A2 Hosting Review 2020: Top Choice for Fast Site Speeds

A2 Hosting guarantees “20x faster web hosting” but is this true?

Finding the perfect web hosting provider is difficult with so many available options to choose from.

But, how are you supposed to know which hosting providers truly are the best?

I can tell you that right now, A2 Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers in the market.

Let’s take a look…

Loading of websites is a big issue nowadays. As many of the websites is there which load very slowly in comparison to others. If a person website is loading slow and making frustrated, then he/he should choose the A2 Hosting.

Quick Overview of A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a website service provider which provides owners of website different software, hardware, and network connectivity tools which help them to boost the speed of the particular site. This hosting site provides turbo servers which features up to 20x speed than normal. The A2 hosting site has won many awards in this field and has been ranked top among many hosting websites since years.

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A2 Hosting Features

A2 Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosting providers available. For more than a decade, this hosting company has delivered:

  • High-speed performance
  • Top-quality developer tools
  • Reliable uptime
  • Top customer satisfaction

This company is known to be reputable for its ultimate speed performance.

The single most important feature demanded by companies today is super-fast site loading times. A2 Hosting’s SwiftServer platform has been developed over the last 10 years by the company’s IT gurus.

To explain all of the features offered by A2 Hosting would take hours or pages of notes. That’s actually a major feature in itself because it demonstrates that you’ll get a great deal of value for your money.

This hosting site is important for a person as it provides the best speed to the website. The speed of the website directly effects on the SEO and other marketing related things.  If a user will find the good speed of any site, he/she may again visit to the same site for their work. The user satisfaction should be the motto of every website. The A2 hosting website provides a wide range of plans to everyone which can be easily suit to them. This hosting website provides a guarantee to its customers for sure.

A2 Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting offers a wide range of plans to suit everyone from the simple blog owners to the most advanced corporate sites.

All options give you super-fast performance choices. You can choose from: shared, reseller, managed VPS and managed dedicated hosting options

The chart below breaks down the different shared hosting solutions A2 Hosting offers by feature.

A2 Hosting Review 2020: Top Choice for Fast Site Speeds 1

A2 Hosting basically offers 3 different shared hosting plans. The main difference between these plans is the amount of add-on domains that you can host on them.

The base plan, LITE, comes at $3.92/mo (discounted). It will let you host just 1 domain on it. Aside from that, it’s pretty similar to the two other larger plans, and is powered by the same high-spec’ed, SSD-driven servers. I personally have this plan for the site that I showed you the load time and uptime screenshots of.

Their intermediate plan, SWIFT, comes at $4.90/mo (discounted), and allows you to host unlimited number of websites. It also retains all the standard features from the LITE plan, and also comes with a slightly increased server resource allocation. Unlike the LITE plan, it doesn’t come with any restrictions on the number of databases, either. So, this is the plan for you if you just want a more accommodating version of their basic plan.

Their most expensive plan is called TURBO, and it is priced at $9.31/mo (discounted), which is a bit more expensive than regular shared hosting. It  comes with significantly higher server resource allocation, and promises fewer accounts per server. Though, the defining feature of this top-tier plan is their much-hyped “TURBO” web server itself.

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Pros and Cons of A2 Hosting Review

Everything has some advantages and some disadvantages in them. Nothing is perfect between them. Similarly, this A2 hosting website is also not perfect. It has some advantages and disadvantages in it. They are discussed below in details:


Provides reliable and stable uptime of 99.2%

In each website, uptime is quite serious because the downtime can cause a website owner to a big loss.  From last 10 months, A2 hosting is providing one of the best uptime in the industry. As 100 % uptime can be achieved, but it’s very rare for a website to achieve. In January the average uptime was 99.8 %, and the last calculated in August the uptime was 99.99 %.

Became the fastest share hosting provider

Earlier A2 hosting claims 20x faster than their competitor, and they now have an average speed of 368ms. A2 Hosting sites are taking extra precautions to limit the no. of share devices for A2 Hosting.

They provide efficient and fast customer support

Providing great uptime or speed doesn’t matter this much as the experience of the user matters. If a user won’t receive any help during support may lead to off a customer from the website. A2 hosting follows this with user-friendly nature, the U.S. based support. They are available for the help of customer 24 x 7x 365 through call, chat and email process. They have been given 10/10 for customer support.

It provides Hackscan which keep the site of a user safe

The A2 hosting website offers some preventive measures to its user for keeping their websites safe and secure. A2 hosting provides Hackscan which keeps your website away and safe from the hackers. Other hosting sites also provide similar tools but are not the exact. A2 goes over each and every aspect of the tool they provided to a user.

Offers Migration of Site Free

The A2 hosting site provides an owner of the website to migrate from one site to another absolutely free without any charge. As changing sites may create a hassle for the user, but A2 solves all this and keep the user away from it.

It is compatible with CMS

A person has to install content managements systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Opencart. A2 will come with preinstalled WordPress in it if a user buys Turbo package.

Guaranteed Money back in 30 days

The A2 hosting site takes a stand after their product. If their user doesn’t like the service with the 30 days of getting services, then the company offers them a complete refund to the user of the site.  One should note it that the setup fees, registrations, etc. are not refunded, it is same in all the companies.

Provides Green Web Hosting

The A2 hosting site always supports the environment, so that the user can feel good while choosing A2 as their host. This site all servers are carbon neutral because they purchase a carbon offset.


They have restrictions over cheapest plans

Their lite plans have restrictions on the no. of websites or databases a user gets. Their cheapest plans are far better than other web hosts.

Not supported to some

ColdFusion, HTML doc, Plexum, PDFLib, Mod_perl are some of the versions that are not supported by the A2 hosting site when provided to the user.

No. of Data Centre’s

The A2 hosting site only has total 2 data centers. One may find difficulty in finding the data centre.

Customer Support

One of the features that we like about A2 Hosting is the wide range of customer support/customer service options available should something go wrong with your package.

A2 Hosting Review 2020: Top Choice for Fast Site Speeds 2

These include the following:

  • Knowledge Base
  • Internet Live Chat
  • Email Support
  • Resources
  • Telephone

This means that no matter which time of the day or night you end up in trouble, there will always be somebody there to help out.

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A2 Hosting vs. SiteGround

With a good reputation for its e-commerce and WordPress hosting, SiteGround just might be the alternative you’re looking for if you want to start or transfer a blog with requires e-commerce ability.

As an online store that comes with hosting, there’s no need to jump between multiple tools to manage your content. It’s all right there. BigCommerce, Volusion, and others fall into this category as well.

A2 Hosting vs. Bluehost

BlueHost is another option. If WordPress is what you love, the CMS company itself recommends BlueHost as its host of choice. The two integrate very well together.

Do We Recommend A2 Hosting?

Yes. Undoubtedly.

Need a fast, reliable, and helpful web host for almost any type of website? Give A2 Hosting a try. You shouldn’t be disappointed. After all – they’ve been one of our top web hosts for the past 8 months.

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If you’ve used A2 Hosting, please tell us about it below! Good or bad – it doesn’t really matter as we’re trying to keep our hosting reviews transparent and honest.

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