Top Lifetime Access AppSumo Deals for Bloggers to Grab in May 2019

Looking to save some money on your favorite SEO, marketing and lead generation tools? Head over to AppSumo. Here are all the best deals AppSumo will be offering in May 2019.

Have you ever thought that you could get the lifetime access to a software or tool which is based on a monthly/yearly subscription?

If not, then meet AppSumo.

If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, marketer, small business owner or anyone who is associated with online; AppSumo lifetime deals for you.

The best part about the AppSumo deals is that you get lifetime access to the products, meaning you just need to pay once for a software that follows a monthly subscription model. Another thing to remember about AppSumo deals is that there is a 60-day money back guarantee (no matter the reason).

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In this post, you will find the best and latest AppSumo deals in May 2019. Check out the AppSumo deals here.

Best AppSumo Lifetime Deals To Grab In May 2019

Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals for Bloggers to Grab in May 2020 1

ShortPixel [Image Compression Tool]

“Improve load times and SEO rankings by compressing images with ShortPixel” It’s a high-powered compressor and optimizer that drastically reduces image file sizes so you can improve your website’s performance.


StatsGlitch [Discount - 88%]

“Stay in the loop on your Google Analytics data w/t instant alerts.” StatsGlitch provides real-time, statistically significant alerts for your Analytics data, so you can grow your traffic & improve KPIs.

Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals for Bloggers to Grab in May 2020 2

Dubb [Discount - 88%]

“Just press play for better communication with Dubb’s powerful video platform.” Dubb is an all-in-one video platform that helps you engage with your audience and boost sales. Get Dubb now and see the difference video makes!


Tubics [YouTube SEO Tool]

Unlock your YouTube SEO and watch the views soar”Tubics is a powerful YouTube SEO tool that helps content creators and brands boost views on their videos. With tubics, your videos will bring in more organic traffic.

Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals for Bloggers to Grab in May 2020 3

PublBox [Social Media Management Tool]

“PublBox is a full social media team in one tool, boosting your social media marketing to the next level.” PublBox is a multifunctional social media tool that helps you schedule posts & build your social media knowledge.


FulFilli [Discount - 80%]

Fulfilli is a platform that helps you acquire leads and automate pricing so you can concentrate on growing your business. Fulfilli knows you’re tired of scouring the internet and harassing your network for future work.


PassCamp [Discount - 47%]

PassCamp lets you manage your—and your team’s—passwords in an ultra-safe platform. PassCamp makes it super simple to add new team membersmanage access, and share and reset passwords! (We’re talkin’ just a few swift clicks of the mouse here, people!)


Fleeq [Discount - 89%]

“Create shareable videos in minutes with Fleeq” Fleeq lets you quickly create bite-size training videos so you can improve communication and increase efficiency. Once you’re done, it will automagically turn into a live interactive video.

Top AppSumo Lifetime Deals for Bloggers to Grab in May 2020 4

InVideo [Discount - 92%]

InVideo is a simple, scalable video creation platform. InVideo lets you fast-forward through the tedious video editing process with pre-made templates adapted for any kind of video, from technology to sports to Instagram-ready posts.

Conclusion – AppSumo Deals May 2019

All of these deals are for a limited time. Once it’s completed, you have to wait for a while. So grab the deal before it’s too late. 

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