Top 8 Websites For Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners In 2021

Freelancing is one of the great options in order to make money online. It helps you to come in contact with clients who need to get work done within a certain duration of time. Freelancing is the proven idea which can be used by anyone who knows any of skills like writing, video editing, SEO, etc. You can choose your category

We’re here to talk about writing blog posts and articles for your client. Everyone wants to get started as a freelancer but not all of them are able to become successful in it, it’s just because they invite certain mistakes on their way which cause failure.

If you avoid the mistakes which are basically done by beginner then you can be a successful freelancer for sure. But make sure that consistency is the key to get succeed in the freelancing carrier because it shows how you are ambitious about the freelancing. Many of the people won’t survive during this condition because they assume to get immediate results.

No doubt many of the people have actually done much big through freelancing and you can also do it. Be consistent and ambitious with what you do. The people who get results much faster, they do things differently. They spend more than 10 hours a day to get actual results.

In the era of the internet, it’s become easy to enroll yourself into the online platforms which will help you to achieve the goal. But the most important thing is that you should choose 1-2 platforms only so as to remain focused on that. Many of the people choose dozens and then they just mix them all and didn’t get a result from a single platform. Freelancing is the best platform but you should be stable and consistent.

Now without further ado let’s move on to the best top 8 websites which used to provide the writing jobs.

Top 8 Freelance Websites Providing Writing Jobs In 2021



Let me tell you that choosing the right freelance website is the most important task to remain stable. Because many of the websites are there which used to take a job from you but didn’t pay you a single buck or I can say they cheat you. That’s the reason why most of the people don’t want to take the job online. 

Now, when it comes store upwork it’s one of the topmost freelance website providing a writing work and get you paid immediately. Apart from this, you can also get jobs like graphic design, social media marketing, SEO, video editing, etc. So you can choose your platform according to your skills. Upwork is the platform which is used by more than a million people worldwide, which shows the strength of it.

But in the beginning, you’ll need to bid more and more so as to get results frequently. It may take time but once you start bidding surely you’ll get an order, you just need to be focused and consistent.



Fiverr is another great platform for freelancers so as to get involved in it. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that improves its presence in the freelancing marketplace. When it comes to its use it is pretty easier than the upwork that why it is very popular.

Her instead of bidding all the time you need to create a gig which shows your skills and experience too. Everything here you can start with just $5 due to which your client gets more attracted and chances to get results fast increases. 

If you want you can get started with fiver by visiting where you’ll get complete information related to it. In fact, it also provides you some tools and guidance so that you can manage your profile in a good manner. The commission taken by Fiverr on each order is very less i.e. just 20% of what you earn. You can easily enroll your name. It not only allows you to provide writing jobs but also the jobs like graphic design, video editing and so on. According to your skills, you can choose the one. 

I must recommend Fiverr to be the best platform for the freelancers. 



Guru is the other top best websites providing which allow you to sell your services. Many companies and customers are there who wants to get their work done so they used to visit the websites like a guru. The reason why I have put guru on the list is that it is very popular globally that’s why it consists of more than a million users worldwide.

Here also you need. To create a profile on the basis of seller and buyer purpose. You can select the services you want to sell like articles writing, graphic designing, video editing, translation, etc. You’ll get many services here so that one can choose one of them according to their skills.

You need to bid here for the very job. You’re allowed to bid 10 times a month and if you want more then you can buy more bids by paying certain costs depending Upon how much bids you purchase. But I must suggest you go for the free one at the beginning. Later on, when you’ll start earning a decent amount of money you can go for the paid. 

Its user interface is as simple as anyone can handle it easily.

People Per Hour


People Per Hour is another great website to sell your writing services. You can get more jobs here because of its popularity globally. It’s the oldest and highly used platform providing a huge amount of jobs. If you want to begin with people per hour then you’ll need to submit your profile along with the portfolio where you need to attach the certification of your skills. 

People Per Hour is famous globally and has more than 1.5 million users worldwide. You can select the costing of your services accordingly. Apart from the writing jobs, you can also provide services like video editing, graphic designing, SEO, Photoshop, etc. according to your skills. 

The payment is done immediately and securely so you don’t need to worry about it. To remain stable you need to bid consistently at the very beginning. Surely you’ll get results once you get started with it. Its user interface is very aggressive so that anyone can easily handle it. If you’re a beginner then I can suggest you go for it and start bidding. It consists of more clients who used to try on the freshers so here the chances of getting order gets much.



Many of the readers haven’t heard this name just because of its uniqueness. The best part about Project4Hire is that it never gets advertised, because of the huge amount of sellers available. Project4Hire is an old player in the field of freelancing services.

You’ll be able to provide service by charging creating amount. It also allows you to withdraw your earnings securely through various payment methods like PayPal. If you’re searching for a most secure freelance website which would provide you a great service then Project4Hire is just made for you. You can be a part of it by just signing up, it will take less than 5 min to complete your profile.

Apart from writing jobs like article writing, blog posts, data entry you can also provide jobs like web designing, graphic designing, SEO, virtual assistants, translators, etc. It depends on your skills that you want to provide. The best part about Project4Hire is that you didn’t even have to pay a single buck. 

Problogger Job


Problogger Job is the trending pattern to get paid for every article. It provides you a great value as you need to give services. If you’re looking for the most reliable website which will give you a genuine client then you can sign-up to Problogger Job.

If you’re a beginner in blogging and not have any idea of writing a post on your website then here you have a great opportunity. Those bloggers can hire the freelancers to get their work done at a certain amount. If you’re just beginner in freelancing then I can that Problogger can help you a lot. 

When it comes to commission then it feels good by not paying a single buck to the company. Isn’t a great, you just need. To be consistent and work genuinely. 



It’s an old and genuine website where you can get access to your job by completing your profile. Freelancer is the one and only one website that provides you various types of jobs like web designing, graphics designing, post writing, video editing, etc.

If you want to get started with a freelancer than you can also download its application which is easily available on play store as well as on the App Store. To get your first job you’ll need to bid for a long time. They usually provide your 10-20 bids after that you can purchase some extra bids too for getting more orders. 

When it comes to storing the commission, the freelancer doesn’t even take a single buck from you. A what makes you wait to get started with a freelancer and start making money on every post.



LinkedIn is the social media platforms which allow you to come in contact with many successful entrepreneurs and business owners who want a better decent quality of content. There are various different needs.

LinkedIn is a professional social site sue to which you can start a conversation with anyone professionally. Once you are done with your profile you’ll need to specify your services. Be active so that LinkedIn users will come to know more about you. Here you can sell any of the services related to your skills. 

Anyway, LinkedIn is a free platform but if you can also, upgrade it to the premium version so as to get more features. But in the beginning, I must suggest you go for the free one. 


As we’ve seen the top 10 best websites that can be used to make money online (freelancing websites), you can get started with any of them. You can choose the websites from above, you don’t have to worry about payment mode because all the mentioned above websites are user-friendly. At the very beginning, you might face difficulty in getting your first job but as you’ll consistent you’ll become well familiar with it.

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