents.
  4. Let me convey to you that the rules are different for the website and YouTube channel which we’re going to discuss.

Step-By-Step Guide To Apply For An Google AdSense Program

It’s not a big deal to apply for a Google AdSense, just follow a few steps and it’s done. One can easily apply for the AdSense. But before applying make sure that your website must match the policy of an AdSense and if not then you might not get approval more frequently.

Step 1

Get started, by clicking on the signup button you’ll get a sign in. You can do the process from the phone as well as from the laptop.

Step 2

Make sure to fill all the required details like website name & email address (add the same email from which you’re using other Google services). You can select whether you want to get customized help & suggestions (manually select it). I recommend you to select ‘yes’ so that you’ll always receive all the updates from Google. Click on save & continue.

Step 3

After that, you’ll be asked for signing in to a Google account so that you’ll get regular updates.

Step 4

Make sure to select the region/ territory then after click on accept of T&C.

Step 5

And it’s done, just click on a create account, after submission of details you’ll receive a confirmation mail which you’ll need to check out. While confirmation makes sure to submit proper payment Details. Don’t provide any random details because you’re going to receive payment thought that, so bank details are a must.

Step 6

After the process gets done you’re allowed to place the add on your website, but Google will not showcase an ad on your website unless your request for AdSense gets approved. If you regularly follow their guidelines without any Issues, surely your request will get approved.

Step 7

Once you get a private from an AdSense your website will automatically fetch the ads by itself. If the traffic of your website consistently increases then you can easily make $10 for the very first time through AdSense. Once the payment has been made the AdSense will send you a pin at your postal address which you’ve provided earlier. Just confirm the pin to receive more revenue. After that, you’ll have to wait to make it $100 so that you can easily transfer it directly to your bank account.

Step 8

Once you have done with the pin confirmation the process is done. Now you just need to have patience, as the process may take some time. Make sure to do hard work in order to get maximum output. Your earning will get increased as soon as you’ll follow the methods. Also, use highly searched keywords while writing blog posts.

How Will You Get AdSense Approval With Blogspot Blog?

If you’re about to start your website using then you should go with the above steps which are more than enough for an AdSense approval. But before applying for AdSense make sure to link the custom domain to your blog.

If you don’t, then you might not be able to generate a decent amount of money, even the chances of AdSense approval decreases. So it’s always better to buy a custom domain from any of the providers. It’s an easy task.

How Will You Get AdSense Approval On YouTube Channel?

If you own the YouTube channel the process is pretty different as compared to the blog. You’ll need to understand the YouTube partner program to know about their policy.

Here’s a  certain criterion if for getting your AdSense approval for YouTube channel:-

  • Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • You must live in a country where AdSense partners are available.
  • You must have a linked AdSense account.
  • Watch time must be of at least 4000 hours within 12 months.

Once you achieve the above goal it’ll be easier for you to get Google AdSense approval as quickly as possible.

Now let’s jump directly to the tips and tricks for getting an AdSense approval faster.

How To Get AdSense Approval Faster?

Above I quickly introduced AdSense and its use, now onwards I’m going to provide you A full guide to get AdSense approval as quickly as possible. To get no rejection you’ll need to follow a few steps which are necessary for you to know. I’ve noticed most of the newbies are rejected during AdSense as they make certain mistakes which you should not do.

Follow the rules and you’ll make more out of it.

1. Quality Of Content Must Be Good

You might have heard that ‘Content Is The King’ which is a true statement of all time. Your main focus should be ok with your content, once you get that the things will surely go inflow as per your choice. I’ve noticed that most of the people used to copy the content from other platforms which are not a legit way  AdSense is smart and it’s algorithm works in such a way that it’ll directly get trapped.

If your content is copied or short AdSense sill directly rejects it. You need to know that Google signifies your website and examines whether the content is useful for the audience or not, if not then you’ll not get an AdSense approval for sure. So make sure to be aware of it.

2. Don’t Write On The Following Niches

This might sound you somehow crazy but you need to know that your niche is one of the most important factors which is essential for your AdSense approval. I’ve shortlisted a few of the niches which you should avoid in order to get an AdSense approval:-

  • Guns & Weapons Info.
  • Info about drugs or pharmacies.
  • Adult content (Pornography/ Sexual Content)
  • Poker And Gambling stuff.
  • Hacking or promoting it.
  • Other illegal stuff.

3. Speed Of Website Must Be Maintained

Who else doesn’t like to surf on a faster website? Think from the visitor’s state of mind, well everyone likes. Similarly, AdSense examines your website speed as well which you need to know. Providing a good user experience must be your main motto.

If you’re placing an ad on your website then obviously your website will carry the load which can be sorted out by making it faster as possible. Most of the time it happens that users get detached from the website because of slow and bad user experience.

Follow the steps mentioned below to maintain the speed of the website:

  • Make sure to install a faster and lighter theme as possible, also make sure that you should design the website on call to action elements. GeneratePress is one of the best themes available out there.
  • Choose the best hosting plan to maintain the speed of your website. Invest in a good possible plan so that your website will be able to take over a load of ads placed on the site.
  • Follow the speed optimization tips which are provided by the hosting provider to maintain the website.

4. Make Sure To Attach Important Pages To Your Blog

This is a kind of essential pattern which most of the beginners forget to do. Attaching an important page to your blog is necessary to maintain professionalism. The readers will get in touch with you using such pages. I’ve shortlisted the pages which are essential to creating if you own a new website.

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Privacy Policy
  • Add more if needed

5. Make Sure To Own A Old Domain

While Applying for a Google AdSense don’t just go with the new domain name. What I mean to say is if you’re just a beginner, then hang on for some time and make good content for your possible make it professional. Once you get that you can send an approval request to Google AdSense.

The reason behind this is that content must be readable by the visitors so that AdSense will get to know that your website is all-rounder in providing value to the audience. Also, make sure that your website must be advertised friendly if not then you won’t get approval from it.

6. Use The Language Which Supports Google AdSense

The universe consists of various languages all around. Google ads also include various languages in which you can write the post. If you want Google AdSense approval quickly then you should write articles in the language which Google AdSense supports.

Let me tell you that Google AdSense also supports major languages too like Hindi which is a good thing about it. You can even write the content in any of the languages.

7. Approval Time Of Google AdSense

Well, there’s no fixed time for AdSense approval. For some, it takes just 24-48 hours and some it takes more than a week. You can minimize the time of AdSense approval by adjusting your website in a proper manner.

We’ve already covered up the thing which you need to know in the above parts. Just get done with that and you’ll get to know about your AdSense approval. If you follow the policy of AdSense properly then it won’t take much time to get approved.

So these were the ways which you need to follow for an AdSense approval in 2021. Now let me take you to the FAQ section which is essential to know.

FAQs About Google AdSense Approval

1. How will I get AdSense approval in 2021?

In the whole posts, we’ve covered up so many aspects that you can use to approve your AdSense account. Make sure to write quality content that matters the most.

2. How can I apply for Google AdSense?

To get approval I must say wait for about 6 months and within that period make sure to write as much as the article you can, and write the required pages like about us and contact us.

3. How long does it take to approve the AdSense account?

If you’re the initial submitting for an AdSense approval it takes about 24-48 hours which is a quite shorter time. But this makes sense only if you follow the policy of the AdSense and also make sure that your website must consist of a significant amount of content that looks professional.

4. Why is AdSense get disapproved?

Well, we’ve already discussed the mistakes too which most of the people make while applying for an AdSense approval. You should follow the policy along with some facts which we’ve discussed earlier in the post. Also, make sure that your website should consist of the best possible content.

5. What is the best time to apply for AdSense?

Although there’s no best time, but my suggestion would be just wait for at least 6 months from the very beginning. And With that time span make sure to write at least 20+ high-quality articles (readable + SEO optimized) and then after submitting it. Surely the chances of AdSense approval get increased.

6. How many times can one apply for an AdSense?

There are no limitations but I would suggest you go with all the policies provided by AdSense which will give you an idea while submitting an AdSense. Try to figure out the best possible way to get instant approval.


So here in this post, we’ve discussed a lot about AdSense and it’s usefulness. Although AdSense is one of the leading platforms which helps you to make money online, it’s way easier if you go with the process which we’ve discussed in this post. If you want instant approval just follow the above steps and you’ll be blessed to get approval quickly.

I see most of the beginners out there who make similar kinds of mistakes that need to be avoided as it impacts negatively on your AdSense profile. Even if you get an AdSense approval what you’re going to do because the work begins from there only because the earnings depend upon the traffic. The more the traffic will be the earnings will be more, and for so you need to create the best possible content as you can. Once you begin doing that stay consistent at your work because consistency is the key to achieve the goal.

Begin with the best possible content and try to figure out what innovations you can add on your website to make it perfect in terms of every aspect. Once you get that it’ll be far easy for you to generate more traffic. Also, refer to our other articles which will help you to get maximum organic traffic as well.

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