5 Best SEO Articles of the Month [April 2019]

Welcome to the April 2019 edition of our monthly roundup of the Best SEO Articles from around the web. As always, we’ll share 5 of the top best SEO articles from last month so that you can keep yourself updated with all the latest happenings and strategies from the exciting world of SEO.

The SEO knowledge shared in these articles is truly incredible – don’t miss any of them!

This roundup features SEO articles published on sites such as Mailmunch, Sumo, Impactbnd, Singlegrain, etc.

Best SEO Articles [April 2019]

1. Do Links Really Matter in Search Rank in 2019? Google Weighs In. [Impactbnd]

This article focuses on the importance of links as a ranking factor. You’ll learn what’s the role of links (both inbound and outbound) in SEO, and what businesses can do differently to improve their search results.

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2. Big SEO Trends for 2019. [Mailmunch]

The search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms to make it harder to beat the system. As a result, techniques that worked well today might not work tomorrow. Therefore, this article contains all the latest SEO trends you need to follow in 2019.

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3. Image SEO 101: How To Optimize Images For Traffic And Conversion [Sumo]

Did you know that the images on your website greatly affect your SEO? Search engines like Google care more about the properties of your images than ever before. If you want to improve your SEO, get more traffic from search engines, and increase your revenue, check out this SEO guide about images now.

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4. Easy 7-Point SEO Checklist to Boost eCommerce Product Page Rankings [Pacific54]

SEO is one of the best ways to get more organic traffic to your eCommerce product pages. In this post, you’ll learn the 7 proven methods of SEO for eCommerce product pages. Implement them to increase both sales and traffic.

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5. Should a Blog Post Focus on One Keyword or Multiple Keywords for SEO? [Singlegrain]

One of the most important questions today is “Should your blog posts rank for multiple keywords or a single keyword to maximize ranking?” Here’s a complete 5-step process to walks you through this.

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So these were the Best SEO articles that caught our attention in April 2019.

Do you have any favorite SEO articles from this month which we missed? Share your favorites in the comments.

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