Which Is The Best Blogging Platform: The Definite Guide (2021)

To convert your thinking into the word you need to write. And to write you need a blogging platform that will keep all of your content safe and also share it with the audience. Blogging is one of the legit ways of converting your ideas into words. Blogging plays a vital role in order to share any content with your audiences.

Choosing the right blogging platform is an important task so as to make it successful for a long time. Hundreds of blogging platforms are available on the internet including free one and paid which allows you to share your ideas, but the truth is very few of them are genuine and provides a good experience. Although paid one is a good choice because of several plugins available 

If you’re looking for the best blogging platform then stick to this post until the end. Here I am going to tell you the best and genuine blogging platforms gives you value for the money you pay. 

But before we get started you need to know some of the basic information related to blogging. Choosing the right domain and hosting an Important task before you choose any platform. You can choose a domain name that suits you’re a blog from various sites like Godaddy

There are various free blogging platforms that are also available but they won’t allow you to use the high-end services and plugins. They have certain limitations due to which the earnings are quite less than the expectations. Apart from this, you’ll also not be able to drive significant traffic through the site. Many people choose the wrong platform and later on the only thing remains is to regret, and that’s why we’re going to help you out.

Choosing Right Blogging Platform

At the very first you need to know about blogging platforms and their features. The platforms which we’re going to discuss are easy to set up, no coding skills are required, and the best part is they are easy to learn. From the research, we’ve taken out some of the important factors to be known while choosing a blogging platform.

  • Features:- Many of the inbuilt features, you get in the blogging platforms but the most important thing is to use 3rd party plugins which maximizes the quality and integrity of your blog. Without this feature, your blog will be stuck and never gets a decent amount of traffic.
  • Design:- Design makes your blog look good, selecting the right design is very necessary in order to showcase your website. Every blog has a unique niche depending on the niche one should select a proper design. Customization can also be done for a better user experience.
  • Help & Support:- Whenever you get confused the support community of the blogging platforms helps you out. You need to find out the right blogging platforms so as to get the answer to every question you have. This is one of the most important features for beginners.
  • Blogging Using Mobile:- Nowadays technology has crossed the limits, it has made our work easier. Many of the users are there who used to travel a lot and during traveling, blogging can be done using the smartphone. Many of these platforms are blogging available which allows you to write posts, customize the website, etc. If you want you can also do some of the activities like replying comment.

What Are the Wrong Blogging Platform?

The blogging platforms which limits all of the growth of your blog at a certain instant is called a wrong blogging platform. There are various different wrong blogging platforms available in the online market but you need to focus on the right one. 

Apart from this while choosing a platform make sure that the platform is up-to-date or not because updated own performs better compared to the older one. Year by year trend changes and due to this the upgrade is necessary.

When it comes to the beginning of blogging many of the blogging platforms were not mobile friendly and due to this mobile users were not able to fetch the data. It was the most wanted feature because every time no one carries high-end equipment like laptops and computers. Mobile always remains in one’s pocket. So many platforms updated that thing and now you can easily fetch all of the information on your phone.

Here we’ve taken out topmost blogging platforms that are easily available for any user. They provide you a great feature, they are trusted and more importantly, they are user-friendly.

Top 5 Best Blogging Platform 

#1 WordPress.org 


WordPress.org is the self-hosted blogging platform. You may have been heard about it, it’s just because of its user base and popularity. When you’ll get in touch with WordPress.org you’ll get to know that there are two versions available i.e.

  • WordPress.org
  • WordPress.com

WordPress.org has a huge amount of user base and carries lots of features that are necessary for the users. It allows you to control the whole website and to rule it as you want. WordPress.org is an open-source software stay you updated every month by adding some of the cool features.

If you want you can also access your website using your smartphone as their mobile application is also available which allows you to write posts, reply comments and many more. The most important feature I like about WordPress.org is that it is easy to use, any beginner can also get started with it without any issue. 

If you want to get started with an initial step then just buy hosting from Bluehost and a domain name as per the niche, Bluehost will automatically install the hosting on your blog after that, you can begin with your blogging process. WordPress services are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux too which makes it more convenient.

This is the most reliable paid platform for those who wanted to generate certain revenue through niche blogging.

Design:- When it comes to design it provides you a huge amount of templates even you can also customize the template depending on your need. There are a lot more features than the template like color selection and font selection too which personalized your brand.

Pros:- Most powerful blogging platform with around 50,000 plugins along with the newsletter. Customization is very easy. You’ll be able to do customize it with coding.

Cons:- Due to coding, it is not used to with the beginner bloggers. All the hosting, domain services should be managed by yourself.

#2 WordPress.com


As I’ve already told you the WordPress provides you two different platforms this is WordPress.com. If you’re a beginner and don’t want to get involved in such a complicated Blogging Platform like WordPress.org then WordPress.com would be the best option for you. I recommend you to create a blog on WordPress.com this does not take a single penny from you, it’s totally free. The only thing you need to buy is hosting and domain that’s it.

WordPress.com provides you a complete guide where you’ll learn how to write an effective post, how to moderate comments etc. WordPress.com is also very useful when you didn’t know about your domain name. Make sure while choosing a domain name to invest some time and then select because selecting a name that suits your blog’s niche is very important.

Well these are the most common mistakes most of the bloggers do but it won’t harm your blog and even didn’t charge you money, so you can resolve all those mistakes. Apart from this, there are some of the paid features available, if you want you can buy those in order to make your website perfect and user-friendly. Many of the plugins. Are also available so as to make your blog user-friendly.

Design:- You’ll be able to customize your site in order to give it a good look. Lost dog templates are available or even you can customize it as per the requirement.

Pros:- It is one of the most powerful blogging platforms that provide you a social bookmarking and RSS feed. It is very user-friendly and gives you more features compared to Wix.

Cons:- It requires coding knowledge which makes it difficult to use. You cannot customize it well compared to WordPress.org. It has some sort of limitations.

#3 BlogSpot (A Google Platform) 


Let me tell you my story, at the very beginning I used to use BlogSpot(Blogger) which is a free and most reliable platform. It is a helpful platform for those who just begin with blogging. BlogSpot is a Google platform providing better features.

Google trend chart shows how the BlogSpot has Improved in the last 5 years. Apart from this BlogSpot also provides you a mobile application which allows you to do blogging process like article writing, comments reply, etc. The one thing which makes you feel better is you can easily monetize your blog using Google AdSense even though it’s a free platform.

I would highly recommend BlogSpot to those who have just begin with the blogging because here you can easily manage your blogs. It’s a free and reliable platform than ever, its interface is quite supportive.

Design:- When it comes to looks of your website, BlogSpot allows you to use templates that are inbuilt and also you can use custom templates too. You’ll also be able to customize your blog in order to give your audience a better user experience.

Pros:- Interface is very easy. One can easily manage a blog even if not having decent knowledge about coding. It’s a free blogging platform.

Cons:- you get limited customizable features. It doesn’t allow you to act as a complete owner.

#4 Wix


Wix is another most reliable blogging platform where you can get access to your blog in just a single click. Its interface looks quite supportive compared to the blogging as it’s is a site builder platform. Over 109 million users are using Wix as a blogging platform because of its unique and easy features.

You need to buy a paid version of $11/ month so as to get access to the hosting and domain. But you need to buy a domain and hosting to use it in Wix. You can easily install it just by a single click.

As I’ve researched a lot and come to know that the more professional your blog looks the more audiences will attract towards your blog. And for this Wix is one of the best platforms.

Design:- When it comes to looks wix performs damn well good. It has inbuilt templates which are really good looking, but if you want to use custom templates you can go with them by selecting it. Apart from this, you can also customize your blog so it will look good and more professional.

Pros:- It’s a great platform for long term use. If you’re a beginner then also you can handle it because of easy controls.

Cons:- It consists of is less blogging features compared to WordPress. The storage you get is very minimum.

#5 Weebly


Weebly us quite similar to the WordPress.org because it also consists of a drag and drop process to build a website. Its user interface is very responsive so you’ll not get any complain while understanding. You can get start with Weebly even if you’re a beginner.

You can start blogging with it just by a free plan, but it consists of limited features that will not help you to generate the maximum amount of bucks. You’ll need to buy paid plans which have a maximum pricing of $35/ month. If you’re not having technical knowledge though you can manage your blog easily.

Design:- It consists of some of the inbuilt templates, but if you want to use custom templates then you can use it too for giving a Better look to the blog. 

Pros:- it consists of great features that minimize your work. It’s a beginner-friendly platform. 

Cons:- It consists of fewer customization features. It is not as reliable as WordPress.org. 


Here we’ve covered all the best blogging platforms which you can use as per your choice. Apart from this there are several other platforms are also available but literally, they’re not perfect and don’t provide a value. I’ve used all of the above platforms that’s why I am presenting it in front of you. These are the most reliable platform. I suggest you buy a domain and hosting before getting started. So why to wait, get started with blogging and earn revenues.

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