ZoConvert vs ManyChat: An In-Depth Review & Comparison

If you do a search for “the best Messenger Bot-Building platforms”, you’ll probably come across these two names and the debate between ZoConvert vs ManyChat.

But which platform should you use? What’s the difference between ZoConvert vs ManyChat?

In this article, You’ll read the full In-depth review and comparison between ZoConvert and ManyChat.

The main purpose of this article is to highlight the features, pros, cons and compare the differences to help you pick the best messenger bot builder platform that scale up your business.

Let’s get started!

Zoconvert and ManyChat are the types of messenger bot builder platforms. Let’s take a look at what chatbot system is, and subsequently, We’ll move forward to the best among both to build your own chatbot system.

The chatbot systems are the artificial intelligence [AI] systems that help in connecting people through auditory or textual conversation. It is a type of dialog interface widely used in customer service and for acquiring information. Some systems automatically use the natural language processing systems, and others scan the input through keyboards.

Basic Similarities Between Both the Platform

The best part is both are not required any coding techniques to build your own messenger bot. Both are able to provide you with adequate opportunity to enhance your messaging and texting experience.

Which one to choose?

As if the overview of this article is not to come out with one being a loser and other being a winner. The motive is to understand the detail aspect of ZoConvert and ManyChat deeply so that at the end of this article you will become suffice to decide what to choose. Let’s go in depth about both the Platform. You can yourself analyze which one is better for your business to expand.

Benchmark Standards to Review and Analyze Both

1. Free Plan & Pricing: What’s does the platform cost? Is it a flat monthly fee? Or does it depend on the number of subscribers?

2. User-Friendly Interface: How about the interface / is it user-friendly? What about the availability of visual drag and drop interface

3. Campaigns, Sequences & Broadcasts: Is the software friendly about send campaigns and broadcast to the segment of visitors?

4. Bot Elements: Are you able to send videos, attachments, galleries, and any other content that are depicted on the Messenger area?

5. Marketing Tools: Is there an inbuilt tool for promotions and marketing?

6. Reporting & Analytics: Is the software able to report the statistics related to the things already sent, opened messages? Or is it able to track the famous and experienced visitor?

7. Form and User Input: The function of bot to ask the range of questions, manage to collect responses and at the end save them in user profile? What about the validation of user input?

8. Tags & Custom Fields: Is tagging possible based on the actions? What about the customization of fields? Can that be done manually also?

9. Integrations: Is it able to integrate the data from other tools and software like MailChimp, Zapier, or Webhooks?

10. Any other different feature?

A Review of ZoConvert

ZoConvert was founded by Atyab Mohammad and his team in 2017 with the motive to make bot building easy for people. Started from a tiny scale, now it expands to the much high level. They mainly focus on chatbots on Facebook messenger. [Check out Atyab Mohammad Interview here]

ZoConvert - Messenger Bot Platform

1. Free Plan & Pricing

The subscription cost in ZoConvert depends upon the number of subscribers. If the subscribers are up to 100, it is free of charge. If it is up to 500, the cost is $19, then you get access to all the features, and ZoConvert branding automatically will remove from the menu.

2. User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

ZoConvert does not consume your time to get installed and very easy to handle, and even you are not much known about coding. Also, the user interface is easy to follow and understand.

3. Campaigns, Sequences & Broadcasts

campaign sequences zoconvert

zoconvert broadcast

You can do promotions by sending broadcasts to filtered users. You can also send the sequence of campaigns messages to your users as per the interval of days decided.

4. Bot Elements

By using ZoConvert, you can send the different form of contents. Some examples are Delays, Images, Video, Audio, Attachments, Quick Replies, Call Button, List, and Persistent Menu.

5. Marketing Tools

Along with the messenger marketing, it provides with the marketing automation; send messages and promotions to the user who is connected to your page. Here’s some customizable Audience Builder:

  • Button Creator – You can create a highly customizable button and checkbox with “initial and after” state
  • Facebook Comments – Automatically send a message to users who comment on a specific Facebook post
  • Multiple Landing pages – You can create and customize multiple landing pages, each leading to a different message or sequence
  • Ref URL – You can create unique message links for your bot. For example – https://m.me/bloggeroundup?ref=w3627152
  • Overlay widgets – You can create slide-in, popup box with exit-intent, or page takeover

6. Reporting & Analytics

This user-friendly platform understands the behavior of customers and collects data about them. Information like location, gender, characteristics, type of device, browsing history can all be obtained and analyzed accurately.

7. Form and User Input

User input is highly recognizable for any organization. It is flexing in giving instant automated replies. It replies within a second and provides an authentic response as per the matter is a concern.

8. Tags & Custom Fields

It is a great customization tool. Tagging is possible here. Tagging a user based on their locations is possible with the help of ZoConvert. It is also capable of doing custom fields, and manual interference is also applicable.

9. Integrations

There are few integration techniques in Zoconvert like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Webhook and many more.

If you want to know how to build an email list from your messenger bot then Check out this In-depth guide here and learn how to integrate messenger bot with your email marketing service and Zapier. [Integrate your CRM eg Zapier using webhooks See how to integrate Zapier]

10. Other Different Features

The exclusive feature is you can filter your audience list too. Manually set or clear custom fields. Also, they have ‘Cart Recovery’ triggers, If you are running eCommerce portal then this feature really helps you a lot to retarget the customers. Check out the screenshot below.


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A Review of ManyChat

ManyChat was founded in 2015. It gained tremendous growth since that as blot manufacture for facebook messenger with features like broadcasting, analytics, scheduled posting, etc.

manychat review

1. Free Plan & Pricing

There are different types of payment plans. If we talk about the free basic plan, there are limited features in it. It also contains branding in the menu of the bot with the addition of promotional tools.

If we talk about other important Pro Plans, you can access all necessary feature like unlimited tagging, customization of fields. There is a benefit of no branding of Manychat in the menu. However, there are some instances like in promotional growth tools where Manychat logo still shows in the content.

2. User-Friendly Interface

ManyChat has a very clean, modernized user interface. There are two formats on which you can work. One is using the basic, but the elegant builder and the other is Flow Builder which is newly introduced in 2017. Other features are you can quickly start doing it yourself, no need to follow a tutorial. There is also a built-in Bot Tester available.

3. Campaigns, Sequences & Broadcasts

ManyChat has the capability to send both campaigns and broadcast. Talking about the broadcast, it sends messages or content to all targeted and filtered group of users. It also by default sends a range of textual notes for any visitor or customer who agreed with your campaigns. Furthermore, it creates duplicate messages automatically to save your time. It also has the capability for duplication of conversation which flows to another bot from one blot.

4. Bot Elements

By using Manychat, you can send the different form of contents. Some examples are Delays (up to 60 seconds), Images, Video, Audio, Attachments, Quick Replies, Call Button, Share Button, List, Built-in Emoji Keyboard, Galleries (with square images only), Persistent Menu, Webview at 100% height, Webview at 70% height, Webview at 40% height.

5. Marketing Tools

There is more than ten customized marketing growth tool available like button creator, facebook comment tools, multiple landing pages, referencing URL, overlay widgets.

6. Reporting & Analytics

This feature is awe-inspiring for those who want to capture little moment and action. Report statistics are available for broadcast, sequences, growth tools, buttons, and menu. You can also maintain the record for users, subscribers and unsubscribe people.

7. Form and User Input

You can make your own bot for collecting information from the users. You can also save the earlier data of users with this feature. You can also check the authenticity of the data entered by the user.

8. Tags & Custom Fields

The software can segregate your users as per tags and custom fields. It automatically agrees or removes the tags and also sets custom fields. These can be changed by the admin even manually. You can also perform simple logic operations and calculations.

9. Integrations

It can connect your bot with other tools and software such as email marketing, CRM, Google Sheets.

10. Other Different Features

You can filter your Audience List – by tag, how they opted-in, sequence, gender, and etc.

Use the Bulk actions feature to:

  • add or remove a tag from multiple users
  • subscribe or unsubscribe users from a sequence
  • manually set or clear custom fields

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Price Comparison

Conclusion – ZoConvert vs ManyChat

Overall, the current demands and requirements to fulfill the business requirements are making people running towards a more fruitful and reliable source. There is always an increase in competition to make your business better than other in both online and offline ways. To survive in the industry one needs to consistently adapt new techniques and methods to boost their sales. The availability of great market mechanisms has made little confusion about what to choose. In order to fulfill the demands, both the tools have a great feature on which one can rely on enhancing the business.

We recommend you personally analyze both the platforms based on your business requirements. In our view both have enough features to carry on your business promotions and marketing in a better way than the conventional methods.

Let us know if you have any questions about, how to build a messenger bot? also If you are using any other messenger bot platform then share your experience in the comments below.

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