5 Most Profitable Niche To Start Blogging

Blogging is one of the best and most reliable platforms where, one could share their skills, knowledge, and services with the help of the articles. From the last 4-5 years, blogging has become more popular. The advantage of blogging is that one can even start their online businesses like e-commerce website for free.

If you’re the one who has just entered into blogging and wanted to start own blog then you can get in-depth details in this article. In blogging niche plays a very important role, in fact, it is a 1st thing which is needed to start a blog. Niche is basically a base of your website/blog, therefore it should be chosen according to the skills or knowledge you carry with you. 

Before we move further let me tell you more detailed information about blogging and the importance of niche in blog/website.

What Is Niche?

what is niche

Niche is basically a core topic of your blog which shows the specific detailed and brief information of your blog. There are several niches available like technology, travel, electronics, etc. Let’s take an example of ‘technology’ which is one of the most popular niches. When you choose technology as your blog niche then you’ll need to write articles related to technology, like the latest smartphones, laptops, new launches, etc.

It shows the specific way of conveying your knowledge. Make sure while writing any of the articles you’ll need to do research.

How To Choose The Most Profitable Niche?

While choosing a niche for your blog you’ll need to know about its advantage and the profitability, because every blogger used to share their knowledge to generate a few amounts of revenue. It’s not about money but money acts as a motivation. The more revenues are generated, the more quality content audience will get. 

But to generate revenue you need to choose the niches which are popular and will help you to write infinite articles and posts. While selecting it to ask yourself about the interest you carry, whether it is technology or whether it’s a sport. And after that do the research about its scope and then just start writing posts. But some people it’s difficult to select the specific niche, just because of lack of skills and knowledge. Here we’ll help you in selecting a proper and most profitable niche which will help you a lot.

Top 5 Most Profitable Niche To Start Blogging

Following are the most profitable niche:-

1. Blogging Tutorial Niche


As we’ll know how blogging has become popular day by day. In fact, every entrepreneur, business owners, online marketers, social media Marketers, etc. owns their own website. And everyone wants to know more about blogging and the guidance related to the blog. So here you get a chance to teach about blogging.

Blogging tutorials is the way of transferring knowledge to the audience so that they could also learn more about blogging. There many people all around the Plant who are dreaming to become a successful blogger, you can teach them the basics of blogging like 

  • How to create a blog?
  • Using proper keywords?
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ranking System
  • How to write posts?
  • How to design a website?
  • Domain and hosting section tips etc.

Apart from this, there are various other topics, which can also be used to write a post. 

But make sure when you choose a tutorial niche you must have knowledge and experience so that your message should be easily conveyed with accuracy. Obviously, this niche cannot be chosen at the beginning of the blogging carrier but as soon as you become more familiar with blogging it’ll be very easy for you to guide everything about blogging.

Even I as a blogger using this niche from last 2 years. You need to update yourself on a daily basis so that to write more and more.

2. Technology Niche

Technology is just booming up in such a way that every person living on this planet is well familiar with it. Every person uses gadgets on a daily basis. From the last 7-10 years technology is just boosted up and also several inventions had done. Therefore it can help you to make an identity.

While choosing technology make sure one must remain updated because of several upcoming inventions. In the era of technology, every minute at least 1 product gets launched/discovered, so as to know about them one must remain updated.

By giving the latest information about new innovations and updates can help you to grow your blog. This niche is the only niche which can be chosen by anyone because everyone uses the tech. gadgets in regular life. In this niches, you can write on several topics like

  • Latest Smartphones
  • Latest Laptops
  • Upcoming Gadgets
  • Tech News etc.

The list goes so far, you can update your blog by writing daily articles.

When it comes to Profitability it works damn good because most of the audience likes to visit the websites related to the tech.

3. Health Caring Niche

5 Most Profitable Niche To Start Blogging 1

Another profitable niche is related to health because health plays a very important role in every human’s life. 80% of the internet users used to search the keywords related to health because of the change in atmosphere. Most of the people need guidance to improve their health and for that, you can choose the topic which suits your skills.

But it’s necessary to have knowledge about what you share through your posts because people believe inaccuracy. Everyone wants to believe in actual knowledge and experimental ways. Health is what you cannot take a risk that’s why you need to pick up the right choice.

You get various topics in health niche like nutrition, weight control, choosing the right diet, get rid of the disease, health research, etc. The list goes so far. The more you will get involved in it the more you’ll get to know about it. Health is one of the most profitable niches and mostly useful niche so as to live a healthy life.

At the very beginning, it may take time to grow your blog but once it gets started booting up it will never stop because of the high demand. But make sure not to cheat with your audience by sharing wrong details regarding health. The graph is consistently increasing, therefore, you can begin your blog with the health niche.

4. Business And Money Niche


As we’ll know that due to the lack of jobs available people used to start their own business. Entrepreneurship is booming up and that’s why here you get a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you know in-depth about businesses or not but if you’re interested in the niche related to the money-making platforms then you can begin your blog with it.

In this niches, you can provide the complete information related to the business and you can write articles on several topics like

  • How to start own Business
  • How to become an entrepreneur
  • How to make money online
  • Where to invest money
  • Business ideas etc.

You can also provide different types of ways to make money because everyone wants to make a few amounts of bucks by doing online/offline businesses.

The scope of this niche is trending and will never stop. Therefore you can also get involved in such a wonderful opportunity. Her by sharing your knowledge related to the businesses and money you’ll also get to know more about it. Therefore it will also be more helpful for you along

with your audience.

5. Personality Development Niche

Personality development is what everyone needs to have a better life. Skills development, communication skills, soft skills, talents and potential are the most important factors which matter the most. When it comes to the professional’s workers, and Business owners personality development plays a vital role. Therefore one needs to have a focus on it. It’s been noticed that most of the people used to search for keywords related to personality development in order to live a better life.

Here you’ve got a great opportunity so as to get involved in it and to share the knowledge with your audience. But make sure to do research before writing out any articles. You can go with the trendy topics too like

  • Self-esteem
  • Leadership training and development
  • Motivation
  • Spirituality
  • Life coaching etc.

The list goes so on, you can go with some of the other topics also in order to write effective articles. The scope of personality development is increasing day by day so here you get the advantage of getting involved in it.


We’ve covered all of the best, trendy and profitable niches which will help you to grow your blog. The mentioned above 5 topics are genuine topics which have a futuristic scope. If you’re a beginner and wanted to start a successful blog then I must suggest you go with these niches which will help you to grow your blog in a shorter time.

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