Thrive Leads Review: The Best List Building Plugin For WordPress

Whatever kind of site you have, you will likely need to create leads from the customers. Doing this will provide you with a chance to get in contact with them once they have left your website. In this Thrive Leads inspection, we will research a robust WordPress lead creation plugin that could help you connect with your customers, develop your audience, or make your company more profitable. ‘The money is in the record — and in case you haven’t begun building an email list, begin currently!’ That is what we’ve been told for many years, right? Nevertheless, when it comes to creating an email list, which plugin if you use? In this informative article, I will be shedding some light on the topic by placing one of those market-leading plugins, Thrive Leads, by its paces.

A fantastic lead creation plugin should allow you to produce great-looking opt-in forms and offer you the resources to exhibit those kinds to the ideal traffic, on the perfect content, at the perfect moment. Thrive Leads delivers on all counts – even though it is more potent in certain regions than others. During this Thrive Leads inspection, I will go hands-on with this plugin to help you understand how it functions, what it does well, how it may be made better, and whether it’s the correct instrument for your requirements and price range. Among the most significant ways businesses and sites create revenue and keep attracting readers and clients is using a healthy email list-building approach. The marketplace is full of plugins and applications for building your mailing list; however, not a lot match up to the skilled styling and speedy lead generation tools supplied by this Thrive Lead plugin.

You would like to find that email listing buzzing with interested prospects. Then let us take a peek at our comprehensive review of Thrive Leads. With all the buzz around Facebook Live, it’s easy to forget about building your email list. Yet email is still the ideal way to advertise your offers and construct a sustainable company because customers, like you and me, are far more comfortable with this communication station. But if you are going to concentrate on building your email list, you then want the proper tools. Deciding on an email service provider is simply the initial step. Following that, you’re going to require a WordPress plugin to help you make and publish the ideal opt-in type in the perfect place on your website. And within this review, we will have a peek at how Thrive Leads will enable you to do that faster and brighter.

What is Thrive Leads?


Thrive Topics has a fantastic package of products to improve conversions on your site. It’s some excellent products such as Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, and many more. Thrive Leads is a WordPress lead creation plugin, an all-time list-building solution that accelerates your list-building attempts. Contrary to the wrong choice of opt-in types you get within email advertising applications, Thrive Leads gives you an arsenal of conversion-focused opt-in forms to help increase your email list. Its direct API integrations for the most popular email providers. Besides, you can use it together with any system which makes an HTML signup form. And do not be concerned about linking your ceremony since Thrive Leads has tutorial videos to get everyone. Let us take a better look at exactly what it could do.

Its remarkable features, such as landing page builder, lack promotion, lead generation, and quiz construction. There’s a reasonably steep learning curve. But, their extensive knowledge foundation videos help a good deal. Pricing is competitive, and you may purchase plugins individually at a one-of-fee and receive upgrades. Their support system is excellent. The service team is quite knowledgeable concerning the technicalities. When I started playing with the Thrive Leads plugin, I understood that the organization is all about assisting its clients and making matters simple. The dash interface is relatively simple to navigate, and the support choices from Thrive are as healthy as the top companies on the market. By way of instance, when you log into a membership dashboard, it provides you with various alternatives for obtaining forums, seeing product demos, and reaching from the service staff. They have training records that you refer back to.

Although prospects are available in many types, if you are running a WordPress site, your customers’ email addresses are most likely the sort of lead you’re interested in. But how can you go about incorporating the capability to accumulate emails to your site, let alone convince your customers to input their valuable contact information? One choice for adding this functionality to your site would be to utilize a direct generation WordPress plugin. In regards to this sort of plugin, Thrive Leads is among the most effective choices around. As we will see in this review, not only does this plugin manage all of the technical aspects of collecting email addresses and adding them to a subscriber list, but also, it has plenty of qualities that will convince your customers to input their information additionally that the Thrive Leads plugin can allow you to maximize your lead generation efforts and turn your site, site, or e-commerce shop, right into a lead generating advantage.

Importance of Leads and How to Get More

Leads could be described as folks you have the chance to follow up or reconnect with. When a guest arrives at your site and performs a particular activity, they turned into an outcome like submitting a form. Then you can get in touch with those prospects through email or a different mode of communicating and provide them with additional opportunities. These opportunities may be returning to a website to check out a new blog article, buying a product, or employing your services. If you’re running an e-commerce shop or purchasing a service online, then the advantage of creating leads should be evident. However, even when you’re only a beginner blogger, you may still gain from creating leaders from the crowd. By collecting emails from your customers, then adding them to a subscriber list — together with their consent, of course, it is possible to turn one-time site visitors into repeat returners. Knowing you understand what prospects are and collecting them, it’s time to pay for ways to create them out of the WordPress site with our hands-on inspection. Before getting into the detailed review, let us look at Thrive Leads’ fundamental attributes and value proposition.

To allow you to make powerful opt-in forms Thrive Leads includes ten distinct types. You may either select from many different pre-built templates or design your own chosen form from scratch for each class. Thrive leads provide a fantastic visual drawing builder to create your layout (or personalize one of those top-rated templates). It is a stripped-down variant of Thrive Themes’ favorite Thrive Architect webpage builder plugin. It will be an excellent synergy and something that produces the Thrive Leads editor far more flexible than your typical list-building tool. To control who sees your kinds and if Thrive leads includes a good collection of targeting and activate rules. By way of instance, you can aim your forms to specific content, apparatus, kinds of WordPress users, etc. You may even select various factors like exit intention, time on site, scroll thickness, etc.

It’s possible to link your forms to each of the popular email advertising tools, in addition to a couple of training tools. By way of instance, you will receive integrations for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and so forth. There is also a catch-all Zapier integration that allows you to connect to all those thousands of programs at Zapier. In the end, as soon as you release your opt-in forms, Thrive Leads give you built-in analytics to monitor your beliefs and conversion prices. If you are frustrated with the outcome, it is possible to twist A/B evaluations then immediately attempt and locate a better-performing offer. There are a couple of useful smaller attributes, but that is the general gist of how Thrive Leads works and how it can help you.

Features of Thrive Leads


During this Thrive Leads inspection, we examine the best characteristics of this plugin to find out whether they live up to the marketing claims and will help you generate more leads from the current audience. But for a fast jog of what this plugin could do, here are the crucial attributes of Thrive Leads:

  • Aggressive choice of form types — utilize a vast assortment of form types to capture prospects.
  • Conversion-focused library of type designs — select from a diverse choice of pop-up and form layouts.
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor — personalize the types or design your own from scratch.
  • Thorough form screen and activate options — require complete control over when, where, and how your types have been exhibited.Β 

Vital split testing instrument — utilize A/B and divide testing to maximize your forms and discover which ones provide the maximum conversions. Thorough monitoring and reporting — eliminate the guesswork out of creating prospects and understand that your audience better. In addition to the features above, everything you can do using Thrive resumes is coated on the plugin site. Not every webmaster wishes to exhibit in-your-face popups for people. Some favor a more subtle strategy, focusing on consumer experience instead of jaw-dropping conversion prices. Where you stand with this is a private option. But, Thrive Themes does not discriminate: The plugin supports a massive assortment of opt-in types, so it caters to everybody, regardless of their strategy. As we mentioned previously, Thrive Leads includes ten distinct popup types. Some are more aggressive, full-screen affairs your visitors can not dismiss, while some are a lot more subtle, including a hidden notification pub. Here are all the different kinds of opt-ins you can make:

Thrive Box (Popup Lightbox): Your traditional popup. This type overlays your articles, thus commanding utmost focus. ‘Sticky’ Ribbon (AKA Notification Bar): A Hi Bar-style opt-in you could anchor to the top or underside of a visitor’s display.

  • In-Line Forms: These are not popups whatsoever — they are forms that sit inside your content.
  • Two-Step Opt-in Form: Insert a little CTA using a button that, when clicked, opens a complete lightbox popup.
  • Slide-In: This is just another discreet popup that slides in the corner. Ordinarily, you will show this as a visitor scrolls down the page utilizing a scroll thickness trigger.
  • Opt-in Widget: A type for widget spaces — probably functions best in the sidebar, however.

Screen Filler Overlay: A popup on steroids! This opt-in covers the whole display, meaning it is sure to receive your message across. Content Lock: Publish content supporting an opt-in type. After individuals enter their email, they could unlock the material. Scroll Mat: Like some display filler overlay, but the opt-in form ‘pushes’ down your content since the popup appears. Yes/No & Multi-Choice Forms: Insert numerous actions to your opt-in forms to participate in people. It is a sort of variant on the lightbox popup. One nice thing is that Thrive Leads contains similar template topics for the distinct opt-in types, which means that you can usually maintain the identical aesthetic even across various kinds of opt-in types.

Numerous Lead Generation Form Types


Picking the proper form kind for your audience may have a drastic impact on your lead generation conversion prices. For the most excellent rates, you’re probably going to need to display various kinds of opt-ins and pop-ups on multiple pieces of your site. It may incorporate a widget type that is shown in the sidebar of your site, along with your posts, in addition to a pop-up form that is found when a reader is going to depart from your website. You may also need to combine those forms using a ribbon displayed in your website’s header, promoting a specific bit of content on your site or even a product on your shop. With the capacity to include in-content types, lightbox pop-ups, and slide-in screens, to mention only a few, you will be able to perform as far as you can to turn traffic into prospects. As the various kind of types does not need to be employed to exhibit a style, you can decide to present a customized message or other material to your customers. While this review must produce clear, this is a flexible plugin that may be utilized in various ways. Let’s quickly have a peek at a few beneficial form types that could help you generate more leads out of the WordPress site using Thrive Leads.

In-Content Form

In-content forms are excellent because they may be inserted into your content where you believe it is appropriate. When a reader is enjoying your articles, then reaches a type in one of the posts, there is a fantastic chance they may register there and then. It is simple to insert the forms into your posts with the Thrive Leads Shortcodes. Just copy and paste the appropriate shortcode to a page or post, and it’ll be replaced together with the form once the content is printed. The article footer form is just another similar choice from Thrive Leads. This form type could be automatically displayed at the end of every blog post, providing the reader with an obvious sign of things to do next after completing a report. Again, like other Thrive Leads type types, you get complete control over when and in which they’re displayed.

Thrive Leads Lightbox Form

It is maybe the very well-used sort of form from the Thrive Leads arsenal. As Displayed in the center of the browser window, using a dark backdrop that obscures the remainder of the webpage, these kinds frequently pop-up after a particular trigger was activated.

Also, see later in this overview, this plugin is stuffed with pop-up form activates. However, some examples include when a user scrolls through a predetermined percent of the webpage, when they have been around the page for a particular quantity of time, or if they’re about to depart your site (exit intent trigger). After the form is triggered, it may be used to exhibit an annotated condition on your email list. Alternately, it may be used to show a personalized message of your own choice. Promotional messages or hyperlinks to additional articles on your website are typical applications for your pop-up lightbox form too. But with Thrive endings, you may add any material you want to this form of a pop-up.

Conversion-Focused Form Designs

In addition to an impressive library of type types, Thrive leads comes with a fantastic choice of form templates and designs. As one of the secrets to creating prospects from the WordPress site is showing appealing opt-in forms for your customers, it is perfect for finding that there’s no lack of templates.

As you can see, shape designs are not in short supply with all the Thrive Leads plugin. Whatever kind of lead you’re working to accumulate, or you need to lure your customers into inputting their information, Thrive resumes should possess a pre-built form layout to coincide. From training registrations and merchandise, purchases to document downloads, and, naturally, email list subscriptions, Thrive Leads has numerous kinds of designs for you to select from. Since the Thrive Themes group is centered on producing lead production products, such as their subjects and other plugins, all the Thrive Leads form templates are assembled with conversions and direct generation in your mind. In addition to merely providing individual kind templates, also, there are collections of layouts to operate with. As a result of this, you can make sure that your website’s forms have an exceptional design while following a similar fashion. It ought to help provide a consistent user experience to your viewers.


The vital question with the listing building is how fast and efficient it is to construct your lists. I would not say it is all so simple to test the one list building plugin in contrast to a different one; however, you can see how fast it is possible to establish a form and whether the conditions are powerful enough to boost enrollments your email list. To begin, the templates and layouts are magnificent. I’d venture to state they are a few of the most effective forms I have seen in a listing building plugin. They also set well on your site, which has always been very important because I do not wish to mess up with almost any code when placing enrollment forms on my websites. It took some time to precisely work out what all of the programs were to, and then, there were instances where I attempted to change a text, and the cursor would not allow me to pick the text area. I am not saying that the usability will not enhance, but I needed to punch the display once I played it. Simply speaking, it was a bit picky.

The Sterile Interface

Moving across the dash is easy and quick because the Thrive team wished to make sure that lots of white space were widespread. Additionally, I noticed the reports and divide tests do not flood you with unnecessary details. Thrive knows that site owners appear at a few metrics when studying how to construct their email lists.



It is possible to access Thrive Leads within this comprehensive Thrive Suite, including Thrive Themes’s goods. It costs $19 a month (paid yearly). There is a 30-day money-back guarantee set up, also, in the event you change your mind after purchase. Let us next pay the little matter of pricing. There are two ways you can access Thrive Leads:

It’s possible to obtain the individual Thrive Leads plugin; that’s the most affordable way to acquire access. It’s possible to buy the Thrive Membership, allowing you to get to all the programmer’s plugins and topics, such as the Thrive Architect page builder, Thrive, Theme Builder, Thrive Quiz Builder, and much more. Our overview of this membership. In Any Event, there are no feature differences between the pricing programs — which the only difference with the person plugin permit is how many websites you can utilize Thrive Leads.

For all these plugins, they have a one-off fee with endless upgrades and service. It is possible to see in the event of Thrive Architect, and you can get it at $67 or $97 for five and single website usage, respectively. If you would like to find access to all of their plugins and also accessibility to use up to 25 sites, the Thrive Themes Membership costing $19/month is excellent for you. It is still less costly than similar products’ programs such as ClickFunnels at $97/month or LeadPages at $48/month.


Thrive Leads is a robust WordPress lead generation plugin for developing email lists, boosting goods, and increasing conversions. I would choose Thrive Leads if you want striking types to begin building your email lists. The installation is simple, and that I would not be worried about a few of the kind editors’ characteristics coming into fruition. In general, it is a brand new plugin but assuring and reasonably priced. Thrive Leads is a superb list-building remedy to operate with. That is easy to handle in the central dash, from generating and publishing to testing and targeting. It features all sorts of sampling forms along with a broad choice of conversion-focused templates. Plus, you’ve got the extra mobile-specific design choices and innovative targeting logic. If you are serious about building your email list and producing prospects – you will love Thrive Leads.

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