15 Best Micro Job Sites To Make Money In 2021

Who else doesn’t want to earn some extra money?

Well, this is the major source why most of the people usually capture. It’s 2020, and you might have been searched for the micro job opportunities to earn some sort of extra money to gain financial freedom. But choosing the right platform is one of the important processes that you should not ignore at any instance if you are supposed to convert those micro-jobs into your primary source of income.

Freelancing is consistently increasing day by day just due to the high demand in the market to work from home remotely. So if you’re a bit conscious about the terminology make sure to stick with the post till the end just because it’ll sharing the too 15 best micro job sites to make money in 2021.

But before that, you need to know what exactly is a micro job and the scope of it too.

What Are Micro Jobs?

A micro job is basically an entity that allows you to get the job done for your client at a certain skill set remotely. It means you are the owner of your job, so whenever you want, you can work at your own pace. Due to COVID-19 coronavirus situation, most of the companies were heading off to the micro-jobs. 

Freelancing is the terminology which belongs to the micro-jobs. 

15 Best Micro Jobs Sites To Make Money

Finding the job right sitting on your couch becomes difficult; hence we’ve shortlisted a few of the best sites that help you get user-friendly into them to get started selling out your expertise at certain costs. So here’s the list of sites:



I’ve been personally being truly inspired by the Fiverr algorithm just because it’s the #1 platform when it comes to the freelancing. You can initiate your expertise and sell it at a certain cost, starting from just $5. The working pattern of Fiverr is pretty simple used how to create your own profile, and that’s it the clients will reach up to you for buying what you’re selling. 

So if you are supposed to take the Fiverr as a part-time job source you can do so, letter onwards this part-time job can be converted into full time once you start getting reviews. Although initially, it might take some time to get the first job once you get so the reviews will be showcased subsequently so that people will get to know what you’re good at. 

There are several services that you can sell out through Fiverr amount, which content writing and graphic designing are the couple of major skills which most of the people are selling and earning a decent amount of revenue. Moreover, you will be amazed by using their official application form where you can handle all of the task related to your profile. So do check it out to get yourself enrol into it. 



Just like the Fiverr, Upwork is there another freelancing website where you can sell out their expertise that working pattern of Upwork is pretty different compared to the Fiverr just because you have to specifically Bid over the clients to acquire the specific project. The competition on Upwork is quite well as compared to the Fiverr, and that is the reason why it is much popular when it comes to the freshers who are willing to begin. 

Well, it would be hard for you and every initial stage just because the reviews are not there and we’ll start getting jobs it will be easier for you to convince more clients with your work. To show the sample work, you can create it subsequently and later onwards you can charge for it accordingly depending upon the choice. 

You can begin with Upwork by submitting your application, it might take 2 to 3 business days to approve your request.



The next up in our list is Swagbucks that allows you to perform various tasks by visiting their official website. One of the biggest reason I personally like the algorithm of Swagbucks is just that you can entertain Yourself by watching videos, playing games, surveys etc. 

Once you do so, it will be easier for you to gain points out of it. As soon as you reach on the top, it will be easier for you to generate a decent amount of revenue depending upon your workflow. Even though they’ve recently added some sort of shopping points too, so whenever you shop from e-commerce stores like Amazon, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed subsequently.

The good thing is that why but also serves the application that you can download so you don’t have to always head off to the official website instead you can always handle all of the tasks from scratch in a more authentic manner. 

You can also get the voucher and gift cards that can be claimed accordingly. So if you’re supposed to get most out of what you do, you should opt the Swagbucks. 



Clickworker is kind of authentic way to make money online,  it’s been a decade that Clickworker is serving their best services successfully, and more than a million users are connected with their services. So do check it out by visiting their official website. 

You’ll notice that as many jobs are listed on their site just because it’s working pattern is as similar to the freelancing websites and that’s the reason why it’s much popular throughout the globe. So if you are supposed to generate some sort of extra income, you should definitely opt their services from scratch. 

You can sell out as many services to the clients like typing works, translation jobs, data entry etc. Which makes the true sense if you had the expertise level and willing to generate a decent amount of revenue. 



MicroWorkers is one of the authentic ways to get started by serving online services. Most of the time it happens that the big business owners used to get the job done just within a while, you can create your profile if you think you can sort out the issue by servings the businesses what they actually need. 

You can be the virtual assistant in MicroWorkers by serving the essential skills to the clients. The remote works are consistently increasing day by day hence you can start generating a decent amount of revenue out is it, in the long term you can rely upon it once you get the good of clients. 

As the withdrawal limit is of $9 so, you can use the PayPal to withdraw your money. The transaction fees will be deducted accordingly. I’ll highly recommend you to have a look upon it just because MicroWorkers provide you as many facilities from the scratch that’ll help you to generate a decent amount of revenue. 



As the name suggests, the CrowdSource could be the best platform for you that’ll help you from scratch to generate a decent amount of revenue. So if you’re a bit conscious about the terminology, it would be a great option for you to acquire the clients. 

It’s working pattern is as similar to the freelancing website where you can sell out the expertise that you have at a certain cost. Mostly the bloggers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs etc. Used to hire the visual assistant to get their job done like content writing, data entry, blog posts, etc. 

So if you carry any of the skills related to the digital marketing stream, make sure to check it out once where you can decide the cost of your service. To begin with the CrowdSource, you’ll have to decent the specific niche of expertise and according to you can set up your profile. 

The transition can be done through PayPal, which is a better source to withdraw the amount you’ve earned through the work. 



This micro job website is kind of similar to the Fiverr, it’s because you can sell out as many expertise skills that you have. The scope of the remote work is consistently booming up just because most of the working professionals and entrepreneur used to give a charge to freelancers for acquiring some sort of content at a reasonable price. 

Well, 10% of the freelancers earning is being deducted accordingly, which might not bother you at any instance. The affiliate marketers who are willing to writhe the SEO optimized copy for their blog can hire the freelancers at a certain amount. 

SEOClerks serve you an opportunity to acquire their services from scratch so that you can start generating the side revenue. So do check it out. 



Most of the entrepreneurs and digital marketers use to get the job done just been a while, and for so they might become higher the virtual assistant, and that’s where the Gigbucks lies. It’s kind of freelancing website that allows you to post the expertise that you’ve and for getting the job done, you’ll be paid a certain amount accordingly. 

You can set your own pricing in between $5 to $50 depending upon your choice, but I will highly recommend you to set the pricing as low as you can so that more client will reach up to for getting things done. To grab your attention towards your profile to create your profile as unique as possible along with the well-managed description.

Most of the young entrepreneurs used to find the virtual assistant for sending emails, posts, articles etc. hence you can acquire the services at a certain cost. You’ll be paid via PayPal, you can withdraw it anytime you need. 

This might be a great option for you if you are supposed to create a lot of user base. Once you start getting feedbacks, your profile will boost up, and more clients will reach out to you.

ProBlogger Marketplace


As the name suggests, it is one of the authentic websites of there where you can post your request for hiring the freelancer as well as if you are supposed to provide service you can do so by charging a certain amount. This micro job website is consistently increasing day by day. The working pattern of this micro job website is quite different, which means you’ll have to advertise yourself for acquiring the specific job that suits your niche. 

Most of the digital marketing and bloggers used to post a request for getting things done, and if you are interested, you can claim for it accordingly. As it’s a freelancing platform so you can even create a good with the client for more than a month so that you could work for them remotely as a virtual assistant.

There are several job opportunities lies on the website like content writers, editors, SEO experts etc. Amongst which you can opt the one that suits your choice. For getting signed up to ProBlogger Marketplace, you will be asked to submit the CV of your existing work or expertise on their email. And if that Ashish you will be a member of their platform and will be able to post your job request to a certain client. 

I have seen most of the people out there have converted their side Hustle to the primary source of income, so definitely check it out once. 



How can we forget one of the legitimate and genuine freelancing website, i.e. PeoplePerHour, where you can work as a part-time freelancer a virtual assistant for your client. The working pattern of PeoplePerHour is similar to the Upwork where you have to specifically bid for acquiring the project. But the thing is they also offer you some of the great features as well, which are being listed on their dashboard.

I have noticed that most of the professional writers used to charge up to $50/ article, where they used to provide just 1000-2000 words of the article (but of high quality). But if you are just getting started, I would recommend you to set the price as high as you can instead if you put your price low more clients will reach up to you to get things done within a while. 

If you are supposed to enrol yourself into the platform you have to submit a portfolio along with the CV, the executive will review your portfolio and accordingly, you will get registered. Just so you can submit your request for getting work. There are several job opportunities like graphic designer, content writer, website developer, video editor etc. So if you are expert at any of the entity you can sell it out. 

The feedback is important, so make sure to ask your clients for the feedback so that more clients will analyse your work. The chances are higher to convert your part-time job into full time through PeoplePerHour. You can even outsource the work once you start getting more projects. 



We all know that you took over covid 19 situations most of the digital marketers and influences are about to hire a freelancer for a virtual assistant to get things done just within a while. You get a great opportunity to acquire the services provided by RapidWorkers from scratch. It means even if you are not having any of your expertise, you can register on the website to get started. 

Even you don’t have to submit any of the portfolios to acquire their services, so in case if you are just for freshers out there, it’s a great choice for you to Grab their services from the scratch and register yourself into it. There are several jobs available on the site like graphic designing, article writer, website development, digital marketing etc. Sai recording to your choice you can bid on the specific project. 

Both clients and freelancers will need to register on the official website just to get things done. Once you do so, it’ll be easier for you to create a profile that includes some of the useful information that promotes your expertise along with the essential entities. You will get paid via PayPal, which makes the true sense to acquire their services. 



TaskRabbit is some sort of different freelancing website where you have to actually spread the expertise that is not Virtually being distributed like graphics design, writing etc. Instead, you’ll have to train the specific person to acquire the skills set. You’ll have to post the request for acquiring some of the real-world tasks like shopping, serving knowledge etc. So if you are the one for the small micro jobs, then this could be the best option for you. 

Well, to let you know they also serve as a virtual assistant job as well that belongs to the content writer and graphic designer so if you want to post a request for remote jobs, you can do so subsequently by visiting the task rabbit. There are several digital products out there which can be sold out virtually, so do check them out accordingly. 

But the thing is you will always need to be of 21 in terms of age to join their platform, it might sound little creepy for some but for the security purpose it is efficient for you to be at a certain age. If you are not, you can always go with the Fiverr or work where you don’t have to fill any of the Foundation when it comes to the age limit. 



Freelancer is one of the most legitimate platforms for the freelancers just because it was don’t back in 2009, which makes it kind of efficient website for the freelancers to post their job request. All the competition is higher on freelancer but let me convey to you if you have the expertise at a high instant you can enrol yourself on their website for getting more valuable jobs. 

There are several Jobs available on the freelancer just because most of the digital marketers and young entrepreneurs to post a job on the official website, and you get work opportunity to bid on that specific job. Make sure to create your own profile Uniquely so that the clients will reach up to you once you bid on the project. 

The commission will be deducted from your project just because the freelancer is providing an opportunity to get in touch with the client’s that can stay with you in the long term if they like your job. 



Just like the Swagbucks, the inbox dollars is one the best micro job facility provider where you can on depending upon the task you perform. You can earn cash just by watching videos, reading emails and articles related stuff. So indirectly you can gain knowledge of that, and for so you will be get paid.

Even if you shop any of the physical product, you will get points on that which can be converted into the money. So we were supposed to Grab the opportunity provided by Inboxdollars you should visit their official website and get yourself registered to acquire their features from scratch.

The services are also available that you can claim accordingly and each of the services is being paid for about $0.25 to $5 depending upon the server type that you opt.

Fancy Hands


Fancy Hands is a great Outsourcing platform where you will find as many job opportunities listed on their website that you can grab and convert it into a decent amount of money generator. Basically, it is a virtual assistant finder website where several virtual assistants are being hired regularly by digital marketers and influencers to get their job done. 

It is the virtual assistant. It is being paid in between $3 to $7 depending upon the task you perform. The payment is being made on each Tuesday. Fancy Hands allow you to outsource Yourself by serving the expertise at the high instant. I had personally tested it from quite sometime before and came to the conclusion that it is one of the authentic websites where anyone can register for free. 

Booking dinner registration and calling I kind of Postal assistant job that you can do remotely right sitting at your home itself. 

Final Verdict

Due to COVID-19 situation, most of the professional bloggers and digital marketers are hiring the freelancer and virtual assistant to get things done at a certain payment. If you want to generate some sort of extra income you should know definitely of the services which I had shared earlier in this post. 

The above listed are the top 15 websites that can acquire for free if you carry any of the skills. Was start getting feedback on your profile the more clients will reach up to you to get their job done. Later onwards you can even outsource the projects depending on your choice. So definitely check them out to acquire their services from the scratch. 

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