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Welcome to the very first interview in the BloggeRoundup Interview Series. This interview series will feature stories and business advice from successful bloggers, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

For this interview, we had the privilege of inviting Mohammad Atyab (@atyab), founder of ZoConvert. ZoConvert is one of the most popular facebook messenger bot builders.

A big thanks to Atyab for taking the time to answer our questions.

Q: Tell us a bit about ZoConvert.

Today more than one billion people communicate via Facebook Messenger. Facebook allows businesses to reach these people. ZoConvert was launched last year with a goal to empower marketers to create powerful Facebook chatbots. With this goal in mind, the feature list of ZoConvert has been increasing day by day.

Q: What kind of problems does ZoConvert solve for businesses?

We aim to solve one big problem for various businesses – marketers with little or no coding knowledge, should be able to garner the power of chatbots. Till now chatbots were considered as a thing for geeks and programmers only but we are looking to revolutionize the ecosystem by enabling everyone to build a bot. Astonishing it might sound, our first user (after the QA of course) was my Father and It gave me great pleasure to see how he was able to build his first chatbot.

You will be surprised to know that all of our features, even the product’s inception, has been done after constant discussions and feedback loops with our users, agencies, and promoters.

Q: It’s a common notion that chatbots are mainly used for customer-facing experiences like navigation, customer support and more. Can bots be used for automating internal aspects of a business?

Chatbots are becoming powerful day by day. From lead generation to taking orders and payments from your customers, everything is possible from the bots. As far as internal aspects of businesses go, it is absolutely possible to manage them using chatbots. The cases may vary from getting new leads and managing them, zapier integrations, teams talking to each other using chatbots made on facebook workplace and so. If you see the e-commerce sector, the game is changing for order management, logistics management and a lot is being made possible through chatbots. Similarly, HR can use chatbots for various purposes like internal communications, FAQs for employees etc. I am definitely writing a blog on this topic soon.

Q: What new products and features can we expect from ZoConvert in the near future?

Like I said we would be adding more and more features at the fastest pace possible.

  • Shopify and WordPress plugins coming next.
  • AI setup would be up in a couple of weeks.
  • NLP and AI is the next big thing we at ZoConvert are focusing on.
  • More lead generation tools and Audience Builders are coming up.

The beauty with ZoConvert is that we don’t limit features in the free quota, therefore anyone can try out any feature without worrying about switching to a paid plan.

Also, we have, where landing page bots can be created super easily. Along with that, we are diligently working on WhatsApp bots and marketing.

We will keep the blog updated, follow us at : []

Q: It’s a popular phrase that ‘AI is the future of digital marketing.’ Can you share your views on the subject?

As we move ahead AI is going to become a major part of our lives. We have begun to see more automated and increasingly sophisticated chatbots. It’s going to be a strong arm race as who uses AI in the best possible manner in the world of digital.

Q: Where do you see ZoConvert five years from now?

The previous answers prove that there is a tremendous opportunity for ZoConvert to make industry-specific solutions be it E-Commerce, Real Estate, Gaming, and what not. Five years from now, we would have built a large family of business owners and agencies. Right now we are building a community where we work on the suggestions given by the people who are actually facing real-life problems and we help them get them through. This experience has been exciting for all of us and we are going to continue that. My long-term visions have got ICO and IPO documented but let’s take one step at a time ?.

Q: If you could only give one incredibly valuable advice to upcoming business owners, what would it be?

Never hesitate in trying out new technologies. Try to be ahead of the game by imbibing your business with new ways to reach out to new customers, lead generation, retention. Say for example messenger marketing is still a new feature and there is widespread adoption of chatbots and messenger marketing. There is an immense opportunity for the business owners, agencies and for the customers too.

To learn more about ZoConvert and to build your own facebook messenger bot, visit their website.

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