How To Promote Your Blog To Drive Traffic, Increase Links, and Shares

The promotion of your blog post is one of the most important parts that you cannot afford to ignore, if you want to grow exponentially. Getting organic traffic has become tough nowadays because there are too many factors involved and the competition is higher; hence promotion is the only last thing that might appear in your mind.

But have you ever imagine the techniques and strategies that will help you in the promotion of a blog?

Well, that might sound a little obvious, but the thing is you will always need to strategize your planning in a proper direction to gain the most out of it. There are tons of different factors that are essential for you to know before your hands on to the promotion process, and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post. So make sure to stick with the post till the end. 

After going through the research and experiencing by myself, I’ve shortlisted a few of the essential promotion techniques and the strategies that’ll surely benefit you in certain instances if you follow them genuinely. But before I just take you deep into it, let me convey to you essential aspects that you should examine the prior promotion of the blog. So let’s dive deep into the terminology.

But before I take you to the complete procedure of promoting the blog, you must go through the prior procedure. 

Benefits Of Blog Promotion

Well, most of you might think that is it truly necessary to plan before the promotion of your blog? 

Yup! For sure, it’s because the whole process of the promotion will get easier if you go through the prior process. All of the promotion processes are necessary just because it brings out more traffic but maximizing it is a vital procedure, and that’s what you should do. 

The benefits of blog promotion are seamless just because at the very initial stage, most of the newbie don’t get that much attention, and hence you will always need to promote it subsequently using various mediums, including social media. It will give your content and initial boost, which will help you in the long run. So definitely make sure to do that if you’re just a newbie. I have noticed that most of the problem Steel enhances their content by promoting it subsequently, and that’s what makes them succeed at their work. 

Accordingly, you’ll need to plan before you go into the field, just because you might have been noticed that the prior practice is necessary before you play the sport, and that’s what you need to do. To let you know, I have shortlisted some of the checklists that will help you in the pre-promotion. 

Following are some of the benefits of pre-promotion that you need to know:- 

1. Procrastination Becomes Less

It’s better to plan before, so afterward, it’ll be easier for you just to post and promote it subsequently. Hence the procrastination you do is also less if you go through it. Along with that, there are several significant aspects that might affect you initially, but all of that gets sorted just within a while if you plan the content initially. 

2. Content Management Becomes Better

Once you create the blog, you will always need to update it by adding some sort of content regularly, and this scheduling application or tool will help you. This will keep you on track, so you will never miss any of this stuff that is essential in the promotion process.

3. Massive Benefit Through Promotion

Organizing the task in a proper manner is necessary just because people will get to know what exactly one adding up to your website. It specifically means that all of your promotions will boost up your traffic rate and convert it into the subscriber or consumer, and that’s what you need initially so that to grow your blog. 

Well, you might think that how you will organize all of the stuff At Once but let me remind you initially, it will look pretty creepy, but once you get used to the procedure, it will be damn easy for you to promote your blog subsequently. 

To get your job done, I have created the specific checklist that you need to know before you go and promote your blog on any of the platforms, so here are they:-

Checklist For The Pre-promotion

Before you go and promote your blog, you need to go through the process of free promotion just because everyone likes the quality content; regularly, there are millions of blog posts being posted on the search engine, and hence you need to make your content stand on the top. Hence the prior thinking is necessary. 

Also, none the influencers for organizations want to promote an ugly or spammy blog; hence make sure to create the quality content and organize it in a more proper manner that’ll help you in the long-run process. 

Here is the list that you could take on to your free promotion checklist:

1. Make Sure To Add Visuals In Blog Posts

Add Visuals In Blog Posts

According to the report its been noticed that if you add some sort of visualization entities like images, infographics, videos, statistical data in the content, the overall traction gets increased, and that’s the reason why most of the pro bloggers usually rank on the high even with the minimum range. So if you’re not adding the pieces of stuff like that into your blog posts, it’ll get even tough for you to rank your post higher on the search engine. 

Providing the informative info to the visitors is necessary for certain instances just because visitors usually visit the websites for the sake of knowledge only, so be a site about that. 

Let’s a day even if you put your ass off while writing effective content but haven’t included a single image, all of that efforts go off just because no one likes to read boredom and ugly content that takes too much time to grand the info. Rather than I’m that if you add a single inmate or an infographic, the traffic will get 2× increased without applying much effort into it. 

Similarly, in the SEO process also it will be more beneficial for you to rank your content on the top just by reading a piece of the image, so make sure to go through the process from scratch to gain more traction towards the blog. 

2. Content Quality Should Be Top-notch 


So this is one of the crucial processes that you should do before you go and promote your blog; it’s because Google usually showcases the content that only serves more value to the audience, and hence you can think in that way. Your content should add some sort of value in one’s life so that users will stick with your website for a longer time, and hence indirectly, the traffic will also get increased.

Also, make sure to stick with the niche just because the visitors will only attract towards your content if you provide them the range in that way which they’re looking for. Let’s say if you’re running a fitness blog, make sure to write the content that is related to it, rather than including the grooming and fashion in it. 

And the whole process will take you to the top of the search engine. I have noticed that most of the newbies usually suffer a lot through this issue just because they don’t have a topic; in such a situation, you can go to the competitors’ research that will give you an idea and the quality content in that way. 

3. Your Blog Should Be Searchable 

Along with the quality content, you don’t have to miss the technology, which is named as SEO. This will take you on the top; there are a couple of vital entities that are linked with the SEO, i.e., Off-page SEO and On-page SEO. Once you get to learn about that, indeed, it won’t take much time and effort to make your content rank higher as possible. 

For an Optimisation process, you can also go through the backlinks creation that’ll surely help you from scratch to gain as much traffic, especially if you are a newbie create in the backlinks should be your priority along with the quality content to drive more traffic throughout the blog.

With this process, the users will get to know about the blog, and indeed your content will get viral at a certain instance. 

4. Build Strong Relationships With The Audience

People are more important than money; it’s because it’s you help the people and build strong relationships within; it will be much easier for you to gain more traffic traction towards your blog more often. Think of their perspective and, in that way, create the content that admires their profit.

For getting your Bond stronger, you can always reply to their comments along with that; you can use the email as well to let them know about your latest post. Make sure to link your social media handles so that they will get connected with you. Let me can tell you that off-site building relationships will surely hell you in the long run, so be sure about that. 

You can also offer them free services like ebooks, live chat, query answers, etc. So that to gain more traction. 

Once you go through the above process, the post-promotion becomes more comfortable for you, and you don’t have to anyone apply as much in that to gain more traffic. So let’s move on to that.

How To Promote Your Blog?

I’ve shortlisted some of the majors’ entries that you need to know, so here are the details:-

1. Make Sure To Repurpose Your Content

Repurposing your old content is a necessary process that you should know. Will this process is ideal for those who have a bunch of content already published on their blogs, and hence you can enhance the quality of that in that way. Firstly you need to take a look upon your old content and make sure that to consider the content from the visitors’ point of view.

Let’s say if earlier you have posted some sort of content in your blog, you can promote your YouTube channel, social media, or even you can add the missing images that news to be added, infographics, etc. This will help you from scratch and make sure to produce the content in that way. 

This will surely improve the CTA, so even if you’re into blogging from quite sometime before, this process will help you a lot to gain more traction towards the post. Repurposing your content will help you a lot to maximize the promotion technique. 

2. Use Social Media For Sharing The Blog


This might sound well familiar with you just because most of the bloggers and the other marketers usually use social media to capture more audience. As it’s been noticed, dad, most of the shares are being done via social media, and you can take advantage of it to promote your content subsequently and to drive as much traffic promote the blog. 

But why sharing your content on social media ensure that you don’t use just swipe up method which has gone training instead, I will highly recommend you to post regularly that will help you a lot to gain a drastic audience with a loyal mindset, the audience will not only visit your blog but also stick with you longer. 

Even you can convert these visitors into subscribers and customers accordingly. Create the social media calendar that’ll help you to schedule the posts accordingly and make sure to use it accordingly to customize your thought process while using social media for the promotion of content.

At the very initial stage, you can target the audience just for the sake of getting more attraction towards your profile and letter on words you can promote your blog subsequently to drive traffic throughout the blog. Along with that, you’ll also get more profit in terms of brand promotion as well. 

You can also take the help of a social media automation tool that will help you to manage all of your social media handles accordingly and keeps you on track in the long term. You can use this terminology from scratch to gain more attention towards the blog post initially. 

3. Make Sure To Use Quora


Quora is one of the best platforms considered for content sharing and answering the questions that people measure on a specific topic. Hence if you just a beginner out there, you can Shout Out your blog by answering the questions that are related to your niche.  at the very beginning stage, you can always go through the Quora and search for the questions that’ll help you a lot.

Most of the beginners does the same mistake just because they usually share the blog URL just for the sake of gaining more traffic traction. Instead, if you genuinely want attention and gain more traffic out of the Quora, make sure to use it in the long term and answer as many questions you can show that your blog will get promoted.

4. Make Sure To Build Links To Your Blog

Building an organic link is a necessary process that you cannot miss ad any instance. So if you’re about to grow in blogging, you’ll always need to learn the basics of link management that’ll help you create as much bigger user base and drive more traffic throughout a website.

Well, it comes under the SEO strategy as well, so make sure to use use it in that way so that to earn the most out of it. There are tons of different ways that you can use to maximize the efforts of the link building. Along with that, you can also create as many backlinks initially for promoting your blog more often.

5. Take The Help From Influencers

This is one of the straightforward methods that you can try out for promoting your blog more often, and the chances of getting more traffic will be higher just because you are digging of the valuable aspect from the influencers. But initially, you might get tons of rejections and nothing new in that just because most of the influencers are about to create their brands without promoting others.

So before you just go and DM the influences, make sure to build a strong relationship between them so that to create the most out of it, and they will be able to shout out your blog post right into their. Building relationships with influencers is a big thing just because they will last with you in the long-term and whenever you will need help you can ask them out for promoting your blog post more often.

Well, I think it’s free. Hence you will have to serve them the services they are looking for so that to give them back. 

6. Email Marketing


If you want to be a professional, then email is the best platform that will help you out to gain more attention towards your blog post. It’s one of the convenient ways to enhance your availability, and it will showcase that you are serious about the business that you are running through your blog.

Initial, you can reach out to as many audiences and serve them the latest post information, or even you can take the help of a newsletter to create an email list that will last with you in the long term. Even you can convert that email list into consumers or subscribers so that you can get the most out of it.

But initially, you just have to remain active and make sure to give them and update related to your blog. Along with that, if you are about to run and email marketing campaign, you can also take the help of an automation tool that will help you from scratch and get your job done just within a while, and that’s what we called an email marketing.

7. Flipboard 

Flipboard is a social platform that captures as much content from your blog and showcases it via news through their algorithms and has you can get more traffic once you submit your blog post. You just have to create an account and submit as many blog posts as you can, and it will allow the visitors to read out the content that you submitted, and hence you can and that more attention.

Flipboard is considered to be one of the great tools that most of the bloggers used to have at the very initial stage So that to get more traffic or sales. So even if you are just at your initial step, you should try it out more often. 

8. Paid Promotion

So this is going to be the last one that might most of the people think of but let me tell you if you are a beginner and wanted to invest some sort of money in the business, you can always look upon the paid promotion entity that sounds pretty and going for some. Still, it’ll help you a lot to get the drastic gain of the visitors. 

Well, there are tons of different ways to promote your blog post, but I am specifically going to talk about social media promotion; most of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are serving the paid promotion options so that users can directly get in touch with the media and promote their blog post. 

While scrolling the feeds on social media, you might have been noticed about it before that most of the bloggers used to promote their content that signifies the value. Hence, you can do the same just by investing a very negligible amount and get more traction. 

All of your efforts goes down if you opt the paid promotion.

Final Verdict

Writing good content is a big thing but promoting it in that way is another great thing that you should do initially to gain maximum organic traffic from it. You might have noticed that most of the pro bloggers are using the promotion strategy to gain more traffic just because it is the only way that you could use to multiply the traffic.

I have had experience promotion, and that’s the reason why most of our blogs rank higher on the search engine. Rather being judgemental, you can go out and promote your blog using the ways which have shared earlier in this post. There might be tons of different ways available, but initially, these are more than enough if you implement them subsequently in the right direction. So be sure about that and check them out subsequently. 

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