How To Increase Domain Authority (DA) Of Your Blog

Are you looking for practical ways to increase domain authority of your blog in 2019? then, you’re in the right place.

Did you know that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? Given this astonishing fact, it’s obvious that the mere development of a website/blog is not enough for you to get noticed. In order to establish yourself as a credible source of information, drive more traffic and improve conversion rates, you need to invest a great deal of effort into boosting your ranks in SERP and that is why we look at the reasons why Domain Authority is considered a critical factor when measuring blog performance.

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What is Domain Authority?

Originally developed by Moz. The higher your domain authority is, the more likely you are to earn a higher search engine ranking and to receive more and better web traffic. Your domain authority is also a good way to measure your SEO efforts as well as compare the strength of your website to your competition’s websites.

What you need to know is that domain authority comprises more than 40 ranking signals, including link root domains, MozRank, MozTrust, the quality of content, social metrics and search engine friendliness. Being highly complex, it cannot be increased overnight. It requires you to invest a great deal of effort in improving every major aspect of your SEO strategy.

What is Page Authority

Before we get into the meat of how domain authority is factored and how you can go about improving your site’s domain authority, it’s important to differentiate it from page authorityPage authority is a similar metric, but instead of measuring the strength of an entire domain or subdomain, it measures the ranking strength of a single web page.

How Does Moz Calculate Domain Authority?

Domain authority is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 (1 being the worst, 100 being the best)using an algorithm designed by Moz. Its logarithmic scale means that it’s much easier to improve your score if your domain authority is at a 20 or a 30 than if it was at a 70 or an 80. Domain authority between 40 and 50 is considered average, between 50 and 60 is considered good and over 60 is considered excellent.


How To Increase Domain Authority Of Your Blog In 2019

1. Site-Dependent / On-site

Why is it important?

Onsite experiments are most useful and easy also that one can use it on their blogs as it can improve site ranking abilities which makes your website on the top of search engine and domain authority site structure is a crucial one. So that you can focus on your site optimization and SEO in terms of domain authority while user experience in mind should be taken.

Maintain Clean User-Friendly Site Structure

Always keep maintaining user-friendly site structure and making it clean and easy to use can increase your experience towards domain authority. As in terms of blogging, you may have been seen that User experience is one of the most important ways from where you could generate a huge amount of traffic. The very first thing you do at the very beginning is thinking about User experience.

Low bounce and pogo sticky are the two most used indicators for giving your visitors the best experience in terms of domain authority. Lower bounds rate means very fewer people visits your website and clicks on the various topics is very less as they just visit your page and leave it without interacting with it. Whereas a less Pogo sticking means a less number of people who have found your page in organic search. Going back to SERP after searching for the results it’s because of the content of your website is just unable to satisfy the searcher as per their need.

So, if you’re looking to make your website or a blog user-friendly you need to understand more about low bounce and logo sticking which means an important term.

Use text links throughout your website

The best and easiest way to on-site structural tweak is to highly use of text links throughout the website. As text links help the visitors to know more about the related topics.  

If you’re using images just for highlighting the some of the best blogs posts make sure you must use alt tag values as Google SEO term suggested that alt tag is considered to be anchor- tag for your website.

Offer easy to browse user – accessible sitemap

According to Google and its recommendations you should keep the sitemap for your Site users which separates from.xml  that preserve you from the search engine.

A greatly designed and maintained sitemap is one of the best ways for navigating your site. It not only makes your site to be user-friendly but also searches engine spiders deep crawling of the site you own.

Keep average no. Of links on pages within a limit

It becomes though to put thousands of links on a single post of your blog. The actual reason behind this is it dilutes the value of each individual links. If you are aware of page ranking flow them you might have familiar with a number of outbound links with on a page reduces the amount of on page through each link.

In terms of SEO, this is the only reason why you notice the page ranking (increase and decrease) as it did not remain settled at a place. Sometimes for an on-page SEO, it increases and for Off-page SEO it decreases. If you’re families with PR2 and PR3+ pages that share links within 50 other links then you might not get difficulty in this.

2. Site – Level Optimization

Implementation of a practical linking of internal strategies

By saying interlinking doesn’t mean that you are going to interlink all the posts of your blog which you did not ever publish it. Sad to say but few of the blogging strategies allow to do it for free use of internal links. It happens generally due to interlinking of a single blog post by interlinking of thousands of blog posts and also improves dear h Engine performance.

Sadly it not only work in that way as it also allows you to hell out of your readers.

One of the best and legit ways is to share a link of the similar page throughout the posts naturally which will surely not occur any of the faults by using it on a relevant page. I have also found that long term anchor text works better in terms of both SEO and CTR too in the blog. So if you are about to increase your ranking then I won’t suggest you to always go for an anchor text. Instead of that, you can use similar links of different pages on your site which is done naturally.

It also helps your public to see not an anchored text whore which means a lot for viewers.

Implementation Of Google Authorship On Your Website

Google provides much more than the pretty good looking author face shots on SERPs. Pages with regular authorship provide you a great attribution where you can easily associate a piece of attributions. You’re automatically at some of the advantages over other pages that don’t have authority to set up.

Cut off Link Diluters

The another best way of wasting the power links so as to increase your page ranking is by using it lakhs and millions of times on your page, it is generally called as page dilution.

You might be thinking about what type of links are seems to be the waste for your blog. It’s not an expert of 100 CMSs, I can tell you about WordPress so that you may get some of the ideas of using it in a proper way. Following are some of the few types of generally useless links that can be found on any of the WordPress sites.

  • Individual tag links and also tag clouds.
  • Epic and long categories linked list.
  • Using a huge archive linked list.

Make Your Site Fast

So here you may have come across the several questions regarding the site, like how fast it must be? The better way to answer is that the extreme faster website is a way through which you can get positive visitors. Slower the website will be the negative people can give a signal to the Google and it can have a negative impact on your site which seems to be a very bad thing for your website ranking purpose in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Google has already declared that they usually measure the site speed on the basis of the ranking sites, but when the Matt Cuffs researched on it they found that not only measuring a site speed isn’t an option, there are several other ranking factors which play an important role for making your website on the top of the search engine.

If you ever ask me a question that how much load time would you suggest in order to get your website ranked? I never think too much about this as I usually work on other site functionality which plays an important role for me. But I would prefer 3 seconds as decent, if sites take less than 2 seconds then it could be good enough and for the 1-0.5 seconds, it could be said to be extremely good.


I would suggest you use Pingdom’s free full-page test tool where you can find out your website stays and speed, as it shows the current load time. You can just go for Google’s PageSpeed insights which is an important tool where you can find out which area of your website needs an update in order to improve the site’s load time.

Talking more about load time I’ve generally seen that hosting plays a vital role in it as it includes bandwidth surely it increases your site’s load time. The best hostings I may suggest you which could offer you some improvement in load time is of using WPX Web hosting & SiteGround hosting.

On-Page SEO

Use variations of your keywords

Google is getting good for finding out a synonym of the most popular words. One can identify it by using various different keywords and key phrases of that of your content. One of the greater ways for finding out an effective synonym is to get search on the same search engine as that of ‘word synonyms’.

Google is a mostly used tool where you can get highly ranked key phrases and synonyms for your site as it displays more relevant results. I have got some of the results of finding the results for several needs oven if the vocabulary is not good enough, but Google comes to know about it very easily as its algorithm is not much good.

Try To Keep Your Permalinks Short And Relevant

It’s absolutely very important for keeping Permalinks concise. Google usually hates long URL, as it tools much time for a search engine to get find the proper results for it as sometime it may be used by keyword stuffers or spammers. And it happens also because most of the time Google turn off long URL.

Google suggests that to keep your URL short and simple so that people could often remember those URL in addition to the diamond name and page title. As the shorter keywords give effective and easy results.


Why It Is Much Important?

As high-quality content plays a very important role behind every successful website in today’s world. Do high quality means quantity? Well, Google says that high quality does not define how much words your article content, as it easily means that the unique and ideal knowledge you share through your posts. If you are just screw up with writing some of the nonsense articles which does not match any of the user requirements then it can be said to be of bad quality content.

Another great way of increasing your website quality is to be using highly searched keywords in your website which will surely be very helpful for increasing ranking.

Producing Content Assets

The content assets are the key that every website need to be had. Having content assets makes a few things easier like:-

  • Outreach/promotions
  • Link building/earning
  • Brand/authority building

Producing content assets can make your website more valuable as it consists of several different ideas in it as per the visitors need. The trick which is used for producing it in combining existing information available.

Beside this, there are several different teams which one can use in order to increase the domain authority of a blog, but these were very importantly used terms in blogging.

Research and Find What Works Best in Your Field

As a DA growth enthusiast, your goal would be to find and identify top articles in a chosen field. By the top, I mean posts that are clearly having more social shares and links than the others on the same topic. Generally, that’d be the case for the first page results in Google.

You can use SEMrush or Open Site Explorer for backlink and social share checking.

Produce Something Exceptionally Detailed on A Topic

This works really well too when you’re trying to fortify your site authority. For me, this one comprises these steps:

  1. Finding an idea in my head, thinking about it for a while, and anticipating its probable outcome.
  2. Going through all of the top 10-20 search results found through topical research.
  3. Combining my earlier idea with the things I came to know by going through the top search results.
  4. Producing the content piece.

Producing content like this is easier for people who love analyzing and comparing existing stuff and coming up with something better, instead of coming up with a brand new idea that no one has ever talked about.

Promoting Your Content

Once you’re done with creating something great, you then have to promote it to the maximum of your capabilities!

Share Your Content Across Your Social Networks

One of the easiest promotional strategies when you already have personal or organization’s social media profiles set up. Unless they have zero connections with other people (such as zero Twitter followers or Facebook likes), you can post your stuff across your social networks and expect a decent amount of referral traffic.

While sharing your best stuff on social media sites, make sure your site’s equipped with Open Graph tags that help social sites crawl and generate previews for your content. It helps with the CTR, resulting in more referral traffic without additional efforts.

Leverage Your Email Subscribers List

Already have a long list of email subscribers? Awesome! Because you can just email them in a personal tone about your latest and great content pieces and drive quite a bit of email traffic to your site. Don’t send every email in the same tone though, change the tone only in case of really epic stuff you produce (if you don’t, maybe you should?).

Don’t have a great list of email subscribers, to begin with? Don’t worry. There’s still time for you to develop one. Here are a few ways you can do just that:

  • Place email subscription widgets in your sidebar or footer or both.
  • Place good looking email subscription boxes below your content.
  • Produce great content, have a clear focus and watch subscriptions come your way!

Final Thoughts About How To Increase Domain Authority For A Blog In 2019

Domain authority is important for a number of reasons. It allows you to judge the overall performance of your blog. It also lets you compare your score to that of competing websites to see where you stand.

By being able to identify the domain authority of other sites, you can also identify other sites worth linking to in your content as well as sites that are industry authorities that are worth establishing a relationship with. Not to mention that it can help bring in stronger traffic.

So what are your thoughts on ‘how to increase domain authority’ guide? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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