20 Must Have WordPress Plugins – (Complete List 2021)

Are you searching for the best and legitimate WordPress plugins for your website? 

You’ve landed on the right page as we’ve compiled the list of the best in class WordPress plugins that’ll maximize your business and take it to the next level. 

Let me tell you that there are over 60,000+ WordPress plugins that might confuse you to choose amongst them. Due to this overwhelming number, the idea of finding perfect plugins, most of the blogger and digital marketers end up frustrating. 

We often come across a certain question which people usually ask about plugins specifically belonging to the categories like SEO, backups, speed and performance, media, etc. 

So if you belong to the same category to know about the plugins, then make sure to stick with us till the end as I’m going to share a list of 20 WordPress plugin that’ll help you skyrocket your website. 

The list includes both paid and free versions. 

So let’s dive deep into it.

Top 20 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

There might be tons of wordpress plugins available in the market, but we have compiled the list of only legitimate plugins that are truly beneficial for your website:



MonsterInsights are considered one of the most efficient Google Analytics plugins for wordpress when installed for better commencement. It helps you connect your website to Google Analytics so that you will analyze exactly how many people have reached out to your website. 

The MonsterInsights showcases all of the important statistical data that can be accessed using the wordpress dashboard. 

So if you are a bit conscious about the term, using the monster inside, you will also be able to determine the traffic flow and the revenue. They offer the free version and the paid version, too; the premium version unlocked all of the premium features required for professional bloggers. 

They’ve over 2 million user base globally, making it the perfect WordPress plugin for your website. 



It doesn’t matter whether you have a personal website for a business website, but you will always be to get connected with the visitors, and that’s the reason why plugins like WPForms are necessary to install.  The user interface of plugging is quite minimal that’ll grab your attention. 

The plugin serves the drag and drops method using which you are free to create email subscription forms, contact forms, payment forms, surveys forms, polls forms, etc. So just within a few clicks, you will be able to access all of the WPForms’ needy features. 

The good thing is the WPForm is integrated with all of the payment applications, so you can place it in your own way as you get a certain amount of template support. 

Also, let me tell you that the WPForms have over 3 million users globally who have rated 4.9 stars out of 5, which is a huge thing. Over the years, they are consistently upgrading the features of the plugin that enhances the overall usage.

It is available both free and the paid version, so you can opt for the one that fulfills your need according to the requirement. Let me tell you, the pro version comes with some of the additional features that will enhance the capability of your WPForms and make them look better and sophisticated. 

Yoast SEO


whom else don’t want to have the SEO plugin installed on their WordPress website. That’s where the Yoast SEO comes from; what is the most powerful SEO plugin that you can grab to maximize your website’s authenticity. It will help you to increase the flow of traffic to your website in a good way.

The Yoast SEO service offers some of the best new features that will improve your on-page SEO terminology. Along with that, they have a pretty good solution to maximize the site’s generosity. 

It helps you in various ways like the addition of meta tags, generation of sitemaps, etc. You can even optimize social media as well, which is a good thing. You can easily connect it with the Google search console; it will maximize the site’s overall authority. 

I will highly recommend you to purchase their paid plan, which is very efficient for the website growth. 



If you are supposed to maximize your business value, it’s a question for you to grab conversion rate Optimisation software that will enhance your site’s capability. The Optinmonster is one of them that usually serves you the conversion rate management and teaching features. 

This will help you to gain more number of subscribers and customer base as well. The conversion rate due to the use of Optinmonster gets increased just because they have pretty good features that can be managed using the track and drop builder. 

Which is the best solution for Digital entrepreneurs and eCommerce website owners who basically wants to grab the contact details of their customers that can be retargeted according to the better commencement.

We have personally been a great fan of  Optinmonster and consistently acquiring their features to maximize website authenticity, so definitely check it out. 

Constant Contact


Email marketing is currently considered the most efficient way to enhance your business’s capability, and that’s why plugins like constant contact are evolving day by day. There is a huge demand for constant contact for the digital space, so I will highly recommend you install this plugin in your wordpress dashboard. 

Constant Contact is considered the best in class and reliable marketing service provider widely used globally by tons of digital entrepreneurs. 

This plugin will help you to create a detailed email list and send an effective newsletter to your subscribers in a great way without hassle. There is no need for coding knowledge for something like that due to its effective and intuitive user interface that will get your job done just within a while.



Due to sudden growth in internet users and social media creators, most of the creators are facing the issues of Getting their website hacked or even it might get affected by spammers; in such case, the plugins like sucuri help you out through the complete process and gives the full protection to your website. 

There are tons of facilities that we’re off to you like complete DDoS protection, XSS attacking, malware and threats, etc. So no room remains for the hackers and spammers to attack your website at any instance. 

It doesn’t matter whether your website is quite short or the business website, but it’s essential to acquire the service of Sucuri that’ll get your job done and maximizes the website growth as well.

WP Rocket


As the name suggests, the WP Rocket is one of the most efficient wordpress caching plugins that improve your website’s overall speed and performance that will take your website to the next level.

It automatically compresses the large files and gets them converted to the gzip compression. There are tons of different features available like lazy loading images, CDN support, and DNS prostitution to benefit your usage amount. 

The WP Rocket automatically crawls your wordpress website’s complete scenario without even saying it in the hosting space. It’s one of the most efficient and reliable beginner-friendly plugins that you can grab to maximize the website’s true potential. 



In the present scenario taking the backup of your website is one of the efficient processes that you should not ignore at any instance in case if you’re supposed to maximize the overall evaluation of the site. UpdraftPlus allows you to create an automatic backup of the stored on your website that you can remotely access using Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, email, etc.

Apart from this, you can easily store your website’s complete data in any cloud storage for better commencement for short. You can even prioritize each of the content according to the requirement that makes it one of the cool features of UpdraftPlus that you should definitely acquire. 

Although the plugin is completely free, if you are supposed to acquire some of the advanced features, you will always need to acquire their paid subscription plans to help you create some extra things for the backup you’ve created. 

I’ll recommend you adopt their free plan that’s pretty good for the beginners; late onwards, you can grab their paid plans.



Currently, most of the page builders are going training, amongst which seedprod is considered the legitimate one that can be customized according to the better commitment. There is no requirement for specific coding skills as you can do it on your own using the drag and drop method.

It has more dial 100+ beautiful templates that you can use to manage the stuff while creating the landing pages for the website. As there is no requirement to hire a specific developer to get your job done just because seedprod does it for you. 

Apart from the landing pages, you can also build some of the different pages like registration pages, webinar pages, swimming son pages, etc. That can even customize accepting to the requirement. Apart from this, it is well integrated with some other applications like CRM facilities that will help you manage the stuff effectively. 



For skyrocketing your website, YouTube must analyze web traffic and eyes why most of the plugins like raffel press are coming on the way just because it converts the subscribers into followers and customers help you maximize the website’s authenticity. 

Within a few clicks, you can drastically increase the website traffic and social media followers and subscribers. It also allows you to running contests for your subscribers to grab your attention.

RafflePress allows you to set up the giveaway entities so that you will be able to grab your subscriber’s newsletter; with the help of that, you can even read target for getting a decent amount of traction, which is a good thing. 

It comes with both free and paid version 51 is a term to be the raffle press light, and the paid version is a term to be the RafflePress pro amount, which you can select the one that fulfills your need.



Most digital entrepreneurs and marketers use to serve their knowledge by creating a certain amount of course for their users, and that’s where MemberPress lies. It is the best plugin that you can install in your wordpress dashboard that restricts the content and converts it into a subscription plan. 

It’s been widely used in WooCommerce businesses to maximize the total evaluation. MemberPress computes the advanced features like drip content, course management, and group memberships that can be distributed according to the requirement. 

So if you are a bit confused about the term, make sure to install it into your wordpress dashboard that will serve you a better result in output. 



The PushEngage is one of the renowned WordPress plugins specifically designed for sending automated messages to your website visitors. The PushEngage helps you manage all of the traffic that flows what’s your website is a great way to sign it. 

We have enabled the PushEngage services to attract users to get involved in the website ecosystem for consuming content that specifically highlighted customer satisfaction. 

Some of the key features of PushEngage are A/B testing, goal tracking, user segmentation, etc. Wrong with that for The e-commerce businesses, it is the most efficient way to enhance user flow capability. 

There are different plans available based upon free and paid ones amongst which you can opt the one that fulfills your requirement. Even if you are just a beginner out there, it will be easier for you to acquire the services from scratch to skyrocket the website audience.



Like the other course selling applications, the learndash is one of the best in class and efficient plugin that you can install in your wordpress dashboard. Using the LearnDash, you can build a course that specifically derived towards your brand value.

Even if you are not specifically involved in course creation, although the learndash helps you in each step create the specific course you are looking for. So if you are a digital entrepreneur, you should definitely acquire the services offered by LearnDash that’s pretty good.

They plan can your budget just because they are quite affordable, so definitely check them out.

Uncanny Automator


The Uncanny Automator to be one of the most efficient automation plugins that you can install in your wordpress dashboard. If you are the business owner or the website created, then you should definitely acquire their services just because they have a better capability to trigger all of the business modules in a great way. 

For the last couple of years, we are highly attributed to the Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin as it serves the best possible features to the users, which makes it kind of great tool for the users to manage the stuff. 

Google Workspace


With WordPress, you will get the plugin solution like Google Workspace because they have a pretty good amount of applications that you should definitely install in your wordpress dashboard like email, docs, etc. 

They have a pretty good amount of applications that can be installed at a lower price. When you find most of the plugins for free, it is a good choice for you to maximize your wordpress website’s intensity.

It is the best alternative source of Microsoft Office, where you will get tons of applications that provide you much valuable and authentic features compared to Microsoft. That’s why we personally like it the most. 



When it comes to competitor research and management, you should not ignore one of the most efficient and oldest SEO tools named SEMRush. It’s one of the most trusted and legitimate toolkits that serves you some of the awesome features in it that you should definitely grab. 

You are free to install semrush in your best dashboard as they have both free and paid services amounts to which you can select the one that would fulfill your requirement. Using the SEMRush, you will manage your social media accounts, spy upon the competitors, tracking, etc. 

In the last few years, there are consistently providing regular updates to set up their own profile and maximize their website authenticity. Even if you are just a beginner, you are free to Aqua the service from scratch just because it is available in both tools and a plugin installed into the wordpress website dashboard. So definitely check it out once. 



For the enhancement of your brand, you must add some sort of customer care services, due to which your brand value remains stable, and the customer gets a good response from the company. The Live Chat plugin allows you to set up the complete live chat support system to your WordPress dashboard to enhance the support system’s capability. 

Using their AI bots, you will be able to monitor all of the stuff that is integrated with email marketing, CRM, etc. along; with that, you are free to customize the right chat support is a great way to enhance the capability of the customer care system.

The live chat shows you that all of the data is being tracked in real-time and provides your customers a real-time value so that they will never like any of the features. 



The link management system is currently considered the most value-added and crucial entity that should not believe in a law to maximize their website traffic.  If you are an affiliate marketer, you should definitely grab some services that will help you complete link management services. 

Using PrettyLinksPro, you can even build internal links to redirect the users to the specific website. We have been consistently acquiring their features throughout the years and realized that they have pretty good interfaces and build authentic backlinks for website traffic growth. 

Shared Counts


For your social media management, you should definitely acquire shared counts services just because they have a pretty good feature like social sharing buttons that you can add up on your website that will improve the website’s overall capability.

The Shared Count has some of the best and reliable solutions to your social accounts that’ll manage the stuff in a great way. It’ll display all of the stuff data like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In a great way that one should use to enhance the brand value. 

Insert Headers and Footers


While managing the wordpress website, you need to look for good headers and footers to enhance your website’s overall look and feel. Using the insert headers and footers plugin will add the Google snippets without knowing about coding skills. 

It not only allows you to create Google snippets but along with that, you can change the look and feel of your landing page that will be extremely beneficial for your business growth at a higher instance. 

Final Verdict

As we’ll know, WordPress is one of the most efficient and widely used website platforms competing with most of the other platforms but still remains on the top. As soon as you use WordPress, you will get to know that there are tons of plugins available, amongst which you can obtain the one that fulfills your need. To let you know, we have shared the list of 2o must-have plugins that you can use to maximize your wordpress website authenticity, so definitely check them out.

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