10+ WordPress SEO Tips To Boost Your Search Engine Ranking In 2021

Are you into blogging for quite some time now?

Or in case if you are a newbie looking for the best SEO strategies that will help you to boost up your ranking on a search engine?

In this article, I am going to share the best ideas that will help you to strategize your content and optimize it for the best SEO. You might be very familiar with WordPress, which is one of the best blogging platforms where you can perform each task related to blogging. It gives you a complete authority to have control over your site, and that’s what makes it more scalable amongst all.

But in 2020, ranking on Google #1 has become a trend, and it’s difficult if you don’t apply the right SEO strategies. Undoubtedly your content plays an important role just because it is a Core entity that you cannot ignore at any instance, even if you are about to do SEO of your website. Hence make sure that your website should have a piece of convenient information to get the most out of it.

I have noticed that most of the newbie used to search on Google that how they can acquire maximum traffic, and a simple solution is by getting your website rank on the top page of search results. And what you’ve to do is SEO, which is an important terminology that you need to know in case if you’re planning to customize your strategies all the way cross. 

You will find tons of data available on the Internet the living of serving the best information and guide to rank on the top of search results. But at the endpoint is that everything works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you, so you’ll always need to move one step forward and find more simple strategies to maximize the SEO efforts. 

Through this post, I will be sharing the top 12 best WordPress SEO practices that will boost up your website on the top page of the search engine. If that sounds great to you make sure to stick with us till the end. And by the end of the post, I am damn sure you will be blessed by what you have learned and acquired.

So even if you are a newbie, it will be much easier for you to go through the complete process of SEO that you can acquire. But before I take you to the entire process, let me convey you pure essential aspects about SEO that you need, so here is that:

What is SEO?


The SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is being followed why most of the Pro bloggers, and that’s the reason why their website rank #1 on Google. Apart from this, there are tons of different ways that most of the bloggers used to follow, amongst which SEO stands on the top just because it consumes no cost, so you don’t have to spend a single penny on that.

Another big thing is that you will be able to generate more traffic and convert them into your audiences, which makes it a convenient entity. The terminology is divided into a couple of significant factors, i.e., on-page and off-page SEO. Using 30 terminologies, you can rank your website higher on the search engine.

Along with that, if you are article is of high quality, then it is much easier for Google to crawl your site more often. It’s that more accessible if you follow some basic pieces of stuff related to the SEO.

What is the Importance of SEO?

Well, SEO is a free entity that anyone can acquire, so you want you don’t have a single knowledge about it you can learn it more often and maximize your efforts to rank your website. You can convert the visitors into subscribers on customers more often; it’ll surely help you to grow your user base.

When it comes to the search engine, a couple of search engines are widely used all across the globe, i.e., Bing and Google, both of the search engine have different algorithms, and the positions of the websites are being determined by the specific SERP. 

If you go through the research, you will get to know that optimizing your website more frequently in terms of Google algorithm is essential to gain a higher ranking on the specific keyword. I have noticed that most of the SEO experts don’t even able to rank their website on the top just because the page is not exact. So you cannot ignore the basic stiffs in case if you want to rank higher.

 So, for now, without missing much time, let’s head off to the complete process of WordPress you that will help you to rank your website on the top in 2020.

10+ WordPress SEO Tips


Most people might think that SEO is the technical stuff that is not compatible with most of the users but let me clarify that there is no requirement to be techno, which some of the basic SEO knowledge you can grow your website on the top. 

I have shortlisted some of the useful ways that will help you in the SEO process and boost your website ranking, so legs dive seep into it. 

1. Make Sure to Choose the Right Hosting Provider


Well, choosing the right hosting provider is a big thing that most of the user usually ignores. But in case if you want to provide your visitor with the right amount of performers along with the higher uptime, you will always need to add what the plan provided by the best hosting providers.

Most of the people might of the hosting provided by very cheap hosting providers, which might affect their website growth, and even Google algorithms don’t accept the website that serves less performance to the visitors. So make sure to choose the right hosting provider. 

Bluehost and Siteground are a couple of hosting provider which are leading globally and hosted more than a million users on across the globe. These hosting providers are pretty expensive compared to the other normal ones but genuinely worth just because they used to serve as many useful features along with the higher uptime and loading speed. 

In case if you want to get access to the cheapest hosting provider, you can always go through the Bluehost, which is a bit inexpensive, and WordPress itself used to recommend the plans served by the Bluehost, which makes the good sense to acquire their plans subsequently to host your website. You can avail their WordPress hosting plans, which begins from just $2.95/ month.

2. Install Well-optimized WordPress Theme


The theme is another excellent SEO entity that you cannot ignore; it plays a vital role in both rankings as well as to gain visitor’s attention. As you might be knowing that UI plays a vital role; hence you’ll need to use the theme, which is more convenient, scalable, lightweight in terms of size, etc. Make sure that the lighter the theme will the loading speed will be higher.

Well, there are tons of themes available on the internet that you can acquire (freemium as well as premium). But I will highly recommend you use the themes provided by the GeneratePress and elegant just because they help you in the SEO process.

For gaining more appealing UI, you can always opt the custom themes which are being provided by WordPress itself; you can customize them properly using the website builder. Once you get to know the customization process, it will be much easier for you to take over the theme on the top even though it’s free.

In the end, I must say make sure not to use the highly-rated theme that would slow down your website.

3. Install SEO plugins 

WordPress is one of the top blogging platform, which is being widely used on across the globe, and hence there are tons of plugins available, including paid and free. But choosing the right plugin is one of the essential aspects for the SEO purpose, the word places to serve some of the best plugins that you can use to maximize your ranking on Google. 

Yoast SEO and RankMath are the couples of SEO plugins that you can use in your WordPress website that will help you a lot in ranking. Even though if you are a beginner, it will be much easier for you to acquire them just because they are available for free, which means anyone can use them subsequently.

4. Make Sure to Check Out the Site’s Search Engine Viability Setting

WordPress is one of the leading blogging platforms which helps you to customize your site correctly; along with that, you’ll also be able to check out the website status to know more about the website. So if you want to run a successful blog, you need to learn more about the pieces of stuff.

Most of the time, it happens that whenever your website is under construction, The unnecessary data appears which needs to be deleted as soon as possible just because Google directly crawl it and make it as unuseful data for the visitors. Clear out all of the dummy content which are available at your website, and it will surely improve your SEO as well.

If you ever forget to remove these unwanted pages, Google will directly disappear your whole website from the search engine, and hence you won’t be able to grow it furthermore with the same domain name. I have noticed that most of the newbie usually go through this process, and if your website is not appearing on the search engine, you need to make sure to check out this process first. 

5. Make Sure to Verify Your Site with a Google Search Console

verify your website with Google search console is an important process that you should Look upon; along with that, let me tell you that Google search console was earlier known for the Webmaster tool, which makes the right sense to maximize your website growth. It’s free to use tools so you can always acquire their services. 

This tool helps you to showcase all of the information that is required for your website to grow on search engines like backlinks, keywords, traffic, etc. It notifies you with an email if something goes wrong with your website, so your website will always remain on the top of the stream. 

It crawls the website content, and all of the necessary information regarding the website is given to you, so even if you’re just heading off to the blogging, you can always opt for their services. So make sure to acquire it properly. This is one of the grand strategies to maximize your brand value just because you’ll always get to know about the status of a website. 

So definitely check it out for the better experience that you’ll get while managing your site.

6. Make Sure to Use the Targeted Keywords

For better ranking, just using the SEO plugins is not more than sufficient just because most of the people are following it but strategizing you are uniqueness is one of the most crucial processes that you cannot ignore if you want to rank your website on the top of Google. 

More work; let me tell you keywords plays a vital role in ranking your website higher on the search results; hence there are too many keywords available that you can analyze by visiting the computer is a website where we will get to know more about the keyword. 

On each of the content, you will have to include at least one to two keyword in the title and enter primary keywords in the first paragraph of the content. This is one of the vital SEO strategies that you can apply in your blogging career.

Why you’re going through the analytics I came to know that SEO is not a one-time process so you will always give to learn new things in it so that to grow your website more often on the search. But amongst all keyword is one of the major aspects that remain stable all the time ends searching the primary keywords and using it in the title and description is more valuable.

You can use the tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs for the keyword finding the highly targeted keywords for your content. 

7. Try Not to Use Highly Consumed CPU Plugins

As I’ve told you earlier that there are tons of plugins available on the WordPress that you can avail, the list consists if both paid as well as the free plugins amongst which you can opt. But here comes the twists that for maintaining your site balance, you’ll need to avoid using the plugins that usually consume much amount of CPU.

Well, plugins play a vital role, but most of the plugins are there, which might increase your website’s loading time, which makes no sense. If the loading time increases instantly, the ranking will get increased just because of the low-quality user experience, which your visitors will notice more often. 

Analyze the plugin details and make sure that the plugin is being developed by the famous developer hence to get maximum output out of it. 

8. Images Must be Optimized Promptly


If you’re just a newbie, let me tell you that the blog post without significant images does not mean anything, as it’s termed to be worthless just because in this visual world, pictures and video have a huge scope. If you simply convey the details in the text format, the chances of ranking decrease just because no one likes to consume information that has no visual format.

But there are a few significant aspects that you need to know while uploading an image to the blog posts, so here are they:

  • Selecting the right image format is essential, which supports all of the browsers, and they’re png, jpeg, gif.
  • Make sure to impress the specific images before you add int he the blog posts; you can always use the tool like TinyPng.
  • Make sure to install an image optimization plugin into your WordPress account.
  • Don’t forget to use the specific long-tail keywords in the image tags, which is essential to maintain the SEO practices and to gain higher ranking.

Once you go through the above processes of image SEO, it’ll be much easier for you to rank on the top of search results. 

9. Title and Meta Description Must be Well-optimized

Title tags and meta descriptions of a couple of essential aspects if you want to rank higher on the search results. I am talking about that it means you have to include as many keywords in that to make your website right as it is the part of SEO that most of the bloggers usually ignore. 

So even if you aren’t just for a beginner, it will be much easier for you to rank if you include the correct primary keyword in the meta description. If it’s possible, you can also take the help of a specific plugin for creating the meta description for the particular content. 

I have noticed that most of the bloggers just ignored the meta description as they don’t use the specific primary keywords in it, which makes no sense; the meta description is crucial for the CTR, hence make sure to invest as much time for writing an edge give meta description for the specific content. 

10. Make Sure to Link Your Old Posts with the Latest Ones

If your niche is specified then it will be much easier for you to link the old post with the latest one just because the Google directly get in touch with the particular post and it will appear on the search results, which makes the real sense in the SEO terminology.

You can even categorize the specific post in all the way across so that visitors will get to know what they will appear in the particular post, it is essential for you to know that Google usually things of visitors and hence to gain more ranking in the search engine you will have to think on the visitors’ point of view, and that’s where the internal links fall upon the process. 

Another best thing is using the backlink for growing your website all the way across; it is considered to be one of the efficient ways to get results more often. In this way, you can authorize your blog post and rank higher.

11. Improve Your Social Reach

Here comes one of the crucial points that you cannot ignore if you want an instant boost up in terms of traffic and growth of the website. You can always improve your social reach by staying active on social media and create your user base.  this will not only help you in branding but also maximize your business growth on the way across from scratch.

Initially, it is necessary to build a brand to run your website for the more in a more efficient way.  you can share the latest blog posts for the updated post on social media so that to know your audience about your latest move. This will surely keep your website on track.

12. Use Heading Tags More Efficiently

And here comes the last strategy that you can apply to improve the SEO of your website, i.e., using the heading tags in the specific heading of the post like H1, H2, H3, etc. This will help you to grow your website. As Google algorithm works more promo and they usually showcase the content that serves value to the audience, and that what you need to do.

 All of the crucial topics must be added to H2 or H3 tags. 

Final Verdict

Search Engine Optimisation is an important aspect that you cannot ignore if you want to get an online success in terms of blogging. Initially, rather than focusing upon the advanced terminologies, make sure to use the necessary stuff that is required to grow your website all the way across. 

Through this detailed post, I have shared some of the essential SEO strategies that you can apply from the very initial stage of blogging that will help you to grow your website and to make it rank higher. 

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