Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

You must’ve by now realized that social media and digital marketing go together just the way strawberry goes with cream. And getting started with internet marketing seems like the best way to make your brand more visible etc.

Then you must’ve also realized that as a marketer Facebook is ‘the’ place to be like most of your audience is available there for you to target. It certainly is the biggest social network as on date globally. It is estimated that worldwide there are 1.495 billion daily active users on Facebook, reported as of Q3 2018. In fact, Facebook Messenger mobile app topped the chart with having the most number of downloads. A close second stands the main Facebook app.

Today there exist roughly 2.53 billion smartphones in use worldwide and out of that number, a staggering 85% of smartphone owners use the Facebook App. To give you a further glimpse on how using Facebook Messenger Marketing can actually make things happen for your brand—reports show that 44% of consumers admit that their shopping behavior is influenced by Facebook to a very large extent.

So, it certainly is a good idea to spend time learning about messenger marketing and how to build a messenger bot. Simply follow this guide to learn the basics of messenger marketing and facebook chatbots:

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

Messenger marketing is the act of marketing to your customers and prospective customers using a messaging app like Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app and platform. Approximately 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger.

Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio, and files, as well as react to other users’ messages and interact with bots. The service also supports voice and video calling. The standalone apps support using multiple accounts, conversations with optional end-to-end encryption, and playing games.

Although this form of marketing is similar to email marketing, there are some significant differences and the tools are also different.

What can Facebook Messenger Marketing do?

First things first, we need to be clear on what Facebook Messenger bots are.

Using Facebook Messenger bots is almost like email marketing but here you use Facebook Messages instead.

As discussed earlier Facebook Messenger has a massive reach, higher levels of interactivity, and more AI capabilities than email.

Here are things you can do with Facebook Messenger bots:

  • Deliver messaging sequences to people in Messenger
  • Create a sales funnel that brings in sales right within Messenger
  • Send downloads (like resources and content upgrades) via Messenger
  • Have automated conversations with real users on Messenger using bots

There’s a lot more can do via or in Messenger in the most simple and brilliant way.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot (or bot) is a piece of automated software that engages in a conversation with people.

Chatbots are programmed to understand basic questions, provide answers, and execute various tasks. Forbes reports that “according to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of our engagement with businesses will be done without interacting with another human. Instead, we’ll be using self-service options and chatbots. Additionally, according to an Oracle survey, 80% of businesses said they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020.”

Companies like ZoConvert offer chatbots to help bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs automate and improve lead generation.

Why Chatbots?

Here, are some of the incredible benefits of deploying chatbots as a part of your digital strategy:

Incredible User Engagement: Messaging apps have replaced emails and phone calls. A chatbot helps bridge the communication gap between your business and your audience.

The Hottest Trend in Marketing: Causing massive disruption across all industries, you’ll find chatbots acquiring different scheme leads to offering quick tips and tricks and anywhere in between.

Helps Understand Users Better: Businesses get a real insight into what their consumers prefer and are able to provide them with improved experiences

Data and Metrics-Driven: Chatbots can record data, trends, and metrics to subsequently monitor interactions and adjust their processes and responses accordingly.

Low Maintenance Cost: Businesses can save a lot of money using chatbots. Once built, the costs of keeping them updated are relatively very low.

What Makes it so much more Viable than Email?

As we very well know by now that Facebook Messenger has gone on to become more than just another channel to talk with friends. It is quite a diverse marketing tool that is and must be used to grow a business or brand online.

Facebook Messenger’s chat-based marketing allows you to have individual conversations that connect on a personal level. Each message sent by you gets directly delivered into the person’s inbox rather than it being a passing note in a rolling feed where you can never calculate you noticed it.


A few more real deals that come with using Messenger as your marketing platform:

  • Higher Engagement Rate: As the data provided above in the post suggests- an audience that businesses want to target are hanging-out on Messenger. According to an Email Marketing Metrics Survey, emails only have a 23% open rate with 4/5th of the emails never getting open. In a marketing experiment by them, a campaign was sent to subscribers via both email and Messenger chatbot. The outcome was that the campaign using chatbot had a 12 times greater Click-through rate than email.
  • Lesser Friction than Email: Messenger bots to provide a seamless user experience with very little friction in comparison with the friction that comes from using emails. Apart from having all those open loops that can be painful to sort and organize, emails also come with a constant threat of spam and viruses. Also, think about the amount of work required in the opening, reading and engaging with an email. Messenger has none of these built-in frictions. It is a safe and familiar place for the consumer.
  • Even Friendlier than SMS for Marketers: So, if not email marketing then what about the SMS marketing? It’s simply because SMS is decidedly not marketer-friendly as it is very bare-bones. Your options to be able to insert images or videos are very limited. There isn’t any method available to hyperlink text; you’ll have to make do with long and ugly URLs. And to top it all SMS marketing usually costs too high.
  • Messenger is more Personal: You can get personal and interactive by creatively using Messenger. Every other traditional advertising channel is essentially a one-way communication and it isn’t much you can do to personalize it. But Messenger marketing totally changes that. It is just like communications should be—a two-way street.
  • Facebook Messenger Usage is Growing Rapidly: As numerous hard statistics mentioned above in the post suggest Messenger app usage is getting immensely popular with users getting added even right at this moment.

What to do to Grow Your Traffic, Leads & Engagement Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

By using Messenger bots you can not only have automated conversations with your leads, but also you can send them welcome messages, downloads, e-commerce messages such as abandoned cart notices, order receipts, and so on. Read on for what to do next to take your Facebook Messenger Marketing to another level.

Build your Subscribers List

Just as you would grow your email marketing list, the first and foremost step to be taken here is to build your subscribers list. With Messenger, it becomes a simpler process as opposing emails. By a prospective customer just sending a message to your business’s official page, they get automatically added to your list.

How to do that?

The best strategy here would be to mirror consumer behavior and target in accordance with that. Most of the businesses use Facebook Messenger on mobile to engage users and build their brand’s awareness and further re-engage these users through desktops and tablets as their secondary advertising.

You can also use Facebook post Autoresponder tools that allows your Messenger chatbot to message people who comment on your brand’s Facebook organic posts. You are already posting content on Facebook now you get an opportunity to turn people commenting on those posts into your business’s Messenger contact list.


You can further boost these posts or promote content to new audiences and drive engagement. Each person commenting gets added to your list.

Attract More Followers with your Website Chat

Did you have any idea of the fact that you can use your brand’s website as a Messenger contact growth tool? Are you utilizing your website enough?

Using ZoConvert add Messenger website chat to your site and wait for people to contact you here becoming your Messenger contact as they do. Most up-to-date websites have chat boxes available if you noticed. These chat boxes are meant for you to be able to connect with an influencer and their business or to be able to find content on their website.

Messenger chat with a chatbot at the helm tends to function even better than live operator website chat as there exist no time-related problems with chatbot you see.

Using Messenger chat with a chatbot enables to get instant responses which you can with the chat history remaining persistent rather than disappearing as in live website chat.

chat widget

It is a good idea to quickly install a Messenger widget on your brand’s site. So that when users click on it on your website, they get redirected to straight to the platform they’re most fond of using—Facebook Messenger.

It might seem to be an overwhelming idea to have the chat box installed. But with chatbots doing it all for you there isn’t any need to personally respond to messages throughout the day and can still build your contact list.

More Signups with Forms in Messenger

Events and promotions become of great importance for collecting sign-ups and contact information of new users. That’s because emails and contacts are directly proportional to selling, converting or building brand awareness.

Web forms usually aren’t received too well by people and thus tend to have disappointing conversion rates. People abandon them to never return without leaving a trace.

Messenger emerges as a great alternative to web forms when collecting information from the user. This happens because Messenger is designed to collect this very info in a highly natural-seeming style of conversation.


You can make these forms more appealing for information collecting process by incorporating button clicks and engaging conversational funnel. Using ZoConvert make this process as quick as a finger snap.

Messenger Ads

A Click to Messenger ad is, at first glance, a normal Facebook ad. But instead of clicking on the ad and being directed to a landing page, Click to Messenger ads start a Messenger conversation with a prospect.


Send Updates to your Page Followers

So this method is able to witness an 8X better open rate than any other channel.

Chat blasting is increasingly becoming to be one of the best ways to be able to engage customers with your content and promotions. But what exactly is that blasting or broadcast?

It is the sending of a mass message to all the contacts in your Messenger list—almost similar to an email blast campaign. When you need to update your clients, have a new blog post to share or just a special offer—chat blasting it to your Messenger contacts is bound to give you an open rate that will skyrocket your traffic as never before.

So, basically, this can be used for any type of content or reason. One key strategy that you should take from today’s marketing influencers is of releasing exclusive content on their chat blasts. This is a powerful strategy in bringing users from other platforms into your Messenger contacts as the content will solely be available on Messenger.

Use chat blasting essentially for most popular and exclusive of your content that provides users with some incentive to be your brand’s follower.

Wait what’s ZoConvert and How can I Use it?

ZoConvert is that smart optimization tool for Facebook Messenger that comes with a guarantee of an easy bot development process done within minutes.

This ‘Smart Optimization Tool’ can help businesses in capturing users, retaining leads, building an audience, personalization in updates and also automate the whole messenger marketing process.

Extremely effective in engaging with the audience and resolving their queries without any human interaction involved.

How to Integrate ZoConvert with your Facebook Page?

First, you open ZoConvert on your web browser.

Then, located on the top right of the page is Sign in with Facebook; you click on it.

Post this you will be redirected to a new window which is your Facebook login page.

Here you enter your Facebook login credentials and proceed.

Integrate ZoConvert

Next, you are now shown all the pages that are associated with your own Facebook account. Here, you select the page you want to get linked with ZoConvert, click on Connect across the icon and name of that page.

You can here connect to more than one page as per your need.

Now, post connecting your page, you will be displayed with a Get Started button. This will further add a menu into your page’s Messenger chat. What this does is that it allows people to be able to subscribe to your Facebook Messenger Newsletter.

You will now see a pop-up screen emerge.

Here, you need to click on Continue as (your Facebook ID).

Another pop-up screen will now be displayed. Here you can again customize (add/delete) your pages as you like.

Post clicking on the OK button you click on the Connect button to connect with the desired page.

After you’ve connected the page(s), you are displayed with a welcome screen from ZoConvert.

By clicking on Or Skip The Onboarding you will be directed to your Dashboard now on ZoConvert.


On your page there will appear features on the left of your page and on the rest of it you will be able to track your audience growth.

Below you will find the number of people subscribed to your page, the number of unsubscribed users (users opting out of your newsletter) and the finally the net subscribers of your page.

By clicking on your page’s Name and Icon on the left you shall find an option to Add New page as and when you have more pages to connect with ZoConvert.

ZoConvert Features:

Audience Builder (Growth Tool)

As the name obviously suggests, it helps you build an audience for your brand. It essentially is an on-site push pop-up that carries a Facebook Messenger opt-in.

This opt-in gives your audience with an option to select the Send to Messenger button in order to subscribe to receive notifications from your website.

Audience Builder

Here you can choose to enable or disable the existing campaigns, edit them or delete them.

When you click on Create Builder you will be presented with the following seven templates:

  • Slide-in: This is the one in which a Message containing pop-up will slide up from the page, offering the user what you have to offer and also making them click on that button to be your subscriber.
  • Landing Page: You can choose to display a landing page for the audience to follow.
  • Modal (Centered): This option will allow you to create a pop-up appearing on the center of the page for your audience to respond to.
  • Customer Chat Plug-in: You remember how chatbots are supposedly ruling the customer support world. This option is for you to be able to place that chat plugin.
  • Facebook Comments: Using this option you can reply to the users via their comments and of course this can be automated.
  • Checkbox: A classic subscription checkbox can be the way to go sometimes.
  • Messenger Codes and Links: Using a custom bot flow you can also insert codes and links if the need be.


This simply means that now you can personalize your message series by using a persona that will make the chatbot replies seem to be coming from a member of your brand. This will enable your whole chat to seem more genuine and warm.


You can make it happen by simply clicking on Create New Persona located on the top left corner. There you enter the persona name and a profile picture (of that persona) and then you click on Save.

The created persona will then be displayed on the main Persona page. This means that this particular persona is ready for you to use wherever you need it to and personalize your business conversations like never before.

Using a persona can be especially effective when circulating a broadcast, creating a template, sending welcome messages, keywords, and other message delivery tasks.



By clicking on Broadcast you will find Overview and Create.

The overview gives you, as the name suggests—the overview of your broadcasts.

By clicking on Create you can now design your broadcast, stepwise.

You can select either of these options to create the chatbot flow your want to—Text, Image, Video, A whole Album or a Card.

For any of the step you can also choose to delay your bots reply by setting the time gap i.e Delay, you want between your bots’ reply to seem authentic.


So, what would you want this flow to be like? The image first or the text first? Totally depends on what suits your brand the best. Plus, you simultaneously get a decent mobile preview on the right.

Post completing what and how you need your broadcast to be, you can either preview or go to next step of Settings.

In the settings, you enter a name for your campaign. Then you have an option to either send it to all your subscribers or a segmented group of a subscriber. As per your broadcast need—select your target audience.

Your Message Type can be a Message Tag wherein you can select from the already given options such as shipping update, issue resolution, payment update, game event etc. Or it can be a Response or just an Update.


In the Advanced Options, you get to schedule your notification for a time that best suits the mood of your broadcast.

Post doing this you can either Save it to your drafts for further tweaking or you could just send it right away by clicking on Send Now on the top right of the page.


You can further take actions as to download, unsubscribe or subscribe users based on their first name, last name, full name, email or phone. This makes it easier for you to keep a track on the users.

Under the custom field, you can download information of the field name, field value, source with profile picture (if available) and Full name.


So, efficiently keep up with the information on your leads and target them using tools available.


As of now, there is available one trigger that of Cart Recovery. Browser Abandonment, Custom Campaign, Price Drop are soon to follow.

To enable automated trigger you first need to copy the mapper code that you shall find by clicking on Read Documentation located on the top adjacent to Triggers.


Therein you copy required link and paste it on the header of your website code, right before the head tag ends. Easy, yes?

By doing this you can now enable the Cart Recovery campaign. You can view the report and also edit trigger when the need be.

By pressing the toggle, if for the first time you will be directed designing a new template. Create the flow of the message you want to reach people (as already discussed under Audience Builder > Create) and your cart abandonment trigger is ready.

Main Menu

The next on under automation comes to a Persistent main menu feature of the messenger.

Here by clicking on the Main Menu, you can edit the name and what happens when the menu is pressed.


Open a Submenu: You will need to add sub-menu the limit of which is 5.

Reply with Message: Or you could reply with a customized message that you can create by clicking on Create New Message.

Or you could just provide a URL for a landing page by choosing Open Website as your option.

Default Reply & Welcome Message

You can enable this Default Reply just by clicking the toggle on the top left. You will already be given with a sample default reply which you can edit to whatever you want it to be.

Default Reply

Just as under Create in Broadcast (as discussed above), you can use text, image, video, album, quick reply, card and also delay your bots replies or sneak in a question for the user which can be multiple choice or asking for their emails or phones etc.

Once you have designed a sequence as per your need, you are required to save it. This is the time you can choose to enable or disable it.

Next, are you going to personally sit and write a welcome message for each of the user that subscribes to your brand? Here’s where you automate it.

Welcome Message

You are already given a message and its preview. You can edit it and make it more fun for the subscribers, adding the vibe of your brand in it. Again, you are given with the option of text, image, video etc. So, create a peppy welcome message that makes the subscribe stay with you forever.

Introduce New Feature: Create Messenger Ads into the ZoConvert Dashboard

This particular feature was recently tweaked and integrated enabling bots to even take care of your Messenger ads.

For creating ads you first need to select the Ad account Id you want to use. Then you click on the Create New Campaign button.

Now, in this Campaign Editor page, you are required to fill in details for how you want your ad campaign to exactly be.

Start with naming your campaign.


Then, for the Objective, you select Facebook Messenger. The other features are given are soon to be available. For now, you just need the one that’s there.

Next, in the Ad-Set you select a billing event, as per the need be, from the multiple options but the default is “Impressions”, and for the “Facebook Messenger” objective only “Impressions” is allowed by Facebook.

For the budget, you can either go by setting a Daily Budget or a Lifetime Budget, according to your business requirement.

You are now required to set your Targeting.


Here you can either select the saved audience you want to target with this particular campaign. Or you could Customize Audience.

You can both Include and Exclude your Custom Audience. Type-in as desired.


Then comes Location. By clicking on it you’ll be shown a map wherein you can target the desired areas. You can zoom in and out for a better location judgment.

Select your target audience location and click on OK. The locations you’ve picked will then be displayed on the right across the Location Field.

messenger-ads-locatio -zoconvert

Next is the Relationship Status. Here you pick the audience for your campaign. Are you targeting Single people, married ones, engaged ones, people with the domestic relationship? Or are you not sure?

You have an assortment of options your audience is most likely to fit in. And also you can choose multiple or all the options if you need to.

Further next, you fill in the desired age of your ad campaign audience.

Then you select the gender you want to target with your ads. You can also go for All as your option.


Lastly here, you have an option of the platform you want your ad for. For now, there’s only Instagram available. More options are likely to be launched very soon.

Next up is your Ad. Here you design the ad as you want it. For Call to Action, you have the Message Page. Then you select the appropriate image for the ad campaign from your gallery. Remember that the image used is highly relevant for what your ad is for. The image used should be very clear and in high resolution for that right impression to the eye.  The selected image will then be displayed below. Now, set a Welcome Message. This message should be fresh and to the point, getting the targeted audience interested in an instant. Then Give a Headline to your ad.

Next, in the Link Description, you are to provide the link of that page you want your audience to land on.


In Messenger Setup you can either select from the available template or by clicking on Create New Initiation Message you can create a new one.

Before doing anything further it is a good idea to have a look at how your ad is going to look. You can do this by clicking on Preview button on the Left corner of the page. Here you can preview your ad for different platforms, that of Instagram Feed, Messenger, Mobile and Desktop.


Now, see if your ad looks enticing enough. If everything looks just fine—click on Publish. You’ll be prompted with a message asking if you are sure and if you are—you know what to do. Your ad campaign is now ready!

What I do for increase messenger subscribers:

Now, I am going to explain how I increased my messenger subscribers from 92 to 457 in 1 month, and now I have 593 subscribers and counting…

bloggeroundup messenger subscribers

As of now, for increasing messenger subscribers I do only 5 things, check below:

1. Free Guides: I provide free guides to all users into the messenger through my freebies page.


2. Messenger Chat Widget: This is my second funnel to increase messenger subscribers.


3. In-Article Promotion: I simply insert the freebie ad copy in the footer section of my blog post.


  • Giveaway: This is an amazing way to generate more subscribers.



  • Messenger Ads: I run a messenger ad using Facebook pixel to retarget my visitors into the ZoConvert dashboard.


Some more reasons why Messenger Marketing matters today!

I’ve already discussed how Messenger marketing acquires an upper hand when compared to email marketing. Let’s take a look at some more advantages that Messenger marketing comes with:

Getting Sign-ups: Pressing a button vs. typing an email, what will the customers today choose to stay connected with your brand?

Open Rates: I’ve discussed these numbers already. The open rate range tends to be at least 4X better than any other type of marketing.

CTR: Click through rate stands out by being a fat double-digit number as compared to the click-through rates on email.

Cost Per Lead: By using chatbot you are saving a lot of your business’s money as it reduces the cost per lead significantly

User Data: Bots are an easy and natural way to gather user data and insights. Every time our customer takes action in our bot we are learning about his preferences.

Conclusion: Time To Take The First Step to Create Messenger Bot

Now that you know how to set up your own Facebook Messenger Marketing campaigns using ZoConvert, there’s only one thing left to do—take the first step!

If you haven’t already integrated Facebook messenger in your marketing campaign then you must. Take some time out and invest it on the platform—trying and testing a few campaigns, and analyze the results. This is bound to help you in the longer run. It’s 100% free to sign up, so you have nothing to lose.

Click here to get your free ZoConvert account now!

Boost your Email list with Messenger Bot: You can automate the capture of email id, and other useful information into the email marketing tool of your choice. Read this full guide on email integration here.

Announcement: I am going to launch a messenger marketing course in Hindi for beginner’s soon, If you are interested then click this link to subscribe for early access.

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