GeneratePress Review: Is It The Best WordPress Theme?

Who else doesn’t want to maximize their website authenticity?

Each of the WordPress creators out there is supposed to customize their website by adopting the best possible WordPress theme. Here I am going to specifically talk about the best in class and most authentic WordPress theme, which is being widely used all across the globe, i.e., GeneratePress. 

Well, The GeneratePress is the free theme that is being highly trusted by the professionals and digital marketers out there. So if you are supposed to build a powerful and well-rated website, you need to acquire this theme to build a good-looking website.

If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post in the end just because I will take you deep into the GeneratePress by listing some of the essential aspects of the theme that you need to know. So with that being said, let’s get started.

What Is GeneratePress?


As we all know, GeneratePress is the best in class, and an authentic theme for the WordPress user was supposed to build the most powerful website in every aspect. When most professional bloggers are still acquiring their features, they make true sense to acquire their features. Throughout the years, more than a million websites are using their theme.

It is basically a free theme, but if you are supposed to acquire their premium subscription, it will be very beneficial to optimize your site.

What I like about GeneratePress?

According to Google’s algorithms, it’s been evaluated that mobile-friendly websites are quite essential to provide the best user experience to browse throughout the website. Moreover, if you’re supposed to make your WordPress website, it’s necessary to get the themes like GeneratePress.

Earlier I was using a free theme, which was not serving the best results, and that’s the reason why I look upon the GeneratePress, which offered me as many values and most worthy page builders which helped me a lot from scratch for building the best and good looking website. 

Initially, I acquired their free version, which was pretty good at certain times. However, I got their paid subscription for getting more features, which is still available at a very reasonable amount. As you get access to dozens of modules, along with various customization options as well. 

If you’re eager to know about the features which are being served to you, here I’ve shortlisted a few of them:

Lightweight Theme

As lightweight themes are essential for the growth here, you get complete experience to get the most authentic view through your mobile itself. Due to the lightweight website gets load even faster, so this probably the best option for you.

Design Of Theme

For scaling up your website, the GeneratePress serves you approximately 14 modules that’ll surely help you to maximize the authenticity of your website all across. Also, you can customize the design as per the requirement.

Developer Friendly

There is no requirement for any coding language. That’s why most developers used to acquire the GeneratePress themes to apply to their website; subsequently, it makes the website look good in each aspect. 

These were the basic features served by the GeneratePress, but though I’ve shortlisted the key features you need. So here are they. 

High Performing Well Optimized Websites

Let me tell you that the entire theme you get is below 20 KB, which uses to acquire their features even if you are not having enough budget for the expensive themes. As I have gone through many themes and concluded that most of the other themes offer you the services, the size goes up to 1mb, which is quite higher. 

Along with that, even if you don’t have any coding knowledge, though you’re free to acquire their features due to the drag and drop method, which will help you to set up the complete theme for your WordPress website. 

Different Customization Settings

Customization is an essential process that you cannot ignore. The pre-installed WordPress customizer helps you maximize your website’s authenticity just because you get access to various features. 

Also, let me tell you that the GeneratePress also offers you a free plan; although it has certain limitations, if you acquire their new version, it will help you manage all of the stuff that will maximize your website look. 

If you are supposed to manage the settings related to the customization following are the options that you can edit according to the requirement:

  • Header
  • Navigation
  • Sidebar and layout
  • Blog post layout
  • Footer layout


The typography is one of the authentic modules of GeneratePress just because overall website quality gets increased due to editing the texts and overall formats, which makes the true sense to acquire their features from scratch. 

Complete Access To WooCommerce

For the visuals, the WooCommerce is a major entity that you can get access to for the website’s betterment. It’s because if you want that good looking and professional website look them, you’re free to acquire the GeneratePress.

Why you need to choose the GeneratePress theme?

As far as the features are concerned which are being offered by GeneratePress, it is one of the best themes,  but though there is some point that you need to know before you adopt the features which are being offered by the GeneratePress, so let’s begin with that: 

  • One of the best and mobile responsive WordPress themes helps you make the website look good in each aspect.
  • Get access to the custom CSS support, which is quite important.
  • Basic customization features are available like don’t, logos, related, etc. 
  • Integrated with various other plugins that will maximize your workflow.
  • There isn’t a requirement of coding skills, which minimizes the efforts served by you.
  • Get access to 14 different modules.

How To Get GeneratePress Theme?

You are free to install the GeneratePress on your WordPress website because it is a free theme that will help you change your site’s overall theme. To acquire their premium services, you’ll have to install their GP premium plugin that allows you to set up a complete profile that’ll surely help you in each aspect. 

To get started with the GeneratePress, you are free to get their child themes that are the way you use, and the drag and drop method gets your job done just within a while.  Even if you are a newbie, check it out once to give your website a good look and feel. 

Additionally, as it is a well-optimized website theme so you will be able to rank higher on the search engine, the more users will get attracted just because the website looks damn good. 

GeneratePress Pricing

If you are an existing WordPress user, it will be free for you to get the features offered by GeneratePress regarding the themes. All the free version works damn good, but if you are a bit serious about your website growth, it will be essential for you to grab their premium subscription, which is quite affordable. It’s basically a plugin that can be used as per the requirement. 

The WordPress customizer is an essential feature that you only get with the premium subscription, so in case if you are using their free services, then there is not much to offer due to limitations. 

If you are supposed to be at their premium subscription, it will cost you only about $49.98, which is quite affordable compared to the other elegant themes, which might cost you much but the features offered are quite similar.

If you are using WordPress for your website customization, then that and it was themed are quite sufficient for you just because the features are well optimized shall guide you to rank the website at the top. 

It doesn’t matter your core niche; just because they generate press applies to each of the niches. Whether you’re using it for your online business or a blog, grab it for the betterment of the website. 

GeneratePress Theme – Pros & Cons

After getting in touch with the GeneratePress theme, I have analyzed it deeply and concluded that it has some of the pos and gonna. In case if you are about to know each one of them, that is deep into it.

  • One of the most lightweight and easy to access theme is highly recommended by professional bloggers worldwide.
  • There is no requirement of coding skills as you can begin from scratch itself.
  • Get access to 45+ pre-designed layouts.
  • The WooCommerce integrations are available.
  • The customer support of GeneratePress is quite effective, so you can get in touch with customer executives anytime you need, about 12 hours.
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee is helpful, so if you don’t like their features, you can claim the refund anytime you need.
  • One of the best WordPress plugin and highly compatible with the other WooCommerce business websites too.
  • The page builder is available for free here; you can manage all of the stuff related to the website customization.
  • Their free version has certain limitations, so you might need to purchase their premium plan to better your website.
  • The premium subscription is quite higher in price.


Until now, we have talked a lot more things related to the GeneratePress, but its way is essential for you to sort out the doubts which you might carry in your head, and so we have shortlisted a few of the frequently asked questions so here are they:

How to compare the GeneratePress with Genesis?

If you are well familiar with the GeneratePress, let me conclude that Genesis is quite higher in pricing and a bit complicated.

Can I rely upon the free version of GeneratePress?

As the free version of GeneratePress has certain limitations, so if you are the one who is about to get complete control over the theme, it’s way easier for you to get their premium subscription, which is available at a very small amount.

How many sites can you use with the help of a single GeneratePress account?

Let me tell you that the free plan allows you to use the GeneratePress features in just a single website. But if you are supposed to get their premium subscription, you can access it on multiple websites that you own. 

Final Verdict

It’s 2020, and Google is consistently upgrading the algorithm just because most of the websites created out there are supposed to customize their website properly to make it look good in each aspect.

Through this detailed post, I have discussed a lot more factors related to the selection of GeneratePress themes. How you can use GeneratePress for maximizing your website authenticity in each aspect. from the last couple of years, I have been using the features of GeneratePress consistently and applied in most of my website which gives me the reason is to operate it accordingly where I can organize all of the stuff that I need.

The good thing is the offer you both free and paid plan to so accordingly you can choose the one that fulfills your need.  I will highly recommend you purchase their premium plans for one time so so as many features if you are supposed to grasp it. 

If that sounds great to you, make sure to visit their official website to know more details about GeneratePress and the features served to you.

GeneratePress Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money

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