How to Update Your Old Blog Posts for Maximum Organic Traffic?

Do you want to rank your content on the top before inputting the efforts in writing the fresh content for a website?

Well, you’re at the right place as you can boost up your website content exponentially by updating the old content so often by using specific methods that we’re going to discuss furthermore in this post. 

The more the fresh content will be, More will be the user’s attention. And hence you’ll be able to convert those visitors into consumers. You might know that for creating the new content used to input a lot of the efforts and money to get most of it, but let’s see if you haven’t updated your content from the last couple of years can you conceive these bucks by updating your old content. 

In this detailed post, I will be sharing a few of the strategies that you can apply in your blogging career for updating your old content. So, if that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post till the end. But before that, let me convey to you essential entities that you need to know. So let’s get started. 

Why Should You Update Old Posts?

Why Should You Update Old Posts

Let’s see if you have returned the post for the blog a couple of your back, but you haven’t touched it after hitting that publish button, then it might be feel like why should you handle that blog post again and does it makes any sense? 

Well, in short, that makes the truth since just because rather than working hard, you can strategize your planning smartly by updating your older content, which is not dead at all as you all know that Google likes the freshness of content and hence you can get more traffic to your older content just by updating few of the essential things in it like adding latest images, examples, theories, infographics, and statistics. 

The search engine already knows that visitors will only visit the website if the content is fresh and adding value to one’s life. Let’s say if you are a photographer who owns the blog that is specifically related to the photography and filmmaking niche. If any of the visitors search on the search engine like ‘best camera in 2020,’ the chances are more that results will appear, which are the latest. And if you have already created the blog post which states ‘top camera in 2016’, then it needs to be updated for ranking on the top. 

If you put more attention towards the older content, the algorithm of Google will get to know that you are more conscious about the content that you serve, and indirectly, the chances of getting your website ranked on the too increases. This is the kind of SEO strategy that most people don’t become aware of. 

To give you more information, I have shortlisted a few more things that you need to know that you need to update the content. So here are they:

1. SEO 


Google algorithm works in such a way that it displays the latest content on the top; hence, the chances of SERPs gets lowers if you don’t update your content from time to time. If you’re updating the content on a regular basis, the chances of higher SERPs increase and hence you’ll be able to veg more CTR.

Let’s say at the very initial stage of lonely; you might have made several mistakes, whether it may be grammatical errors, spinning content, plagiarized content, etc. That needs to be verified and throw the unnecessary things out of it. 

There are various situations you might shameless of yourself while writing the blog post earlier that need to be corrected to make it useful hence, if you do so, the chances of getting higher CTR increase. 

2. Old Content Rank 

Well, this might sound pretty and going for some, but that’s true just because you have already shared your older content, which is quite outdated in recent times. By updating that old content, you are saying not much energy and the time that might get consumed while creating the new content for your website. 

This is what most of the bloggers do at the very initial stage; they just write new content for the website instead of updating the older content by the side. You can boost up your content by adding new entities in it like images, videos, etc. So make sure to do that more often to rank your content on the top. 

3. Google Likes Fresh Content


After hitting that publish button, if you don’t look at your content, you lack most out of it just because all of your efforts are flowing into the river. If you have written and blogpost quite some time before, then you need to maintain it properly just because Google likes the freshness, and by delivering the fresh content to users, the attention will get more towards your website, and hence ranking factor increases. 

Along with the new content, the publish date also gets updated, and Google takes it as a new content, which is more beneficial for those who are afraid of writing new content. 

Which Blog Posts You Should Update?

While updating the contents doesn’t mean that you will obtain any of the random content from your list of articles that has no scope. Let’s say if there are more than 200 posts active on your website, but very few of them might be ranking on the top, and hence updating those content will be a great choice to make your website on the lid on the search engine. 

At the very first you need to shortlist those contest which can rank on the top of search engine. Out of 200, there might be at least 25 old content out there that need to be adequately verified and update it subsequently to make it like fresh content. 

If you are a bit confused about which content to be updated, I have shortlisted a few of the entities, so verify that if the content signifies the below aspects:

  • The blog posts which lies on your website, which is being created more than a year ago.
  • In case if the content of the website is outdated.
  • The post which we are getting a fair amount of traffic before but now it has stopped just because the content is outdated.

Moreover, if you want to update your older content more often, you can filter the data by ascending order. You noticed that very initial content would appear on the screen, so if you found any of the content that can rank on the search engine of that one and make the changes that are required subsequently. 

You will have two options in front of you either you delete the unwanted post or update the post that still has the potential to drive traffic. Google Analytics works in such a way that your entire content will be verified adequately, and Google will appear only those who have the group’s attention to add value in one’s life.

Hence you need to shortlist the most convenient and reliable content in your blog post list to make it used as the latest post rather than creating the all-new post for the specific topic that you already have. 

How to Update and Republish Old Blog Posts?

Well, until now, you might get to know how useful your old content is if you take it in the right direction. Once you have shortlisted the content that needs to be updated and republished, the next process is how you will do that and what changes you need to make in the specific content for making it rank on the top of the search engine.

For your kind information, I have listed a few of the entities that you need to know before you republish the old content, so here are they:

1. Rewrite The Title of Blog Post

The very first thing you need to do is very writing the title properly just because it is the very first thing people usually notice when they visit your post. If the title of a blog post is not optimized correctly, the chances of getting fewer attention increases contain all of your efforts goes useless that need to be stopped.

There might be lots of errors you have made in your earlier blog posts just because, and that time you might be a newbie in writing posts for your website. While writing the headline, you need to go through several aspects which are mentioned below:

  • People usually read the first three and last three words of the title that need to be eye-catchy.
  • The curiosity term needs to be added to the title of the blog post.
  • Be specific about the content that you are about to write.
  • You can even start with questions like ‘ How To.’

For more information, you can also take the help of various headline analyzer that will help you to optimize your headline correctly so that your title will look even more optimized and eye-catchy as we have gone through several Research and came to know that the top bloggers usually go through at least five to ten headlines before they finalize one. 

Also, for better improvement, you can check the score of the title that will give you an idea of whether the crown is optimized or not.

2. You Need to Add Specific Keywords

Most of the time, it happens that the keywords which we’ve earlier added in your blog post might have outdated, so you need to free verify it and add some sort of Highly targeted keywords that man is the real sense to update your content. 

Along with the keyword research, you also have to know about visitors’ intent and if the changes are needed to do that at the same moment. There might be some of the training examples going out that you need to share with your audience to maintain the sustainability of the blog post. 

For this complete analysis, you can also take the help of some of the SEO tools like SEMrush that will help you to create new content just with the help of the older one. You can also use their specific SEO templates that can help you a lot to maximize the content ability. 

3. Freshness is Must

Make sure to throw out the unwanted things in the article and add some sort of fresh content in it to make it look even better and readable. You can delete the outdated statistics for infographics and add new ones so that it will look like new and fresh content. Also, there might be some sort of notations that might go outdated, which need to be escaped.

There might be some of the training examples going out on the same topic that you can add in it. For more info, you can ask yourself the below questions before you write the content:

  • Is there any major news available that needs to be added to the blogpost?
  • Are there any significant new statistics for entities available related to the topic?
  • Are there any discoveries or inventions related to the topic?
  • Is there any updated version of services or product available?

Analyze the above question thoroughly and go through the solutions that need to be added to blog posts. This is one of the most convenient ways to make your content even look better and fresher. 

4. Analyze The Grammatical Errors and Make it Correct

Omitting the grammatical errors is one of the critical aspects that you cannot miss while proofreading the older content. The chances of grammatical mistakes might be increased at that time when you were not supposed to write high-quality content; you can escape out of that by evaluating the content properly and who made the unwanted or the content which has tons of error. 

You need to manually proofread the content properly so that to overcome the grammatical errors and other unwanted entities. Also, you might have included the unwanted sentences through the blog post that need to be thrown out of the blog post. Try to add the latest images to make it look more attractive and also add some sort of infographics whenever necessary. This will help you in the ranking factor.

To let you know, I have shortlisted a few entities that will help you from scratch to skyrocket your content:

  • Escape from the long paragraphs and make it even shorter as possible; you need to make a single paragraph that only includes round 3 to 4 sentences, and that’s it. 
  • For maintaining the flow, make sure to use the synonyms properly and make the conversation of words much more accessible.
  • You need to update the meta description and add some sort of keywords in it that will make your content rank; also, it will help you in SEO terminology.

5. Including The Graphics and Images

Graphics and images are the couples of significant factors that make your post even look better, and hence if there are no Graphics images available in the blog post, make sure to download it from Canva or Pixabay. You can also add some sort of infographics in it to make it even look more reliable and scalable. For maintaining the floor, you can use mind mapping techniques too. 

There is a massive correlation between the text and the images; the more you add pictures in the blog post, the optimization of the post gets increased; hence your website will rank on the top of the stream. According to the research, it came to know that the conversion of your content increases by 90% if you add the images on infographics in it that look pretty much dope. 

 So adding the fresh images and graphics in the older post is a crucial aspect that you need to overcome.

6. Add The Current Date of Publishing The Post

While republishing the post, you need to add the current date, which lets Google know that the content is fresh, and so it will showcase your content on the top of the field. You can manage the Republishing date from the WordPress dashboard itself; this will keep your content more unit and the Optimisation increases.

Republishing the post is the definition of an SEO factor that you cannot ignore at any instance to take proper usage of older contact.

How To Promote The Old Republished Content?

Well, there are tons of different ways of promoting your older republished content, but I will be going to share the strategies that will help you to get more often results, so here are they:

1. Use Of Newsletter


This is one of the most convenient ways to let you, a subscriber know that your old account is updated, and they will be able to fetch it. You can even at the date of publishing so that your subscribers will take it as a new content, which makes your task much more manageable.

2. Social Media

Once you update the older content, it will look like fresh and new content, and you can take the help of social media for the promotion. Give the Shout Out on social media so that your followers will get to know that new posts have been added to the website that could be acquired. 

If you are adding some sort of services, let them know about it, so the chances of getting more attention get increases. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter are the four highly used social media platforms that you can use for promotion purposes. 

3. Add Updated Post In The Widget

Whenever you update the older post, make sure to add it in the widget so that it will pop up in front of the audience, and they will click on it so often. The chances of getting more attention towards you are blog posts increase just with the help of this promotion entity. 

This will help the loyal readers to know more about the posts that you recently added; well, this will not make any difference between the old content and the new content and hence even if you have updated the older content, it will look like a new and fresh content which makes the good sense to opt this strategy. 

4. Comment In Blogs

You can give the Shout Out of your blog post in other blog comment sections that will drive the traffic to your blog. This is considered to be one of the best ways to Grab the traffic and to promote your website; this will let their visitors know about your blog and the chances of getting more attention increase. 

So if you want that instant gratification to get more traffic, this would be a great option that will help you to reach out as many people from scratch. So definitely give it a try.

What To Avoid?

 Once you go through the above entities, it will be fine, but you need to avoid some of the essential aspects that might affect your growth rate.  so here are the entities that you need to avoid at any instance while updating the older content:

  •  Try not to add a specific date in between articles that will lower the value of content.
  •  Be specific about the topic, not to do clickbait. 
  •  The permanent structure of the blog post needs to be maintained without changing it.

Final Verdict

Updating the old content is the best strategy that you can apply on your website for maintaining the flow. It consumes less time of yours and allows you to utilize your older content and make it some sort of fresh content. 

Most of the time, it happens that you are older content has real potential to gain more attention, but it needs some sort of change, and that’s what you need to do. Through this blog post, I have shared some of the critical factors that are essential for you to know about to make some sort of changes in the older content. 

This will keep your website evergreen, and none of the content will go useless at any instance, so if that sounds great, make sure to go through the process and make the use of it.

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