5 Best SEO Articles of the Month [July 2019]

Welcome to the July 2019 edition of our monthly roundup of the Best SEO Articles from around the web. As always, we’ll share 5 of the top best SEO articles from last month so that you can keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings and strategies from the exciting world of SEO.

The SEO knowledge shared in these articles is truly incredible – don’t miss any of them!

This roundup features SEO articles published on sites such as Netpeak Software, SearchEngineJournal(SEJ), SpyFu. etc.

Best SEO Articles [July 2019]

1. SEO Guide: How to Optimize Your Product Pages [With Stunning Examples]. [Netpeak Software]

Attracting online shoppers to your product pages is a top priority for Ecommerce marketers, and you should use every trick in the book. Learn the best SEO practices for optimizing your product pages with examples of websites that are using them.

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2. How to Effectively Perform Keyword Research for Ecommerce. [SEJ]

Keyword research is the foundation of every SEO strategy, especially when it comes to onsite SEO. Done well, it provides direction for what type of content you should be optimizing for.Learn how to perform keyword research for ecommerce here.

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3. A 16-Step SEO Audit Checklist for 2019 To Boost Your Rankings. [SpyFu]

It’s 2019, and the happy days of keyword stuffing your way up the SERPs are long gone. Google’s algorithm now has over 200 ranking factors, and they seem to be adding more every month. Follow this 16-step SEO Audit checklist to find SEO errors and boost your Google rankings.

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4. Top 26 WordPress SEO Best Practices for 2019 & Beyond. [AffiliateOffer]

The powers that be (aka Google, Bing, Yandex) are doing their best to build a better, faster and secure web for all of us and of course, they stand to benefit ten times more, but who the fuck cares? Well, you should which is why WordPress SEO best practices are so important.

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5. How to Define Your SEO Strategy. [Uberflip]

It’s no secret that SEO is a crucial part of any modern marketer’s strategy. S if you’re just getting started with your SEO strategy? In this article, we highlight the key areas you’ll want to focus on first.

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So these were the Best SEO articles that caught our attention in July 2019.

Do you have any favorite SEO articles from this month which we missed? Share your favorites in the comments.

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