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Are you in search of an honest review of RankMath SEO? 

You are landed upon the right page as I will conclude all of the essential factors about it. The terminology also consists of a few of the aspects that you need to be aware of. 

As we all know that Search Engine Optimisation is one of the crucial processes that you should not ignore at any instance if you are supposed to rank your website on the top of search engine. There are tons of plugins available out there, amongst which RankMath SEO and Yoast SEO are the two plugins widely used worldwide. 

According to research, most of the professional bloggers used to follow Yoast SEO to better their site. But by the launch of RankMath SEO, they’ve migrated themselves towards it. One of the unique selling points of RankMath SEO is its user interface, which is clean and minimal, so even if you are starting from scratch, it will be easier for you to acquire their features. 

Before taking you deep into the RankMath SEO review, it is essential to quickly introduce you to the SEO plugins. 

What Are SEO Plugins?

SEO plugins play a crucial role when it comes to blogging and digital marketing. You will come across different plugins amongst which Yoast SEO leads over the market from the past few years. RankMath SEO has shown up to the face in the market, making it one of the most legitimate SEO plugins that one could acquire.

Its features are well managed and designed in a more sophisticated way that most of the professional bloggers are serving the positive reviews about it and term to be the SEO king. Well, you need to know that what makes the RankMath SEO more convenient? 

Following are some of the unique selling point of it that you need to know about:-

The user interface of RankMath SEO is pretty minimal.

The use of keywords is being tested in a prominent way you can use in your content writing.

The content optimization process is straightforward if you require the services RankMath SEO.

Some of the well-managed index services are being offered to you to get your job done just within a while.

The sitemap services are being provided to you. 

What Is RankMath SEO?

The RankMath SEO is also termed to be the ‘swiss army knife of WordPress SEO.’ It’s the free plugin out there widely used all across the globe for the optimization of content for maximum ranking.

Although it’s a newly launched plugin out there on wordpress, it has continued to serve over 5 lacs active installation with around 4.9-star rating, which is a huge number. A pro version is available out there, but the free one is the best that one could opt for from scratch to skyrocket the website. 

Basically, RankMath SEO usually focuses on the on-page SEO techniques that take care of the rescue in a more advanced manner. If you install the right math SEO plugin and write the content, it will automatically suggest using the subsequent keywords to improve overall ranking. 

What Are The Features Of RankMath SEO?

RankMath serves you a tremendous amount of features that help you in each of the website optimization processes. We have shortlisted a few of the major features that play a lead role and are essential for you to know about it. So let’s talk about that. 

Intuitive User Interface

Who else doesn’t like to grab the intuitive UI tool or the services? 


The all-new RankMath SEO is one of the most sophisticated plugins that’s being widely used worldwide. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a beginner level or a professional blogger out there, but you will always be amazed by the features you get. Moreover, the user interface of RankMath SEO is damn good compared to the used tissue, making it the perfect plugin in SEO. 

It seems to be the developer of RankMath SEO who has inputted the right amount of effort to create the landing page of it in a more sophisticated manner. 

Even found that the developers of RankMath SEO have divided the UI into two different sections mentioned below:- 

Easy:- this action could be the perfect choice for those who are not supposed to Grab some of the technical information about RankMath SEO. This section will find the drag and drop method where you don’t have to invest much in the Air Force to acquire services. 

Advanced:- through this section, you can even organize all of the tasks which are being performed by the SEO. Basically, it is the professional toolkit for the advanced level SEO experts for maximizing their blog value. 

When we compare it with the Yoast SEO, there is not much space available, and you don’t even get set options that make the task even more complicated. 


What about the look and style of it?

As per the research, the newly launched RankMath SEO service to the best in class style would get you confused even if your beginning from scratch. It enhances the capabilities of usage, and that you also get a better user experience as well. 

Its dashboard is truly appealing, and even if you are beginning from scratch, you will find it way easier to use the drag and drop method for customizing your content in terms of SEO. Basically, it’s fun to use their services. 

One of the stuff in this tool is being managed, so you won’t understand their features that make it the perfect tool amongst all. 

The Yoast SEO might look pretty old in terms of feel and look, which holds you to acquire their services.  It’s been around 12 years since the launching of coast SEO, and they’ve failed to acquire the best features. 

Keywords Features

As we’ll know, the keyboard plays a crucial role in blogging and digital marketing, and it impacts a lot upon your ranking. Initially, it allowed you to acquire around 5 targeted keywords, but by the time it has been improved, and it’s been upgraded to as many keywords that you can use in content. 


Compared to the other SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, it allows you to focus only on the five sets of the world that one can use in content. If you are supposed to acquire more towards you will have to subscribe to their premium plan, which costs way more and makes no sense.

But is it beneficial for you to use the keywords provided by RankMath SEO in content?

Let me conclude that your Optimisation depends on the quality of content and several other factors but mainly, people focus on the keywords. To increase the keyboard density, all you need to do is use it in the headings and subheadings for better commitment, and surely it will help you a lot and rank your website on the top of the search engine.

You can also apply the same concept while writing a title, meta description, permalinks as well. It has a huge role in the Google snippets for mobile and desktop, so make sure to check it out accordingly that will give you a better output.

Content Optimisation

You might have been heard of the phrase something like ‘Content is the King’,  well it seems to be true in certain instances because most of the content writers with their use it to focus on creating high and valuable content for their website. But if you aren’t familiar with the SEO strategies, then it’s totally useless. 

Apart from this, let me conclude that the SEO strategies change. The techniques remain the same for most SEO experts out there.

The one who wants to rank their content here on the search engine is essential today’s main update. That’s what RankMath promises to serve you with efficient and updated Optimisation techniques to help you a lot throughout SEO.

You might have been observed that one of the best ways to add keywords in the contacts to add them in the title of content but according to RankMath SEO, their experts used to say that if you add the targeted keywords in the first paragraph and not in the first and only it will help you a lot in terms of ranking and improves overall SEO of your content. 

Due to updated benchmarks of RankMath SEO, the task gets even more convenient for most beginners. Adding the subsequent amount of keywords in the first paragraph of content will help you a lot in featured snippets. 

A similar theory is applicable for H1 and H2 tags as well, where you can add the targeted keywords for better commencement; however, the ranking becomes higher subsequently. 

What is content optimization scoring in the rank of math SEO?

This is one of the best and well-optimized features I like about ranking math SEO that will help you determine whether your content goes inflow. The usually provides the number between 0 to 100, so if your content score is above 80, it means Jupiter green color, so you are going in the right direction.

And if the content score goes below 50, it means your content needs to be improved at and higher instance to maintain its sustainability. They’ll serve you orange and red color, which is better for understanding the content’s values, which is important for you to know. 

Other Features Of RankMath SEO

Let me conclude that RankMath SEO and coast SEO offer you kind of equivalent features, but RankMath SEO still stays on the top just because there are few essential features that you need to know. The only reason behind this is that the rank of math SEO serves some of the extra key features, making it even more comprehensive in each aspect. 

To let you know, I have shortlisted the key features which are being served by RankMath SEO and termed them to be the best in each aspect of it, so here are they:- 

Some of the advanced custom fields and AMP support are being served to you to better your site’s reliability.

Role manager.

404 error monitor with the help you a lot to know about site performance.

The SEO analysis tool will help you skyrocket your content by analyzing the content and other aspects of the website.

The modular framework is being served to you for better commencement. 

These were some of the better features that need to be added in the other SEO plugins as well, but apparently, they are not involved in it, and that’s what makes it one of the most efficient plugins of all time that one could opt for. 

Performance of RankMath SEO

The all-new RankMath SEO is considered to be the topmost plugin in the whole scenario of WordPress. If you are the one who is still worried about the performance of RankMath SEO, it is a way for you to know more about the stuff which we have shortlisted. Basically, we have divided the terminology into two different parts, i.e., SEO performance and plugin performance. So let’s dive deep into it. 

SEO Performance

There are none of the SEO tools out there that will serve you the best in class, as your performance means your website will rank higher on the search engine. In case if a new tool is claiming so, it is truly lying. The tedious growth is considered one of the most efficient growth of all time because you have to put a subsequent effort into it to grow your website. 

The RankMath SEO serves you some of the best-in-class features that’ll surely help you maximize the site’s overall authenticity and take it higher to the search engine. When it’s compared with the plugins like coast SEO, the overall performance phone is the best, making it a convenient platform you should definitely go with. 

View monitor their performance and find it equivalent to the Yoast SEO, but the all-new RankMath wins the pricing battle. 

Plugin Performance

Let me tell you that the all-new RankMath SEO is the newly launched plugin, so it is way smaller than the coast SEO in terms of user base and other related stuff. This means there’s a lot of room available for you to acquire their services. For better commencement, they offer you better PHP values as well. 

Just within a few milliseconds, you’ll track the details of the content you’re about to produce, which makes it the most convenient toolkit for beginners and pro bloggers. 

XML sitemap integration


when we talk about a website’s indexing, the sitemap plays a crucial role just because your whole website stands. Regularly, millions of content are produced on Google, so the charges are more that it will forget brand value, so you need to maintain it for better commencement. 

To maintain the sitemap, you need to Grab the tool or plugin that will help you out. By grace, the all-new RankMath helps you to the show just because it has an inbuilt sitemap customization feature that allows you to customize it in the way you need. 

How Much Does RankMath SEO cost?

Earlier, when RankMath SEO was launched, several limitations get sorted by the developer of the plugin. And now they’re offering as many features that might blow up your mind at a certain instance, which makes sense to acquire their services. 

If you’re just a beginner out there, you’re free to acquire their free services, which is way efficient for you. Still, the thing is, if you’re the one who’s supposed to maximize the authenticity of the plugin, make sure to acquire their premium services that are available at a meager price. 

I’ve shortlisted a couple of plans that are being served to you by the RankMath SEO, so here are they:- 

Pro Plan 

The pro plan is available at just $59/ month, where you will get some of the advanced features like multiple website capacity and the powerful schema generator. The 24/7 customer service is being offered to you for better commencement and to sort out any technical issues just within a while. 

Business Plan

The business plan is available at just $99/ month. It is very efficient for most professional bloggers and digital marketers out there, where you will get some of the advanced features like tracking of around 10,000 keyboards and the support of client websites. 

Also, let me tell you that to save a few bucks, I will highly recommend you purchase their plans every year, which is essential for you in the long-term. It doesn’t matter whether you just begin around there or a professional blogger; it applies to all RankMath users. 

Final Verdict

The all-new RankMath SEO is considered to be one of the most efficient plugins out there that you should not ignore at any instance if you are supposed to make your website rank on the top of the search engine. Apart from this, there are tons of competitors out there who are supposed to serve similar features. 

But there are a few of the major being: acquiring RankMath SEO services, which I’ve conveyed through this detailed post. Even if you’re just a beginner out there, it’ll be way convenient for you to acquire their features from scratch. If that sounds great to you, make sure to check it out.

RankMath Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money

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