How to Boost Your Email Subscribers in 2021

An email list is one of the most effective ways to grow your online presence and income.

If you are not building an email list yet, you are losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars every single month on the table.

The most common problem I hear when it comes to building an email list is “how to get more email subscribers?”

Here are the strategies to add more email subscribers to your list.

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Tips To Boost Your Email Subscribers

Offer a Freebie


The number one reason why your email list is still not growing is because that you are not offering any freebie to your visitors.

Most online readers are very lazy. They want a crazy offer to give their emails in order to get it.

By offering something for free (be it a free guide, theme, plugin etc) you can also boost your email subscribers rate.

Use Twitter Chats

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers in 2021 1

Most of us look at the twitter and analyze that only tweeting, retweeting and twitter ads are very beneficial features for businesses. But if you want to grow your email list through twitter then the Twitter Chats are another important aspect of Twitter.

As it helps in bringing like-minded users together in one place to discuss particular topics by throwing different types of questions and problems faced by users.

For example, a twitter chat on: What is the reason behind the website rank drop can bring a lot of users to discuss the problem that the industry is facing and the solution for that problem.

You can also host a twitter chat and get people involved in your topic and wait for the right time to introduce the solution for that problem in the form of lead magnet. This way you can also get a lot of unique followers on twitter and their email id.

Before hosting a twitter chat you can also join other chats of the same industry to see how twitter chats are hosted. It will help you in getting the real feel of questions asked by the users and how twitter chats work.

Once you are clear on how to host a twitter chat then you can also identify a topic that can grab the user’s attention and prepare a free and relevant lead magnet that solves the problem.

Then you can Host the twitter chat and wait for the right time to pitch your lead magnet in chat using the hashtag. This way you can attract the user’s attention on your lead magnet and encourage them to download your lead magnet by providing their details.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn is just one of the most famous social networks that help in connecting professionals from the corporate world. And many services providing companies that use LinkedIn groups to communicate with other professionals to showcase their knowledge and skill.

It is the best platform to build a strong network with companies CEO’s, CFOs, CMOs and other stakeholders of companies.

Now you might be wondering how to get LinkedIn users email id. So, you can start by creating a LinkedIn group with an optimized profile that can showcase what your group is about and what users are going to get.

Next, you should focus on collecting members and nurturing them by posting some valuable articles written by you or some other author. This will help you in creating engagement and discussion among your group members and they may start recommending your group to their colleagues or friends.

You can use the advanced built-in search feature on LinkedIn to find members for your group. It is better to target at least 1000-1500 members that belong to your niche. Then you can create a spreadsheet, where you can paste their details.

These details will help you in analyzing how you are going to contact them and approach them to join your group. After getting their details you can start contacting them by providing reason on why they should join your group.

Well, every email id from LinkedIn that you are going to include in your email list are valuable. It takes time to go through the process but if you are successful in building an attractive group then it will become easy for you to get your group member’s email id. And always remember to make a one-on-one connection with your group members as it can add value to your business.

Including the CTA button and links in social media profile can help you in converting your followers into subscribers. Nowadays most of the companies focus on creating a strategy that can help them in getting the maximum number of followers. But If you want social media to benefit your business then you should also focus on including those follower’s email id into your email list.

You can create a CTA in your social media bio that redirects a user onto your landing page that is designed to collect the user’s details. Instead of displaying your companies website URL in social BIO you can create a landing page specifically for sign up and pasting its link. Because displaying a website link can help you in getting traffic but it will not persuade your every visit to fill out the opt-in form on the website. That’s the reason why pasting landing page links can be beneficial for your company in collecting user’s data.

Adding CTAs will also help you in converting your new follower into a new subscriber. Because most of the time after following a social media page users look into bio to learn more about the company. So, you have to design an enticing landing page that can encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your email list.

Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Lead Magnet


One of the most common questions that are asked by small and large scale businesses “How to grow an email list using Facebook”?

If you feel that your lead magnet can solve users’ problems then why not invest some money in Facebook ads to promote your lead magnet. Social media advertising is another fastest way to get the potential user details in exchange for eBooks, checklist, coupon code, etc. Facebook ads allow us to choose demographics depending on the industry.

You can select demographics depending on your industry and create an astonishing ad that can convert users into potential subscribers. Your message on the ad also plays an important role in deciding the clicks and impressions that you are going to get. An attractive message can help you in getting instant results for your lead-generating campaign.

Well, it is not easy to grab the user’s attention on a Facebook ad until and unless it contains an optimized image and message. That’s why it is essential to optimize an ad before running it. To analyze the performance of your ad you can run a few tests by selecting countries, gender and other demographic.

After creating your ad you can set up your ad for a lower budget. And Run your ad for 24 hrs to check the performance and another 24 hrs to see the audience response to your ad. Once you are clear about your ad then you can target a wide range of audiences for your ads.

Promote Your Lead Magnets in Regular Social Media Post

Another way to promote your free lead magnet is by scheduling a daily post on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Most people are aware of the importance of promoting content on social media but they are not consistent in creating and scheduling the post.

That’s why after creating an attractive lead magnet you can create a pop-up for your gated content or you can embed it on a landing page. Then make a list of all those blogs and landing pages by pasting their links in a spreadsheet. After creating a problem-solving lead magnet like eBook, checklist, whitepaper, etc. your aim should be advertising those lead magnets on various social media platforms in the form of image, text, and video depending on the platform. So, you can create a social media post of each lead magnet depending on your list and start promoting it on every social media platform.

Your post doesn’t need to be visible to all of your subscribers. There are chances that only a few of your subscribers may see your post that why you should prepare a post in each format like text, image, and video and promote it on every social media platform multiple times to make it visible to your followers.

Post Tutorial Videos on YouTube with CTA

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers in 2021 2

YouTube is the second largest search engine where users hangout to see interesting, educational, and entertaining videos. After Google, YouTube has the highest number of searches. So, why not take advantage of it to grow an email list.

Almost all of us have come across some tutorial videos that we have watched to learn something or clear some concepts. By creating tutorial videos you can educate your audience and encourage them to join your email list. Tutorial videos are one of the best ways to get the user’s trust. Once a user starts trusting you then they will not hesitate in giving their details.

Before creating a tutorial video you should research keywords related to your topic Because keywords will help you in getting traffic on your tutorial videos, that’s why you should look for keywords that are searched by users and then insert those keywords to get higher traffic and rank.

After embedding keywords in your YouTube videos you should write a short description between 200-300 words which can include tags, names, and keywords in it. Your description will help users and YouTube in guiding what your video is about and inserting keywords can boost your video ranking on YouTube. As YouTube is owned by Google so your videos on YouTube and their rank may help your website rank to grow on SERP.

After creating your video you should plant call to action links to get the viewers email id. You can create a CTA card and place it at the end of your video. If you have a YouTube channel then you can find those cards inside your YouTube creator studio.

Drive More Targeted Traffic

One of the basic reasons your email list never grow if you don’t have sufficient traffic. And driving more traffic to your websites is not rocket science. Here are a few simple ways to get targeted traffic to increase your email subscribers.

  • Frequently guest posts on good blogs: You don’t always have to land on top blogs, but make sure to guest post on the blogs that are better than you. And do it often.
  • Comment on the blogs you read: Most people don’t comment or share even after reading a great blog post. Try to avoid it and start commenting like a pro on the blog posts whenever you read something awesome like this.
  • Improve your on-page SEO: Most new bloggers don’t optimize their blogs for the search engines. This includes having targeted keywords on their meta description, title and tags. If you are using WordPress, consider using SEO tools like Yoast WordPress SEO or All in one SEO to boost your website reach.

Use a Popup


Like it or not, popup’s work. They do a fantastic job in increasing your conversion rates on your email list.

Using cute popup software like ThriveLeads, you won’t hurt your blog readership, instead, they boost your email subscribers. According to a recent survey, the sites that use popup’s dramatically improved their list to 400%. It says it all!

Install Welcome Gate

Welcome Gate is one of the best and free list building plugins available in the market.

What it does is it creates a beautiful squeeze page on your WordPress site and attracts more people to subscribe to your email list.

This plugin redirects the first time visitors to a great looking landing page (without showing a popup). People are only redirected to the squeeze page when they go to your home page.

Use Exit Intent Popup

How to Boost Your Email Subscribers in 2021 3

Exit-intent is a technology that has changed the game to collect the leads completely.

As soon as readers finish reading your blog post, and try to close the browser, a window will pop up, asking them to put their email and name to grab the freebies.

Create Scarcity

Ask yourself this question – why should a visitor subscribe to your newsletter NOW and not after a week (or month)?

“Scarcity often creates urgency.”

People always want what they can’t have or don’t have. The best way to boost your email subscribers is to create products that are worth paying for and giveaway them for free to collect their email addresses. People would be happy to subscribe to your email lists if your offer is valuable.

Show Proof and Build Trust

More people to get their hands on your freebies. No one likes to give their email address if you don’t provide any proof (be it testimonials from others, reviews of your freebies or anything that makes your offer unique).

The best way to capture your first-time visitors’ attention is by building credibility.

You can build instant trust by doing these things:

  • Make your blog design appealing (it instantly creates a professional feel)
    Show testimonials from real people (ask people to review your product who already have downloaded your stuff; if they like your freebie, they’ll happily do it)
  • Get more blog comments on your blog posts (after all, no one likes to feel they’ve landed on a ghost town)
  • Show the number of downloads (if you got more than 1000 downloads).

Engage More on Social Media

Social media is a big platform to give a boost to any online business.

People are spending more time on social media websites then watching TV, reading the newspaper or listening radio.

They are consuming more content on social media than any other platform.

With the revolution of smartphones, the number of users are increasing day by day.

So start engaging more on social media.

Once you help people in any famous Facebook group, more people would love to know more about you. They are going to check your profile and ultimately visit your blog if you have added your blog on your Facebook profile.

Use Content Upgrade

The content upgrade is the term which was first used by Brain Dean from Backlinko.

In this technique, we place a simple call to action in our most famous articles and ask people to subscribe to our list.

When the user finishes reading the article, you can asks them to join in the list by offering them some irresistible offer.

Use Opt-in Form in Your About Me Page

This is the second most visited page of any blog.

So if you are not using any opt-in form in your about me page, you are missing a huge number of subscribers.

This is the page where you make a personal connection with your reader, that’s why this is the right time to ask them to give their name and email to download your book and subscriber in your newsletter.

Share Details of Your Webinars on Social Media

Webinars are one of the most effective ways of growing an email list with quality email ids. You can use social media platforms to promote details about your webinar. As it will help you in grabbing the user’s attention and their details. If your webinar is helpful and educating enough then there are chances that users may start sharing details about your webinar making it viral among the audience.

That’s why always remember to promote your webinar on multiple social media platforms. Most of the time marketers focus on promoting their lead magnet on Facebook, Instagram and twitter only. But if you are looking to make your lead generation campaign successful then use other social media platforms to promote your webinars. Because users are not going to boycott your website after seeing the same post on various social media platforms.

So, make sure you use all of the resources (social media platforms) to promote your webinars to make your lead generation campaign successful.


People don’t subscribe just because you’re asking them to subscribe.

You need to give them strong reasons to subscribe, like giving a freebie that is worth paying for and/or providing great value through your blog posts. And always engage once you started building your email list.

Remember – Interaction is the key to monetize your email list.

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