Briefcase by AppSumo (Review): The Best Tools for Blogger, Marketer & Entrepreneurs [Updated 2020]

Do you get sticker shock when looking at a new online software tool?

Especially when you start adding up the costs of all the different software tools you subscribe to?

Luckily for you, the team over at AppSumo negotiates highly discounted rates for software tools – often LIFETIME deals.

And Appsumo Briefcase has two levels, Briefcase & Briefcase Pro.

Briefcase costs $49 / month ($500 / year) and is better suited for solo operations, startups that only need a few of the tools or people on a shoestring budget.

Briefcase Pro costs $99 / month ($900 / year) and is better suited for agencies, people that run ads, and entrepreneurs that need higher levels of the various tools.

They offer a 7-day free trial, so you can get in there and check things out for yourself. This trial will give you full access to all the Briefcase tools for 7 days. Click on the button below to start your Briefcase trial.

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What is Briefcase?

Briefcase is a membership-based service that grants you access to a curated selection of top-tier software for just $49/month. The curated tools are specifically chosen for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

What Does AppSumo Briefcase Include?

These tools fall under the following categories:

  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Automation
  • Design
  • Productivity
  • Sales

Briefcase Tools: A Detailed Analysis of All the Tools

While all these tools are worthy of their own reviews, as you’d imagine, it’s not possible to contain all the pros and cons of each of them in this blog post. We are dealing with 20 tools after all. Therefore, I’ll briefly describe each tool and present 2-3 best features of each tool, so you know exactly what you can expect from the tools in your Briefcase. [Click here to check out the best AppSumo lifetime deals]

Briefcase: Lead Generation Tools


Poplink adds eye-catching call-to-actions pop-ups on any content you share, helping drive people back to your own site for more conversions. Here’s how Poplink works in three easy steps:

  1. You discover share-worthy content and copy the link
  2. Add that link to a Poplink campaign to generate a new, trackable link
  3. Share the Poplink via your social platforms

Key Features

  • 30 total promotions that you can edit, reuse, and replace
  • 50,000 clicks per month
  • Outbound link promotions
  • Custom colors, positioning, and domain
  • Calls to Action free of Poplink branding
  • Analytical data (impressions, clicks, conversions)

Retail Price: $29/month



CallPage puts you on the phone with potential customers in less than 28 seconds, making sure you get to them when they’re ready to commit. In fact, the data shows that sales people are 100x times more likely to close with this response timing.

CallPage works in three simple steps:

  1. Your website visitor clicks the CallPage button
  2. The visitor inputs their phone number in the pop-up
  3. CallPage connects your rep and the potential customer within 28 seconds

Key Features

  • 50 calls per months on unlimited domains.
  • Fully customizable widget (including texts and custom colors).
  • Custom SMS notifications to thank customers and give them the contact info of the company representative they were just talking to.

Retail Price: $59/month



FindThatLead serves up people’s email with just one click, saving you hours of time, frustration, and missed messages.

There are 5 different tools within FTL:

  • Prospector tool: This is for finding potential leads in specific categories.
  • Email verifier: This will ensure the validity of the email you just found.
  • Domain search: Just type in a domain (Ex: and FTL will show you all the emails they have verified under that domain.
  • Lead search: You type in name & site (Ex: Bill Gates / Microsoft) and FTL will either give you the correct email address or provide you with a guess.
  • Whois Lookup: This is an integration where FTL will show you who is the registered owner of a website if public.

Key Features

  • 1,500 credits per month (a credit is a search or verification).
  • A Google Chrome extension that can be used on social networks.
  • Ability to add bulk emails by importing a CSV and a Google spreadsheet add-on.

Retail Price: $39/month


Briefcase: Marketing Tools

KingSumo Web Pro

With KingSumo, you can grow your email list fast by creating viral giveaways on your site. KingSumo is the software AppSumo used to grow their email list to 750,000+ people.

You can launch your first KingSumo Giveaway with 3 easy steps:

  1. Add in the details and pictures for your giveaway
  2. Share the giveaway through your social media and/or current email list
  3. People who enter the giveaway are incentivized to share to get more entries for themselves.

Key Features

  • Unlimited giveaways
  • Facebook Pixel tracking
  • Custom branding

Retail Price: $19/month


Briefcase: SEO Tools

Website Auditor

WebSite Auditor helps your site climb the SEO charts by providing in-depth on-page analysis and optimization. It uncovers every issue that can affect search engine indexation, rankings, and user experience and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to fix those issues.

Key Features

  • Optimize an unlimited number of websites
  • Measure optimization rates for competitors’ pages
  • Create in-app optimization HTML reports

With Briefcase membership, you also gain unlimited access to Website Auditor training materials, plus an incredible roadmap of future updates.

Retail Price: $49/month


Briefcase: Social Media Automation Tools


Grum lets you manage Instagram for your clients, business, or for your own personal account from your desktop.

Key Features

  • The first comment feature – This allows you to hide hashtags in your first comment so your posts look cleaner.
  • Unlimited photo & video scheduling so you can set it and forget it.
  • Unlimited editors so you can share your business account with team members.

Retail Price: $9.95/month



Missinglettr creates strategic, automated social media campaigns that drive traffic for an entire year. Just review their pre-generated social posts and approve the ones you like. Over the next 12 months, they’ll drive traffic back to your site and increase engagement.

Key Features

  • Link unlimited sites and 25 social profiles
  • Create up to 10 campaigns a week per site
  • Invite external people to review your campaigns
  • Start a campaign for old content

Retail Price: $65/month



PromoRepublic is dedicated to helping small businesses and marketers by making social content easy to create and publish quality visual content.

Key Features

  • Post Ideas Library – 6,000+ templates, handcrafted by a team of professional designers and copywriters.
  • Integrated Photostock – PromoRepublic includes over 100,000 stock images, so you don’t have to search for images elsewhere.
  • Scheduling Tool – Choose date and time and schedule your posts in advance, with just a few clicks. Use “Add to queue” feature to publish posts automatically.

Retail Price: $29/month


Briefcase: Design Tools


ShortPixel is a high-powered tool that will compress and optimize images for website performance and SEO ranking. And though the images are small, they are still mighty.

Key Features

  • 5K images per month 
  • No file size limit 
  • One API key for multiple sites 
  • Glossy, and lossless optimization 
  • Automatic bulk optimization 
  • PHP Compression tools 
  • WordPress plugin

Retail Price: $5/month



With Stencil, you can create ads, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook headers, Twitter images, Instagram posts from your browser. Quickly mockup gorgeous graphic design assets in this easy and intuitive tool.

Key Features

  • 50,000+ quotes library to find the perfect quote or add any text you want.
  • 680,000+ royalty free images.
  • Pre-determined dimensions for your 34 most common projects.

Retail Price: $18/month



Beacon is an app that creates beautiful looking eBooks in seconds with their professionally-designed templates, helping you generate leads and make more sales.

Key Features

  • Supercharge existing content – Get more value from existing content by recycling it into a new format.
  • Turn visitors into leads – Downloadable incentives can increase opt-in rates by up to 785%.
  • Save time and resources – Produce professional materials without hiring a creative team.

Retail Price: $29/month



If you’re creating presentations, webinars, flyers or resumes, DesignBold is the cleanest, simplest, and fastest online design tool for non-designers.

Key Features

  • Simple way to create graphics – Create sophisticated graphics without any need for technical expertise.
  • Photo-editing with ease – With DesignBold, you can easily edit your photos using preset filters or get advanced with professional photo-editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.
  • High-resolution download – Easily download your design in glorious high definition for large print or web-use in JPEG, PNG or PDF.

Retail Price: $19/month


Briefcase: Productivity Tools

Plutio Studio

Plutio is a business and productivity platform that allows freelancers to manage their business from one place.

Key Features

  • Project Management via customized workflows and organizational tools
  • Daily tasks through sorting, prioritizing, adding deadlines and notes
  • Invoice tracking by connecting your Stripe, PayPal or bank account to Plutio

Retail Price: $20/month


FollowUp Personal CRM

FollowUp – an intelligent, simple Personal CRM – helps you continue to connect effortlessly. It’s built to live inside Gmail so you can stay on top of your network as you communicate in real time. It’s incredibly intuitive, and most importantly, sustainable.

Key Features

  • Notifications and reminders to follow up with contacts
  • Search conversations, the last time you spoke, and their contact information
  • Schedule events directly from Gmail.

Retail Price: $358/year



CloudApp is the best tool for snapping screenshots, recording video walkthroughs, creating GIFs, and communicating with your team and customers.

CloudApp lets you capture and embed video, GIFs, screencasts and marked up images throughout business workflows (eg. software development, design, customer success, support, sales, marketing).

Key Features

  • Launch CloudApp using the button or link shortcut
  • Snap a screenshot, make a GIF, share screens, or record a video
  • Automatically generate a private cloud link
  • Share with the intended recipient

Retail Price: $8/month

GET STARTED combines science and music to help you enhance productivity, relaxation, meditation, and sleep, in just 15 minutes of use.

Key Features

  • Focus – Get hours of work done without distractions.
  • Meditate – Calm your mind’s chatter.
  • Sleep – Stop tossing and turning. Get restful sleep.

Retail Price: $6.95/month


Briefcase: Sales Tools


Salesflare is an intelligent, intuitive CRM software that’ll minimize the time you spend inputting data, so you can focus on what matters most to your business and spend more time maximizing sales.

Key Features

  • Documents and other files organized automatically – Finding those files you sent to customers has never been this easy.
  • In-depth customer knowledge – Track what customers are tweeting, if they’ve opened your emails, which links they clicked, and more.
  • Integrate your sales toolset – Salesflare seamlessly plugs in with your other tools and systems, giving a true boost to your productivity.

Retail Price: $35/month



Nusii lets you build custom proposals using your content and their well-designed proposal templates. Once the proposal is sent, you’ll have visibility into client activity along with tracking and auto-reminders.

Key Features

  • You can send up to 45 active proposals per month
  • Custom branding and custom domain
  • Automatic reminders
  • Proposal tracking notifications

Retail Price: $49/month


Who is AppSumo Briefcase For?

YES, Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneurs and business owners!

YES Solopreneurs looking to get the best bang for their buck in their online tools

If you are ready to go, it makes sense to do so right away, since the value of your subscription will only increase with time.

Final Thoughts

We’ve tried to describe the features and benefits of all the tools currently offered by AppSumo in Briefcase. But the best way to evaluate these tools would be to sign up for a free trial. Currently, AppSumo is offering a free 7-day trial of the platform, where you can unlock some of the tools and test out the features.

Each tool in Briefcase has been carefully selected and vetted by the AppSumo team. Rather than spending $25-50/month on one tool, you can pay $49/month through Briefcase and enjoy lifetime access to some of the best and most unique business tools on the market.

>> Get AppSumo Briefcase now <<

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