Free Facebook Messenger Bots for Bloggers

Facebook Messenger bots have massively grown in popularity over the last couple of years. There are many people just like me and you who are also interested in building their own chatbots. This growing demand is coming mostly from small business owners, bloggers and marketers who don’t know how to code. As a consequence more and more companies try to enter this market and get a share of the growing pie. They all try to make it easy for you to just drag and drop your content without having to deal with the backend processes.

I’ve been playing around with several different chatbot tools and creators to find something that does what I’d like my bot to do.

The possibilities are growing every day as new platforms are released and others are updated.

Below I’ve mentioned some of my favorite tools that are really easy to get started with and require no coding to build your own bot.

Best Free Facebook Messenger Bots

1. ZoConvert

ZoConvert lets you create your Facebook messenger bot in a matter of minutes. Brands use ZoConvert to boost sales as well as user engagement. They’ve some really awesome features like:

  • Tools to increase subscribers. One of my personal favourite is the    comment tool which enables you to convert your fans into subscribers.
  • Then you have some automations like default replies, Scheduling, send broadcast and segmenting your subscribers.
  • The UI – Ummm I think that they’ve done a decent job but there’s still a scope of improvement.

ZoConvert Pricing

They have a pretty neat pricing structure. You pay as you grow. So basically, they charge you on the number of subscribers you have. And first 500 are free forever.


2. Chatfuel

Chatfuel is a bot making platform that is mostly used by content brands to push their blog posts etc.

I recommend it if you plan on creating simple sequences or just to use messenger to deliver an opt-in gift. Then you can send notifications for your new posts using your RSS feed.

Chatfuel’s interface can get really cluttered if you plan on having a complex bot. That’s the one thing that steered me away to from it and towards ManyChat.

I do like that you can use its integrations for free and it seems to be more friendly for sending out RSS updates for really active news blogs (several posts per day or week).

Chatfuel Pricing

Chatfuel has a premium version called Chatfuel Pro, but you can access all their features for free. The premium version allows you to remove branding from the bot so people don’t know you’ve used Chatfuel to create your bot.

Chatfuel Pro starts at $15/month. That cost goes up based on the total number of subscribers to your bot. There’s no limit on messaging.


3. ManyChat

You can create sequences, deliver files or links, and promote new content, like blog posts or YouTube content.The ManyChat interface is easy to understand and use. I’ve watched them update it so much over last few months and it’s really improved!

My only issue with ManyChat is that there’s no way to disconnect a specific bot template, nor can they be copied to others.

ManyChat Pricing

ManyChat has both free and premium versions, starting at just $10 a month for 500 subscribers up to $145 for 25,000. If you need more than that, you can contact them.

You’re only billed for what you need each month. So if you lose a bunch of subscribers one month, you won’t have to pay the higher rate the next.


Other Platforms Worth Mentioning

These three are far from the only Facebook chatbot platforms out there. Here are a few I’ve come across that are worth mentioning in this post as well.

If you have any experience with any of these, feel free to chime in with your thoughts in the comments.


Are you ready to create your own Facebook Messenger chatbot? Pick one of the above platforms and start playing around!

ZoConvert is my favorite because of its robust feature set. I also think Manychat is the fastest and easiest way to get started. Both of these are worth looking into if you’re curious about how your audience will respond to bots.

What’s your favorite bot platform? Are you looking to try one of these now that I’ve mentioned it? Let us know in the comments!

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