Kinsta Review (2020): The Best Google Cloud WordPress Hosting

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress hosting? Would you like someone to take care of keeping your WordPress blog or website secure and backed up?

Meet Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting provider that takes care of everything related to the website.

I was planning to write this Kinsta review a few days back only, but for providing proper details need much time. I was not supposed to just rush out and write anything or just a basic kind of stuff. I am writing this review based on complete experience with kinsta. As I am Kinsta web hosting user from a while and there are few things which I wanted to share with you guys, so as if you are thinking to buy it you should know the features as well as its service. From approximately the last 1 years I’ve been using it and I’ve checked speed as well as its customer support too. This article would be very helpful for you if you were thinking to buy this web hosting. So withing wasting much time let’s get started.

All About Kinsta

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Before we begin to its features let me quickly introduce you with Kinsta. Kinsta was founded by Mark Gavalda. He is a well-known programmer, coder, and WP Dev guy too. As like other they have offices and central hubs in London, Los Angeles, Budapest. Kinsta was firstly launched in the year 2014. There were very few hosting with whom computation was not so though. Kinsta always worked on providing high-speed web hosting in order to get proper user experience.


Features Of Kinsta

Kinsta is the best and the first ever WordPress managed hosting company which is exclusively power by Google Cloud platform. Google provides LCD containers, and it is one of the biggest networks on the planet as well. Each WordPress website is managed in such a way that it becomes completely isolated and the best part is it doesn’t share resources.


Apart from this Google cloud platform also provides some more cool features which make your website well managed and a little bit faster too. It is purely well focused on managing websites. Some of the cool features given below may help you to get more information.

It runs on Google Cloud Platform (we already talked about it)

It provides you the plans accordingly like business, enterprise and custom hosting plans.

The plan starts with minimal features at a great price. Following are the features provided to the users in the most basic plan.

  • You can run one WordPress website using basic plan.
  • Kinsta gives you 5 GB of SSD storage which helps you to collect a huge amount of posts.
  • 50 GB of server bandwidth provides you unlimited page views and visitors.
  • You can migrate 1 free website.
  • 1440 daily uptime checks per site.
  • It provides you a encrypt support.
  • Https/2 support, PHP
  • Multi-site support as well.
  • Premium DNS management
  • Apart from this, you get lot more features which show its value, you can definitely check it out in

Apart from this Kinsta provides a lot more features but the following four are the most popular features.


SSL support through let’s encrypt


Basically, from your Kinsta WordPress admin panel, you can easily install the SSL certificate very easily without any plugin, and the best part is its installation process is totally free. But when we talk about let’s encrypt you don’t need to go through the whole old school which is used to obtain certificate keys.

CDN can be chosen as per choice

Apart from hosting firms Kinsta also has some of the restrictions so as to make your website more reliable. If you want you can use Kinsta servers, it seems to be nice that Kinsta is willing to work with your current CDN.

Well optimized and also thought through backup

Daily backups are somehow necessary for hosting firms, and most of the hosting provides does it manually depending on the users. But Kinsta still stands up with their specific implementation. Backups are created without any server requirement. Actually, Kinsta does the backup of your whole isolated system. Because of that backups can be restored with a single click. No, any extra plugins are required so as to maintain all of your data.

Free migration

This is obvious, when you get a switch from one to other hosting you don’t have to create other migration as you can directly get connected with it. According to my opinion, I can say that Kinsta’s migration works without any hiccups.

Cool Features Of Kinsta’s Dashboard

The dashboard is the root of any hosting, as simple and easy to handle dashboard will be there the users can get attracted towards it. Dashboard consist of all the details regarding your hosting plan. Whether it is pricing or features.


Kinsta usually focuses on the daily tasks which one does in their hosting. If any changes are applied it shows you in a notification, rather than on any server administration.

Using a dashboard panel you can easily get access to following cool features.

  • Website: It is the beginning where you can easily tune the initial setup, you can also create new FTP accounts, you can also check out your past backups, and HTTPS too.
  • Website Migration: a nice overview of the migration is get done on your WordPress account and it also allows you the ability to perform more.
  • It includes DNS setting
  • Analytics: this is just one of the useful term to get know about what you get from a third party script.

Initial Impression Of Kinsta WordPress Hosting

When you’ll get connected with kinsta you’ll get to know that it is one of the smoothest hosting as it consists of a very clean and easy interface, no doubt in that but there are some of the minor issues over there.

The installation process and the migration process is taken up very easily so major difficulties one could face. As I never get involved in the migration process, the changes I noticed when I was writing a post right out there during the process of migration. I did everything and changed the sequence as I was needed and saved after that I refreshed the page and what I saw was every setting which I was done vanished. This I don’t like about Kinsta (this is not a major issue at all).

After that, we could see the nice drop in response rate from 400ms to circa 50 ms. The performance was very strong and not lot more changes happened after that even when accessing the site manually without using any tool.

Performance Of Kinsta

Performance is given the second most priority in order to maintain the sequence of every website hosting. The first priority is given to reliability.

From last few years website has got a lot more speed. Some consider it to be SEO term and some aren’t convinced by it. Buy everyone gets convinced when we talk about quick loading time which is an important aspect in every website hosting.

When we talk about kinsta it gives us maximum loading time. I researched a lot and I come to know that blog is not a particularly optimized one when it comes to the source code it uses various hand made tweaks that have been done over a year.

Kinsta’s load time is as faster as it takes only 2 seconds to manage all of the web pages.

What Makes Kinsta Best In All

  • It gives you the power of large hosting platform i.e Google cloud platform which makes it easy to use and you don’t have to worry about its installation process. You don’t have to aware of what’s going under the hood.
  • Kinsta website hosting is performance optimized, and it is always ready for any traffic spikes.
  • It offers you great Security so as to maintain your data safe. It also used to backup all of your data from time to time.

The few things are there which I didn’t like about Kinsta. No doubt it provides you great value for money, when we talk about migration it focuses live on it. You can’t for an instance just move a database. This might take much time of yours if you’re using it in an existing website, but if you’re a fresh user it will become like a beast.

How Much Kinsta Costs?


You might have been heard that kinsta is not more costly than other hosting providers. The cheapest plan of Kinsta is for $30/ month. Let’s see one by one each plan.

Starter Plan

If you’re a beginner this might be more useful for you so as to get started. This will cost you $30/month in which you get following cool features.

  • You can install 1 website
  • It can manage upto monthly visits to 20,000.
  • You get SSD storage of 3GB
  • CDN storage includes 50 GB
  • You didn’t get multi-website support in this plan.

Pro Plan

If you’re a pro blogger or a website owner this plan will help you a lot as it consists of a lot more features and it is an updated version of the starter plan. You can avail for this plan by paying $60/month.

  • You can install upto 2 WordPress website.
  • It can manage upto monthly visits to 40,000.
  • It gives you SSD storage of 6 GB.
  • CDN storage includes 100 GB.

Business Plan

Business plan includes 4 co- plans, which gets starts from $100/month. If you’re dealing with business and wanted to get faster and reliable web hosting this plan could be very helpful.

  • You can install upto 50 websites (depending on which co-plan you purchase).
  • It can manage monthly visits upto 600,000.
  • It gives you SSD storage upto 40 GB.
  • CDN storage includes 500 GB

Enterprise Plan

If you have a huge marketing company or an e-commerce website, which site visits are very high then this plan will be very helpful for you. As it consists of two co- plans, to get started with enterprise plan you need to pay $600 month (to get started).

  • You’ll be able to install upto 80 WordPress websites.
  • You get monthly visits upto 15,00,000.
  • You get SSD storage upto 120 GB.
  • You get CDN storage of 1000 GB


Is Kinsta For You?

Obviously, Kinsta web hosting is not for everyone especially for those who have just started with the creation of a website and having less amount of visitors. If you’re managing a website from a very long time it could be very helpful as it provides amazing cool features which you can use them for upgrading your website.


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