SEMrush vs Ahrefs: Which SEO Tool Is Better?

SEO is something that you cannot miss if you’re running an online business. It’s a major factor that helps you to reach on the top of search engine results.

Well, when SEO pop-ups in mind how can you miss the two major tools available out there in the marketplace i.e. SEMrush & Ahrefs. The widely used tools help you to grow your audience base along with that they provide you tremendous support in terms of website growth.

SEMrush and Ahrefs are the two powerful SEO tools that can help you to analyze various reports like terms of data, reports, insights, etc. That’s all you need to grow your businesses and to stand unique amongst the crowd of your industry.

But it’s ready speaking I use both of them, as there are few things which are diversified in between. But let me tell you that if you are an emerging blogger, entrepreneur, or digital marketer then it might not possible for you to use both of them as they cost you around $200 per month which is not possible for each beginner out there.

And that’s the reason why we can across their comparison which will probably give you an idea about the investment process, let’s see which worth per penny you pay. I’ve categorized both the tools in such a way that it’ll be easier for you to decide according to the features.

At last, you’ll be having in-depth details about both the SEO tools and which one you should acquire for growing your website. So without any further ado let’s get started.

Comparing SEMrush And Ahrefs

1. Introduction To SEMrush & Ahrefs

Before getting deep into the technical reports, you need to know about the basic info that will give you a quick introduction to SEMrush and Ahrefs.



SEMrush is considered to be the leading SEO tool that was launched back in 2003 by two techies named Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov. The major reason behind discovering the platform is to identify the market aspects

It’s dinner decade SEMrush in consistently evolving and Increasing the user base, apart from this it is providing the best full kit to the digital marketer to grow their businesses in various different aspects. More than a million people are using it as a primary source for searching for the best SEO techniques. They have clients like Quora, eBay, Forbes, etc.

One of the main reasons behind using SEMrush is that it can be used by any of the individual or big business owners so as to maximize the business and to drive PPC advertisements.



And here comes the second SEO tool, Ahrefs was launched back in 2011 by one of the great entrepreneurs named Dmitry Gerasimenko. It is a Singapore based company which used to serve services to millions of people globally.

When it is best for the creation of backlinks do it is quite a letter in the market but it performs way better and serves many useful features to create your own identity and stay out of the crowd by using their SEO techniques.

The reason behind Ahrefs success is that they used to service many comprehensive backlinks which are followed by more than a million people globally. One of the major reasons behind its success is its user interface which is much supportive and easy to access so that each beginner out there can use it subsequently. You will be able to perform various tasks like keyword research, backlink creation, tracking of rank, etc. Which helps you to grow your businesses.

Winner: Ahrefs because it is more advanced compared to the SEMrush and provides you various features. Also, its user interface is quite supportive compared to the SEMrush and that’s why it makes the winner.

Now you might have got an idea about both the tools, so let’s dive into some of the advanced comparisons.

2. Which tool is easy to use SEMrush Or Ahrefs? 

Personally speaking, the user interface is one of the major aspects behind every business growth and that’s what we’re gonna talk about. Minimal and supportive user interface help each beginner out there to get used to it without any further issue. So it plays a crucial part in each tool.

One of the major reasons behind the importance of easy user interface in SEO tools is that they have so many features to show their clients, and in between both of them if the user interface is quite supportive and easy to understand the user gets attracted to it for no doubt.

So let’s explore the dashboard of SEMrush and Ahrefs which are way similar to each other.



The user interface of SEMrush is quite easy to understand, at the very first it includes the picture of domain analytics that will give you an idea about the keywords and traffic which are coming on the way.

Just believe that there is a project option where you can create your own project depending on your choice. Just by creating a project on your competitor website, it will give you an idea regarding keyword finding, technical issues, on-page optimization, and much more just on their dashboard.

They also have the search bar where you can type domain name Or keywords, by typing domain it’ll show you the Domain analytics and when you type keywords it will show you the keyword analytics which is essential for you to grow your business.

Another big advantage of SEMrush is its personalized customer support query so that you can sort out any of the issues by getting touch with their team anytime as they offer you 24/7 customer care support.



The Ahrefs dashboard is quite subjective compared to the SEMrush, as you are allowed to add only 10 websites so as to have an eye upon them and to capture complete detail about them like keywords they’re using to rank their website, SEO tools, and plugins, etc. It will give you and brief information about the tools and the keywords. 

Similar to the SEMrush it also has the search bar but where you can type only the domain names. In Ahrefs jumping from one to another is super simple, that’s you are about to do keyword research and currently want to switch to the SEO management tool that we then click you can dive into it.

Just like the SEMrush they also offer you great customer support so that whenever you are in doubt just move on your cursor and the notification of the support will get pop up through which you would get your problems to sort out more easily and instantly.

Winner: According to me Ahrefs is much easier to use compared to the SEMrush and the user interface of Ahrefs is super simple as any of the beginners out there can use it without any confusion.

3. Which tool performs better for keyword research? 

Keyword research is one of the major aspects which you cannot be used in order to grow your website. As it is the part of SEO that allows you to know about your competitor and copy their keywords to be on the top of the search engine in your industry.

Well, let me tell you that finding and utilizing the keywords in your website post is much more important in order to Grab much traffic and visitors. So let’s figure out amongst both SEO tools about the keywords finding.

Let me tell you that here I am going to explain to you about keyword research and comparing them both, there are many more aspects of the world which are important to know.



SEMrush provides great keyword research support by the help of which you can rank your website on the top 10 on the search engines which eventually helps to grow your business as well and to be more traffic depending upon the keywords. One of the major factors that the traffic is organic.

Let’s say if you type in you’re keywords related to your industry it will show its growth rate and each detail along with the SERP, the SERP analysis I will help you to know about some of the emerging competitors and the keywords that you need to know.

All you need to know about SEMrush keyword magic tool

Now, this is where the tragedy begins you just have to type the keyword that belongs to your industry, and later on it will show you millions of keywords that will help you to grow your website in terms of search results. All of the keywords belong to different entities so you will get to know which keywords you can use to get relevant results out of that. 

Once you get to know about the relevant keywords you can directly add it to the keyboard manager so that it will show me the insights on the specific keyword which you can use in your post.



Ahrefs is an important role in finding relevant keywords. Eventually, you will get to know about each aspect on the keywords like CPC, search volume, search percentage, etc. The tool will show you the tons of keywords that can be used accordingly.

It’s very simple to use the keyword research tool, just head off to the dashboard of Ahrefs and make sure to click on the keyword research tool from where you can access the keyboard information. Once you get that type the keyboard according to your need, after that it will appear the keyword suggestions which you can use on your website.

Winner:  according to research we came across various aspects of Keyword Research and came to know that SEMrush wins in this entity as it offers many more features regarding keywords research and management.

4. Which tool can easily access the backlinks? 

The creation of great backlinks is important to rank on Google which you cannot miss. If you are not able to build the relevant backlinks to your website it is not possible for you to rank on Google even if you are using other SEO tools.

By analyzing the backlink you will get to know about bad backlinks and how to disconnect them to your website and find the relevant back means that are essential for your website to grow in the crowd. Not only that it will also help you to gain maximum traffic.

When it comes to comparison between SEMrush and Ahrefs, few years before SEMrush was not a one stand out for creating the best backlinks but during the years it has built a huge effect and that’s what makes it to stand as a competitor to the Ahrefs.

So let’s get deep into both. 



Let me tell you that a backlink analysis is one of the oldest features of SEMrush which might have some drawbacks as well which is acceptable. But last year they have upgraded the features and now they are offering a much better experience to their clients.

To analyze the backing of your competitors you just have to type the keyword along with the backlink of the competitor and just press enter and you will be blessed by the results. Just to be the recipient it will show you the details about backlink that can be used accordingly to grow user base. 

Backlinks Builder and Auditing Tool

Both the battling auditing tool and builder tool will help you to create the relevant backlinks for websites that will help you to eventually grow your website in various is a different aspect.

SEMrush provides you the CRM type interface which is quite supportive and provides you overall a good experience.



Ahrefs doesn’t have a separate backlink tool just like the SEMrush has, instead it has the Site Explorer tool that eventually helps you to find the specific backlinks to grow your user base. For using this service you just need to head off to the dashboard and go to the Site Explorer tool after that enter the domain name of which you want to analyze the backlink.

On the next page, you will see the service provided by the tool which you can use to grow your website including the specific links i.e. backlinks and referring domains. When it comes to backlink research the domain referring is not that important as it only shows the sites which are using the specific backlinks which is useless at a certain instance.

Winner: let me tell you that both SEMrush and Ahrefs have similar features when it comes to backlinks building but SEMrush is much reliable in terms of link creation which makes the true sense of winning.

5. Which is better in rank tracking, SEMrush, Or Ahrefs? 

Tracking your grant opposition is a much more important factor place in digital marketing which tells you that where you stand in SERP. It also helps you to know which thing you are missing to stand on the top of the search engine. In the SEO campaign, it has a huge usage to know the rank position in a better manner.

Let me convey to you that it doesn’t matter which tool used for examining the tracking factor by the end you will be having the 100% tracking details about your website.

So let’s see which tool performs better in rank management. 



SEMrush has the inbuilt rank tracking features that allow you to track all of the details regarding your website. It will help you to know about your ranking and also suggest what improvement you can do to improve your ranking in the search engine.

The tool consists of various different features that let you allow us to know about local SEO and details about ranking.

For tracking details you just have to head off to the project and then position tracking details so that you could easily verify it accordingly. You just have to enter the domain name along with the keyword that you want to track and it will show you the subsequent result.

After searching they will show you the report that includes various graphical representations that are essential for you to know about, it will also show you the positive and negative tracking that helps you to track the website. Furthermore, you can also include your competitor’s website domain name so that you will also get to know about your ranking as well as their ranking details.



Ahrefs announced their super visual tracking detail feature back in 2017 and later on in 2019 it has become one of the advanced tools of all which help to track every single detail that is essential for you to know about.

Personally, I like the Ahrefs tracking feature which is super simple to use and it has only one option available out there so you might not get confused while using it. When you enter into dashboard you will have to add the keyboard are the domain name about which you want to track and it will automatically show the details about the specific website along with the keywords become using. 

Ahrefs allows you to add up to 5 website names to track and find the details about your industry at a single time.

Winner: Both. I personally like both the tools the equal, it is because they use similar speed for finding the details and ranking factors about the websites related to your industry.

6. Which tool performs better in SEO audits? 

SEO audit is an important factor that you cannot miss if you want to grow your website and businesses in an online medium. The SEO technical audit is all about how your website is performing and gives you an idea about SEO that will help you to rank your website on the search engine.

Most of the time it happened that due to some of the issues your website will get down in terms of ranking and in such condition, the tools like SEO audit helps you to take rid of them.

SEMrush and Ahrefs but while the technical SEO audit feature which lets you allow to figure out what you can add to make it pro in terms of SEO.



SEMrush offers you some of the advanced tools that help you to identify the SEO audit that lets you signify which improvements you can do to maximize your website growth in terms of each aspect.

SEO audit feature provided by the SEMrush issues with the detailed report just within a minute depending upon the site size, due to its minimal user interface any of the beginners can handle it in a great manner without getting confused.

After getting involved in the tool it will directly show you the audit report so that it will be easier for you to examine the website. Also, it will show you on-page SEO details too which are necessary for you to know. Once you figure out the errors in the SEO audit you can fix it subsequently.



Ahrefs helps you to analyze the audit and crawl it accordingly, and it will show you 100s of issues depending upon the website which can be sorted subsequently.

To get started with the SEO audit feature you just have to get off to Dashboard of Ahrefs and select the new project which lets you get in-depth knowledge about the SEO factors that are essential for you to know about.

Once the auditing is done you can easily review the Auditing report and accordingly, you can select the issues and get it sorted ASAP. By scrolling down you will get to know about the issues regarding the SEO  which can be managed accordingly.

One of the major drawbacks of Ahrefs rescue auditing tool is that it takes a longer time to examine your website even if it is smaller, so you might have to look upon other factors.

Winner:- SEMrush. It has easy to use interface that is manageable accordingly, also it is super simple to use. SEO audit is an important factor that cannot be ignored at a certain instance.

7. Which tool has great and cool features? 

Now, it’s time to figure out which SEO tools offer many comprehensive features. Undoubtedly both have some of the unique features that you need to know about.


Here I’ve figured out some of the major features that are only offered by the SEMrush, SEMrush is one of the most powerful SEO toolkits that offers many features and unique ones compared to the Ahrefs.

Marketing Feature For Search Engine


Most of the people like its SEO campaign which is way different and unique as well.

It’s basically best for the SEM and PPC whereas Ahrefs doesn’t have any feature to offer for the PPC. Well, let me tell you that the PPC feature is very useful if you want to copy your competitor’s keywords and other major aspects. Just with an applicant will be able to see about your competitor’s keywords on which they’re ranking their website.

Social media feature


One of the major reasons why most of the people use SEMrush is to replace third-party applications with the SEMrush. It has the inbuilt feature of scheduling your task for social media so you don’t have to use and pay for other platforms like buffer or Hootsuite. 

Also, you will be able to examine your competitor’s social media accounts and track the details. 


Ahrefs don’t have any unique features as the same breath as but though you need to know about some of the basic features they offer you uniquely.

The accurate link analysis process


No doubt that Ahrefs offers many features related to the backlinks which are essential nowadays to qualify your business more frequently. Apart from this, they offer you a graph so that you could examine everything about your competitor so that it will be easy for you to copy those things accordingly.

Winner:- SEMrush, it comes with some of the advanced features which might blow up your mind, whereas the Ahrefs is not good enough in terms of Uniqueness as it does a similar job as the SEMrush does but costs you much compared to the SEMrush.

8. How much they cost you? 

Pricing is one of the most important factors which you cannot ignore. Let me tell you that SEMrush and Ahrefs are pretty expensive in terms of pricing but they offer you more value for money which is noticeable.


Following are the plans offered by the SEMrush on monthly basis:

    • Pro plan is available at $9.99/ month
    • Guru plan is available at $195.99/ month
    • The business plan is available at $399.95/ month.


Following are the list of plans offered by Ahrefs:

    • Lite plan is available at $9.99/month 
    • The standard plan is available at $179/ month
    • The advance plan is available at $399/ month
    • Agency plan is available at $999/ month

Also, let me tell you that they both offer you 7 days of a free trial.

Winner:- SEMrush, the reason is SEMrush is pretty inexpensive compared to the Ahrefs.

Final Verdict

So this was the detailed comparison between the two powerful SEO tools i.e. SEMrush and Ahrefs, as both have some of the unique features that you need to try to figure out which one works better for you. So now it’s up to you which platform you select as your go-to tool that can make a huge impact on your businesses.

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