The Ultimate Guide On How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free In 2021

Are you looking to increase your blog traffic? If “yes” then trust me, by the end of this detailed guide, you’ll be able to understand how to survive as a website owner.

If you’re a blogger you must be happy because you got a whole heap of solutions that are not available to static site owners.

Let’s get started…

What Is Web Traffic?

The web traffic means the number of people who visit a website on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Why Does A Visitor Visit A Website?

Generally, visitors are having their own goal for visiting several websites, it can be for buying something (eCommerce), to read articles, to use creating platforms etc. Basically, every visitor has their own requirements due to which they visit a website. But you need to focus on what are you giving to them.

There are 3 main reasons for getting traffic i.e

  • Delivery of value
  • Popularity of brand
  • Insights and research

Now let’s see How To Get Traffic On Your Website?

I see many of the people who are wondering just don’t know how to increase blog traffic fast. They just write a post and publish it without even testing and sharing it anywhere. Will the traffic will immediately fall like a miracle in such a blog. Obviously no. Well, I am talking about a huge amount of traffic.

If you’re here to know how to drive traffic to your blog, then you’re at the right place.

Here we came across several blogs and researches and we stand up with top 10 legit ways through which you’ll come to know about how to increase blog traffic for free in 2020.

There are several blogs present on the internet who claims to give a piece of proper information about generating blog traffic truly, but I’ve experienced almost all amongst them & what I got was a failure.  I’ve learned a lot more things which I am going to share. With a lot more experimentations and strategies, I came across best ways due to which you will be able for generations blog traffic not quickly but surely.

Is Blogging Still Stands On The Top?

As we stand up with another year i.e 2019 and no doubt blogging still stand in the top position to make money online. As blogging is being popular day by day, the number of blog users have increased. But still, there is a chance to do more effective in blogging carrier. If you want to make carrier in blogging no one can stop to with doing that, you just need to know things, you’ll come to know about that, just continue reading.

But we came across asking several questions which make us write this post. The questions are:

  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog?
  • How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE?
  • How To Increase Blog Traffic Fast Generating
  • What are the Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic?

These are the most asked questions. In this post, I am going to talk about the same. Everyone who is reading this post is pretty aware of blogging, right. But did you know just knowing a few things about blogging (like how to create a post, niche selection) is not just sufficient if you are looking to make money for a long period? Yes definitely niche selection is one of that part only, but there are few things which you should know. Let’s see which are those.

1. SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

Technically SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically, this is a topmost way to grow your website traffic. With the help of SEO, you can have your website on the top page of the search engine. As the search engine is able to find your website if you do SEO. In order to learn SEO, there are several posts available on the internet and YouTube through which you’ll definitely learn a few things about SEO (about tags, keywords, ranking etc.). SEO is totally based on examining the way of representing the post. In order to do SEO, you need to focus on 1-2 long tail keywords that match the intent of your ideal reader. If you are eager to know about SEO, then this ultimate guide only for you.

2. Sharing Post On Social Media

As we are very familiar with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Just you have to do a few things on social media if you are about to increase blog traffic 2019 in huge amount, i.e

  • Create A Facebook Page And Share all your post on that
  • Also share all your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, this will give you the maximum amount of result.
  • You can also follow some big pages which are having a huge amount of traffic, by sharing your post with them could help you to grow your blog.

Social media plays a vital role. When we talk about Pinterest it is one of the best platforms where you can share your post and help on generation blog traffic. If you are about to grow your blog just sign up with all social media platforms which can give you a huge amount of traffic. Following are a few examples of sharing a post in social media in order to increase blog traffic.

  • Share visual contents like images and infographics from your blog post on Pinterest
  • To create a multimedia diary to support your main website Tumblr will help you.

3. Capture Emails

If your efforts are in the right direction then it will help you to make a way towards success. Now what I supposed to talk about is capturing emails of your subscribers. As soon as you get more visitors you can ask them to share email. By doing this whenever you’ll publish your post in future they’ll get a notification about that.

Once you do that try to send them older and suggested posts to their email. This is just the greatest way to gain more traffic. Never try to get the audience to try to get a real audience with whom you would interact with and share your feelings.

4. Plan Your Post

This trick no one tells, but this plays a very important role in order to gain traffic in huge amount. Whenever you are about to post just plan for it. Go with these questions and ask yourself that i.e What you are going to write, what you want to convey, what should be the topic, which keywords will help me to rank my blog on the top. Make a complete paper plan if you want, this will help you the most.

Planning doesn’t mean to be having just paper plan, you must know about tags, meta-tags as well as certain keywords related to the topic you are going to write. For doing this you must follow these steps.

  • Visit blogs and websites of certain topics you are going to write on
  • Use keywords properly. Try to find out the most popular keywords related to your topic (use Google Trend in order to find keywords as well as trending topics)
  • Try to find out best out of the best images which will attract visitors.

5. Daily Post

Someone said that consistency lead to success, it is correct. As consistency  can help you to capture more visitors

Now, this might be a difficult task for a few people, but once you try to understand the power of regular post you might get more than the expected traffic on your blog in 2020. Don’t worry about earning just you need to focus on the regular post, which will give you an advantage. Google will identify you and the visitors will also come to know about you. Consistency will keep you at forefront of the mind of your audience. Search engines love sites that are regularly updated, if you are amongst those who write a daily post with full accuracy then you can easily grow your blog.

I’ve seen most of the people who are not having any sense of writing but they were consistent at the work and the result is very profitable. It doesn’t mean that you are going to write useless articles over there, it happens in exceptional cases. You need to be consistent along with quality writing.

6. Take A Look In Other Blogs

Knowledge is more important than anything else, and this will get you when you’ll visit popular blogs related to your niche. Whenever you visit and try to find out best after that your work will be to analyze what changes you need to do with your blog so as to make your blog famous.

Try to read as much as you can it will give you an idea to your creativity while writing a post. In the beginning, I was about to think that how to increase blog traffic fast. The answer fallen was visiting more and more to the top-rated blogs, which will give you an idea of writing quality content in your blog.

7. Add Images To Your Blog

Images attract people, many of the blogs are there who are paid for a high amount for just they’re putting their custom images in their blog post. If your niche is about photography or film making, you need to attach more and more images by explaining them. This will attract visitors due to which they could subscribe and share your post with others. And this can make your Single post viral. And once your single post gets viral then your blog will just boost up. Even though your blog niche is not about photography or film making you can attach a picture with it.

Depositphotos is one of the best websites which provides you with royalty free images. As soon as you take growth in blogging you can also go for paid images which will give your audience a great impression.

8. Purchase A Popular Domain

Visit GoDaddy where you’ll get a huge amount of domain names, just one step ahead to purchase and link it with your blog. You’ll notice a huge change in growth. Try to find out domain related to your niche which will help your traffic to find it out. On GoDaddy, you can get domain get names at very low cost (as low as $6) which can be paid by anyone who is serious about blogging carrier.

Along with domain name if you need you can buy hosting also to increase the bandwidth of your blog. As the blogging platforms like provide free hosting but it has limitations, in order to have high storage you can go for custom one.

9. Use Custom Templates

Attractive things have expensive value. Let me explain, if you are looking to get more traffic then you can buy custom templets from Themeforest, it has a vast amount of templates which will definitely give better look to your blog. Just need to install it to your blog. You can also go to free templates which are easily available on certain websites. It will help search engine to find out the uniqueness in your blog.

Blogging platforms like, provides free templates but they are not effective and impression on visitors are not much good so I would suggest you go for any of the custom templates available on the internet.

10. Create Backlinks

Now, this is one of the best ways to gain traffic. Whenever you visit topmost blogs and websites just leave a link of your blog in the comment section and you will see the result. You will come to notice that visitors just increased. But make sure you just create 3-5 backlinks not more than that, it can affect your blogging carrier.

For creating Backlinks there are various methods like Broken -link building method which I would recommend the most. Because this technique involves the contact of the webmaster to report broken links on his website. At the same time, you can recommend other websites to replace that link. And there you mention your own website URL. This will help you to increase blog traffic.

These were the topmost ways to increase blog traffic in 2019 for free. Just do this for some time consistently without hesitating about success, one day definitely your website will rank on the top. It takes time but once down then you won’t be searching out there about how to increase blog traffic for free.

Blogging is still the best way to make money even though it is 2019. Making yourself better and improvement can make you successful in blogging carrier. With that been said, see you next time.

Examples of successful blogger: Neil Patel (he is the topmost ranked digital marketer as well as blogger who has gone through the idea mentioned above about how to get more traffic. He’s also a New York Times bestseller author and influencer).

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