How To Get More Social Shares: The Definitive Guide For Bloggers

Social sharing is the concept that completely fulfils your need in a good manner as it helps you to reach out to your target audience. And through that, you can maximize the traffic of your blog at a higher rate which is kind of necessary. 

But, I’ve noticed that most of the newbies have the doubt of social sharing, which is very important, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this detailed post. So be sure to stick with us till the end. 

Getting more social shares is not a big deal if you properly implement the right strategy. And once you start doing that it’ll be way easy for you to catch up the audience. 

Lot more good things happen if you use the power of social shares. Amongst which following are the few ones that you need to know, So here are they:

  • Get maximum blog traffic.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • The bloggers belonging to your industry will help you to more audiences. 
  • The search engine index of your audience will be higher.
  • The bloggers who belong to your industry might feature you on their blog. 
  • Collaboration, chances get increased. 
  • Potentially the search engine ranking goes higher. 
  • You’ll be able to earn more backlinks that’ll surely help you to maximize your traffic rate. 

The benefits you get has no limit, but to maintain sustainability, you’ll have to focus upon a few things that have huge priority. 

So if you are the one who is a bit serious about the blog traffic, you need to go through the complete analysis of maximizing the traffic. And that’s the reason why we have shortlisted a few of the major aspects of social shares. 

If that sounds great to you, let’s dive deep into the stuff that’ll help you from scratch. 

How To Get More Social Shares? 

If you use the right strategy, it is not rocket science at all to do the social shares of your blog. 

Use Quuu Promote 


If you are the one who is looking for the easiest way to get a decent amount of traffic the Quuu is the best method that you can use to maximize the number of social shares at a higher instance. 

Well, most of the people might have doubt about Quuu promotion that what exactly the terminology is? 

The Quuu is the content curation technique that helps you to maximize the amount of traffic by suggesting about your blog to the audience belonging to the other blog. 

It’s not being done automatically, it’s the manual strategy that’ll help you to reach out as many audiences Through the Quuu. 

For approaching enough amount of traffic, you’re free to share the content on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter ads well, which will surely help you from scratch. 

It’s not a free method, but you can get enough amount of shares considered to be the best ones, and if you examined it truly it is whey higher compared to the existing amount of shares that you’ve done. 

In the complete Quuu service and social sharing strategy consists of two big solutions either you can do it manually by yourself or are allowed them to get it done for you so that they will handle all of the stuff regarding the blog in a great manner and chances of getting a decent amount of traffic increases.

So if you are bit questions about your blog with its way is issued for you to acquire the Quuu services so often and get the maximum amount of results in terms of traffic more often. Definitely taste it for the better commencement. 

Ask Newsletter Subscriber To Share And Give Them A Reason To Do That

As we’ll know that in the present scenario, the trend of the newsletter is doing so great job. You can acquire the service of the newsletter by serving it to do audience that belongs to your industry. 

Basically, all you need to do is first make sure to generate enough amount of leads so that audience will reach out to your newsletter And Get It subscribed to get all of the updates regarding your blog. And once your audience does so your task becomes even easier. 

As the subscribers will share your content on the social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. That’ll multiply the amount of traffic you’re currently generating. 

But you’ll only get output through this strategy if you serve the rich content to your audience. So be sure about that, and for the maximum about of sales, you can also use the affiliate marketing links over here. We’ve recently posted an affiliate marketing guide if you’re a bit conscious about the term you can go through that. 

The subscribers belonging to four industry are considered to be the legit ones, so you can freely take advantage of them and maximize the amount sales that you do through the subscription technique which is way important in the present scenario. 

So definitely check it out once. 

Make It Easier To Share Your Content


One of the biggest mistake most of the people does is that they don’t provide the share button over their due to which they get fewer shares. So if you are the one who’s supposed to maximize the number of shares make sure to add the share button over there that will multiply the number of shares.

I personally being a great fan of adding the social sharing buttons like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. in the current scenario of most of the professional bloggers are even adding the WhatsApp sharing button over there which is a good thing. 

It matters whether you are just a beginner blogger or an intermediate blogger but sharing buttons will surely help you at a certain instance. 


How to use social sharing efficiently?

Where adding a social sharing but it is not a big deal or rocket science,  but it’s way easier for you to know about a few things and that’s the reason why I have short-listed a couple of steps that you need to do

  • Following the minimalism is the great way to maximize the social share just because whenever you visit the restaurant and have a look upon the menus, the more options available the chances are less to select amongst them.  So make sure to include minimum social sharing buttons that will maximize your overall share.
  • Examine which of the social sharing platforms most of the people use. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the popular ones so you can choose amongst them. Along with that if you’ve B2B business, then LinkedIn is the best option available out there that’ll multiply your sharing.

Which plugin would you use for social sharing?

You’ll come across thousands of different plugins that please and crucial role when it comes to the social sharing buttons but I special use the Social Snap which is way convenient and has different features that’ll improve the overall experience. The good thing is it has a drag and drop method, which is way convenient for the newbies who are supposed to start their first blog.

Add ‘Click To Tweet’ Widgets 


If you ever follow the profession blog for an informative blog, you will always notice that the widgets are added, which states like a ‘click to tweet’. It is the part of social sharing and improves your social sharing status at a higher instance if you are the one who is supposed to maximize the social sharing its way is essential to add such kind of widgets in your blog posts. 

By adding such kind of widgets the task of visitors gets easier, so within a single click, they can add the post in their tweets. It’s the most convenient way to maximize social sharing.

There are tons of different tool available out there, which is specifically designed for adding such kind of widgets which essentially plays a big role to maximize social shares. 

The ClickToTweet is one of the most popular tool out there, which helps you to add such kind of widgets to your post. Instead, if you’re the WordPress user, then you’ve a great opportunity to access the plugins that’ll get your job done just within a while. 

Social Snap is another great tool that can be used for adding a social sharing button to the blog that you own. 

If you’ve CSS knowledge, you’re free to redesign the template so that to maximize the social sharing. Defiantly use this strategy right next to your blog. 

Avoid Negative Social Proof

Social media could be a game-changer for your blog if you lose the facilities in the right manner. And if you do the age of the mistake, it might cause certain damage to your blog or website that you were created by hosting too hard. 

What I meant to say is if your blog’s social shares are showing less then the chances of sharing that specific post is less. And similar pattern works with the comment as well. If the number of comments is less, the chances of commenting are less, which might impact your blog scenario in a great manner, so be sure about that. 

Well you can have control over this aspect, and the only way is to hide the shares, and that’s what I’ll be discussing furthermore. 

Make sure to hide the total number of shares.

Hiding the total number of shares is the most crucial thing that you need to know about. 

All you need to do is install the plugin that provides you to the features of hiding the total number of shares, by doing so you’ll be able to maximize the number of shares and minimize showcasing your blog shares. 

Social Snap is a great plugin available out there which carries the features of hiding the number of social shares. 

Once the no. of shares reaches a certain level, it’ll be way easier for you to multiply the way efficient shares. 

Create Content That Your Audience Will Love To Share

You might have been observed that most of the professional bloggers get success in what they do just because of the topic. The topic they opt is kind of profitable and has a high search volume which means the overall social shares will also be more. 

While selecting any of the topics, make sure that to see the overall search volume of it that will give you an idea whether it’s the perfect one or not. You’re free to go through the trending topics too that’ll surely help you to maximize the number of shares that you’re getting right now. 

While writing content planning plays a crucial role so you will be able to magnify it substantially. 

Along with that, I’ve shortlisted a few of the essential factors that’ll help you to select the topic that has higher social shares. So here are they:

How will you get trending topics?

One of the biggest challenge to opt the trending topics is to identify which topic Is going to be more trending in the upcoming days. 

For acquiring such topics, you can go through the other blogs belonging to your industry and study the topics which are being posted in the present days so that to get most out of it.

Additionally, you can go through the top publications just because most of the professional bloggers used to follow them for getting more depending topics which are outsourcing the content in a high amount. 

For more info, make sure to analyze the interest of your audience which matters the most if you’re supposed to get maximum results in a short period of time. So you’ll be able to create content on the upcoming trending topics which is way better to get results faster. 

How will you get evergreen topics? 

Finding the evergreen topics is another tricky question which most of the people usually face. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to get results faster make sure to opt the evergreen topics and write content on that. 

All you need to do is take the help of a Google Trends where you’ll come across tons of different keywords that’ll be beneficial for you to create sophisticated content for a blog. 

Understand Your Audience’s Interest

Interests of an audience play a crucial role if you’re supposed to get results faster. For getting results, faster content should be more unique and of high quality, so that to get most out of it. 

If you’re supposed to create quality content, there are plenty of posts we’ve written that you can go through for examining it thoroughly. But the thing is you’ll always need to learn what your audience is expecting from you. And once you do that the tasks get even easier. 

Though I’ve shortlisted few of essential entities that’ll guide you frequently. So here are they:- 

Make sure to publish the right content. 

Examine the type of content your audit we are expecting from you. Whether it may be how-to, case studies, reviews etc. And accordingly, create the content. 

Interest plays a crucial role.

Interest is one of the best things to examine if you want maximum shares of your content. 

Understanding the type of language 

The way you convey is the most important part. And once your audience feels comfortable with the content you produce automatically, you’ll see the shares which will get an increase. 


How will you get started with it?

There is plenty of tools available out there that’ll get hell you to examine the audience type of your blog, and accordingly, you can select the content types as well. The Typeform is a great tool out there that’ll surely help you in the process. 

Following are a few tips that you could follow to multiply the number of shares:- 

  • You can use the email marketing technique to take the survey of your audience. 
  • You’re free to use the autoresponder sequence that’ll serve you great results. 
  • Make sure to share the content with the followers on social media platforms. 

Images Should Be Sharable

Images play a crucial role in digital marketing, a good image can change the overall view of the post you create. So you can use it manually and update the quality of the post as well, which is way important. All you need to do is adding the share button to the images so that audience will directly click on it whenever they like to share the content. 

If you’re a graphics designer, you can also get deal into the creation of the image and create the best possible customized image and put the share link in it. 

For WordPress users like me, the plugins can be more helpful as they serve you huge support to maximize the amount of share you do. Social snap is the plugin which is essentially a good option available out there that serve you great support for the content shares button.

Son of you is the one who’s supposed to maximize the amount of social share this way is the best option available out there that’ll multiply the about of shares that are being done in the current situation. 

Ask Out The Influencers

There are tons of top-notch influencers present out there who are belonging to your industry, and you can take the help of their resources by asking them out for the promotion. 

But how will you make them notice about your presence in the industry? 

Well, it’s super easy. All you need to do is mention their names or shares the content of their blog in your post. So whoever they open it they’ll notice your name on the top. By doing so, you can reach out to them and maximize the number of social shares which is way important. 

You’ll always need to be formal and built a strong relationship in between so whenever there’s a need, you can directly contact them substantially. 

For the beginners out there, this is the perfect strategy where you’ll be able to learn a lot about the improvement. So you can take your blog to the next level in terms of traffic and other aspects too. 

For taking the help for so, you’re free to use the tools like which I personally like the most where I get to know more about the facts and the figure about the term. In case if you’re supposed to get most out of it then check it out once. 

Repurpose Existing Blog Content

If your blog is kind of old then probably you’ve written tons of content in various formats. And might be some of them are irrelevant at a certain instance. So be sure to reorganize them accordingly so that to get most out of it. 

You can check out those content which has no images and try to fill it up with good looking stock images that’ll surely increase the overall quality of content and due to this, the social shares will also get increased. 

We’ve been amazed by the usage of infographics which plays a crucial role when it comes to the uniqueness. So you can create that by yourself with the help of Canva, which is a great tool that consists of tons of different templates.

For maximizing the amount of social share, the repurposing is important just because you don’t have to take a chance with existing content. So be sure to utilize the term and edit the content that’s already present over there. By doing so, you’ll surely see the changes, and along with that, the social shares will also get multiply. 

Final Verdict 

Encouraging your audience is kind of crucial aspect that you need to know about, especially when it comes to blogging, social sharing plays a vital role. So if you’re the one who’s supposed to increase the amount of regular traffic make sure to focus upon the social shares, which is an important thing that you need to know about. 

Through this detailed post, I’ve shared some of the important time that’ll surely multiply the shares which you’re currently getting. It doesn’t matter at what stage you’re right now, even you can begin it from the way important scratch. So definitely check it out. 

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