ActiveCampaign Review 2020: Email Marketing Automation Tool

The new start-up was done in Chicago i.e of ActiveCampaign which allows new businesses to stay in touch with their contacts. It is one of the most affordable ways for business owners.

With a booming technology, intelligence is driven in such a way that email marketing platforms and sales CRM platforms are giving their consumers more power at less work done. The company is becoming up and has still been a huge amount of users.

I’ve been trying out many things with ActiveCampaign to improve business strategies. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at ActiveCampaign:

What is ActiveCampaign?


ActiveCampaign is not just your standard email service provider. It’s a complete email marketing automation and CRM platform.

If you have used Aweber for example, you will be familiar with core features like sending broadcast emails (called campaigns) and creating web forms. What ActiveCampaign’s CRM features give you (Plus plan only) is greater control over your contacts than you are probably used to.

But where ActiveCampaign really stands out are its impressive automation features. It includes a powerful visual automation editor that allows you to build some amazing email workflows that few other email service providers can match.

ActiveCampaign has the concepts of tags, which you will be using frequently to segment your lists. Email segmenting is super important because it allows you to send highly targeted emails. The more focused your emails are, the more responsive your subscribers will be.

Think of tags as attributes that you define for the people on your list. You could have tags for particular interests like ’email marketing’, ‘SEO’ etc. Or you could create tags for ‘buyers’ and ‘non-buyers’. It’s up to you to decide what kind of tags to use.

ActiveCampaign Review

I occasionally go through various different email marketing tools which would help me in my blog. But I tried up ActiveCampaign for a very long time just to grow up my blog.

As I told you I used it primarily I have gone through pros and cons too which would help you for making a better choice.

Segmentation And System

ActiveCampaign uses the list as well as tags which is very helpful for offering best of the segmentation.

The very the first and most important thing I like about ActiveCampaign is its management, on whether the user can manage subscribers whether are multiple lists of a single list with multiple tags which is very helpful.


One can do this either from the contact menu or from the list menu, it totally depends on how you want (manually and bulk).

As one could definitely like to use various tags so as to make growth in businesses specifically and automated.


Using automated workflow one can add its condition about how will it tag depending on the subscribers and various actions they like to take.

The best example I like about it is applying a the to subscribers link will click the specific link on the email.


Doing this in the ActiveCampaign is pretty though but you don’t need to leave email editor so as to get an advantage.

The best thing ever happens when you combine ActiveCampaign’s tagging system along with site tracking feature which allows you for tagging subscribers based on the interactions with the website.


As more, you come to know about his/her interest you probably find the more specific tool you get for marketing which allows you for getting countless ways to leverage information.

One of the cons of an ActiveCampaign is subscriber management system. If you don’t keep a tab on your data it may spiral out which is not a great thing occurs around your businesses as it is having so much flexibility.


It is as faster as Bugatti Veyron as it provides you 1000 horsepower engine (imagine). I have to say this because most of our email marketing on authority hacking as well as health ambition used this tool. And it seems to be more helpful in order to have great email marketing tool.


It uses a visual workflow builder so as to create more automation as possible.

AB Testing

There are basically two ways for the split- tests within ActiveCampaign. First one is a traditional one where you select an option for setting up an email campaign.


As you proceed further in the process you’ll be asked about which type of split test you are about to run. And two subject lines instead of one would be a better option. If you choose the second option which is exceptional then you’ll be given two different templates which would work differently.

As per need, ActiveCampaign provides you different variables which will give you higher values as it has and performs in the best way.

The truest thing I like about this is you can choose the winner as it blows up either after the campaign has run or during.

As ActiveCampaign gives you a lot of controls over how should control plays and how it gets settle as per the winner selects and the aspect ratio to use.

If this feature used correctly then you might get thousands of dollars profit which would be very helpful to take your business to the next level.

Instead of checking email one by one you can also split test on entire automation workflow which makes it more valuable.

You need to just start by clicking on a ‘SPLIT’ which seems to be automation. After that, you can get split your contacts whether you want to determine the winner.

You can find the winners by crowning a winner based on dozens of different criteria.

Form Building

Like other email marketing tools, ActiveCampaign has its own form builder which allows you to built an ‘inline’. It’s just very minimum feature we get here (this is a disadvantage ) unless you get to subscribe to its advanced version which is most costly.


The mean I have to say costly is its price gets double compared to the lite version of it.

If you’re the one who wants to create more type of forms then you must upgrade your plan for more privilege.

But I may suggest you not to go for that as it may cost you a more as you get other more features which would save a few amounts of money of yours.

So what about the form builder?


As I say you it is pretty much straightforward as it acts in a similar way as that of the other email builders. When we talk about its design and flexibility, there is not much change comparatively.

Email Templates

Email templates are one of the highly attractive areas of email marketing where all your marketing tools differ the most.


Whether it is a poor selection of templates, hard to- use email editor or an outdated design which would seem to be not quite in a certain way. ActiveCampaign pre-designed email templates provide you a bulk of a library where you have to choose only from around 30 stock templates.

Talking more about templates MailChimp is one of the other famous tools where you get tons of templates which would give you more value comparatively.



As design plays a vital role so as to attract consumers. As it is pretty average as there are also other modern templates are also available So as to provide more value as it is more handful and user-friendly.

You can start from a scratch of you are a beginner it would be a better suggestion for you to as this is a better route as I usually prefer. The one thing that I literally feel about ActiveCampaign is it is one of the better email builders in the market providing great values.

Elements available and design flexibility is very convenient so as to make it more valuable than others as it consists of more features compared to the other email builders.

Conditional Blocks is one of the best ways where you can do some of the cool things based on the specific criteria. This allows your specific interests to subscribers based on tags associated with them so as to make it perfect.

Conditional Blocks

One of the biggest and major problems with email editor is of pasting in the text as from notepad Google Doc. Or anything else if you see Active campaign it doesn’t allow you for staying consistent with formatting which seems to be a great thing.

If you’re just in case of selecting text and changing formatting again, but certainly it gets old and real quick. Another major problem I did not like about is its image uploading speed, as it not only tools much time to upload but also it’s very difficult to find out the required image due to having a bulk of images at one place.



It’s easy to say that ActiveCampaign when launched in the market it comes along with a strong library of integrations. The most important thing I like about it is its documentation. As it gives breakdowns between how it works (talking about integrations).

I would like to tell you that it’s competitors like Drip and MailChimp did not stand like this as it provides more value compared to them. ActiveCampaign is well integrated on Zapier as it helps you if something gets fails.

Reporting And Tracking


ActiveCampaign provides many of the other features apart from usual open and link tracking as it is importantly available for every tool. It generally includes right tracking which allows you for automation based replies on ‘Google Analytics’ which is another best tool which when linked with it, provides you more features like deeper insights on your campaign.

Another best feature is site tracking which allows you for doing several crazy kinds of stuff which would help you for managing email marketing. For setting this would take just a minute which is worth doing as to take full advantage of ActiveCampaign’s automation feature as it provides you great features.

Talking about reporting side it provides you a statistics for every individual campaign. The best part is you can run a new campaign based on contacts by resending the campaign to those who did not open it.

Support & Documentation

Support & Documentation

In every tool, you see the service and support they usually provide to the users. Talking about ActiveCampaign knowledge base is where you could find the solution for your question. ActiveCampaign consists of whole videos, webinars as well as articles providing feature through which one can easily access their knowledge.

Talking more about this is you can get a solution for your question via email as it is popular data by day. Once I had tried this feature and believe me I got a reply within 24 hours which means a lot. This shows how ActiveCampaign used to manage all the services.

Sometimes the user cannot get an immediate reply as the service might get certain problems, if you are about to get the solution then they provide you a contact number where you directly get connected with customer care via live chat or on phone call. I have tried it and it works particularly fine.


The most important thing we used to test with every email marketing tool is its deliverability as it’s an important aspect in order to know about service.

It’s quite difficult to find it out as we have to try this from last so many days and we eventually came up with two methods.

  1. Run same campaign across all tool
  2. Use Glock apps

I would recommend you to check out all the details by visiting ActiveCampaign’s official website where you’ll also get pricing details which shows its importance and features.


As we have tested it a lot and we get about 34.6% open rate which shows given frame time.

As for the GlockApps test, here’s a summary screenshot of how it performed in terms of email placement:


Should You Use ActiveCampaign?

When it’s about one’s need then it gets totally dependent on the user. Probably many of the user may use it or not it’s their choice as well. But if you are the person who wants an email marketing tool in your budget it could be the best choice.

It is as cheaper as $19/ month which is acceptable in order to get such features which we cannot get in other tools which are even similar to ActiveCampaign.

If you’re a beginner then I can suggest you go for it without looking for other email marketing tools.

That’s all from my side if you want to know to use it as a trial then you may get 14 days trial from ActiveCampaign where you can notice more features.


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