What is Digital Marketing? A Step-by-Step Guide

Digital marketing is the term that specifically belongs to the internet, where several marketing tasks are performed at a higher instance. All of the stuff you come across online mostly belongs to digital marketing. 

If you’re quite enthusiastic about digital marketing, you need to stick with the post till the end. As I’m going to tell you some of the vital factors about it. Along with that, several terminologies are also being covered that’ll surely help you in each step. 

So with that being said, let’s dive deep into it. 

Definition Of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing truly belongs to the advanced way to evaluate the services and the products. You might have come across various aspects of the digital marketing streams just because each and everything you see on the internet is readily connected to it. 

Even when it comes to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. They also belong to the digital marketing stream as the users are connected with the internet. 

Digital marketing’s main goal is to serve the relevant data to the users to get in touch with the internet. Due to this, several ads are being played, which plays a crucial role. 

It’s 2020, and around 60% of internet users are doing digital marketing in a huge amount. The devices can be any; it’s easier, so even if you’re about to start digital marketing, you can grab a phone and start shooting a video for the marketing purpose. 

It’s a wide term; it’ll never end at any instance until and unless the internet shuts down, which is never going to happen. So the opportunities are endless, which makes you take much easier. 

You probably heard of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM ( social media marketing), PPC, affiliate marketing, etc. Well, they’re all form factors of digital marketing that allow you to get in touch with the users to form a complete business module. 

You have multiple co-streams in it, amongst which you can opt for the one that fulfills your need. 

Why Digital Marketing Matters 

You probably come across several traditional marketing terminologies like printing ads, billboards, banners, etc., which takes much effort and time. Along with that, they are pretty expensive as well. 

And most of the time, it happens that people usually ignore it for no reason. Instead, if you take over the idea of digital marketing, it’ll truly benefit you just because 70-80% of the global population is using the internet regularly. And once you capture them by doing certain online marketing, you can get more user traction.

Social media is a big game-changer that specifically belongs to the huge digital marketing firms as they run various campaigns. 

Though, to let you know, I’ve shortlisted a few of the major reasons that you need to know to know why it’s essential to grab the digital marketing firms:- 

  • It helps you to create a personal brand and maximize brand authenticity. 
  • Digital marketing helps you get in touch with consumers and users to know about their viewpoint. 
  • Monitoring the KPI is an essential process that you should know and what you can do with digital marketing. 
  • One of the best tools for beginners to build an authentic audience.
  • It serves you the power to expand your business in the global market.

Now let’s jump onto the digital marketing stream’s big areas that you need to know about. 

The 7 Big Areas Of Digital Marketing

There are tons of different digital marketing areas if you’re looking for the big areas; here’s a detailed list of that. 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 


SEO is the biggest term that you cannot ignore at any instance in case if you’re supposed to get maximum traffic towards the blog you’ve created through the SERPs. It might be either paid or free, as it totally depends on you. 

SEO is not a single tool, as it’s the complete terminology that allows you to perform several tasks that’ll get your blog ranked higher on the search results. 

So if you’re the one who wants to succeed in the digital marketing stream, you need to learn a few aspects of digital marketing from scratch. 

But wait, 

How does SEO work? 

The algorithm of the search engines based upon several crawlers. These crawlers are termed to be the spider of the internet which usually have a spy upon tons of blog which seems to be the best. Regularly, billion of blogs are being crawled to select the best ones. 

This increases the traffic through the SERPs. Keywords play a crucial role in the complete digital marketing stream; I would say the website’s whole major ranking depends upon the high volume keywords. 

All you need to know about the keywords

If you’re a digital marketer, you probably might come across several aspects of keywords that are being higher used all across the globe for better commencement of the blog ranking. 

Keywords age the phrases that one can add up into the piece of content to make it rank higher in the search engine. It connects the content to the search engine and lets them know that your blog exists that serves a great amount of knowledge. 

For the keyword analysis, you’ll come across tons of different tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google keyword planner, etc. That’ll surely help you to get your website ranked on the high. 

When we talk about SEO, there a couple of different types of it, and they’re:

On-Page SEO 

The on-page SEO is within your control, all effort you can apply to make the content more effective by adding certain stuff that’ll surely hell you to rank the website on the top of search engine. The proper use of tags, keywords, page speed, etc., belongs to the on-page SEO. 

Off-Page SEO 

Off-page SEO usually focuses on driving traffic through other blogs. Backlinks are the best example of Off-Page SEO, which is a good thing. The domain authority increases with the help of Off-Page SEO. The good thing is there’s no need for any technical knowledge. 

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 


As the name suggests, Search engine marketing truly belongs to digital marketing and stuff that allows you to maximize the brand value and evaluate it authentically to make it grow exponentially.

It’s been noticed that for the small-cap and big cap businesses, the SEM could be the best option for higher ranking on the search engine. 

With the help of SEM, you can improve the website’s visibility on the search engine, which will help you improve the website status. It doesn’t matter what your end goal is, but the SEM helps you all the way across to maximize your website’s overall traffic in a more authentic manner. 

When it comes to a search engine like Google, you’ll come across two different types of results, which are mentioned below: 

Organic results 

The organic results are the best because you don’t have to apply any kind of effort, as everything gets done by Google itself. The algorithm analyzes the whole result, and you’ll come to know about it so often. Even if you don’t apply any marketing strategies, the search engine will showcase the piece of content you’ve created. 

Paid results 

The paid results are ads that belong to the marketing firm. You’ll have to invest a few amounts of bucks to get more engagement. Well, it’s not an easy task at all, but everything is done by Google in a short period of time. You probably come across several websites that succeed more often, and the reason behind that is the paid promotion done. 

How SEM is helpful in your business growth?

Help you generate more visibility

Search engine showcases your brand on the top, along with that it’ll add your data in the recommendations of the other users that’ll drive traffic to your website. Indirectly the visibility increases, which is a good thing. 

Highly qualified traffic is being generated

The traffic that you get from the blog is not that accurate, so with the whole of SEM, you’ll get more traffic traction, which is way efficient if you’re supposed to maximize the blog authenticity. We found that the traffic you get is truly authentic and legitimate, so you don’t have to face any issue. 

It’s under budget 

One of the biggest benefits of using the SEM is that they’ve all kinds of options available to each type of business, whether small Cap or big cap businesses. It costs as low as traditional marketing, which is way effective. 

3. Content Marketing 


You might have been heard the phrase ‘content is the king,’ and that’s true. Because the whole concept of digital marketing fades away if the content is not there, you can take it as the first step, to begin with. Theater, all of the stuff falls down. 

I’ve noticed that most of the newbie used to focus on technical stuff like SEO, SMM, etc. But let me conclude that if the content quality is not up to the market, the whole efforts collapses. And the website’s ranking falls down. 


What exactly the content marketing is? 

Content marketing is the wide concept that specifically helps you maximize your content’s reach and brings out more traffic to look upon the content you’ve created by implementing several wide concepts. 

Content marketing is the heart of content creation that brings out legitimate traffic to your blog and maximizes the blog’s authenticity. In the whole digital marketing, stream content creation has become the trend. But one who doe the content marketing wins quicker. 

What’s the importance of content marketing? 

Content marketing is a wide concept, so it’s way essential for you to know the try importance of it so that you’ll be able to identify whether it fulfills ls your need or not. 

Improvement in organic searches 

By creating legitimate and well-researched content, you’ll get maximum traction that’ll surely help you reach out to as many audiences. The organic searches also get increased on the SERPs, which is way important to maximize the blog’s brand value. 

Able to create the brand image 

Who else doesn’t want to increase the brand value? 

Well, everyone wants that; due to content marketing, you’ll be able to build an authentic audience, and along with that, the brand image also gets increases.  

Lead generation

For generating the leads, you’ll always need to take over the concept of content marketing. Digital marketing is the stream that allows you to get in touch with the maximum amount of traffic, and that’s why you can do it through content marketing. You can convert your audience into customers by serving them various services. 

Building backlinks 

if you’re the one who usually goes through he lacks traffic rate, content marketing could be the best option for you to maximize the content’s overall authenticity. The more quality content you create, the chances of building more backlinks increase, which is a good thing. 

4. Social Media Marketing 


Undoubtedly each one of the internet users is connected with social media in some instances, but did you ever thought of using it for the sake of business growth? 

Well, it the best way to maximize the business value of the brand. It’s being connected with social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. With the help of content marketing, you can take over the effective approaches that’ll surely help you in every brand creation sector. 

There are tons of social media starters serving the best possible video content, evaluating the content and monitoring it, running social campaigns, advertisements, etc. Each will help you at some point to grab as many audiences. 

So let’s get deep into each of the platform that fulfills your need. 

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms that is widely used all across the globe. It has more than 2.4 billion active users, showing the opportunities for new businesses is higher so that they can build up the brand. 

By consistently using Facebook’s features, you can create a big user base due to which brand building gets even easier. All you need to do is create an authentic Facebook page due to which the audience can be built. 

Additionally, you can even get in touch with other content creators out there that’ll surely help you build authentic audiences. 

LinkedIn Marketing 

LinkedIn is specifically known for top class professionals and entrepreneurs. So if you’re a bit conscious about the term, it’ll help you maximize the business authenticity. 

LinkedIn is the great social media platforms where you can come across tons of different working professional. And once you can create an authentic user base, you’ll be able to get more audiences that’ll stick with you in the long run. 

Twitter Marketing 

Twitter marketing is just like Facebook marketing, which allows you to get in touch with as many audiences as to build your own personal brand and take it to a high level. 

Twitter is widely used worldwide, and most of the business approach the brand to build a network throughout that will boost up and authenticity. 

Video Marketing 

In the present scenario, video creation is on the top just because most people consume tons of videos regularly as it spreads knowledge quickly. 

YouTube is one of the best sources where millions of channels present that serve the best possible content, bringing out the engagement. India’s digital marketing stream YouTube and video creation play an essential role. 

5. Pay Per Click Advertising



The PPC is one of the authentic business modules widely used worldwide, just for the sake of advertising purposes. So whenever the audience clicks on specific, it will notify you, and you will get paid for it.

The whole PPC concept helps you to maximize your brand authenticity; all you need to do is join any of the advertising companies so that they will showcase your brand value, and whenever someone clicks on it, some sort of revenue is being shared with you by the advertising companies like Adsense. 


How does the pay per click advertising works?

As we’ll know, regularly, the dance of advertising companies are approaching the businesses for advertising, but it is challenging to showcase your ad. 

Advertisers only pay for the clicks and maintain the place’s sustainability; you have to maximize the SEO  of your content so that it will appear on the top of the search engine, and the chances of getting more PPC increases.

It’s been noticed that the PPC amount might be less compared to the other sources of income, but it is one of the legitimate ways to maximize the value of your business, which is necessary. 

What is the work of Keyword in pay per click advertising?

The keywords play an essential role in PPC just because they help you boost your website’s SERPs at a high point. The search engine algorithm is building such a way that it showcases the result based upon the keywords that you used in that specific content. 

Undoubtedly, you will have to do the competitor’s research to find the high volume keywords. It will substantially help you maximize your brand’s authenticity and showcases it on the top of the search engine. 

There are tons of different platforms available on the Internet that you can use for PPC advertising. Google AdWords is the best one that I usually recommend to all of the beginners out there. 

6. Affiliate Marketing 


In the present scenario, affiliate marketing is considered the authentic business module that you can use to maximize the business value—all you need to do is promoting the products and services offered by as many companies as Amazon. 

By promoting the products, you’ll receive commissions that might depend upon the product you opt for. The good thing is there are no restrictions; we can promote the products anywhere you want, even on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 

The specific link is being provided to you so that you will be able to share it as per the convenience. 


How affiliate marketing works? 

Affiliate marketing is considered an authentic business module that generates a decent amount of revenue in each takeover. Sharing is being done between two parties, and the amount of commission is to be sure to you for promoting the specific product or services. 

Most of the emerging businesses usually try to grab as much traffic for business/ brand growth. And for so, they’ll always need to set up the whole affiliate program where they will hire as many affiliate marketers and provides a certain amount of commission for the promotion purpose. 

Here’s the set by step process to start affiliate marketing:- 

  • Join any of the affiliate programs belonging to your industry.
  • Then select the amount of product or services that you’re supposed to.
  • The links will be shared with you that you can customize accordingly and share anywhere you want. 
  • Each time user clicks on that specific link, you’ll earn a decent amount of revenue from it. 

Strategies to Start Affiliate Marketing

To let you know, I have shortlisted a few of the best marketing strategies that you can apply in your workflow to maximize the revenue system, so here are they:- 

Choose the right product

Make sure to focus upon the products you know about to build a connection between the audience and you. Choosing a product is a vital part of affiliate marketing, don’t pick the product you are not aware of. 

The promotion campaign

Once you select a product, you’ll have to do various tasks that’ll also magnificently promote the services. You can even collaborate with as many merchants that’ll get your job done. 

Affiliate program must be mobile-friendly

The number of values is constantly increasing day by day, and so you will have to choose the product or the services that are very optimized even on the mobile, so you’ll get more traction. 

7. Email Marketing 


In the digital marketing space, email marketing plays a crucial role just because it’s a legitimate way to maximize brand authenticity. It’s been observed that more than 9 billion active users are there on the email that regularly uses it for their brand evaluation. 

Using the email marketing tool can signify your brand value and take it to the top just because, in 2020, the amount of active users is consistently increasing. 


What is actually email marketing? 

Email marketing is an authentic way to communicate with your audience to know about your brand using a specific tool. It may include new services, products, offers, coupons, etc. Basically, all you do is run an email marketing campaign and promote your products to active subscribers. 

Most people might think that email marketing does not have value in 2020, but most people are still using it for their business growth.

How to do email marketing? 

Most of the new user email marketing might be complicated terminology, but it can tremendously grow your business if you apply the right force. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned below:- 

Select the audience

It’s visual to analyze the audience that will stay with you in the long run to post your organization’s upcoming update. 

Set your goals

To get started with email marketing, you will have to choose your organization’s end goal so that you can analyze it deeply. Even though you can select the benchmark as well. 

Schedule the email

Scheduling an email is an essential process, so whenever you don’t have the time, it will automatically update you are on upcoming services.

Final Verdict

Digital marketing is a wide sector that has no end. In the present market, most of the market is shifting to digital marketing activities that make their brand more valuable. You’ll come across various influencers out there who’s consistently upgrading their content quality by serving the best possible content to the users through the digital marketing aspect. 

In this post, I have shared some of the best strategies that will help you in digital marketing, and if you follow them step by step in the right manner, it will be easier for you to maximize your brand authenticity.

So definitely check them out.

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