Genesis Framework Review: Is It Worth Your Money

If you’re looking for the most responsive and premium affordable wordpress theme, then you’ve landed upon the right page. 

There might be hundreds and thousands of wordpress themes available in the market that might get you confused that whether you should go with them or not. Literally, you’ll get stuck into a dilemma where you won’t get a choice. But acquiring the premium themes for the lifetime is challenging for some people who’ve just started with wordpress. 

But nothing to worry about much because Genesis Framework is one of the premium themes that provide over-optimized and mobile responsive theme support without the requirement of coding skills that’ll authentically optimize your website. 

We have been consistently using their services for the last so many days and on to be the best and most relevant theme available on the internet. Through this detailed post, I’ll be sharing the detailed review on Genesis Framework so that you’ll be able to decide that whether it fits your need or not. 

With that being said, let’s dive deep into the detailed review of Genesis Framework 2021. But before that, let me quickly conclude why you need to opt for the services of Genesis Framework instead of other premium themes. 

Why Should You Opt For Genesis Framework Over Other Premium Themes?

Undoubtedly choosing the right theme for your wordpress website is an essential aspect that you should not use at any instant, so we have short-listed some of the basics that you need to know before you get to know about the Genesis Framework. 

Does Your Website Design Really Matters? 

Who else doesn’t want a beautiful and awesome looking website? 

Everyone needs some sort of effort to make their website more authentic and good-looking in each aspect, and that’s the reason why most professional designers have been hired by paying extra money to the redesigned website in a unique way. 

You will notice that globally there are tons of different Agencies available to serve web designing services. Apart from this, most bloggers who don’t know the actual part of Designing used to hire search Agencies to get their job done just been awhile by paying a certain amount of money to them. 

Your visitors play a crucial role in your website, and they’ll only stick with you in the long term if you provide them a good looking and authentic website so that they would enjoy reading the content of your website. 

When it comes to website design, there are various aspects like design elements, page speed, and other essentials that will take your website to the next level in terms of look and feel. Fortunately, the Genesis Framework consists of all of the features expected to design the website. 

What Is The Genesis Framework?


As the name suggests, Genesis Framework is one of the authentic wordpress themes widely used worldwide for authentically designing the wordpress website. All of the layouts and other components of the Genesis Frameworks are being managed properly, due to which you can handle it using the drag and drop method. 

Most of the SEO experts and bloggers use to grab this theme just because it is easier to use, and you can form a lightweight and mobile responsive website by editing it in a certain manner. You can’t take it as a driver for your wordpress website, which can handle all of the major stuff to make the website more responsive. 

One can even consider the Genesis Framework as their regular driver mode to make your website more authentic in terms of designs. The overall SEO of your website also gets increased, which helps you increase the total amount of usage. 

One of the major reasons most people use it is that it has several child things that you can install and customize according to the requirement without putting as much effort into it. It also includes the change in color, background, layouts, etc. So that you’ll also be able to customize it in your own way. 

Even if you are just a beginning, it is convenient for you to grab just because it has pretty good features. The easiness is an important factor that you should not ignore if you’re supposed to get the more sophisticated website solution. 

SEO Framework 

One of the biggest reasons most successful bloggers opt well optimized and light with things is that they offer you better SEO without much effort. They are also cheaper than the other premium things that will take your SEO quantity to the next level. So that you can maximize your website’s authenticity and make it stands out from the market. 

The overall design of Genesis Framework is well optimized as one of the caches are being cleared. This theme’s overall architectural design is well managed as there are no coding skills required because there is a support of drag and drop method that can help customize the theme.

They have a team of wordpress experts and developers that will help you build an authentic website solution that can be crafted as per the SEO requirement. 

Alert from this, there’s a support of code that can be used for microdata in your website to implement the schema to rank your website on the top of the search engine like Google. 

Get Unlimited Support For Everything

One of the major issues with most of the theme providers is that they won’t provide you unlimited support, but if you adopt the services of Genesis Framework, they are pretty cool in terms of offerings. There is to offer unlimited features that are mentioned below.

Unlimited Support Facility

That support system is quite beneficial just because they use lifetime access. All you need to do is just grab their theme at $60, and you will get lifetime access to their services, and later onwards, you don’t have to pay a single penny for any of the upselling.

When it comes to customer support, their team will help you sort out any issues you might face while installing the theme. Despite all, if you adopt his services of elegant themes, they wouldn’t provide you the lifetime degree as you will have to renew the premium services of the elegant theme each year.

By paying the one-time fee to the Genesis Framework, you’ll get access to all of their features. Also, major updates are being provided to you for better commencement; you don’t have to pay set an amount as everything is for free included in the plan.

Get Regular Updates For Free

One of the major reason why most of the professional bloggers and digital entrepreneurs use to adopt the services On Genesis Frameworks is that they used to offer you lifetime updates without charging any cost of Penny, which is a great thing if you are supposed to Grab and efficient and authentic theme for your wordpress website.

Whenever the new update gets released, they will automatically serve the details in the dashboard. Just within a click, you can update the latest version of that specific theme to maximize the wordpress website’s true potential. 

 Most of the Other themes, like an elegant team, would provide you a regular update as per the promise. Still, when it comes to the Genesis Framework, they are constantly putting out the regular update to provide you the solution for security bugs and design-related issues. 

 If you are just a beginner and willing to start your first ever website with an authentic look and feel, then you should definitely adopt the services offered by Genesis Framework, where you don’t have to pay a single extra money for anything regarding updates and stuff. 

Get Access To An Unlimited Website 

Once you purchase their lifetime license, you can use it on multiple websites that you have, so you don’t have to purchase it individually for each one of your websites. This is one of the developing features which I like about Genesis Frameworks. Most of the beginners and digital entrepreneurs are willing to acquire a single thing that will provide a solution, and  Genesis Framework stands on the top of in list as their packages are widely divided into various categories amongst which you can opt any of them as per the requirement and use it in multiple websites that you own.

Easy To Customize And Get Access To Lots Of Plugins

It Will be noticed that most of the beginner used to face the common problem its very initial stage of creating websites, and that is the customization which takes as much amount of time and effort. Customizing the website is one of the crucial parts that you cannot ignore, but it comes to the Genesis Framework. Hence, it has a pretty minimal design that you can customize even if you are not aware of customization. You can begin from scratch and use tons of different widgets and layouts that’ll surely and can your website’s capability. 


The Genesis Frameworks also have several plugins that you can install with many offers and benefits according to the requirement. 

When we have shortlisted some of the plugins lists that are being served by Genesis Frameworks, so here are they:

  • Atomic Block:- atomic block is one of the most useful plugins widely used worldwide for better commencement and customization. It will help you make your website look too beautiful. 
  • Social Icons:- using the social icons, you can add the icon of various social media platforms that you need so that users can get in touch with you just by clicking on it. So use them accordingly. 
  • Simple edits:- Genesis theme provides you the simple edits to authentically edit the complete theme using the post meta and footer. 
  • Genesis simple FAQ:- adding up the effective section is kind of attractive and most effective part. Genesis simple effective does it for well without many efforts. 

So these were some of the effective plugins that you can be installed in your theme. Along with that following are some of the theme settings that you can apply to maximize the look and feel of your website:

  • The Genesis Frameworks is used to provide regular update options, so you don’t have to manually do it by putting out efforts. 
  • The dynamic logo and text help you to update the header quality by applying a certain text format.
  • By entering your AdSense publisher ID that can automatically run on your blogs so that you can start monetizing your website. You can even customize the placements of Ads according to need. 
  • Get access to change the color of the theme like red, green, and blue. It also includes heading and links that one can change. 
  • Get access to the multiple site layout as per the need. 
  • Get multiple options of breadcrumbs.
  • Using the content archive, you can show all of the posts in one place.
  • According to the requirement, you can even enable and disable the comment and trackbacks. 
  • There is an edit option for customizing the header and footer of your website. 

Get Excellent Customer Support

One of the biggest reasons why most of the professionals and digital entrepreneur was used to acquire the services of Genesis Framework is their export support that will help you out in any situation for maximizing The authenticity of your website. 

Apart from this, if you are supposed to maximize your website’s look and be willing to make it look more appealing, you can even outsource your website to the developers to design you a good-looking and fresh website. It is necessary for branding purposes to invest some sort of penny to make it look more appealing and user-friendly. 

Before you proceed with any of the agencies or developers, you will need to check whether they have an existing project done or not and have a look at it. This will help you determine whether they will do your job or not; it’s necessary because each user has a unique requirement. 

How Much Do Genesis Framework Cost?

Pricing is one of the most important parts of team selection, and that’s why most people use to focus upon it. I must say that whatever you get in the Genesis Framework theme, everything is top-notch, so you don’t have to worry much about the services and features. 

The Genesis Framework used to serve a couple of plan mentioned below i.e. 

  • Framework package 
  • Pro plus membership 

Let me briefly introduce you to both of the packages and what you can expect from them. 

Framework Package 

If you are just a beginner and getting started with the first-ever website, you should definitely acquire a Framework package that will cost you around $59.95, a one-time payment. This is the best package available from the Genesis Framework for your wordpress website for bloggers and initial digital entrepreneurs. 

Following are the features that are being served to you:- 

  • Get access to unlimited customer support.
  • You can use their services on unlimited websites that you own.
  • The tutorial is being provided so that you can start it from scratch.
  • It includes frameworks.
  • Get instant access.
  • Get regular and unlimited update facility. 
  • One time payment.

Pro Plus Membership 

The Pro Plus membership is one of the most renowned and value for money theme option available. This will cost you around $499.95, as you’ll need to pay one time, and you’ll get access to it for a lifetime. This package is the best choice for developers and designers to create more sophisticated websites for their clients. 

Get access to some of the advanced feature mentioned below: 

  • Includes the Genesis Framework.
  • Get instant access to the theme.
  • Get unlimited support facility.
  • Get unlimited updates for a lifetime.
  • One time payment.
  • You save over $1200.
  • It includes all of the future themes.
  • Get access to the advanced tutorials.

NOTE:- All of the above-mentioned packages come with 30 days of refund policy. So you can use their premium services for a month, and if you feel it won’t worth it, you can avail of the refund policy. For beginners, this is the perfect theme option available in the market that one could grab. After 30 days, there will be no refund policy applicable to make a note of it. 

Why Should You Use A Premium WordPress Theme?

Everyone wants to make their website more sophisticated and user-friendly in terms of the Look At field. There are tons of options available in the market that one could grab for making their website authentic and appealing. But one of the highly asked questions is whether it is efficient to go with a premium wordpress theme, whereas you can also get multiple free themes in the market? 

Let me tell you that there are two main reasons for using the premium wordpress theme for maintaining your website’s sustainability. If you truly want to make money online through blogging and willing to monetize it in different ways, you can definitely go with the premium wordpress theme like Genesis Framework

Apart from this following are the four operations that you need to know about premium wordpress theme:


Most of the free wordpress themes are not very good, so most of them lack SEO. If you are supposed to make your website stands out of the box, then you should definitely have an eye on premium themes that will help you to maximize your website authenticity by giving it an appealing look. 

Also, it helps you to increase overall website traffic too that can be managed. They’re light in weight, so the amount of space consumption will be less, due to which your website performance will be maintained at a higher instance. 

Get Appealing Look 

There are millions of blogs available on the internet. Still, if you are supposed to make your blog stands out from the market, you should definitely give it a unique touch by using a premium wordpress theme like Genesis Framework. 

The premium themes help you in various ways like you can customize it in your own way without any hassle. Also, get access to some of the advanced features like management of websites performance for to lightweight. 


A free theme does not provide you with a measurement of security. Still, if you adopt the services of premium themes, they will provide you bulletproof security with your wordpress site so that none of the factors for customers can attack your website at any instance. Also, you can escape from certain vulnerabilities too. 


Despite blogging, all-digital entrepreneurs and bloggers are supposed to monetize their website in various ways. It becomes difficult to monetize your website by using a free theme available in the market. The premium themes like the Genesis Framework serve you the facility to monetize the blog and start making money online. 

Pros & Cons 

We have shortlisted some of the pros and cons of Genesis Framework that you need to know, so here are they. 


  • You just have to pay the payment one time, and everything you get is regular updates for which you don’t have to pay a single penny. 
  • Best and reliable Gutenberg ready.
  • You will be able to create a responsive mobile optimized website using the Genesis Framework.
  • Get access to unlimited customer support for a lifetime.
  • You can create custom page templates.
  • There’s a support of 24/7 customer support.
  • Get access to tons of widgets and banner support that one can use. 


  • There are no advanced customization options for professional users. 

Final Verdict 

Most pro bloggers are heading off to the premium wordpress themes for authentically monetizing their blogs in the present scenario. You will come across different premium wordpress themes available in the market, with the ability to customize them according to the requirement. The Genesis Framework is one of them.

The Genesis Framework is used to provide you and maximize your website’s authenticity at a greater instance. We’ve shared the detailed review on Genesis Framework that you need to know if you plan to purchase their services through this detailed post.

Genesis Framework Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money

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