Social Snap Review: The Best WordPress Social Media Plugin

The internet is constantly evolving every day, and the opportunities are higher than ever before. There are tons of plugins available out there when it comes to social media management. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a part-time blogger or a professional one; you will always need to grow your brand to maximize authenticity and reach maximum people as possible.

Social media is considered the best way to enhance your brand and share its content because over 80% of internet users use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So it becomes easier for you to encourage your brand value. 

Social Snap is one of the best in class and most convenient tool out there that one can use to maximize the authenticity of the social shares. Social Snap will help you grow your audience and encourage them to share your content. If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post because I will be explaining Social Snap in detail so that you will get to know what exactly it is.

So with that being said, let’s get deep into it. 

What is Social Snap?

Social Snap is one of the best class wordpress plugins that help you convert more sales and shares of your brand. It is one of the best plugins available out there that helps you add a share button, follow buttons, tweet boxes, etc, to your wordpress account into the blog so that the conversion rates increase over time.


Apart from this, you also get an opportunity to customize it manually according to your blog post page to fit into it, and the design will maintain its flow without any destruction or defect. 

One of the major problems with the other plugins out there is that this slows down your website just because the plugin’s size is quite larger than the Social Snap, and that’s where the Social Snap lies. It helps you customize the share buttons, and that it is a lightweight plugin, so the performance will maintain its flow once you enable it. 

Now let’s jump onto the features that each of you needs to know to grab it for your wordpress website. 

Features of Social Snap

Social Snap is a social media widely used worldwide for better commencement and to acquire more audience. You will get access to the power-packed features that play a crucial role in each aspect, but we have short-listed a few of the essential features that each one of you needs to know about. So let’s dive deep into it. 


Multiple Sharing Formats

Choosing the right share button is an overwhelming process that takes a lot of effort and time. With Social Snap’s help, you can set up various share buttons, including a floating widget, floating bar, Pinterest pin, sticky widgets, etc.

Apart from this, let me tell you that according to the research that has been observed that most of the time, social share used to add on several different features on their regular updates. Currently, they are about to offer popup notifications that you can use for better commencement. Pop-ups are considered to be the best way to enhance the overall authenticity of the blog. 

Multiple Styles Buttons

If you are currently using any of the other social sharing platforms or plugins, then you probably come to know that they won’t offer you multiple style buttons. But instead, if you grab the services of Social Snap, they are pretty good in each aspect for stock as they provide you multiple patterns of sharing buttons, amongst which you can select the one that fulfills your requirement and looks good on your blog. 

They also serve you to change the slanting circle, rectangular buttons, and regular buttons. So, according to the taste, you can select one from tons of different options. 

Automatic Social Poster

Social Snap is considered the most genuine and legitimate plugin to add the social buttons on your website. It has an automatic social posting feature, one of my favorites, and allows you to perform various tasks for better commencement. 

This feature allows the user to automatically share the post on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each time you share the post on your website and publish it automatically, this feature will redirect to that specific post and bring more conversation rates out of that. All you need to do is enable these features, and that’s it. The plugin algorithm will do everything for you. 

Social log in 

If you follow different professional blogs, you probably might be very familiar with the social login feature, widely used worldwide by tons of different professionals belonging to several industries. It helps you add the social login button, due to which the specific user will log in via Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

They didn’t have to log in by creating a different account; this feature helps them create a decent amount of guest posts. Apart from this, you came even customize it for a better commencement. 

Tweet Boxes

The tweet boxes are necessary to maximize your website’s authenticity because most users might not want to visit the specific Twitter application for a single to it. Social Snap considered providing these features to their users so that anyone can easily acquire this feature and add the tweet button in the blog. 

Using the WordPress editor, you can easily add this box to the WordPress website to bring out a decent traction amount.


You came across where is different social share plugin out there for the wordpress that used to acquire API tracking instead; if you acquire the services of Social Snap, let me tell you they used to serve you the API tracking along with the click tracking as well that will help you a lot to track all of the content. 

This picture will help you track the number of shares; you can even customize it as convenient for better user ability. The tracking feature is necessary just because you will know how your post is performing, and accordingly, you can edit or upgrade the quality.

Open Meta Graph

The all-new open meta graph is an essential feature that each of you surely needs these days, and apparently, the all-new Social Snap plugin has pictures so that you can customize it according to the requirement. It not only helps you to keep the post look better but along with that, it manages the other look and feels as well.

You can even add custom images for Facebook and Twitter to control the shares and meta graph.


Knowing about the total number of social shares, statistical reports are necessary that you should not ignore at any instant, even if you are just a beginner. It will give you an idea of how your post is performing, and recording you can set it up as per the need. 

It’s been observed that most of the premium plugin misses out on this feature, which makes no sense at any instance if you are about to maximize the number of shares. This plugin’s overall dashboard is quite decent, where you’ll come across tons of different terms that make it lol better in each aspect. 

These were some of the basic features of the Social Snap that one could acquire for the betterment of a website look and feel and maximize the total number of shares. Apart from this following are a few of the advanced features that you get:

  • Support of shortcode for better convenience.
  • The manual placement service is available.
  • The multiple social follow button style options will enhance capabilities.
  • Get the support of Gutenberg block.
  • Get the support for the custom post types.
  • You’ll be able to hide share buttons on particular posts.

If you’re supposed to maximize the workflow’s overall authenticity, follow the buttons that encourage the visitors to take action prior. Once you do so, the chances of reactions get increased over time. 

I tell you that Social Snap supports more than 30 different social media platform support, which is good. You can even restore the least count of tweets for the maximum amount of usage. The tracking feature is available out there, which makes true sense for the analysis of the tracking. 

How Much Does Social Snap Cost?

Pricing is one of the effective entities that one should not ignore at any instance. Let me tell you that the Social Snap used to serve the freemium plan, making sense to a quick start with the plugin. And once you found that to have a certain limit, you’re free to grab their premium subscription as well. It has pretty advanced features in it. 


So let’s jump on to the plans of Social Snap, which are being served to you:- 

The plus plan is considered the entry-level paid plan available at $39/ year, allowing you to host a single website and manage it more often. But it has some sort of limitations. In case if you’re just a beginner, this plan might fulfill your need.

The pro plan is available at $99/ hear, where you’ll get aces to a few of the intermediate level features that surely help you to maximize the blog authenticity. 

The agency plan is available at just $299/ year, where you can get access to all of the top-notch features that each of the professional bloggers needs to multiply the number of such shares. 

If you are supposed to save fuel amount of penny, I recommend you purchase it for more than 24 months, which makes sense. Most of the time, Social Snap used to serve lifetime deals as well, so make sure to look at their services and grab the offer as soon as possible; we’ll this offer depends upon the time and the occasion. 


If you are supposed to maximize the authenticity of Social Snap usage, then make sure to purchase its premium subscription just because you get access to turn off add ons that you can grab anytime you need at a certain cost. 

I have shortlisted a few of the least among these addon entities, so here are the:

  • Social login
  • Social old post booster
  • Social auto poster
  • Social content locker 

The social locker is one of my favorites just because it helps you to customize your blog post. It allows the user to read blog posts only if they share the specific content on social media, and that’s what we called social content locker that you can acquire for the betterment and get more shares. 

The social auto poster will help you get maximum shares. If you enable this option and any visitors visit your post, it will automatically be shared to their social accounts. It’s one of the major features you can use to maximize the overall sales and bring out much traction towards the brand. 

The social old postmaster is just like the social auto poster; the only difference is that it syncs all of the existing content on your blog and make the visitor share this content on their social media profiles. There are tons of different ways you can go through to get a decent amount of shares on the post that you already posted on the blog. 

The social login is an effective way to enhance the user’s ability as it forces the visors to share the content on their social media profile. For betterment, you’re free to customize the sharing button by letting them sign up for your blog. This will allow them to share the post, but with that, you can even capture the newsletter as well. 

So these were few addons that one can proceed with to maximize the website’s overall authenticity. Also, there are tons of fun emoticons available that one can use for better usage. 

Customer Service

The support system is one of the crucial parts of each hosting provider there, but apparently, Social Snap doesn’t have any email support. In contrast, you can always head off to the wordpress forum if you face any of the plugin issues.

Their services are pretty prompt, so I don’t think you will get stuck into any technical issues or common issues while setting it out. 

Let me tell you that if you want the customer care service from the Social Snap team, then it’s essential for you to Grab their premium subscription just because they only offer one year of free customer support if you require their premium solution available at a certain price. This is one of the crucial processes that one should not ignore if you don’t understand any technical issues. 

Pros and Cons of Social Snap

To let you know, I have noticed a few of the pros and cons that will give you an idea of whether the Social Snap is best suitable for you or not. 


  • The services offered by Social Snap is pretty fast.
  • You can easily integrate it with various social media platforms.
  • You can customize it in your own way as per the requirement.
  • It has an inbuilt click to quit feature, so there is no requirement of installing the plugins.
  • Get access to some of the amazing features like cracking and statistical information to give you an idea about the number of clicks on a specific thing. 


  • Analytics feature comes with only a premium subscription plan.
  • There’s no access to the many social networks with the free version. 

Why you Need to Use Social Snap?

The amount of usage of Social Snap is suggested that increasing day by day. You can take advantage of it to gauge much amount of traction because most of the people out there are acquiring the social sharing features, and that’s where Social Snap comes on the top of the field. 

Most of the features make sense just because the plugin’s services are quite effective, and the premium plan helps you maximize the authenticity of the plugin usage. If you’re the one who wants to maximize the amount of social share, you’re free to acquire their paid plans. 

If you’re the individual creator or a professional blogger, too, it’ll be efficient to maximize the overall ability. Apart from this, the younger features are to notch as you’ll customize the social sharing templates.

If you’re searching for such a plugin that’ll serve you to customize the social sharing buttons along with the tracking feature, then this plugin is the perfect choice for you. 

Final Verdict

Social media evolves constantly every day and if you want to succeed, it’s way essential for you to grab certain strategies that’ll help you at every moment. The Social Snap is one of the leading and most convenient social media sharing plugin, allowing you to grow exponentially via its multiple features. 

Good thing it can be heavily customized according to your requirement. Along with that, the free plan is being offered to you for quick use. So definitely check it out once. 

Social Snap Review Summary
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Value for money



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