Thrive Architect Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

It is stronger than ever. Exactly why my critique differs from the remainder online? I have tried and tested Thrive Architect for weeks because it is published and compared profoundly with different WordPress marketplace plugins. However, with a lot of webpage builder plugins available, which one should you select? Therefore, if the concept of working with a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop interface to make a custom WordPress site or to present your articles and page an exceptional appearance, read our hands-on Thrive Architect review to discover if this is the ideal page builder plugin for you. The plugin is rebuilt by the ground-up by maintaining conversions and marketers in mind. Thrive Architect is just one popular choice, and it is also among the latest webpage builder plugins for WordPress. However, despite its latest launch, it is not an instrument that was built from scratch and can be, in actuality, an upgrade to the popular Thrive Content Builder plugin. For this reason, if you decide on Thrive Architect, then you will receive access to a good group of tried and tested features, all wrapped up in a contemporary user interface using a few new capabilities added into this mixture. Within this review, allow me to walk you through Thrive Architect, and I will add some notes regarding their brand new plugin as different from the old Thrive Content Builder. If you cannot locate the ideal WordPress theme for your site or you would like to make unique designs for your articles, a drag-and-drop builder plugin can help you take charge of your website’s layout. The new name is excellent, and the newest version of the plugin is packed with fantastic features and is quicker than ever.

What is Thrive Architect?


You want to spend time together with the plugin to comprehend its capabilities. However, it may not be best for everybody, so let us get into the WordPress plugin’s intricacies. From here, it is possible to control several properties for each component, in addition to few innovative properties seldom found in other webpage builders. The dash on the right is where you will find most of your lead generation content and webpage construction choices. It has conversion-focused components and page templates. With this particular builder plugin, you’re going to have the ability to improve your lead generation efforts and produce content using CRO in your mind. Along with navigating a webpage’s editing choices is extremely simple with their editing arrangement at the upper left corner. Now, fine aesthetics are something, but let us dive into the”usability” facet of Thrive’s User Interface. Among the greatest things about Thrive? But it is not an ideal instrument, and we advocate Elementor in most circumstances, so read our Thrive Architect Review to find out what is ideal for you. The sites you construct with Thrive Architect will also be portable responsive, and overall it is a nicely priced and affirmed WordPress plugin. As soon as you do, you will love what you could do with this. Notice how, once I fall a component on the page, the sidebar panel switches into component properties. On the left, you may utilize Thrive Architect to edit every individual component. But, there could be better choices available in the current market, particularly if you’re a budget blogger. For instance, if I needed to pick a material box and NOT the box’s contents, I could just select it in the breadcrumb trail. As much as I enjoy it, it’d be great to have the option of disabling it, just to free up display space in the top (that might be a taste for several people). So that you get a good deal of content that will assist you in editing your website, even more so once you purchase a Thrive Themes membership. Thrive Architect resembles a very depthful RPG video game. Or a brand new hobby that hooks you hard, you don’t understand you have been surfing forums for the last five hours. Thrive Architect is an adequate site builder for many people and a superb selection for marketers. The WordPress plugin also includes its own Thrive Theme builder, a great deal of landing page templates, functionalities such as optimizing website articles, pre-designed building cubes along with a wonderful lead creation add-on. That is because Thrive includes plenty of powerful features, intriguing quirks, and beneficial templates; however, they do not meet the eye straight away. Landing pages are simple to assemble with their templates (we will discuss them a little further down in the review), the program is simple to use, and also, the pre-made elements do their job. Thrive Architect is a WordPress Site builder out of Thrive Themes. It is their next-generation webpage builder that substituted Thrive Content Builder. It’s excellent for any website construct but also actually shines for entrepreneurs due to its advertising attention.

The Essential Features

Whether you are new to Thrive Architect or wondering how it’s different from the older Thrive Content Builder plugin, here are the key features and enhancements Which Have Been made for this instrument:

  • Works with WordPress themes — no matter that WordPress theme you need to utilize or use, Thrive Architect should incorporate seamlessly into your site.
  • More complete page templates and segments — with much more high-quality templates, you may easily add just about any kind of webpage to your WordPress site or produce your layouts own utilizing the pre-built segments.
  • Better choice of components — updating your articles is simpler thanks to those modules.
  • Improved user interface for easier content editing — anybody ought to have the ability to pick up and begin utilizing the drag-and-drop Thrive Architect content editor, irrespective of their WordPress or web design expertise.

There is a whole lot more to the WordPress content editor plugin compared to the preceding. From the Thrive Architect inspection conclusion, you will know if this is the ideal tool that will assist you in producing custom content for your site.


Another facet of Thrive Architect that may help you to save time is your context-sensitive menus. Adding eye-catching cartoon effects to the components in your pages is quite simple. Just choose the element, then pick the cartoon type in the drop-down listing before assessing how the animation effect is used. In addition to the basic settings, you can enlarge the complex section to show more controls. Even though the settings vary based upon which kind of page element you are working on, they could consist of animation effects, margin and padding properties, mobile-responsive controllers, plus a whole lot more. In addition to being able to readily determine how your page layout will appear on a tablet or smartphone, you may even select whether individual components are displayed on small screen devices or not. If you are committed to providing an extremely effective user experience to your phone traffic, then having the ability to conceal any page items which may get in their way would be a valuable quality of Thrive Architect. After the side panel displays the modules you have chosen, you will immediately see just how much management Thrive Architect provides you within your site’s design and content.

Page Elements


As you’d expect from a strong WordPress page builder plug-in, all these components can be highly personalized to guarantee they function well for your specific objectives. Additionally, like any other webpage builder such as WordPress, you can add widgets from different plugins which are busy on your website to your own Thrive Architect webpage designs. This may consist of pricing tables, sign-up forms, and social website feeds based on what plugins you are using. To help you produce feature-rich content using Thrive Architect, this plugin contains a great choice of components that could be added to your pages and posts. Additionally, since this plugin was made to help you generate more leads from the site, these building blocks have a solid focus on conversions.

Some Notable Components in the Thrive Architect library Comprise:

  • Buttons
  • Call to Activity
  • Content Boxes
  • Click to Tweet
  • Content Reveal
  • Countdown Timers
  • Facebook Remarks
  • Plus, a Choice of Lead Generation components.

User Interface


Rather than type to the pop-up, together with Thrive Architect, you can just click a text area and begin typing. This speeds up the workflow also make it much easier to preview your job as you move. While this feature is not included in many other webpages builder plugins, even a number of those are regarded as the best highlight Thrive Architect. Another highlight of this Thrive Architect user interface would be that the simplicity by which you can preview your layouts through tablet and mobile-sized viewports. The header bar that immediately defines that page part is chosen in the design hierarchy in addition to the (optional) reminder to store your job that pops up in regular intervals are fantastic features too. The largest difference between the newest Thrive Architect and the older Thrive Content Builder plugin is your user interface. Ideal for developing a customized homepage for your site, updating your blog posts with intriguing layouts, or adding high-converting landing and sales pages to your website, the newest Thrive Architect content editor is a flexible update WordPress user interface. Since Thrive Architect is a contemporary WordPress page builder plugin, components can be dragged and dropped on the sidebar page or picked up and add a new position on your layout. If you would like to resize any components, including the column and row designs, you may just drag and click the borders as needed. Maybe among the greatest characteristics of this Thrive Architect interface — and you not found in each webpage builder plugin — would be that the inline text editing. Thrive Architect also offers a revision supervisor, making it effortless to roll back any changes you have made to your web page. Total, the Thrive Architect port is among the very best, providing a user experience like the very best contemporary WordPress webpage builder plugins available now. As a result of this, it is possible to see precisely how your webpage is currently progressing without needing to discuss your workspace with the remainder of the WordPress user interface. If you’d like more room to operate, then the side panel is readily collapsed.



Another criticism of Thrive Architect’s component is that unlike the webpage builder port, the template manager is not very user-friendly. For this reason, it can be tough to determine just what layouts can be found and what they will look like until you import them into your webpage. A much better-organized screen using a preview option will make finding the ideal template simpler and quicker. While there is no debate that Thrive Architect provides you full creative control over the material you produce, it’d be fine if there was a more diverse choice of pre-built templates that will assist in kick-start your designs. Compared to a plugin such as Divi Builder, which has new site templates regularly included through the Elegant Themes site, Thrive Architect lacks this region. Since these templates can be completely customized via the Thrive Architect interface and mixed and matched to assist you in making the ideal layout for your website, this page builder is excellent for users who have their suggestions for their content designs in addition to people who want some inspiration. That is not to mention that Thrive Architect does not have any conventional content templates. You will discover corporate homepage layouts coming shortly and under building templates, portfolio designs, and much more from the library of you. But, the vast majority of the templates are all focused on getting your customers to complete a particular activity, whether that is registering to get something, joining your email list, or moving together the sales funnel in another manner.


A mobile responsive website is essential in the world today. Any WordPress plugin ought to help you make your website responsive or be compatible using a WordPress plugin that could do that. So cellular responsiveness is itself a significant characteristic to examine here. In Thrive Architect, you may always view your pages as they will look on tablet or mobile displays, meaning you always have the option to check a page before publishing it, simply to be sure. An overall point here Thrive Architect has component and page templates that are extremely portable responsive. Provided that you do not mess around a great deal with their content, the pages will appear well on smaller displays, irrespective of your WordPress content or WordPress theme. But should you have to generate any adjustments to the material you include yourself, you could always examine and edit any component. In this manner, you always have the option to conceal elements on any display. Along with you could always view your concealed content while editing. This makes it effortless to edit your website as a complete, for many displays, then modify how it seems on particular devices based on little alterations that could make a difference in responsiveness.

Page Structure

Developing a page design can be difficult on a webpage builder generally. Thrive Architect makes it simple to produce page arrangements and operate around the arrangement you have for webpages. By way of instance, elements do not need to be included — you can drag them on your page, but you like. No segments are required. If you’d like a straightforward column design, you can do this by incorporating it in a column component. You do not need to plan, however. Simply by dragging something into place, Thrive Architect will automatically produce a column design for you. Together with Thrive Architect, you may make complex designs in a matter of moments by simply dragging and dropping. And while columns are dispersed evenly by default, then you may readily get your cursor in there and resize your design rows and columns. Though I advised you, Thrive Architect components do not have to be included within segments; that is not to say segments are not helpful in certain conditions. And it is also not to mention Thrive Architect does not permit you to leverage segments when required. It will. A fantastic element to include on any webpage is your “background segment.” The obvious advantage of using a desktop section would be to readily contain several smaller components in one row. However, there are additional layout-oriented benefits Which Make background segments useful because they include some extra design properties, for example:

  • Stretch to the full-screen diameter
  • Content maximum width
  • Section minimum height
  • Match height to display

Additionally, it is worth noting that a few of those properties may also be present in other components, like content columns and boxes. You will have to get used to a few of its constraints: Nonetheless, it is not a massive hassle, and you need to be able to use these choices to their entire potential very quickly.

Mobile Preview

To guarantees your layouts are mobile-friendly, it is possible to quickly change into the smartphone and tablet computer viewports to view exactly how your pages will appear on such smaller display devices. The webpages made with Thrive Architect are completely responsive, but it’s helpful to have the ability to see precisely how they will accommodate when resized. In general, Thrive Architect has among the best user interfaces of all the WordPress site builder plugins. Features like the ability to undo and redo your job, incremental, utilizing the keyboard shortcuts in addition to the revision supervisor assist in making this an amazing tool for producing custom WordPress sites and page layouts. Thrive, Architect elevates WordPress into an entirely new degree of design capacity for the frequent user. Individuals with much technical capability can now design amazing conversion concentrated pages and posts assisting set WordPress besides other blogging programs. But, there is more to a fantastic page builder than simply a smooth user interface. So let us see what else this plugin may do in the following section of the Thrive Architect review. Another powerful characteristic of Thrive Architect is controlling the visibility of different components based on the system used to get your site. This could enable you to produce ultra-fast loading pages that work flawlessly on small display smartphones due to concealing bigger elements that may cause difficulties. As you can see, Thrive Architect makes it rather simple to make customized layouts for your WordPress site. Any designs constructed with Thrive Architect may be utilized for the homepage of your site in addition to the internal content, blog articles, and landing pages.

Video Backgrounds and Full-Width Picture

One beneficial Thrive Architect component is the desktop segment. Applying this element makes it possible to quickly add trendy background videos and images to your pages, with a great deal of control over how they appear. Putting your desktop segments to mechanically extend to fill the screen vertically and only requires a click. It is only one of many helpful components in the toolkit of the powerful page builder plugin. If you truly wish to design custom webpages for your WordPress site, Thrive Architect gets the consumer interface templates and components to help you succeed.



Thrive Architect is available as a standalone WordPress plugin. But you may wish to think about linking the Thrive Themes membership app to obtain access to all their goods, particularly if you want a WordPress theme for your site. The Cost for each option is as follows:

  • Thrive Architect plugin from $67 for one website license and one year of service.
  • Thrive Membership (Thrive Architect and all Thrive plugins and themes) from $19 a month.

Thrive Architect has an adequate pricing strategy. There is not a massive great deal to talk about this. It’s possible to pay $67 for a single permit or even $97 for 5 permits. Naturally, there is also the choice of being a Thrive manhood, that will set you back $19/month; that’s an excellent alternative if you prefer their builder, except their plugins, but cannot do with their vanilla webpage template, and also want to have more content for a single or up to 25 your websites. In this short article, we mostly concentrated on the builder; however, having the ability to produce your very own WordPress theme or using additional information to your landing page might be what you want. If that’s the circumstance, the Thrive membership is well worth it.


Hopefully, this Thrive Architect inspection has answered your queries concerning this plugin and also given you a fantastic summary of what this tool could perform. The very best WordPress site builder plugins today offer you a similarly potent and user-friendly content editing expertise. The best approach to locating the instrument that is ideal for you would be to search to find the one with the choice of pre-built templates and articles modules that best matches your endeavor’s demands. In case Thrive Architect appears to be this plugin, you may select this particular page builder with assurance knowing it is a high-quality item. Hopefully, this Thrive Architect inspection has communicated what a powerful page builder that is. So whichever one you select, you will have a high-quality tool for generating custom content for your site. If you are seriously interested in building profitable sites, Thrive’s package includes a number of the top products in the company to help you attain this — and your webpage builder is an essential element to the way these instruments interact. Each of the important ingredients of a fantastic page builder is seen at Thrive Architect, such as an intuitive, user-friendly interface, helpful page components, and a high-quality library of templates. The excess focus on assisting you to generate effective sales and landing pages must also make sure your pages do not just look fine but also provide outcomes. The page builder’s ability may only be bolstered by its ability to seamlessly and easily communicate with other Thrive goods. That is something its opponents are unable to compete with. If you are new to WordPress site builder plugins, you should not find it tricky to produce custom content layouts with Thrive Architect. And if you’ve tried other webpage builder plugins before rather than being impressed, now’s the opportunity to try among the newest generation of site builder resources for WordPress and determine exactly what Thrive Architect is capable of. As you have seen in our Thrive Architect inspection, this is a webpage builder. Having the capability to rapidly include landing pages, opt-in forms, and revenue content to your site can simply help grow your company. Overall, you may very well give Thrive Architect an attempt. Any WordPress site may gain from Thrive Architect. Whether you are just looking to have a better way to make WordPress content, or you also would like to design a custom site, why do you not provide Thrive Architect an attempt?

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