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On April 5, 2019
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SEMrush is hands down one of my favorite SEO tools to grow website or blog traffic and rankings. Here's my gift for you to get SEMrush Pro account FREE for 7 days worth.

SEMrush! You might have heard about it, some of you might have also used it and some might be using it. If you’re well familiar with internet marketing and digital marketing then it is a very important term and I’m sure you have been visited their website. It is an important tool for blogger, marketer and business owners. I saw how people are using it but not in a proper manner. Here I’ll tell you hidden things about SEMrush by extracting it in a good manner.

Well, it doesn’t matter you are a Blogger, SEO Professionals, Social Media Marketer, etc. It is very useful in all of the internet streams where visitors get connected to the owners. So without wasting much time of yours let’s get started.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush - best seo tool

SEMrush is a versatile, powerful and competitive intelligence suite for SEO, PPC to Social Media and Video Marketing. If you belong to any of the advertisement fields it will act as a root of your blog. It all started with entering a URL, domain or keyword in the search bar.

SEMrush is identified in approximately 28 countries using Google and Bing. Now let’s move on to the features which are provided by SEMrush to the users.

SEMrush Review: Features

  • It can help with SEO and also for doing organic research.
  • You’ll be able to search for keywords to rank your website.
  • You’ll also be able to analyze keywords (like difficulty level and also a number of searches per month).
  • You’ll also be able to track competitors along with finding where they are ranking.
  • You’ll also be able to observe position changes for your website on Google.

What is SEM, PPC & Paid Marketing?

  • It can help you in search engine marketing and also for PPC (pay per click), paid marketing too.
  • You can also track your competitors by tracking their activities.
  • You can also uncover their online ads.
  • You can observe all of the data before you do any mistakes, it becomes more helpful in huge Marketing strategies.

What is Google Display Advertising Network?

  • It can help you to display advertising.
  • You can also analyze top publishers and advertiser.
  • Catch new advertisers and you can learn more strategies in order to observe how it changed over time.
  • You can also find out how the same advertisers perform over different devices. (This will help for finding which devices will be helpful for your campaign and also where to spend off your whole budget)

Site Auditing

You can find out and fix all of the mistakes which are made certainly. The issues like duplicate content, meta description, broken links, alt descriptions and remaining all of the things which are necessary for the better score.


Research on your own backlinks and also on the competitor’s backlinks.

Position Tracking

If you remain worried about your website ranking and positioning this is the best and most reliable tool for you to improve your website score in terms of positioning.

Social Media Tools

It also has social media tools which will help you to enhance the digital marketing skills and experience too.

Best Thing About SEMrush

  • SEMrush comes with great customer support and a large community which shows its large base area.
  • They show their activeness by conducting webinars per week on SEO/SEM/PPC/SMM where all of the issues GT sorted out.
  • SEM is a reliable tool as it can be easily integrated and connected to the Google analytics and search console for tracking the website performance and its whole details.
  • One of the best part I like about SEMrush is, it never gets settled as they stay you updated and enhanced by adding cool features every time.
  • SEMrush is said to be an all in one digital marketing tool.

Missing Features

Obviously, every product consists of pros and cons, but it depends on you that on what you focus. Nothing is ever perfect. I am using SEMrush from past few years and I feel some of the features are still missing which I am going to discuss with you.

  • Lack of white label reports, as you’ll be able to develop your own logo but users will come to know that you’re using SEMrush to obtain data.
  • The data is not an accurate indication, as I’ve noticed several times that it shows data little more than the actual data is. Apart from this, I didn’t have a complaint about losing data but still, SEMrush needs improvement on accurate data measurement.
  • As SEMrush is an accurate tool at all but if they add Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads analysis it will totally worth every penny.
  • When we talk about the paid advertisement, it’s been trouble to find the paid ads location based geographic campaigns.
  • The display advertising is limited to Google AdWords display network only. For being an advertisement Facebook is one of the best options.
  • Instagram is one of the best options so as to make money online through Instagram advertising.

Use Of SEMrush For Increasing Website Traffic

According to Search Engine Watch, it’s been surveyed that, a typical website receive upto 64% of traffic from search engines. Even most of the people type website URL on the search box to visit the website for a better view. That’s why it is very important to have organic traffic on your website.

SEMrush will help you to find out which keyword consists of high traffic source so as to rank your website. It will also help you to improve position on a search engine, to know about competitors ranking and also how will you rank it.

Apart from ranking system SEMrush can also help you for doing a paid advertisement for your website. And it will also find the interest in what kind of paid online marketing activities your competitors are doing.

How To Do Keyword Research For SEO & PPC via SEMrush

The importance of keyword research is one of the most important tasks that everyone should be focused on it as it is the first step to reach towards SEO and also paid marketing campaign. SEMrush helps for identifying the correct keyword along with its overall searches so as to decide whether it is useful or not in the Marketing campaign.

Keyword Research For SEO & PPC via SEMrush

SEMrush keyword research tool remains very useful for me so as to select the proper keywords for my blog posts. The SEMrush review has provided me the following things.

  • General keywords analysis with paid listing details and organic search.
  • Phrase match keyword related to the search term.
  • You’ll be given organic search results.
  • Related keywords are relevant to the search term.
  • It also shows no. Of ads running on the keywords.

Following are a few of the things which can be noticed in the keywords.

  • Volume: The average no. Of search given in the last 12 months, so as to maintain the volume.
  • CPC: CPC is the average amount paid by advertisers via add triggered.
  • Results: The no. of searches, we could see on the organic search results.
  • Trend: This is the graphical view of the volume searches done in the past 12 months.

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How To Find Profitable Keyword For Increasing Sales Too

As keyword is a very important term in SEO, as it is used for searching any of the website URL. But the selection of highly traffic based keyword is also very important, if you want to bring out more sales through keywords then you must follow few things mentioned below which will help you a lot.

  • Try to analyze the keyword and also the displayed results.
  • Phrase match keyword relevant to the search term is much important.
  • Related keywords are relevant to the search term.
  • It’s been noticed that the number of ads running on keywords.

Finding Competitors Analysing Program For Google Adwords & SEM via SEMrush

This is the best and most important features of SEMrush for finding out the online strategies used by competitors on Google Adwords network. This is one of the best features that I’ve seen for paid marketing. By using this feature you can increase sales up to 200℅, now you imagine how powerful this feature is.


While understanding your competitors is one if the most important task in order to get a massive amount of growth in business. You need to clear about bearing the cost of your advertisement and marketing strategies.


There are two ways of doing competitor analysis.

  1. Write your competitor website which shows you what strategies they are using.
  2. Writing targeted keywords.

If you’ll visit your competitor website then you’ll know that what are the keywords they are using in order to rank your website in terms of organic results.

Site Audit Using SEMrush

This is another great feature provided by SEMrush which I personally like it very much. If you’re the one who is struggling a lot for generating more visitors, good impressions and good authority for your website then this feature will be more helpful for you.

Site Audit Using SEMrush

Now let’s discuss it deeply.

  • You’ll be able to find out broken links of your site. (It becomes more helpful when you’re owning much of the website and has huge traffic)
  • This will also help you for finding the pages having duplicate content like your website, due to which you’ll able to produce unique content.
  • You can also find the pages having a meta description.
  • You can also find out pages having low text to HTML ratio.
  • Rather than this, you can also find all of the other problems which are blocking your SEO progress.

When we talk about tweaking website, it’s a must-have tool for the clients. I’ve used it for my own website I tried to do site Auditing but after that, I come to know many of the errors are still there which can make my posts useless.

Site Audit Using SEMrush1

For analyzing this tool I had done a quick research and I got a score of 68%. So let me quickly tell you about the few things about a tool which need to be pointed out.

  • My website consists of broken links i.e 33 internal links and 5 external links.
  • 51 pages were not having a meta description on my site.
  • 198 images were not having alt attributes.
  • 38 pages were having low text HTML pages.
  • 4-5 pages were having a duplicate content issue.

I’ve corrected them all but the most important issue was broken link which was lowering the user experience a lot and due to this my website was not growing in a better way. So I installed a plugin and started using it.

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Internal And External Linking Errors

I’ve discovered all of the non-working links, I also used a comment section for that but there internal and external linking errors were causing me two disadvantages.

  1. Very poor user experience showing 404 error.
  2. SEO strategies we’re Hurt which were not liked by Google.

After that, it took about 45 minutes for sorting out all the bad links and I sorted all of them. After doing that I again started a test using SEMrush audit tool which showed the performance of my site. So I was able to increase my website score from 68% to 75% which was acceptable. Now let me add the meta description and find out how will it score, I am sure it will not be Accurate as 100% but I am looking for moving as much as accurate it could be.

For now, I am using, and I am adding a meta description to all of my pages to know how it will score. I have used editor tool since I was not knowing how to add meta descriptions before and it saves my time. If I had done this manually it would take a lot of time, and with the help of editor tool, it only took 45 minutes.

After adding meta description I was able to get 76% score which was enough. The tool was fully optimized and if I optimize images it will increase my site score upto 2-3%. I can say that this is a perfect tool for judging your site health when it comes to search engine optimization.

About Broken Image Analyzer

Images play a very important role in your blog post. As it has been said that a single picture shows a thousand words which are right. It improves quality as well as the quantity of your post which gives an awesome user experience to the visitors.

A site Auditing tool can help you for analyzing, finding and fixing the broken images in your website. At the beginning of the blog, it will be pretty easy but after adding 59-60 blog posts it becomes difficult to check each page. In this condition, this tool is more helpful.

HTTPS Security

Google has already announced that https belongs to the ranking factor of your website. That’s why you can’t ignore the fact that your website requires an SSL certificate to be installed. By installing this feature you’ll be able to check which pages are not configured with https and after that, you can resolve it quickly with HTTP and HTTPS, it can also help you in figuring out.

After figured out I reach upto 84% score which is enough for this tool.

How Will SEMrush Helps You In Search Engine Optimization

For SEO it’s a most Portland tool, as I’ve been using it for my websites. As it consists of several cool features which makes your website SEO friendly. Let me tell you deeply how it helped me.

  • It helped me in finding the best keywords by researching. With the help of keyword difficulty tool, you can tell relevant keywords, phrase match keywords and can also find the competitors details too.
  • With the help of this tool, I am able to do competitor research and also able to find out the highly searched keywords which are used by them. And also how many backlinks they do have not only that I can also able to find out that which are those backlinks.
  • A site audit tool is a tool for detecting site page issues, duplicate content, meta description and other issues which is more helpful in order to get them sorted out.
  • I am also able to find out how my website is ranking with the help of position Tracking tool.
  • The SEO ideas is another idea for determining the site ranking and it’s positioning.

How SEMrush Is helpful In PPC Campaign

One need to keep the importance of pay per click market and realizing that time is money. This another tool which I use personally and it is highly recommended to all of the bloggers. By understanding your PPC goals SEMrush can help you in achieving various objectives given below.

  • It can help you for doing keyword research for PPC, which will find highly searched keywords.
  • With the help of competitors analysis feature, you’ll be able to find out the keywords used by your competitors and also a CPC bids. This will give you an idea that how your competitors are generating a huge amount of traffic.
  • It can also track all of your data on 28 variations of Google and can also analyze paid data on Bing search engine.
  • PLA (Product Listing Ads) reveals your competitor’s ads information which will help you to prefer the correct ads.

I can highly recommend it in order to spy on your competitors and it will be very helpful for you.

Display Advertising (Benefits Of SEMrush)

Google’s display network plays a huge role in the online search advertising market and you’ll become to know how companies are able to display their ads in such a great way.

It can also help you for tracking the competitor display ads, bids, and settings they used to do which will help you while mirroring it to your website. It will help you to generate a huge amount of traffic by showing display ads.

How SEMrush Can Help You In Business

I’ve already discussed how great this tool is. I cannot emphasize how much data you can find about your competitors as this tool helps you to find out great keywords for high traffic generation. You can also learn your competitors USP (unique selling point) and can also implement on your company also.

If you ask me that is it helpful for you? I can confidently say that you should get started using it in order to achieve your goal faster. It is totally worth for money.

SEMrush Pricing Details

Usually, SEMrush offers its 3 most used packages i.e Pro, Guru, and Business. Each has different pricing and features.

  • You can avail pro package of SEMrush at $99.95 which provides you amazing cool features.
  • You can avail Guru package of SEMrush at $199.95 which is an update of pro.
  • If you’re looking for the best high-quality features then you must go for the business package of SEMrush which will cost you $399.95.

If you compare SEMrush with other tools like Spyfu, Ahref, Moz SEMrush’s performance is much better than these tools as it provides you a better features and competitor research.

Final Thought About SEMrush Review 2019

As I earlier talked about how SEO can help you in order to increase your visitors. SEMrush is one of the best and most reliable tools which is especially used in internet marketing. The features which are provided by SEMrush is absolutely worth per Penny, if you’re a beginner having few knowledge about SEO and Keywords in it then I can suggest you to go for it freely. As SEMrush will provide you all the data which is related to your website posts, SEMrush also provides you keywords having a high amount of searches which makes your website more popular. When it comes to the pricing it seems to be a little bit costly but it provides that much of cool features which cannot make you feel bad.