SiteGround Review: Is It The Best Shared Web Hosting in 2020?

Are you looking to build your first blog? Or perhaps move your existing blog to another web hosting company?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at SiteGround Web Hosting. It’s one of the best web hosting companies to get started with. Our goal in this review is to help you decide if SiteGround is right for your situation and needs.

Looking for a web hosting company to help you with your WordPress website? Have you heard about SiteGround Web Hosting?

In this review, we’re going to tell you about SiteGround, its performance, and its features. We’ll also dive in to see if this web hosting company is right for you and your project.

OK, so let’s begin.

SiteGround Review Summary


In the year 2004, a company was established with the name SiteGround Hosting. The company provides higher security solutions and serves web hosting services globally. To make your website secure and fast SiteGround offers unique in-house WordPress speed.

SiteGround is known for its WordPress hosting services and top notch customer support and other plans. With continuous growth and high-quality Solutions Company are positioned as well-crafted hosting solutions. SiteGround believes in creating a well-developed hosting environment which guarantees the growth of a business.

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SiteGround Hosting Review – Features

Optimized Security

SiteGround offers you a number of options to secure your websites. For $1 a month you can have an add-on called HackAlert Monitoring. This software will let you know when your site is being attacked by hackers. This is a worthwhile add-on to have because believe me there are many hosting providers that do not offer any security protection for their clients except you pay big bucks for it.

They also offer other products, anti-spam tools such as IP address blocking, SpamAssassin, hotlink protection and SpamExperts. Should you not want to utilize these you could always start out with WordPress plugins like Wordfence that would offer you some type of protection. Eventually, though you’d want to have the type of protection that is server side.

Leech Protect is another cool feature they offer to further protect you from password stealers. It allows administrators to prevent users from posting any of their passwords or giving it out publicly on any portion of the site. Site Security Check will scan and identify whether your domain names are under scrutiny by Google Safe Browsing, which detects sites which are potential threats. It will check to see if there is any malware on your site.

SiteGround utilizes CloudFlare for faster performance and security. What is CloudFlare? It is a content network delivery provider that protects and speeds up any website. When your website is part of the CloudFlare community, your traffic will be routed through their network, so that your web pages are optimized for faster delivery.

While you can easily sign up with CloudFlare and have an account of your own, what better way to utilize it than if it was offered as part of a package. With this integration, many businesses are able to have up to speed websites. Apart from SiteGround only Bluehost, Rackspace, and 1&1 offer this solution.

Excellent Uptime

Website uptime can make or break a website hosting provider. Most successful hosting providers promises an uptime of 99.99%. There are tools all around the internet that can measure a site’s up and downtime. When your site is down a lot, it will eventually kill your business as no-one will be able to access the products or services you offer.

In this regard, SiteGround seemed to be a winner as no downtime was recorded. SiteGround has an actual uptime of 99.99%. Remember, this is not promised uptime, but real tangible uptime. Experiencing uptime of 100% is totally possible, but it is not something you must expect. It is a possibility not necessarily guaranteed to you.

Customer Support

SiteGround is totally geared towards great customer support. You can get a feel for it by visiting their website. There are tonnes of tutorials, articles, and knowledge-base articles. They also have round the clock telephone support plus a live chat. Should you want to contact them via a written recorded session they offer a ticketing system.

When testing out their online chat, it’s quite surprising how fast someone comes on to help you. The system will let you know how long you have to wait in the queue by telling you how many people are still before you. Once it’s your turn, you’re quickly connected to a representative. Responses are clear and quick.

Whilst testing for a response on a particular issue their line was called at 2 pm during the week. The representative helped very patiently till all issues were resolved. It doesn’t really matter whether you ask them about an issue bothering you on your end or whether it is about something on their server, their service is handled with helpful answers.

This is why they are considered one of the best hosting providers for beginners. They are also one of the few, if not the only ones, who put up the bio’s of all of their support team online. This puts a feeling of reassurance in your mind and makes you want to do business with them.

The importance of SiteGround Hosting:

  • SiteGround Hosting services are responsible for the growth of some popular marketing communities such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and many more.
  • SiteGround collectively has 800,000 domain names worldwide, along with data centers in worldwide areas including the United States, Europe, as well as Asia.
  • With unlimited web hosting options along with customer support, 99.9% uptime, as well as bulletproof security.

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SiteGround Hosting Plans


SiteGround offers the full range of hosting from shared to cloud, reseller, and dedicated.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an initial step for growing website or businesses; it provides flexible upgradation in shared hosting. Through this, you can use other resources of multiple servers on cloud architecture.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is quite reliable for new websites as well as beginners. The low traffic websites can share the resources with other websites that are hosted on the server.

WordPress Hosting

This plan is used to optimize or improve the performance of your website with SiteGround in-house features.

Enterprise Hosting

This feature of SiteGround Hosting services is accessible for large-scale businesses or high traffic websites. Thus the team of SiteGround helps you to deal with challenging server requirements; the tailor-made plans are always ready to resolve your issues.

Dedicated Servers

This is an expensive plan which offers a complete server for your website. This directly implies that obviously power will be more. The challenging aspect is that you have to administrate the server yourself.

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Pros and Cons of SiteGround


These are some popular advantages which make SiteGround as a top rated hosting company among its competitor.

Super Fast Servers: The SiteGround servers are known for its high-speed and highly optimized technology. The latest hardware which makes it more reliable are SSD drives as well as custom software. This guarantees you the superfast speed of your website.

Top Notch Customer Support: The customer care team members are always ready with high-tech supportive systems. You can contact them in multiple ways such as 24/7 phone, ticket based support and live chat.

Multiple Server Locations: The data centers of SiteGround hosting are spread in three continents. The customers can choose the location while signing in.


As we all know every company has some negative or positive aspects. Some disadvantages of SiteGround hosting are mentioned below.

Limited Storage: The plans of SiteGround hosting are known for its fixed storage. No doubt that storage capacity is quite high; but in case if you need extra storage then it is not available.  

Setup fee for monthly billing: You have to choose a setup fee of $14.95 for monthly billing. Those who want to use it for a longer period can get a bigger discount along with no setup fee. So choosing for the longer billing period is a quite reliable solution when the customers sign up.

Final Verdict

SiteGround is already declared as a winner while comparing it with Bluehost or various other companies. A beginner can use it in an easy way as well as is responsible for free website migration/transfer. The fastest speed and 99.9% uptime feature can help in the growth of your business. On another hand, we can say that malware scans, as well as other add-on protections, are free to use.

They might not have Windows servers, something I feel will make them serious contenders with the likes of A2Hosting and BlueHost, but then again if you need that, then you need to consider other web hosting providers. If you need Windows hosting, then read this Bluehost Review to know what Bluehost offers.

You can also, for comparison, read the below reviews of other web hosting companies.

If you’ve used SiteGround, please tell us about it below! Good or bad – it doesn’t really matter as we’re trying to keep our hosting reviews transparent and honest.


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