Blogging vs. YouTube – An Unbiased Analysis Of What Is Right For You

Is YouTube better than Blogging?

Most of you might be doubtful among both. Well, some say blogging is almost dead, but that’s not true even most of the people out there used to read the articles, blog posts, newsletters, etc.

Even though I notice lots of people used to say YouTube videos never convert more traffic, that’s also a false statement. Both platforms have equal potential if used subsequently. A bit here comes the twist of confusion while choosing the right one amongst both.

Well nonetheless, through this complete guide we’ll help you to choose the right platform.

What Is Blogging?


Blogging is the term where one shares the content through the text format. Well, the text can be of any type depending on one’s expertise. If you’re an expert at something, you can share it through the blog. Basically, the blog is nothing but the website which you need to create. There are various platforms available out there like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc. Which allows you to set up your own website.

There’s no limit to niches, as per your choice you can get started with any of the niches you want. Also in a certain instance, you can monetize the website to generate revenue. There are several monetization strategies you can apply like affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, eCommerce store, etc.

All You Need To Know About YouTube


YouTube is a single platform out there that allows you to share the content through video format. The thing is you can create videos depending on any categories, there are no boundaries applied. It’s kind of the easiest way to enhance your expertise if you’re good at something.

It’s kind of ready compared to the blogging, also it consumes less time unless and until you edit the videos professionally. Although there are various aspects related to YouTube, you will get to know once you get started with it.

A similar revenue generation pattern works here on YouTube. Once you grow your channel you can also get various collaboration offers which will help you to double your growth rate.

How To Verify Which Is Good For You Among Blogging & YouTube

As mentioned above both have the same potential of success, but there are various aspects on which blogging and YouTube depend upon and that’s what we are going to discuss in this post.

The following are some of the aspects on which blogging and YouTube depend upon which will help you to choose amongst them.

Your Natural Expertise


It doesn’t matter which platform you choose in blogging for YouTube but you need to have expertise at certain things. Blogging and YouTube there is a requirement of crucial skills so as to share the type of content. Blogging allows you to communicate with your audience in the return format whereas YouTube works on the basis of verbal communication skills.

So ask yourself which is good for you which comes naturally to you.

Most of the people might get confused amongst and it started with both the platforms. That’s a good idea but at the initial stage, you cannot balance both. If you have the true potential then it’s fine but I would suggest you get started with any of the world’s initial letters so you can expand it.

Let me convey to you with an example of mine, I like to communicate with people in the form of text and that’s what blogging allows. I used to sit and research a lot about creating quality content.

In most cases, I see people used to feel a bit offended in front of the camera, and that’s why people don’t start their YouTube channel. But here is a great opportunity for you to get started with blogging where you don’t have to show your identity as well. You just have to write good quality content and share it with people.

But some of the people might hate sitting in one place which makes them introvert. For those people, the only option remaining is creating a YouTube channel.

Know Your Audience


If you are an expert at something then figure out what your audience expects from you, written content for video content?

Examine the amount of percentage who likes the blog content over video content. Most of the people nowadays wanted to absorb the content in the form of the video but there are a lot of people out there who used to read the text content through consuming time.

Both the content formats have equal benefits. There are a couple of things which you need to know:

  • People out there like to consume the content in the form of text just because they can note it down, copy the text, and can go back wherever they want which is a good thing about text format content.
  • In the case of video format, you can consume the information in the form of visuals. It takes less time to understand the thing creative wants to convey to you which is the plus point of video content creation.

One of the best ways to figure out what your audience likes is just heading off to the search engine and type the keywords related to your industry, notice what people like either video content or text content.

The results are in the video format then it’s always better to create a contact in the form of video, it will be more beneficial for you and give you more profit in your niche.

Similar things work with blogging if the result was in the format of text then it is better to create the content in the form of written content which will help you to grow your business.

Creation Of Effective Content

Whenever you create a contact make sure you should have a detailed outline. The world outline is reading it becomes easier for you to create the content on any platform out there whether it can be blogging or YouTube.

Once you create the outline you will be able to create the content or record it. After recording content or writing content the next thing you need to do is edit those content. Throw out the unnecessary things, add animations that will attract the users in blogging, edit the grammatical errors which look awkward.

Most of the people used to write the script while recording a video. It shows that you are pre-planned for the videos but I would suggest you do so because it looks awkward while recording the video. Figure out what you can add that is innovative in blogging. It will show how effective you are in writing a blog.

We have already written so many blog posts on content creation and how you can maximize your content ability in blogging as well as on YouTube. Make sure to check that one out it will give you an idea regarding content creation.

You might have heard that content is the king eventually the statement is true at a certain instant. The more effective content to deliver to your audience you will grow your business more whether you use blogging or YouTube it doesn’t matter.

Patience To Get Succeed

Whatever you do needs time to reach on the top, As good things take time. You need to have patience and consistency in creating good quality content. Google requires time to trust your content with you creating your YouTube channel or blog.

Generally speaking, YouTube takes less effort in creating content and getting views on that as there are various niches on which you can create the content, also there still misses something which requires creativity. Be consistent at what you do and make sure not to put any dummy content in it will minimize your growth rate.

Before giving up on any platform you need to create at least 100 pieces of content that have huge demand. Also, you need to use a typical keyword research technique which is essential for making your content more search engine friendly.

Most of the people out there dream to succeed earlier but that’s not true, it’s not a get rich quick scheme which doesn’t need any effort. Put your hand’s song and test the platform based on your expertise. Use various promotion techniques that we used to discuss through Bloggeroundup, you will get to know a lot of promotion strategies that you can apply in your platform.

Freedom & Flexibility

Why creating content you will need some sort of source like in blogging you will need work and to create a video you will need a YouTube channel where you will share the videos. Industrial first aid WordPress sites can monetize your website depending on the flexibility. Also, you are allowed to customize it according to your need.

It’s completely owned by you so you will feel like you’re just at your home. A similar thing happens with YouTube, where the platform is owned by Google but you own the channel where you can customize the videos accordingly.

YouTube doesn’t require any sort of money to upload the videos and you get unlimited storage over there but in logging, you need to host your site with the online server where you will store all of your content over there.

In both the platforms we will feel like you just owned the platforms and it’s kind of. But make sure to add the Legit content in order to become successful in certain platforms. Don’t submit any kind of dummy content over there which will affect your growth rate and minimize your business growth.

Monetization Process


Monetization is something which makes you reach in terms of revenue, in blogging you can monitor your website with Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, selling Ebooks, etc. Blogging the opposite and opportunity to monetize your website in various ways.

There are endless monitors Asian techniques that you can apply to grow your business, especially I like the ad placement. You can place the ad as per your choice in the layout section. An experiment where there are different ways as per your audience choice to monetize the blog.

Similarly in the YouTube channel, you can monitor your channel just by placing the ads for affiliate links, sponsored video content, etc. But there is a certain limit and the growth is quite difficult as compared to the blogging.

The great thing about blogging is that you can edit the post which you have added earlier and monetize them in the present which makes no sense of truly using the content in a productive manner.

On YouTube, you cannot change the video or edit it once it is placed which makes no sense, and hence most people might not like it.

Here is a great opportunity to link your YouTube channel with the blogging where you can correlate with each other. Get started with both the platforms and you will get to notice that in both the platforms your content will Boom.



If you are about to start with any of the platforms i.e. either blogging or YouTube, then you need to know about the expenses incurred.

Let’s say if you are planning to start with blogging then you will surely need a domain name, hosting, some premium plugins which are available at a very cheap rate. While choosing a domain name and hosting you will need at least $70/ annum to get started which is a very basic cost.

In the case of YouTube, you don’t have to post your channel with any of the services as YouTube allows you to save your video content at his own server itself. So here you don’t have to worry much about the expenses required to set up your profile.

You can get started with your phone camera itself and editing software (free options are also available) which doesn’t cost you. But in order to create some of the professional videos then you need to invest in a professional camera, studio setup, lightning, great mic, professional editing software like Premiere Pro CC, final cut pro, da Vinci.  It depends on you back which set off you need.

I would say at the very beginning the blogging and YouTube cost you the same amount of money. So it’s the tie.

So you might have to get detailed information about blogging and YouTube now that’s head off to the questions which usually people suffer through.

FAQs Related To Blogging & YouTube

Although the questions are endless we are going to cover only those which are essential for you to know if you are about to start the journey in any of the above platforms. So without any further ado let’s hop deep into it.

Which Has Less Competition?

To identify the competition you need to figure out about your niche. Type of Keyword related to your industry and search it on Google, if the result appears in the video format then the scope goes to YouTube. And if the result appears in the text format then this book goes to the blogging. Let’s consider if you search on Google related to digital marketing you will get to know that this book goes to blogging compared to YouTube.

Which Platform Is Great For Monetization?

One of the biggest reasons most people are attracted to blogging is that you can go back to the earlier post and edit it as per their need and make it look like the latest post. Let’s take an example if there is some post in which you like to add the affiliate links of certain products or services, you just need to get back and edit the post and add the affiliate links wherever necessary.

On YouTube, it’s typically impossible to add the affiliate links once you upload a video on YouTube, if the content is in video format you won’t be able to edit those videos for adding any of the required data.

Another great reason behind blogging rocks is that you get complete flexibility to monetize your website and eventually on YouTube you are typically forced to monetize just with Google AdSense.

Do You Need Experience In Managing The Website?

If you are just beginning with any of the platforms other than blogging on YouTube there is no issue if you are not well familiar with any of the platforms. Just get started and you will learn through the journey. But if you are well familiar with SEO and some of the technical kinds of stuff then it is well good, you can grow your user base a bit faster.

It’s been noticed that whatever you begin with at the initial level you have to learn, ideally, it will help you to grow your audience.

Do You Need To Hire People To Get Your Job Done?

If you’re not expert at editing the videos you can hire the people based upon the job, similar things work in the blogging as you can hire the people out there. There are various options available out there like you can hire the freelancers out there who used to get your job done, there are various cheap options available out there like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Is There a Requirement Of High-End Equipment?

In blogging one just needs a laptop/ smartphone and a good internet connection, it’s more than sufficient. And when it comes to YouTube unless and until you reach a certain level you can just create the content just with your smartphone camera which is sufficient at the initial level. Once you begin with revenue generation you can invest in a high-end camera, studio lights, mic, etc. to create the professional content. Always remember what resources you have, don’t put attention towards what you don’t have as your content is the king so make sure to create the best possible content.

How To Get Know About Your Audience?

Make sure to figure out what your audience is interested in whether it can be in text format for the video. Creating the content based upon your audience’s interest was to do that the task gets easier for you. To figure out what you can do, innovate to make your content stand on the top of search results. Learn about SEO strategies and keyword research techniques that can make your website or YouTube channel more powerful and search engine friendly.

How To Run Ads?

According to research, it’s been noticed that Google AdSense allows you to put the ads on your website and gives you much revenue as compared to the other advertising services. Also, it works finely with your YouTube channel and blog. Although the monitor resolution is pretty simple just put the quality content and Google will get to know if you are the blog for the YouTube channel is doing well. Automatically your channel and blog will get monetized by Google AdSense.

Which Is Good YouTube Or Blogging

As mentioned in this post YouTube and blogging both work finally if you create the quality content. What has equal potential so make sure to check both platforms out there and identify which suits you the most? Once you figure out that the task gets easier for you.

So these were some of the ways from which you can identify the platform amongst blogging and YouTube.

Final Verdict

So here in this post, we’ve covered a lot more details regarding YouTube and blogging. So now you can choose amongst both platforms, make sure to decide that suits you. As both have equal potential so make sure to decide as per your choice and interest.

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