Top 10 Best Fashion Bloggers In India 2021

‘Fashion is something that signifies one’s identity.’

You have probably been heard of this phrase before. And that’s true just because the scenario has completely changed.

Style is something that has ruined all of the human mindset at a higher instance. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a working professional, student, housewife, web designer, freelancer, etc. Style is something that everybody wants to follow for the betterment of the look. 

So if you are the one who wants to become more stylish, there are a couple of options that flow in your way, i.e.,  hire the professional fashion expert/designer or follow the top fashion experts blogs. 

The first option is specifically designated for the one who has a huge amount of money in their pocket. Let me tell you you can’t afford the fashion designer on this and until you are born by the silver spoon in your mouth. 

So if you’re the one who wants to discover the latest trends and fashion its way, it is essential to follow the bloggers Who are serving the free knowledge on the internet. If that sounds great to you, make sure to stick with the post till the end just because through this post, I will be sharing the top fashion bloggers of India in 2021 that you may follow to maximize your fashion entity and take it to the next level for no cost. 

After doing some research, we realized that these fashion bloggers used to serve the best possible information about the latest trends and fashion that you may follow. Along with that, you also get to know more about the outfit and style, which plays a crucial role in looking even more confident.


Why You Need To Follow Fashion Bloggers?

As I said before, if you have many bucks in your pocket, you can hire a fashion designer for the expert. Still, if not, you can always go with the fashion bloggers used to serve the best possible information that might help you maximize your knowledge about fashion and stuff.

Well, I have spent a good amount of time researching these names, so there’s no void remains. Even if you’re starting from scratch and do not know about fashion, you can begin your journey by following these names on the internet. 

The Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In India

Following are the names that you could follow to dive into the dilemma of fashion. 

1. Akanksha Redhu


Akanksha Redhu is one of the most famous fashion bloggers who have rain all across the blogging industry regarding fashion and designs. So if you’re the one who supports taking some of the advice, you should definitely check out the blog where you’ll get to know about fashion and that Ankshksha also serves you the best trial modes that you can catch up. 

She launched her fashion and grooming blog way back in 2010; she’s running a successful campaign at a higher instance by helping out so many people who are conscious about fashion. 

Why should you follow Akanksha Redhu?

The niche of the blog Is specifically related to fashion and grooming. But along with that, nowadays, she’s also serving the posts related to the lifestyle, jewelry, latest trends, etc. Which makes true sense to stay updated with the fashion. In most blog posts, you’ll also get to know that the step by step process is also available to go through for a better commencement. 

For fashion enthusiasts, it’s the perfect blog that one could follow. So you can definitely get their newsletter subscription as well, where they also ping you by the latest ongoing trends and fashion, which is breathtaking. 

2. Anshita Juneja


And here comes the second name in our list, i.e., Anshita Juneja, specifically known as the full-time fashion blogger. Nowadays, she’s also a bit active on social media platforms as well. So you’re free to check out her profile on Instagram to get in touch with her more intuitive content that might fulfill your requirement. 

Well, she belongs to Delhi, serving the best possible knowledge about fashion and grooming since 2010. Her blog name is Vanity No Apologies, which was launched way back then. But from the last 5 years, you can say that this blog has ruined all of the marketplaces by serving the best possible content in a good amount of format that you need to follow if you’re addicted to fashion and the lifestyle. 

Why should you follow Anshita Junejo?

One of the most intuitive things I like about her blog is that you’ll find all kinds of information related to fashion and grooming, whether it’s lasting product reviews, quick grooming hacks, lifestyles have, etc. Usually, nowadays they’re mainly focusing upon the newly launched product reviews. So before you invest in expensive grooming products, you can read various reviews on her blog. 

Apart from this, if you’re having any queries about fashion and lifestyle, you can go through their FAQs section to find the answer in a more sophisticated manner. They used to break down all of the products being used by the celebrities to try them out on yourself. If that sounds great, do check out her blog. 

3. Sayantini


You might have been hearing of ‘Follow your passion, and that’s true at a certain instance. Sayantini is one of those who are following the passion consistently. She started the beauty and lifestyle blog way back in 2013, and since then, she’s consistently serving the best possible content or readers. 

Apart from lifestyle and fashion, she also used to share product reviews, skincare tips, tricks, beauty tips, etc. So if you’re searching for the best possible blog that would serve you the content based upon fashion and grooming. 

The good thing about her blog is you’ll find the genuine and well-tried method that serves you the quality and lets you know more about grooming and fashion. 

Why should you follow Sayantini?

Sayantini is one of the top fashion bloggers running the best possible makeup and beauty products review, making true sense. If you’re a bit conscious about the term, you need to cover the beauty tips and tricks that make sense for better commencement if you’re supposed to know more about the stuff. 

Before you spend money on any product purchases, you need to grab this blog for information purposes, which is a good thing. Definitely check it out. 

4. Purushu


This blog was started way back in 2009, it has become one of the top blogs in terms of fashion and grooming industry having the million of traffic fueling up by consuming the content that is being shared. 

When it comes to history, the Purushu was a former student of NIFT New Delhi and had an idea about fashion and grooming. And following the passion he has, creating the well-signified blog for where you’ll get as much data available based upon the fashion and the reviews on various different products essential for the emerging stars whose bit conscious about the fashion and the lifestyle. 

Why should you follow Purushu?

Purushu is not just the fashion designer and the experts but also highly recommended by Marc Jacobs. So it’s the way continent for you to maximize the authenticity of the blog. If you’re a bit fashion enthusiast, this probably the best blog available out there, specifically serving you the felt knowledge about the term.

While research for this name, i.e., Purushu, we realized that very few fashion bloggers out there used to serve the legitimate and authentic blog posts upon lifestyles and grooming, but this was found to be the best one could look upon for the better commencement. 

5. Devina Malhotra


In India, Punjab is well known for its swag behavior. When it comes to fashion and grooming, they stand on the top just because most people used to follow the latest trends, making sense in the present scenario to maximize the self-value in terms of looks. 

Devina Malhotra is the Punjabi blogger that runs Guilty Bytes with full zeal. She also became one of the famous social media influencers of all time used to serve their followers’ best content. By acquiring more than 60K followers on Facebook consistently, the production of content is reaching higher. 

Why should you follow Devina Malhotra?

It doesn’t matter whether your primary goal is to get a good hairstyle to acquire the latest fashion trends in the information you will get in the guilty bytes.  Getting substitution of the newsletter, you will notify the latest fashion trends and the ongoing latest blog post on their blog to remain updated with the fashion and grooming. 

Apart from this, there are also used to serve the latest reviews on various products to apply to your hairs to make it more authentic and good looking. 

6. Gia Kashyap


Gia Kashyap is one of the great bloggers running the best blog of all time in fashion and Lifestyle, i.e., GiaSays. When it comes to the history of this blog, it was not two way back in 2010, and since then, it is serving the best possible blog post to the users to maximize their authenticity and take their lifestyle to the next level. 

When Gia Kashyap was a teenager back then, she’s a bit conscious and enthusiastic about fashion and grooming. She began the online career in T-shirt selling and diversified the business by creating the GiaSays blog, which is now one of the top blog posts. India that you can go through if you’re a bit conscious about lifestyle and fashion. 

Why should you follow Gia Kashyap?

In case if you are a bit conscious about fitness, lifestyle, the latest fashion, etc. You should definitely look upon this blog to serve the best possible blog post through the latest trends, and well, I just wanted which makes it perfect. 

Along with that, the Gia Kashyap also has a Facebook page, which consists of more than 100,000 followers, making it the perfect choice you could make. Big social media influencer, she also used to be super active on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll so you can follow each of the mediums to stay updated with the latest fashion and trends. 

7. Tanya Virmani


Tanya Virmani is one of the best bloggers of all time to follow the fitness and lifestyle niche. She lowered the blog way back in 2011 named Let’s Expresso. So if you are a bit fitness enthusiast, you should definitely look up this blog that serves you the best possible content and well-researched solutions to Your fashion and grooming. 

One of the biggest unique selling points of this blog is that they have partnered with some of the best brands of all time named Dove, Lakme, Veet, Kaya, etc. You’ll also find many product reviews on their blog to save a few bucks before purchasing any products blindly. 

Why should you follow Tanya Virmani?

One of the big reason why you should follow Tanya Virmani is that she not only focus upon the fashion and grooming but apart from that she also used to post content on food and travel as well which makes it the all-rounder blog of all time that follows niche content. 

If you feel fun reading the post of one witness and grooming, you should definitely opt for this one and get their newsletter subscription-free where you will get the latest updates about the blog post; we will remain updated with the latest trends out there, which is a good thing. 

8. Shalini Mehta



Shalini Mehta is one of the best bloggers of all time, which has ruined all of the blogging industry when it comes to the digital space by serving the best possible content related to the fashion niche. She had graduated from the National Institute of Design show the ideas about fashion and grooming are Top Notch that you can grab by visiting their blog. 

Apart from this, most TV shows where Shalini Mehta has showcased their fashion expertise that you can go through to know more about Shalini Mehta. In case if you are the one who is eager to know more about fashion and lifestyle should definitely follow her on various different platforms apart from her personal blog. 

Why should you follow Shalini Mehta?

The content which is being served to you by Shalini Mehta is top-notch just because she has great knowledge of fashion as she had done her graduated from the National Institute of Design, which is the unique selling point of a blog. 

She also used to share some of these strategies and give you an idea to stay updated with the latest fashion and trends that are ongoing. 

9. Aashna Shroff


Aashna Shroff is a Mumbai based fashion blogger following the fashion and grooming lifestyle from the last decade. So the content you get on her website is top-notch, so there are no complications in that, which means you are free to follow our blog even if you just have inner and willing to know more about fashion and lifestyle. 

You will also get to know about some of the tips and tricks related to beauty and Lifestyle that you can implement in regular life without applying the expensive products served by the top brands. We’ve examined her blog thoroughly and came to know that she’s a bit conscious of serving the precious content full of zeal that makes sense. Her blog name is The Snob Journal. 

Why should you follow Aashna Shroff? 

The biggest benefit of following the Snob Journal is that you will get insights and tips About lifestyle and get some of the awesome blog posts about the latest fashion updates, which is a good thing about a blog. 

Most of the posts consist of personal diaries and thoughts where she used to serve her personal opinions about the latest fashion and trends, giving you an idea of whether you should go with it. 

10. Manvi Gandotra


Manvi Gandhotra launched her personal blog way back in 2012, and since then, she’s serving the best possible content, which makes sense for the better commencement. If you’re curious to know about the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, you should definitely look upon this blog’s names as Style Inked. 

It’s the perfect blog that serves you the quick time that’ll help you at each level of lifestyle and fashion, making Style Inked the perfect platform for style Inked. It’s also termed to be the best source to consume the highly qualified content produced by well researched. 

Why should you follow Manvi Gandotra? 

This blog is the perfect choice for Indian trends and fashion because most fashion industries have collaborated with it. You’ll find several reviews in it, amongst which you can choose as per the commencement.

Along with that, Manvi has a good amount of experience, which makes it the perfect blog that each of the newbies and fashion enthusiasts needs to follow to maintain fashion and grooming sustainability. 

The blog has a separate section, i.e., DIY Projects, where you will find a detailed guide regarding the fashion and lifestyle that one can go through to know more about the stuff. 

Final Verdict

Due to consistent fashion and trend growth, most people out there follow the best blogs in grooming. I’ve shared a few top names in the fashion industry that you can follow for a better commencement through this post. 

There might be tons of other fashion experts available out there; you can also check out their social media profiles where most fashion experts are active and serve you the best quality content. 

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