How to Get Google Featured Snippets for Your Blogs in 2021

In this detailed post, I will be sharing how you can get Google featured snippets for your blog content when it’s not rocket science at all, so anyone can follow the process to get most out of it.

Let’s see if you type any of the keyboards on Google showcase you the snippets which are available and shows the relevant information available on the search engine. So if you are insulted for how to get that useful snippet box for your website content, then you are at the right place because I am going to take you to the complete process of gaining the featured snippets.

At the very first, let me clarify to you that Google is made for giving the relevant information to the users; you have to think from the visitors’ point of view; this will not only help you in the long term but also allows you to create the best possible snippets. For getting more attention towards your website, you will have to perform various methods that belong to the audience.

So now, without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the complete procedure to get Google featured snippets for your website.

Well, before I take you to the complete procedure, let me clarify more about featured snippets that are essential for you to know. 

What are Featured Snippets?


As a user, you might have been noticed the features snippets most of the time just because it’s one of the convenient ways to acknowledge your search results. Whenever you type something on the search engine, the results appeared on the very top of the page; the content which arises is the featured snippets that are being created by the specific blog owner. Also, they don’t have any position and hence termed to be the zero position. 

It is conducive to showcase the results more quickly rather than surfing for specific results. It’s the straightforward solution for the particular keyword which don’t even require any kind of tagline to follow.  By the end of the featured snippets, a couple of words you can notice, i.e., ‘More Items,’ which lets you gain more information by visiting the specific website of which the snippets are. 

While going through the research, we came across where are results and specifically, Ahrefs has shown the following results that you need to know about. Ahrefs has replicated the case study of around 2 Million featured snippets, so here are they:

  • Around 12.29% of the queries in the search engine have snippets.
  • 99.98% of snippets are already ranking on the top positions of Google’s search results.
  • There are very few snippets are there which rank on the top. 

 So if you want to get most of it, you will always lead to go to the process of acquiring the snippets that will help you to rank your website on top #1 and to gain more attention. Now that jump onto some of the benefits of featured snippets.

Advantages of Featured Snippets

To clarify you more about featured snippets, I have shortlisted some of the advantages that are essential for you to know,  so here are they:

1. Improve User Experience

It is one of the most convenient ways to gain more attention towards your website just because your audience gets a straightforward answer without heading off to your website, which consumes much time. This will make visitors stay with you for a long time.

2. Increase In Traffic

As soon as you go to the terminology, you will get to that traffic increases by using the right strategy for the featured snippets. This will help you to create a lead and convert visitors into subscribers and consumers.

3. Improve Brand Value

You might have been heard that branding is necessary for online marketing; hence if you can take your website in featured snippets of Google indirectly, it will help you to maximize your brand value. 

4. Voice Search Optimisation

The trend of voice search is increasing day by day, and Google featured snippets is the best way to optimize your blog in terms of voice search. This will boost your organic traffic at any instant whenever someone types the specific keyword that belongs to your niche. 

5. You don’t have to Put Maximum Efforts

Well, in each of the niche, you will get to know that there is a tough competition; hence it is challenging to rank your website on the top of the search engine. But its way is you to strategize your Google featured snippets. It doesn’t matter whether your website is ranking on the top ten or 9th position on the search result, but if it showcases the featured snippets, the chances of getting more attention to your website increases.

But make sure that your website should lie in between 1 to 10th position of the search result to take full advantage of Google featured snippet. 

So these were some of the primary advantages that you get through the featured snippets of Google,  but the question might appear in your mind that, how will you get the Google featured snippet access?

Well, nothing to worry much; here is a quick example for setting up the Google featured snippet for your website.

How to use SEMRush for Google Featured Snippets?

semrush- featured 1

 Well, if you’re into blogging from quite some time before then, you probably heard about SEMRush, which is one of the best SEO tools available in the market that can be used to generate more lead towards getting maximum snippets to search for your website. 

This will provide you with every data related to the Google featured snippets that will help you. Furthermore, here’s something which will give you an idea about SEMRush:

  • You will get to know about targeted keywords that can be used subsequently to rank higher and to get featured snippets.
  • If the new keywords are available, it will showcase you the history from the last 24 hours.
  • The keywords which are new on SERP will be shown to you for betterment. 

 So if you are more realistic about featured snippets, then you should check out SEMRush.

How do we get a Google Answer Box for your Content?


It is one of the crucial aspects to get Google answer box for a featured snippet for your content. This will help you to showcase your content on the top page of Google.

In case if you want to get the Google answer box for snippet right away, then make sure to optimize your content and make it rank on the top of search results. The CTR must be as higher so that to gain. More attention to it. 

I’ve shortlisted some of the most excellent ways through which you can get Google featured snippets for your content:

1. Headlines should be Power-packed

If you are not very familiar with the headlines usage, let me tell you that you can get more attention towards your content if you use the PowerPoint keywords in the headlines of content. It is one of the convenient ways to get involved in Google featured snippets. 

Make sure to add some sort of compiling words in the headlines of content that will excellently optimize your content, and the chances of higher CTR increases. Here are some of the power-packed words that you can add in headlines:

  • Top
  • Exclusive
  • How to
  • Ultimate
  • Easily
  • Approved etc. 

You can also use a similar word in the meta description, which will be more beneficial for you to get a higher ranking on the search engine. 

2. You can Add Numbers in Between Headlines

For gaining more CTR, you can use some sort of numbers to highlight the headlines. This will improve the overall rating of your website. We have noticed that the competition is tough if you add the even number like ‘top 10’ instead, you can use the odd number like ‘top 9’ or ‘top 1’. It will be more convenient for you to rank higher and to get more attention.

You can also add some sort of bracket after the headline. This will give the correct brief information about the headline to your visitors. This is the pro tip you should use. 

3. Your Website Should be Highly Rated

You might have noticed that most of the top websites usually consist of a 4 or 5-star rating, which states the quality of the website, and that’s what you need to maintain. Well, the rating will only get higher in case if you fulfil all of the criteria of Google. Bit once you get that, the task gets even more accessible. And you’ll be able to get the featured snippet.

Well, you can always take the help of Author hReview, which is a great WordPress plugin that’ll help you through the rating process. You can install it to rank your website on the top and to gain a higher rating for more possible results. 

What types of Featured Snippets are out there?


According to Google, there are crucially four types of featured snippets are available accordingly you can act, so here’s the list:

  • Table
  • List
  • Paragraph
  • Videos

Amongst these four types of featured snippets, the paragraph and list are a couple of featured snippets that are being widely used. 

Apart from this, the study of Moz states the following details that you need to know about the types of featured snippets:-

  • Table snippets are only 9%.
  • The list snippets are 37%.
  • Paragraph snippets are the most widely used, and hence it belongs to 50%.
  • Video snippets are just 2%.

So accordingly, you can focus on these four major types of sleep, it’s so that to rank higher on the search results of search engine. For now, let me explain the one by one details in brief about the type of snippets:- 

1. Table Snippets

When the table snippets have been released advantages but do, it is being shown by Google several times. Thank you can take advantage of it but make sure that your content should include nine rows and three columns, which is more convenient for the search engine to have in the results.

2. List Snippets

Well, the list Snippets is considered to be the top second type of snippets that you can use to showcase your points on the top of search results. For better attention, you can add more than 8 Bullet points in the post that will be more reliable.

3. Paragraph Snippets

Paragraph snippets are considered to be one of the most convenient and most comfortable ways to enhance the capability of your content. The chances of getting more attention towards your content increase in terms of sleep if you add 4 to 5 sentences of the paragraph. It is not a difficult task to rank your website and to get the snippets for the content if you do so.

It has a higher capability to gain more traffic and attention, and the ranking factor also gets increases.

4. Video Snippets

Video snippets are being rarely used just because there are very few niches available that truly belongs to the video content in terms of snippets. So you’ll always have to target the highly targeted keywords to get the advantage of the video snippets.

Key Takeaways from the Featured Snippets?

After going to further research, we came across various entities that we have learned from the features liquids, and that’s what I am going to share. This will help you to find your best way to find the featured snippets for the betterment of the website, so here are they:

1. Take a look towards the Competitors’ Snippets

Where I am not telling you to copy entire content to your competitors, this can make your website down at any instance. You should take a look upon the competitors and go through the Analytics. Once you spy upon the blogs which are ranking on the top and showing up the snippet, the next thing you need to do is use similar keywords and apply the SEO technique

For the competitors’ analysis, you can take the help of semrush, which is a great tool out there. With the help of semrush, you can track the data of competitors and analyze the videos, texts, images they’re adding to get the maximum featured shipments for their content. 

With the help of semrush, you will get to know about the following entities:

  • Videos and images in SERP.
  • Info about AdWords
  • Snippets.
  • Review on SERP etc. 

this will help you from scratch to know the right way to grow your website and make it rank on the top of the search engine. You can even copy the keywords your competitors are using and gain more traffic through that. It’s a convenient way to grow the blog. 

2. Rank on the Top Page of Search Results

You might get surprised by the terminology, but that’s true. You don’t have to prank on the top #1 of the page; instead, if your website is ranking even on the 9th and 10th position, it is more than sufficient for ginning more featured snippets. Snippets are called to be zero rankings, which means there is no ranking factor required for ranking on the snippets.

It gives you complete flexibility to analyze your contact correctly and to make sure that you are content lies in between 1 to 10th position in the search result.

3. Avoid the use of Special Symbols

Instead of using the special symbols like #, &, @ in the headline of content, you can always use the numerical form, which is more convenient for those who want to gain more attention in terms of featured snippets. It gets the user confused at specific instances, and the chances Bounce rate increases, which is not good. 

So these were some of the necessary information that will help you to get involved in the featured snippets of Google.

3 Steps that will help you in Google Featured Snippets

If you go through the below steps, it will be much easier for you to get Google featured snippets so quickly, so make sure to analyze it correctly:

1. Make sure to find as many questions related to the audience’s state of mind

Earlier I have discussed in this post that Google denotes explicitly to the user fulfilment, and hence you need to take advantage of it and concluded as many questions as you can. Try taking out the questions related to your niche and write the content based upon that. It’ll help you in ranking as well as the featured snippets. You can sue the questions like ‘how to?’, ‘what are the top..’ etc. This is of the best way to enhance your ranking in terms of features snippets. 

While writing the answer to this specific question, make sure not to include the complicated problems make it as easy just because people like the reason is, and that’s what Google showcases on the top of featured snippets. 

2. Write as many How-to posts

It’s been noticed that most of the people usually search for the solution of queries, and the maximum amount of reaches belongs to the ‘how to’ question. So if you want to rank your content on the featured snippet, you have to write as many how-to posts. It’s essential for your website growth, especially if you want to gain more attention towards the blog. 

Even if you’re a beginner, it’ll be much easier for you to create as many how-to posts, which improves your growth rate exponentially. But make sure to add the bullet points in it, which is excellent terminology for the ranking purpose. 

While writing the posts, don’t write the long-lasting paragraphs which are not suitable for the optimization; instead, make it short and simple. Once you do so, you’ll surely notice the growth rate of your website in terms of featured snippets. If you write as many how-to posts along with the maximum Bullet points, the chances of getting ranked your content increases, and that’s what you need to do at the very initial stage. 

3. No need to Rank #1

Even though if your content is ranking on the 9th or 10th position, it’ll be much easier for you to take over the featured snippets. It might sound a little creepy, but that’s the truth which you need to know about. So in case if you’re not ranking higher in terms of SERP, though, maintains your ranking in the 1st page of search results. It’s the most convenient way to make the most out of it.

Try to create in those articles as you can to rank on the top page to gain more attention towards your website, and the chances of getting featured snippets increase. It is one of the convenient ways to take over featured snippets of Google

How to Get in the Google Answer Box?

I have compiled some of the checklists that are essential for you to move in case if you want to rank on Google answer box, so here are they:

  •  You need to make the list of all the questions which the audience usually ask on Google and accordingly create the content.
  • Create as many how-to questions for better improvement in featured snippets.
  • Use as many Bullet points in your content so that Google will showcase it likewise.
  • Make sure that your content should be as simple; try not to include Jagan words, which affects the growth rate of your website. 

Final Verdict

Well, by the end, I would say that getting featured snippets is not Rocket Science if you follow the specific methods which I have mentioned above. You have the chances of getting your website rank on the top of featured snippet increases. Even if you are a beginner and willing to create your own identity in terms of blogging, make sure to follow the specific methods which I have mentioned above. 

You follow to methods subsequently, the chances of getting more featured snippets increases, and hence it will also grow your audience as well. So definitely use them subsequently. 

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