Why Your Blog Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic?

Are you struggling to get enough traffic on your blog?

Well, it might be the crazy concept for someone who is not into blogging but for those who are bit ambitious and willing to generate some sort of revenue from blogging or about to build up their brand, it’s easier for you to gain the maximum amount of traffic.

You might know that setting up a blog just takes less than 5 minutes, and writing an article takes about 1 to 2 hours on an average, after posting an article on the blog most of the beginners just wait for the organic traffic. But let me tell you that on daily basis, more than 1000s of posts are published, which means it becomes tough for you to rank your website.

Most of the people might think that their content will perform much better, but it’s not like that the content which you are about to create already exists on the search engine, so you should have to try something new and to innovate that will add some sort of value to one’s life. 

After doing some sort of research, I concluded that most people use the SEO strategies, but even though it rests in peace. In case if your suffering from a similar issue, makes sure to stick with the post till the end just because I’ll be sharing the complete details. What are the mistakes you should avoid to rank your website and gain more traffic?

By the end, you will have a strong enough information that you can implement right there in your blog; it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or an intermediate blogger; it applies to all of them. So without any further ado let’s dive deep into it.

Reasons, Why Your Blog Is Not Getting Enough Traffic

Blogging is nothing but sharing information through your words and experience; from the last couple of decades, it’s been a massive demand of bloggers, and that’s the reason why most of the working professionals, students, business executives, CEOs, etc. They are about to build up their blog to share the appropriate informative content at which they are good at.

But here goes at least because the niche video about to select already exists in the search engine, which means it will take much time for you to rank your blog on the top of search results. Especially if you are a newbie, it becomes tough for you because you might be unaware of the tools that most of the pro bloggers use or some technical terminologies that play a crucial role in blogging. 

To give you a piece of proper information that why you are blog is not getting enough traffic, I have shortlisted some of the primary reasons that make the real sense, so here is the list of issues that need to be get started to grow your blog:

1. Writing Style Might Not Be Convenient For The Readers



Well, nothing to worry much about it just because even I was making mistakes at a very initial stage of blogging, years back when I was just a beginner use to do some sort of research of competitors blog. When you are used to reading their articles, I was overthinking the process that they might have the great to know of conveying the knowledge through their words. 

But let me tell you if you go through the complete process of article writing, it becomes easier for you to write more useful articles that include fluency. You might have noticed that most of the article used to heat your subconscious mind it is just because they are pretty good in conveying the information and that’s what you need to do in case if you want to make your article rank on the top of search results. 

You might have heard about the phrase ‘content is the king,’ and that’s true in certain instances because if your content is top-notch, automatically, users will get attracted to your blog. Eventually, it will be much easier for you to grow your audience. after that, you can also grab their email list as well to maximize your brand value in terms of blogging. 

What you can do is go to the complete process of analyzing the competitors’ blog so that to create similar content, at the moment, you will be able to make a good amount of content along with the fluency in it. For improving the content quality, you can use tools like Grammarly which will remove all of the grammatical errors; it will help you a lot to improve the readability of your content. 

2. Shortcut Can Kill Your Blog

Will success, which was about to get, is not good happen overnight; you have to Hustle as much as you can. Blogging is a broad concept that needs time to grow. You’ve to be patient and consistent at your work just because this is the only way you will succeed. 

Most of the beginners out there search for the tactics to grow their blog faster, but I would say that to apply the efforts in improvement of the blog rather than searching for the shortcuts, which might not let them become a good blogger. It’s a complete process, so you’ve to study accordingly to examine what innovative entities you can add to make your content-rich. 

Shortcuts will not be going to help in the long run; by the time all of your efforts which you’ve applied will flow into the river if you’re using the tactics or spammy methods to grow a blog. 

The very first step is to understand the concept of blogging, then try to figure out the best suitable niche that suits your hobby, write quality content, go through the promotions, etc. These are the legitimate ways that’ll surely help you in the long run if you apply them precisely. 

3. Not Taking Blogging As A Serious Business


What to be a successful blogger?

Want to generate a decent amount of revenue out of it?

Consider it’s as a business; it’s a sure fast way. And I’m not lying at all just because blogging is the complete business model that allows you to create your brand online. Even you’re not having a decent amount of knowledge about blogging, even though you can start front, he scratch. 

Once you start taking blogging as a business, it is easier for you to grow online and to gain more traffic. Try to invest in the highly required tools like SEMRush, logos, themes, plugins, scheduler, etc. These tools will surely keep you on track and help you in each step of blogging. 

If you want to know the reason why most people get succeed in a short amount of time, let me convey to you that they used to take it as a business. Most of the successful bloggers take the help of tools that helps me in every step of blogging. 

4. Not Aware Of SEO Terminology


It’s 2020, and due to high demand in digital space, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important form factor that you cannot ignore at any instance, even if you’re just a newbie. 

Google’s algorithm truly understands the optimized content, and that’s what they usually showcase on the search results. There are a lot many factors that come into the SEO, but to acquire the basics, you will always need to learn about keyword research, competitors analysis, plugins like Yoast SEO, etc. I should keep you on track and then after you can maximize your SEO knowledge.

If you are ignoring the fact of SEO, probably you are out of the Google Search Algorithm, which showcase is only the well-optimized content. You can take as many crash courses to acquire SEO knowledge so make sure to invest some sort of time on it.

  • Grey hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO
  • White hat SEO 

Are the three major types of that you can acquire at the very initial stage and letter on words you will automatically get to learn about On-page SEO and Off-page SEO as well. 

5. Overloading The Information

I have noticed that most of the blockage of their showcase their YouTube earnings, blogger earnings, affiliate earnings, screenshots, images, etc. Well, this is ok at a certain instance, but if you are loading the information, it will impact badly the audience, and that’s the reason why you are blog stays down.

Rather than overloading your information, you can go through the techniques that will help you to grow your blog in each aspect. Figure out new tools and innovations that are being turned into thinking that will keep you updated, also used to maintain discipline ability to know more about the Google algorithm just because it usually changes each month. 

You can do competitor analysis as well to know how you can improve your content as well, but make sure not to copy exact and avoid spinning the content as well. If you follow the specific method, it will be easier for you to grow your traffic drastically.

6. Escape From Old School Techniques


As we all know that in Google algorithm changes each month and hence you need to stay updated with it and unfollow on of the old-school methods that you are carrying right there. Avoid blog commenting, submitting, etc.  these are the old school method that doesn’t make any sense in 2020.

Commenting on a specific block will not going to give you traffic just because there are tons of other comments which are being done each day,  along with that director is submission method also belong to the old-school method which needs to be escaped. 

 Stop going with the old school methods and start exploring the new one like you can create the contest for your audience so that they will stick with you for the long run, and shares will also get an increase.  this can also help you to generate more leads and to Grab more email lists as well. Even you can convert your visitors into subscribers as well. 

 Exploring for the new and innovative methods will keep you on track and stay you updated all the time,  Someshwar to do that rather than going with the outdated techniques which have Zero value in 2020. 

7. Not Building An Email List


Grabbing as much as email is a vital process that you cannot ignore at any instance to get recurring visitors. According to researchers have noticed that it’s easy to get recurring visitors than the new visitors.  Shukriya protection, you will have to prepare the email list and update it regularly.

Preparing an email list will help you in the long term,  just sends a notification of blog post to your audience which I will notify them about your post, and surely they will visit your website. There are so many email automation and email marketing tools available on the internet that you can use in order to grab more email addresses.

The tools you will get your job done just within a while. Also, you can use various plugins for newsletter purposes; this will help you in the long run. This is one of the convenient ways to maximize your traffic to by 2X. Undoubtedly this will take time, but once you 10 to the power of email marketing, you will boost up your blog so often.

8. Not Using Social Media Enough


Social media is the biggest post that will help you scratch to build an influential audience; the platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are the four significant platforms that had been widely used worldwide. When it comes to traffic, they have a huge amount of traffic rates that you can drive through your blog. 

A single authentic title can attract as many visitors; I am not listed some of the significant ideas that you can use to make social media as a traffic generator for your blog, so here are they:-

  • Use the game that allows you to customize the share button on your blog for social media.
  • You can add some sort of images that attract visitors. For this, you can also take the help of Photoshop, which is an excellent photo editing tool.
  • Make sure to join a great Facebook group where you can share your content to gain more traffic.
  • Make sure to pick the specific time to share the content of social media.

Once you get used to the above methods, it will be much easier for you to generate more traffic that will stay with your blog long-term if you successfully create the quality content that serves more value to the visitors. 

9. Afraid Of Guest Blogging

Most of the beginners might be afraid of the guest blog because they have a fear of rejection. But let me tell you, it is one of the convenient methods if you analyze it properly. You can generate more traffic out of it just by a single post done by the blogger. 

You can convey them your specifications and niche, let them know how your blog is performing, and share as much quality content as you can. Once you do so, you can approach them to submit a guest post on their blog. Vah Jo begins with the guest post; it will be much easier for you to maximize your traffic by 2x.

Let’s see if you’re approaching 100 bloggers, 5-10 will say yes, and that’s what you need to focus on rather than focusing on the negative side of guest posting. Guest post is the best way to boost up your ranking and to drive more traffic out of that; it’s been noticed that difficult posting you can grab as much as an email list.

10. Not Adding Visuals In a Blog Post

This is one of the biggest mistakes which most of the beginners out there usually do just because they are unaware of the fact belongs to do visualization. Images, infographics, and statistics are the major reason why most of the professional longest grow up their blogs instantly. 

It doesn’t matter how much valuable content and top-notch words to select to make your content more innovative, but if you haven’t added to a single image, it doesn’t worth it anymore. No one likes to read the following content, and hence to add some properties living into the content, you should add at least one to two images in each 1500 words article. 

Whenever necessary, you should add the infographics and statistical information that will clarify your audience’s doubts so often. There are tons of platforms available that usually serves the copyright-free, high-quality images that you can use right in your article. Pexels, Pixabay is a couple of websites that you can look upon to grab the copyright-free images for your blog posts. 

11. Not Updating Old Content

Most of the time, it happened that usually right the new content for more traffic figuring out your own content and updating it regularly is a necessary process that you cannot miss at any instance. This is one of the biggest mistakes which is being done by most go-to pro bloggers as well. 

There might be several contents already available on your posts that need to be updated, figure out the top-ranked content in which you will gain maximum traffic, and try to add the new things in it so that to make it the new fresh content. It’ll save much of your time; rather than investing much of your efforts, you can use this precious time on the older content which already exists on your site that needs a specific modification. 

Once you do so, it’ll be easier for you to grow the traffic of your blog. Well, it doesn’t mean that you will opt for any of the random content from your blog to make sure to analyze the top-ranked content on your website and accordingly select it. Once you do so, it’ll be easier for you to rank higher on the search engine. 

12. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts


The efforts we apply in writing the single article are way more, and similar efforts need to be applied while promoting the specific blog post. Promotion is one of the efficient methods that you need to take over at the very initial stage. We don’t have enough traffic. 

There are various ways of promotion emotion. Social media promotion is one of the compelling ways that most of the pro bloggers usually use to maximize their traffic rate. Well, you can also use Quora and Pinterest to submit your post.

In case if you are ready to invest a small amount of money, you can also go to the great for motions which are available at very cheap rates; Facebook and Instagram are the couple of great platforms where you can do the paid promotion of your blog, and you will surely get results out of that. 

But going with the paid promotion, I will highly recommend you to try out the free face, which has good potential; join as many Facebook groups that consist of a lot of traffic. This will help you initially to capture emails and to prepare the email list to grow your blog. 

So these were the 12 big mistakes which most of the bloggers usually to at the very initial stage of the problem. 

Final Verdict

Blogging is one of the authentic ways to make money online and to build your brand, but as we all know that most of the beginner bloggers have to face the front of difficulties to which the traffic rate didn’t get increased. After going to the research, I have shortlisted the 12 fundamental problems which are being faced by each one of the bloggers out there initially.

So make sure to take over these mistakes and create your own brand. 

Ashfaq Ahmad

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